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Soal Latihan Ujian Sekolah

Choose the best answer! 4. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To express sympathy to someone
1. Read the following notice to answer B. To inform someones happiness
question. C. To give an advice to beloved one
D. To give warm wishes to someone
Clean throughly after using
5. Based on the card, we can conclude that
Anita her mom very much.
The notice below means . A. loves
A. you must use a good cleaner B. admires
B. you need clean equipment before using it C. misses
C. the room is very dirty and you must clean D. praises
it The text is for questions 6 and 7
D. you have to clean the thing
comprehensively after using it Each of us has different talents, different dreams,
and different destinations.
Read the short message below to answer We all have the power to make a new tomorrow
questions no. 2 and 3! with great happiness.
We are the Senior Class of Campbellsburg High
Budi, please return the book today so I can have School invite you to join us
time to read on Graduation Day on Friday, the first of June
before the presentation tomorrow. two thousand and eight at six-thirty
Thanks in the evening Camilton Auditorium
Campbellsburg, Arizona

2. From the message above we know that 6. Where will the graduation be held?
A. Budi still has the book. A. at highland
B. Budi will have presentation tomorrow. B. In the class room
C. Ahmad has already read the book. C. at the school yard
D. The book belongs to Budi. D. in Camilton Auditorium

3. What is the purpose of message? 7. invite you to join us What does the
A. to order Budi to do the presentation. underlined word mean?
B. to ask Budi to bring the book back. A. ask
C. to tell Ahmad to have the presentation. B. force
D. to remind Budi to read the book. C. tell
D. persuade
The text is for questions 4 and 5
Read the text below to answer question no. 8
Dear Mom, 9

Lucky me to have you in my life! Scout Association of SMP N 1 Mayasari

You mean to me more than words can ever say Pandegelang
and on your Special Day........ To: All members
I want to thank you for being there for me always We are going to go camping at Carita from 14th
.... 16 th August 2010.
And making a beautiful difference to my days! The contribution is Rp. 50. 000. Those who want
Wishing you a Birthday as wonderful as you are! to join the activity please contact Mr. Sugianto /
Mr. Hadi.
Your beloved daughter, Registration will be open starting from 5th
August 2010.

Chair person Look at the labels to answer questions no. 12


8. The camping activity will start on... 12. Your daily values are depending on your
A. 5th August 2010 caloric needs
B. 14th August 2010 The underlined word has the same meaning
C. 15th August 2010 with....
D. 16th August 2010 A. marks
B. scores
9. Those who want to join the activity... C. quantities
The underlined word refers to... D. qualities
A. Scout members
B. The cheif of the association 13. How much does a container of the drink
C. Mr. Sugianto and Mr. Hadi weigh?
D. Mr. Sugianto, Mr. Hadi and Nadia A. 40 g
B. 85 g
Read the advertisement below to answer C. 90 g
question no. 10 - 11 D. 180 g

Read the email to answer questions no. 14 - 16

Dear Andi,

I was so happy to hear about your success in your

football competition. Congratulations.
Fasilities: Honestly from the first time I heard that you
280 rooms including suite room would join the competition, I am sure that you
TV cabble with 51 channels will make it. You would win. I know that you
Swimming pool have practiced hard, good skill, confident and
Coffee shop 24 hours great talented.
Laundry service
Taxi services That's great, I must say. I'm proud of you, and so
Bussines centre your parents and all of your friends. Theyre very
happy, because you have always done your best.
Proudly introduce the extra ordinary hotel in
Cilegon city. Find our facilities and services to Once again, congratulations and keep up
make Kartajaya hotel your second home, practices!
combining bussines and leisure.
Jl, Raya Anyer Km. 13 Anyer Cilegon-Banten
Tlp. O251-452925 Your best friend,
10. Which facilities do the guests need to
entertain themselves? 7th November 2010
A. Laundry services Jakarta
B. Taxi service
C. Business service
D. TV cable with 51 channels 14. What does the e-mail tell us about ?
A. Friends happiness
11. From the text we know that .... B. Congratulations on friends success
A. The coffee shop opens whole day and C. Friends surprised
night. D. Friends proud
B. The hotel located outside Cilegon city.
C. The Hotel is just for businessman.
D. All the rooms in the hotel are suites.

