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Pastor addresses this interesting

WEEKL If you are visiting our church

today we want you to know you
are welcome and we are glad you
are here. We will not embarrass
you by asking you to wear a WED. BIBLE STUDY
visitor name tag or by asking you
to stand and introduce yourself.
However, we would like to have a
record of your visit. Could we
Sunday, April 23, 2017 ask you to fill out a visitor card We will be having a special time
and either place it in the offering of fellowship next Sunday night
Sunday School.9:45AM plate or simply leave it in your after the 5th Sunday Singing. We
chair? Again, thanks for being will enjoy lots of good food and
Fellowship Time....10:30AM here! Pastor will continue his teaching fellowship.
from the book of 1 Timothy ch. 2.
Morning Service....10:45AM
Evening Service...6:00PM MORNING SERVICE

Wed., April 26, 2017

Bible Study..7:00PM
------------------------------ John D. Stanley A. Christine H.
Karlee V. Douglas H. Robert C.
Kory W. Opal Mary B.
This morning, Pastor will Genell W. Joshua Erica R.
continue his series entitled, YE Next Sunday night - 6:00PM. Betty B. Sharon S. Jonathan S.
ARE..) Todays message is Betty T. J.D. Brandon R.
entitled YE ARE..My Harolds grandchildren
Friends. Listen, this morning, as CHURCH FELLOWSHIP
As tensions arise around the
world, pray for this great nation!

..The effectual fervent prayer

of a righteous man availeth
much. James 5:16