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Station Setup using Smart Pole GPS Resection

Station Setup using Smart Pole GPS Resection


Smart Pole enables the user to integrate the TPS and GPS sensors to complete a
survey with a minimal number of station setups. With the single press of a hotkey a
switch from one to the other can be made without breaking stride.

At the start of a survey the TPS and GPS must be positioned and oriented in the same
coordinate system. This guide concentrates on using a Resection (Free Station)

To start this exercise, create a new job with the coordinate system selected from the
site you are working on. This can be a national system such as OSGB36 or a local
system defined using Determine Coordinate System.

Step Instruction Screenshots

Select the Station Setup program or

divert into it using the Setup (F3)
1 button from any applications begin

Press Cont (F1) to proceed.

At the Station Setup screen set the

method to be Resection.

2 Give the instrument location a name

and key in the instrument height if

Press Cont (F1) to proceed.

You will now be asked to select then

measure to target 1. In this example
we need to attain a position for the
known point. We will use GPS to do

Press GPS (F4) to switch into GPS


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Station Setup using Smart Pole GPS Resection

Step Instruction Screenshots

If using a PDL Ref and Rov GPS

system the fixed solution will be
resolved automatically. If using
Smartnet select Connect (shift F3) to
obtain the ref data.

When RTK fixed solution is resolved

Press Occupy (F1) to observe the

When the GPS observed point has

been occupied the Measure Target 1
screen will appear again.
Turn the instrument onto the prism
(using Powersearch (F12) and press
All (F1) to measure the point with
the TPS.

Once the point observation with TPS

is recorded you will be asked to
Measure Point 2. Repeat steps 3, 4
and 5. Once two known points have
been observed with angles and
distances using the TPS the Calc
(F5) button becomes active.

You now have the choice of

observing Point 3 or calculating

The calculated coordinates of STN 1

are displayed along with the bearing
to the last observed point.
Select the other tabs using Page (F6)
to view the quality of the calculation
and a plot of the set up.

To add more points and observations

into the survey select Survey (F5) or
if complete Press Set (F1)

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