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FORM TP22230 Test Code 003072A

Mock Exam (March) 2013




Module I: Fundamentals of Information Technology
Module II: Information Technology Systems

1 Hour

March 2013 (p.m.)


1. This paper consists of 60 questions.

2. Choose from the options A, B, C or D which indicates your choice of answer.


003072/CAPE IT U1 Mock Exam 2013 March Paper I

1. Of the following, which is not a component 5. The output document from the first phase of
of Information Technology Systems: the SDLC is:
a. Users
b. Network a. Test Plan
c. Cables b. Conversion Plan
d. End Users c. Feasibility Study
d. Technical Manuals
2. The Information Systems that presents
graphical models and statistical reports that 6. Which of the following are used to track the
assists managers to determine the best progress of a project being implemented
options for an organization is: and monitored using IT Project
a. Data Processing System Management tools:
b. Decision Support System
c. Expert System a. Project Plan
d. Management Information System b. Test Plan
c. Ghantt Chart
d. Timeline Diagram

7. Computers transfer information between

components mostly by using:

a. WiFi
b. Cables
c. Frequency
d. Electrical Cables

8. The conversion method that is less likely to

be considered effective when implementing
a new Information System is:
3. From the table above, the information in
rows 2 to 8 represents: a. Phase
b. Direct
a. Summarised Report c. Pilot
b. Detailed Report d. System Wide
c. Adhoc Report
d. Exception Report 9. The type of software that is owned by the
person who contracted someone to make it
4. The information displayed in rows 9 to 12 is is termed as:
best considered:
a. System Software
a. Summarised Report b. Owner Software
b. Detailed Report c. Proprietary Software
c. Adhoc Report d. Data warehouse
d. Exception Report

003072/CAPE IT U1 Mock Exam 2013 March 2

10. The miniature version of a software or 15. A visually impaired person is best in
hardware model developed is called a: adapting to use:

a. Flow chart a. Speech manipulation

b. Prototype b. Graphical User Interface
c. Object Model c. Menu Interface
d. Process Model d. Braille Interface

11. The tool used for collecting data about 16. The IT professional that is charged with the
events that took place at a crime scene is: responsibility to determine the nature of a
problem, and carry out investigation in
a. Observation order to make recommendations of
b. ER Diagrams solutions to fix is a:
c. People
d. Investigation of printed materials a. Programmer
b. Systems Engineer
Processing c. Application Specialist Programmer
Devices d. Systems Analyst
Input Output
Devices Devices

12. The action taken by input devices is to:

a. Accept data inputs from the user

b. Transmit data to the processing device
c. Accept data from processing device 17. The image above represents which topology
d. Transmit data to output devices of network configuration?

13. The type of HCI that is best suitable for a. Bus

someone who is just starting to use a b. Star
computer is: c. Ring
d. Hybrid
a. Menu Interface
b. Text-based Interface
c. Forms
d. Graphical User Interface

14. The feature of IT systems that speaks to the

ability to sustain the life of devices and
programs is: 18. The main advantage with this cable shown
above for data transmission is?
a. Portability
b. Maintainability a. Low cost to install
c. Speed b. High data transfer rate
d. Storage c. Different colours affect data transfer
d. Can transmit data at the speed of light
19. The protocol that governs the use of the 24. Which is not a human characteristics
Internet to transfer data is: security feature used within IT System:

a. HTTP a. Retina Scan

b. TCP/IP b. Fingerprint Scan
c. OSI c. Key Card Access
d. Bluetooth d. Voice Recognition

20. 090.004.443.304 is referred to as: 25. The network that allows employees to
access the internal network for outside the
a. Domain name organization is termed as an:
b. Domain number
c. IP Address a. Internet
d. Domain Address b. Extranet
c. Externet
21. The following are statements about d. Local Area Network
XHTML. Which is not correct?
26. Which is not an advantage of Command
a. An extended version to HTML Interface:
b. Developed to make HTML more
increasingly interoperable a. Commands are hard to remember
c. Requires that all element tags be closed b. Commands must be entered exactly as
d. Only works on Windows platform they are provided
c. Commands are not case sensitive
22. Of the following, which is physical d. Makes more efficient use of computer
restriction method? memory

i. Locked door 27. A ______________ is a security mechanism

ii. Use of grills that protects an internal network from
iii. Padlocks and steel fiber cables external threats.
iv. Locked cabinets
v. Password a. Password
b. Biometric System
a. i, ii, iii, and iv c. Firewall
b. ii, iii, v d. Trapdoor
c. iv, v
d. i, ii, iv, iv 28. The diagram that shows the interaction of
database components is the:
23. When setting passwords, it is a good idea to
use: a. Process Models
b. Object Models
a. Date of birth c. Data Flow Diagrams
b. Your name d. ER Diagrams
c. Mixed cases and alphanumeric
d. Short codes
29. The amount of data that can be passed 33. An Industrial design is the ornamental or
through a communication channel is aesthetic aspect of an article. The design may
referred to as its: consist of three-dimensional features, such as
the shape or surface of an article, or of two-
a. Capacity dimensional features, such as patters, lines or
colours. Industrial designs are applied to a
b. Latency
wide varied of products of industry and
c. Throughput handicraft: from technical and medical
d. Bandwidth instruments to watches, jewelry, and other
luxury items; from house wares, and electrical
30. The process that communication uses to applies to vehicles and architectural structures,
convert analog signals to digital signals is from textile designs to leisure goods. JIPO
termed as: Brochure on Industrial Design. 2010.

