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Learning Plan and Agreement

How will your internship experience support your learning objectives? Compare your internship description, tasks and projects with your
learning objectives to determine how you and your supervisor can align your responsibilities with your learning and development goals.
Using the Writing Learning Objectives Guide from the Academic Internship Student Manual and Chapter 6 of The Successful Internship,
create a minimum of three and no more than five objectives, considering a variety of domains and dimensions.

Student: Gabrielle Robinson Mentor: Ms. Forchette Organization: Halas


Your Learning Objectives Domain Dimension Activities Assessment

As a result of working at Halas, I will be

able to better my communication skills
by answering the phone, greeting Skills: Personal Answer phones 1. Review during set check-in
patrons, and giving tours of our facility Develop strong development Greet patrons with supervisor
to guests. communicatio 2. Judge how a patrons feels
Correctly answer questions
n after speaking with me;
confused or happy?

As a result of working at Halas, I will be

able to better my collaboration skills
with my coworkers by working within Skills: Professional Work in teams 1. Look at the way our team is
teams to achieve goals and diligently Develop development Ask questions functioning
finishing tasks assigned to us. ability to 2. Ask myself if I am a
Be accepting of all views
identify team contibuting member
Encourage others
stengths and
As a result of working at Halas, I will be
able to better my technology skills by
maintaining the operation of Knowledge: Professional Set up software for use 1. Review during set check-in
mechanical and electronic programs Technological development Correct any malfunction in with supervisor
and equipment. Versatility 2. Ask questions as needed to
electronic equipment
Fluent with Excel better my knowledge

As a result of working at Halas, I will be

able to better my leadership skills by
taking initiative and leading by 1. Speak with supervisor at
example. My hope is that I could be Skills: Personal Accept large projects check-in to see how I am
promoted to manager in the upcoming Develop skills development Encourage others doing and if I have been a
to positively Be kind, but firm with choices beneficial employee at set
year. motivate a check in

As a result of working at Halas, I will be

able to develop a strong work ethic and 1. Speak with manager and
be noticed for my ability to always do Attitude: Professional Be on time supervisor during set check
my best on whatever task I have been Require myself development in; they offer critques and
Finish taskes in a timely
given. to be strengths
accountable. Do my best work all the time

We have discussed this learning plan and agree to work collaboratively throughout the semester towards these objectives, via the
activities and assessment described above.

Gabrielle Robinson (1/22/17)

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