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Monthly Topic Presentation

International Kindergarten Horizons
Zelengaj 6
10 000 Zagreb

SCHOOL YEAR: 2016/2017

THEME OF THE MONTH: Forces and Magnetism

GROUP: Smart Pandas

TEACHER: Helena Mauhar


– exploring and becoming more familiar with characteristics of forces and magnets
– introducing forces and magnetism through interesting experiments
– learning about different types of forces, their properties and principles of magnets
and magnetism


– encouraging commenting and talking about the theme, sharing knowlege,
understanding and ideas among children
– increasing children's ability and use of art expression
– getting to know and exploring forces and magnets through interesting games,
activities, pictures, video materials and interacting with them on daily basis
– identifying and naming different types of forces, knowing properties of magnets and
magnetism and expanding knowledge about how these appearances function
– creating various experiments with forces and magnets


Our partners in achieving our aims and goals was Dolphins group for sharing the materials
we used and participating, kindergarten pedagogical staff for providing support and
organizing outgoing activities and parents for continuing working and talking about the
topic at home as well as supporting our project and achievements and providing additional
unshaped materials.

Title of the activity: making „Force and Magnets“ posters

Materials used: white paper, markers, colour pencils
Title of the activity: „Forces Flashcards“ - matching and presentation of drawn out ones

Materials used: flashcards, magnet board, cloth
Title of the activity: exploring drag force

Materials used: plastic cup, plastic bag, strips
Title of the activity: gravity and magnetism experiment

Materials used: paperclip, stick, ruler, wooden blocks, magnet, small rubber toys
Title of the activity: magnetic sorting trays

Materials used: various objects ( eraser, scissors, pen, pencil, magnetic letters, marker,
glue, sponge, sharpener, metal watch, magnifier...), magnet, pencils, worksheets
Title of the activity: magnetic letters angling

Materials used: magnetic letters, magnetic stick, magnetic board, markers
Title of the activity: magnetic letters matching game

Materials used: metal box, magnetic latters, sticks with written words
Title of the activity: liquids and magnet attraction

Materials used: glasses, paperclips, water, oil, magnet
Title of the activity: magnet powered car

Materials used: plasticized road, plastic toy car, magnetic stripe, magnet


Children were very interested in the project and gladly participated. They were creative in
problem solving and had a lot of ideas in art expression as well as in shaping and creating
different games. They loved to work with unshaped materials in creating art crafts but also
enjoyed drawing in different technicques and playing mathematical and manipulative
games. What they enjoyed the most were interesting and fun experiments which enabled
learning in a fun and amusing way.
When they explored the theme, they started using the knowlege in activities in their free
play time. This theme was very interesting for children and activities were conceptually
connected to each other. This helped children in better understanding of the theme,
relating different subjects and categorizing them by their similarities and/or differences.
They were very cooperative and helped one another in understanding of the theme and
also shared many ideas mutually.