a. Demodulation The above extract does not meet which

b. Modulation characteristics of information sources:
c. Translation
d. Conversion a. Currency of information
b. Breadth of coverage
31. TrueRelators is currently completing c. Depth of Coverage
analysis of their current system. They are d. Cost
considering implementing a new customer
support system for its 14 branches in the 34. The use of Skype, Yahoo Messenger, BBM
Caribbean Region. In spite of challenges, and MSN Messenger software is the use of
the staff at all branches cannot be trained which communication tool?
and get ready for implementation within
two months. Which method (s) is/are best a. Website
used to assist in the conversion to a new b. Telnet
information systems? c. FTP
d. IRC
i. Phase
ii. Pilot 35. .org refers to which of the following
iii. Parallel website address?
iv. Direct
a. Pilot and Parallel b. www.jdf.
b. Phase, Direct c. www.4h.
c. Parallel and Phase d. www.ncb.
d. Direct and Phase
36. The Information System that gives critical
32. The characteristics of information sources advice to persons approving loan is:
that speaks to it being reachable, accessible
and without hindrance to use is: a. Decision Support System
b. Expert System
a. Currency of information c. Management Information System
b. Availability d. Transaction Processing System
c. Breadth of coverage
d. Reliability
37. Mr. Henry is a Manager of a small 40. In SDLC, Prototypes are associated with
company. Recently, his computers started which stage?
acting up and not performing efficiently.
a. Analysis
The IT professional that is best able to b. Design
advise him of the problem being faced is: c. Implementation
d. Review
a. Programmer
b. Network Administrator 41. The component of an IT system that is most
c. Computer Technician important in many cases to start the
d. Database Administrator operations is:

38. The following code would be best a. Network

considered associated with which features b. Hardware
of a password: c. Users
d. Software
42. User documentation and technical manuals
i. Mixed case are activities and outputs done at what stage
ii. Alphanumeric of SDLC?
iii. Length
iv. Not obvious a. Analysis
v. Encryption b. Design
c. Review
a. i, ii, iii, iv d. Implementation
b. i, ii, iv
c. ii, iii, v 43. Smoke detection is an important feature that
d. iii, iv, iv is provided by detectors in public buildings
and even private home. What type of
Enter your password information system would they be classified
a. Expert System
Re-Enter your password b. Monitoring and Controlling System
29dF23%yma c. Management Information System
d. Decision Support System

39. From the diagram above, the technique 44. When a report format does not exist in an
being used is: Information System, the type of report that
must be done up to meet a new requirement
a. Biometric for report format is:
b. Authentication
c. User access code a. Adhoc
d. Password denial b. Summarised
c. Exception
d. Detailed
45. The _____ allows authorised users and 49. The user interface method that uses images
outsiders to have limited access to an to represent programs or tasks, making
intranet allowing a closer relationship with software and hard more user friend is:
customers, a better exchange of information
and improved efficiency in business. a. Command Line Interface
b. Graphical User Interface
a. Internet c. Menu Interface
b. Intranet d. Voice Recognition Interface
c. Extranet
d. Network

46. Of the following, which would not be

counted as an advantage of the Internet?

a. Some people can now work from home

rather than in an office
b. With faster access to the Internet, it is
possible to have interactive game and
TV on demand 50. The data presented above is best presented
c. It is possible to download computer by using:
viruses that can harm data held on a
computer or on a network a. Pie Chart
d. You have online access to doctors and b. Line Graph
medical store c. Scatter Graph
d. Bar Graph

47. The following threats are associated with 51. Of the following, which is not a method of
data security. Which is not initiated from Biometric Security System:
external sources:
a. Fingerprint scan
a. Hackers b. Facial recognition
b. Industrial Espionage c. Fingernail recognition
c. Physical theft of hardware and software d. Voice recognition
d. Disgruntled employee
52. _____________ is a major contribution for
48. This person is responsible for certifying the the accessing of the Internet.
information and information processing
systems within the organization meet a a. HTML
certain set of standards. b. HTTP
c. FTP
a. Data Processing Manager d. Modem
b. Electronic Data Processing Auditor
c. Data Control Clerk
d. Consultant
53. In the following domain name, the section 58. _________ is the best solution for
bolded is used for: establishing long distance and or secured
network connections. They are normally deployed by business or organizations
rather than individuals.
a. Type of website
b. Country code a. Internet
c. Website name b. Virtual Private Network
d. Locating code c. Extranet
d. Intranet
54. When encoding data for it to be transmitted,
Embassies and Consulates use: 59. Manufacturers of devices make devices
with larger buttons and use large writings
a. Password because:
b. User access cards
c. Encryption a. People have problems seeing the keys
d. Biometric methods b. Persons who are aging have poorer eye
55. __________ are used to connect web pages. c. It looks better to have bigger buttons
d. The size of the letters adds to the
a. URL appearance of the device.
b. Home Page
c. Domain Names Input Processing | Storage Output
d. Hyperlinks Data Information

56. Marcus had some data that was stored on 60. The diagram above express the:
his flash drive. He went home and placed it
in a computer and the data file though open a. Main activities carried out by computers
did not resemble the information he stored. b. The interrelationship between data and
It was unreadable. This is best described as: information through information
a. Data Loss c. The movement of input, to processing to
b. Data Integrity storage to output.
c. Data Corruption d. The fact that information comes from
d. Data Failure data through information processing.

57. Interviews are best used as a method in

SDLC because:

a. Easy to administer
b. Best to use to extract needed
information from users of the System
c. Interviews allow large number of
persons to speak at the same time, and
provide the same information
d. Interviews are the cheapest way to
eliminate conflicting points