15. From the e mail above we C. kitchen

know that .... D. garden
A. Roy has won the competition
B. Andi has practiced everyday
C. Roy has been proud of Andi Read the following text and answer questions
D. Andi hasnt won the competition 20 to 22

16. Honestly, from the first time I heard that you Lake Toba
would join the competition. The underlined
word refers to.... Lake Toba is the largest lake in
A. Friends Southeast Asia. It is on the attitude of 800
B. Parents meters above the sea level, 100 kilometers
C. Roy long, and 30 kilometers wide. It is situated in
D. Andi the caldera of the huge. Toba volcano which
erupted approximately 75.000 years ago.
Text below for questions no. 17 19 The eruption was one of the most
massive eruptions ever on earth. Many
I think my house is the most comfortable scientists believe that this eruption was
place in the world. It is not very big, but very triggered in the last ice age. The eruption
cozy and quiet. It is the place where my family probably lasted two weeks until the volcano
can relax and find our own space. In our home, collapsed. Then it formed a caldera which is
we really enjoy our relaxing time after school and now Lake Toba. The bottom of the volcano
work. It has a nice and warm living room. There rose and formed the island of Samosir.
is a beautiful painting of scenery hanging on the
wall. In a low cabinet, you will see the trophies, 20. Where is Lake Toba situated ?
pictures of my family, small toys, and some a. Java
books. b. Sumatera
I am lucky to have a room myself. I paint c. Sulawesi
the wall olive green. Its my favorite color. There d. Kalimantan
is a desk on where I do my homework and put a
portable radio-tape there. 21. The following statements are true based on
The kitchen is my mothers domain. My the text, except .
mother keeps it clean all day. There is a blue wall a. Lake Toba is situsted in the caldera of
cabinet in it. It harmonizes with light green wall Toba volcano
tiles. Although a few people will give my home b. The caldera is formed by the downfall of
only at a glance, still we are very proud of it. It the volcano
may not a perfect one but it is home sweet home. c. Islam of Samosir is formed by the peak of
d. The eruption of Toba volcano was the
17. What does the text tell about? It tells about hugest eruptions ever on the earth
A. my lovely home
B. the writers lovely home 22. then it formed a caldera .
C. my big house The word formed has similar meaning with
D. the writers sweet room .
a. made
18. What is the main idea of paragraph two? b. brought
A. The writers room c. destroyed
B. My lucky room d. demolished
C. The color of room
D. My mothers home

19. It is not very big. But very cozy and quiet. (

Paragraph 1 )
The word it in the sentence refers to .
A. living room
B. the house

Read the procedure below to answer question

no. 23-25 At the end of the first semester, we had a
two week holiday. At the beginning, I was just
Spinach Cake thinking about my study, because next semester
Ingredients: there would be held an important examination.
But, I changed my mind to take refreshing at the
2 tablespoons of butter beach, where I hope I could get much happiness.
3 eggs If I just spent my time just for studying I would
get stressed.
1 cup of milk
Soon I called my friend and I asked her to
1 cup of flour
go to Anyer beach. So we called other friends and
1 tsp baking powder invited them to go together. I was very happy
1 tsp salt because they agree to join. We decided to stay
2 packages (10 ounces each)of frozen there for two days.
spinach, melted and well drained When we arrived at Anyer Beach, I felt
4 cups (16 ounces) shredded cheese very happy enjoying the scenery, playing with the
cup diced red pepper sand, and swimming on sea. We enjoyed our
Preparation: holiday very much. But, we didn't forget the
examination either.
1. Preheat oven to 350F. Melt butter in
baking pan. 26. What does the text tell us about?
2. Beat eggs in medium bowl. Add milk, A. Holiday at Anyer beach
flour, baking powder and salt; beat until B. Important examination
well blended. C. Beautiful scenery
3. Add spinach, cheese and pepper, and mix D. Anyer beach
4. Spread the mixture over melted butter in 27. What did they do on their holiday?
pan. A. They studied hard.
5. Bake 40 to 45 minutes or until set. Let B. They visited friends.
stand 10 minutes; cut into triangles or C. They had an examination.
squares to serve. D. They went to Anyer beach.

28. When we arrived at Anyer Beach

23. How much is one package of frozen spinach? (paragraph 3)
A. 5 ounces The word we refers to..
B. 10 ounces A. The writer and her friends.
C. cup B. The writers friends and her family.
D. 4 cups C. The writer`s friends and his classmate.
D. The writer and schoolmates.
24. Beat until well blended. The underlined
word has similar meaning with . Read the recount and answer the question no.
A. mixed 29 31
B. served
C. melted My Adventure at Leang-Leang Cave
D. cooked
On Sunday, my parents, my best friend
25. The purpose of the text is Novi, and I visited Leang-Leang cave at Maros. It
A. To persuade readers to cook Spinach was my first time to visit the cave. The cave was
Cake famous for its primitive cave wall paintings of
B. To explain the ingredients of Spinach wild boars. The cave and its surroundings became
Cake National park, so it was taken care of by the
C. To explain the process of cooking government.
Spinach Cake
D. To inform readers of how to serve Arriving at the cave, we walked around the
Spinach Cake cave accompanied by a guide. We had to climb
some metal stairs to get to the cave, because the
Read the recount and answer the question no. cave was located at the top of a small mountain.
26 28

We visited some places. The first place we found Read the following text and answer questions
some seashells scattered on the ground and some 32 to 34
were actually piled into a big mound! The guide
said that these piles of seashells are called Once upon a time, there lived an old
kjokkenmoddinger, or kitchen trash. The humans lady crow who was mean and ugly. One day,
who lived here ate the shells and dumped the left Miss Crow had stolen a big piece of cheese.
overs in their 'kitchen'. The second place was a And then, she flew on to a branch to enjoy it.
small museum where it had skeletons of the On the other place, under the three, a
humans who lived in the caves. The skeletons sly creature, Mr. Fox, who wanted the cheese
with some roughly made jewelry and weapons for himself, came up and spoke politely to
were placed inside glass cases for display. The her.
walls of the museum were adorned with Oh, Miss Crow, how beautiful you
photographs taken when they did an excavation are ! What a lovely beak, what lovely
there. feathers you have ! What pretty eyes ! If only
After a quick lunch with Novi and my You could sing, you would be the most
parents, we decided it was time to go back home. beautiful bird in the world !
We enjoyed our visit to Leang-Leang cave. Very please to hear all of this about
herself, Miss Crow gave a loud croak to
show that she could sing. Of course, the
29. Why was Leang-leang cave famous? moment she opened her beak, the cheese fell
Because it had . down, and Mr. Fox ran away with it,
A. Primitive paintings laughing loudly.
B. Tourist guide
C. metal stairs
D. piles of seashells 32. What is the suitable title of the text ?
A. Ugly Mr. Fox
30. ...the shells and dumped the left overs in B. Old Lady Crow
their 'kitchen'.. C. Beautiful Miss Crow
The word dumped in the sentence above D. The Fox and The Crow
A. threw away 33. Why did the crow gave a loud croak ?
B. kept away Because it wanted .
C. took out A. to show her pretty eyes
D. put out B. to show her beautiful beak
C. to show her lovely feathers
31. it was taken care of by the D. to show that she could sing
government.(paragraph 1 line 2)
What does the word it refers to. 34. Very pleased to hear all of this (
A. National park paragraph 4 )
B. Cave What is the same meaning of the underlined
C. Mountain word ?
D. Museum A. Happy
B. Guilty
C. Worry
D. Angry

Read the narrative to answer questions no. 35

- 37

Once upon a time a little brother and

sister lived with their witch step mother. Treated
badly by their step mother the two children ran
away into the woods. After running for a while,
the brother said, 'I'm so thirsty. Let's find a spring
and have a drink.'

As the young boy bent down to drink, his four chambers or small rooms. The top
sister heard a voice saying: 'Who drinks from me chamber are called the right and left auriclesand
will turn into a deer.' it was the witch who said the bottom chambers are the right and left
that! the sister tried to prevent her brother from ventricles. When blood enters the heart. It is in
drinking but it was too late. At once, the young dark reddish color because it contains carbon
boy turned into a deer. In tears, the little girl take dioxide. The blood enters the right auricle and
a piece of rope and tied it at the deer. The little then the right ventricle. When the heart contracts,
girl took the deer into the woods. There they it forces the blood to the lungs where the blood
found an empty cottage and lived together. They receives oxygen. It then goes to the left auricle.
finally found safely place. The heart contracts again, and the blood goes to
One day, there was a prince went hunting the left ventricle and is then forced out into the
to the woods, and he saw the deer. He decided to body. The blood gathers carbon dioxide and
shoot it but the deer ran away. The prince and his returns to the heart, and the process begins again.
hunters chased the deer. They came to the cottage
where they found a young girl touching the
frightened animal. She was so beautiful that the 38. What is the text about ?
prince fell in love with her. He asked her to be his A. Body
wife. And it made the girl cried in happiness. B. Heart
When one of her tears fell on the deer, it turned C. Hand
back to her brother. It broke the witch's evil spell, D. Muscle
and they lived safely and happily for ever after.
Taken from 366 and More Fairy Tales, 1990 39. What is the main idea of paragraph 2 ?
A. The heart is only as big as a closed
35. What is the text about ? B. The heart is the important part of the
A. The little brother and little sister body.
B. The witch step mother and the prince C. The heart is made up of four
C. The prince and the hunter chambers or small rooms.
D. The young girl and the hunter D. The heart pumps blood from your
heart to all parts of your body.
36. How did the deer change back to be a young
boy? 40. Why the blood dark reddish color ? Because
A. When the prince asked for his sister to ....
marry with him. A. the blood goes to the left ventricle
B. When one of his sisters tear fell on B. the blood receive oxygen
him. C. the blood contains carbon dioxide
C. When the deer chased the fawn back D. the blood enters the right auricle and
home. the right ventricle.
D. When his sister cried for joy.

