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Standard 1

Note the focus area and standard Note the type of artefact / Describe the artefact / document and indicate the Describe how the artefact / document
descriptor/s the artefact / document document possible impact or result on teaching and/ or student meet the standard descriptors you have
reflects learning identified.
3.1 This artefact is a This artefact was a lesson that required During the lesson, all students
Establish challenging learning creative arts lesson student participation and learning goals that were supported to complete the
goals plan. During this supported the composite classroom task. This activity interested all
lesson the students had situation of varying abilities. students and they were all
1.6 the opportunity to challenged with the extent they
Strategies to support full experiment with their The goal of the lesson was for students to could take the task. Some
participation of students with line drawings. experiment with their drawing and artistic students were cautious to make
disability skills and understand that there are many their drawings detailed and as
ways to create art including it in its abstract close as they could to their
5.2 form. partner whereas others used the
Provide feedback to students on rule of not lifting their pencil as
their learning I incorporated a quote from artist, Paul Klee their sole challenge (APST 3.1)
A drawing is simply a dot going for a
walk. This quote provided students with During the task, students with a
personalised goals and intrinsic motivation disability were also supported. I
to complete the task. As a result of this, all was able to achieve this through
students achieved satisfaction with their clear expectations of not lifting
work as all were completed in the short their pencil that also allowed
time frame given. According to Ruppert students with a higher skill level
(2006), through engagement in the arts, a to still meet the expectation at
motivation to learn is nurtured. Students their own level and therefore
undergo sustained attention, active supporting all students to meet
engagement, persistence and risk taking. the criteria at the right level
This participation motivates and engages (APST 1.6)
students to be apart of their own learning.
Throughout the lesson, I was able
to provide continual support and
feedback to all students. Their
portraits were easily seen and the
skill was easy to identify.
Students felt supported as they
were all comfortable in
communicating their needs within
the lesson. (APST 5.2)
Artefact: Paul Klee Line Drawing Lesson Plan
KLA: Creative Arts Date: 26.10.16 Time: Class: K/! School: Eltham
4.3.1: effective classroom behaviour management
3.4.1: selects and uses a range of appropriate and engaging materials and resources and demonstrates the capacity to incorporate these into teaching practice.
Outcome / Standard:
VAS1.2 Uses the forms to make artworks according to varying requirements.
VAS1.3 Realises what artists do, who they are and what they make.
Objective / Learning Intention:
Students will be able to understand that artists use techniques to create their pieces of work and will use the same requirements to create their own artwork.
3.1 & 3.2 Background / Cultural / Prior Knowledge:
Students have regularly been working on different art forms through varying medias.
3.3 Knowledge integration: HSIE ENGLISH MATHS PDHPE SCIENCE & TECH

3.4 Inclusivity 1.1 Deep Knowledge 1.4 Higher order thinking 2.1 Explicit quality criteria 2.4 Social support
3.5 Connectedness 1.2 Deep understanding 1.5 Metalanguage 2.2 Engagement 2.5 Student self regulation
3.6 Narrative 1.3 Problematic 1.6 Substantive 2.3 High expectations 2.6 Student direction
knowledge communication
Timing Procedure Considerations Assessment students Differentiation Strategies
5 mins INTRODUCTION (O): Pitch at right level. Limit Students were able to Language chosen to
Students will be introduced to artist Paul Klees work. detail of artist. Remain identify artworks media. describe artist is defined in
A drawing is simply a dot going for a walk Paul Klee. brief. Drawing using continuous terms for all to
They will view two different artworks created by Paul Klee Students begin on the lines. understand.
before viewing the last one, of which they are going to floor.
5 mins I will provide a demonstration using one student to base my Use the student sitting Work sample:
portrait on. directly in front so no one - Students were able to
Explaining the technique as I go; do not lift your pencil. will be disturbed. create a drawing
Reinforce to the students that it is abstract meaning it isnt Students transitioned as following all the
going to look very much like the person they are drawing provided with their pair. guidelines;
and that is the the purpose of the artwork. The artwork was
Materials: continuous, Provide L with stimulus in
30 mins - Pencils Students used a variety front of him for further
The students will now have a turn themselves. - Oil pastels of colours to complete understanding.
They will be paired up with the person who sits the artwork Work with L reinforcing
- Black Textas x17
opposite them at their tables. Students who sit without the criteria as he goes.
a person opposite will move to the art area and sit
opposite each other.
N and S
They will first begin with only a pencil as they draw
O and I
their person following the do not lift your pencil rule.
L and A
The next step of their process is to trace their pencil
with a black texta.
Year 1:
This will define their line drawing.
N and J
The final step is to colour. This must be a different
A and L
colour to the section beside, changing colours each
J and J
time a line is crossed.
G and I
T, A and E
5 mins CONCLUSION (R): Students make a reflection Peer assessment
The students will spend some time reflecting on their train and circulate to room - Students were able to Assist all students by
final artworks and others. Discussing each others to reflect on others art. provide positive providing clear criteria of
features they have presented for example, one person feedback on one assessment features.
has used a pattern of colours another has made a very other artwork - I like the way you
large face with a lot of lines as opposed to few lines. used
Supervising teacher: Date: