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Week 1

Description: In this activity the structures come to be able to realize

a prayer and it is to if as this week he practises to be able to be able
to structure the prayer.

Week 2

Description: In the past week I took a little work to

understand, but this note that I am going to improve
in listening to the words and understand them.
Week 3

Description : This week the exercises made me a little

complicated but I'll keep work in the others words. for
example the vocabulary.

Week 4

Description : I are savoring these audios since I am

developing by the auditory side to understand more
the words to listen.
Week 5

Description : This week the audios are of telephone

conversations and other that are persons
conociendose and there are phrases that we can use
in everyday life.

Week 6
Description : The week is progressing and I think that
this practice has to be done for people of all kinds and
ages because if i is helping to understand.

Week 7
Description: In this activity teniamos that to describe what we had
understood for the reading, here we apply two bases that are them of
reading and writing is to if since he practises this week.
Week 8
Description: In this week I continued practising with with a few
exercises that encontre in Internet and me they pleased for that really
venian complete to be able to realize prayers.

Week 9
Description: The above mentioned activity was of great enseansa
for which I like the power to learn since it is that you must know
that to put between way of a paragraph.
Week 10
Description : In this activity the same thing realizes that last week
since I like me the activity and there are too many activities for

Week 11
Description : This week the audios are from people saying their
qualities and at the same time show you how are expressed when are
passionate about something.
Week 12

Description : This week the structure are gramamtical

and travel of persons who are mics to if same
understand some unknown words. The audios were a
bit complicated because it did not understand some
words, but to work on them to know how were


During all this semester realize all kinds of exercise to be able to understand some
structures and be able to realize paragraphs but of equal way I feel that it performs
supreme importance the power stops this habit for which the practice is important
mas and if he does not forget as other activity I believe that if I learned a bit of what
tape-worm that learning and this is the aim of this course.