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Monthly Topic Presentation

International Kindergarten Horizons
Zelengaj 6
10 000 Zagreb

SCHOOL YEAR: 2016/2017
THEME OF THE MONTH: Forces & Magnets
GROUP: Smart Bears
TEACHER: Bethlehem Simbillo
Forces and Magnets
AIM: Develop an understanding of
Forces and Magnets
Equipt children with knowledge to
help them answer question about
Forces and Magnets

OBJECTIVES: To tell what are Forces and Magnets .
To differentiate the different kinds of forces and show how they work
through exploring and experimenting.
To recognize magnets and to tell what is magnetism..
Partners on the Project
Our partners in achieving our Unshape materials as well as
aims and goals were additional research materials in
Fireflies and Butterflies form of encyclopedias and posters.
group for sharing the
materials we used and
participating . Teacher
Zeljka and Teacher
Marina for enabling
additional time and space
to work as well as joining
us in our activities;
kindergarten pedagogical
staff for providing support
and parents for
supporting our project
and achievements by
providing additional
Magnet and Magnetism
Title Of The Activity: Materials Used:
Exploring Magnets magnets
Different kinds of things
and toys in the classroom
Drinking cups
Chairs and tables
Magnets and Magnetism
Title of the activity:
Colour pens and
Magnets for Fridge
Kolaz and white paper
Title Of the Activity: Slide
Friction and Gravity Cars
Title of the Activity; Bowling Equipment
Applied force and Drag
Title of Activity; Rope
Tension Force String
Spot marker
Title of Activity; Spring
Spring Force Ruler
Rubber Band
Title of Activity: Water
Buoyant Force Bin
Forces and Magnets
Children showed a great initiative in
this project and participated with a lot
of positive energy and interest. They
often came up with new ideas as they
explored in the experiments.
Upon initiating the project children had
ideas but were reluctant and unsure on
how to present and explain their
thoughts and ideas.
As the project progress their
confidence as well as their skill to
explain and turn idea into a tangible
action grew and developed.
Evaluation per aims and objectives
set at the beginning of the project
1.Develop an understanding about Forces and Magnets.
Children understand the what is force and its relationship with work.
2.Equipt children with knowledge to help them answer their questions
about the different kinds of forces..
Children can tell how each different kinds of force work.

Children can also tell what are magnets and magnetism and can explore
with them in the surroundings.