37. What can we learn from the text above ? Read the text to answer no 41-43
A. Make a good plan to win
B. Patience can get happiness Indonesia is a very huge archipelago and
C. One good deserve another has a great member of islands which is stretched
D. Dont tell bad things to others along the equator. This position benefits
Indonesia so that it can be considered as the
house of thousands plants. One of the unique
Read the text to answer the question number onces is Rafflesia Arnoldi.
38-40 Raflesia Arnoldi is the biggest flower in
the world that is why it is called as the giant
The heart is the most important part of the flower. The diameter is almost a meter and 1.40
body. It is the center of life. However, the heart is meters in height.
only as big as a closed hand. Instead of Beccary, the name of Italian
The heart is a muscle and it beats about seventy botanist who discovered it, the flower is known
times per minute throughout a persons life. as Raflesia Arnoldi, the name of British Governor
The heart pumps blood from your heart to General-sir Thomas Stamford Raffles.
all parts of your body. The heart is made up of

This rooten smell flower blooms four domestic bureaus in thirty two provincial capitals
times a year. The signs of blooming are the and six foreign bureaus. Antara is an independent
process of the drying leaves and steam. It looks news agency.
dead first. Not only humans, it attrects green flies
44. A. and
B. but
41. What is the main idea of paragraph 2 ? C. or
A. The giant flower. D. so
B. The diameter of Raflesia Arnoldi.
C. The named of British Governer 45. A. begin
General. B. began
D. Raflesia Arnoldi is the biggest flower C. begun
in the World. D. begins

42. How many times Raflesia Arnoldi bloom ? 46. A. traditional

A. Four times a year. B. modern
B. Three times a year. C. small
C. Twice a year. D. large
D. Once times a year.
47. Arrange the jumble words into a good
43. ... It is called as a giant flower... (Paragraph sentence
2) everybody a great hope time has I
The underlined word refers to .... 1 2 3 4 5 6
A. raflesia Arnoldi.
B. the green flies A. 652413
C. the diameter. B. 613524
D. the unknown flower. C. 631524
D. 653142

For question no. 44 46 48. Arrange the jumble words into a good
and your back about write Please
Newspapers are just what their names say. They 1 2 3 4 5 6
are papers that print news. They first appeared in
the 1400s just after printing began. Printers tell me country
produced pamphlets telling people what was 7 8
happening in the country (44) .. what they
thought about it. A. 67281453
Modern newspapers first appeared in the 1700s. B. 65317428
Today, there are newspapers in almost every C. 64231857
country in the world, in many different D. 62815437
languages. Some are printed everyday, some are
every week. 49. Arrange the following sentences into correct
One of the oldest newspapers is The Times which order
is printed in London. It (45).. in 1785 when it 1. So we had to stay in a hotel
was called the Universal Daily Register. It 2. Last month Bela and I went to Surabaya
changed its name to The Times in 1788. 3. We looked for some hotel to spend the
Our country, Indonesia, also has a lot of night
newspapers. There are 94 newspapers in 4. We found a clean and good Hotel
Indonesia. The publishing is concentrated in (46) 5. We didnt have any relative there
.. cities. Jakarta has 24 dailies with half the
total national circulation. Manado has 15 dailies, A. 2 5 1 3 4
Medan has 12, and Surabaya has 9. B. 2 4 1 3 5
The national news agency of Indonesia is Antara C. 2 3 4 5 1
(Lembaga Kantor Berita Nasional Antara). It has D. 2 5 4 1 3

5. One day, the wolf asked the stork to come

50. Arrange the following sentences into a good to his house to eat
paragraph 6. The wolf ate his bowl of soup so quickly
1. When the stork arrived the wolfs house, 7. When he finished, he asked to stork. Did
the wolf put two bowls of soup on the table you like my soup?
2. But stork was angry because he couldnt 8. The wolf laughed and laughed
eat the soup. His beak too long
3. When he finished, he ask to stork went A. 4 5 7 3 8 1 6 2
home, he was still hungry B. 4 5 1 6 7 2 3 8
4. A long time ago, the wolf and the stork C 43586172
were friend D. 4 3 2 7 5 1 6 8