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M.B.A - IInd Year

Compulsory Paper

Paper - I Decision Support System and Management Information System

Paper - II Business Legislation.


Group - I Marketing
Paper -I Strategic Marketing
Paper - II Sales and Distribution Management
Paper - III Sales and Promotion
Paper - IV Marketing of Services

Group - II Finance
Paper -I Security Analysis and Investment Management
Paper - II Corporate Taxation
Paper - III Working Capital Management
Paper - IV Infrastructure Financing

Group - III Organization Behaviour and Human

Resource Development
Paper -I Management of Industrial Relations
Paper - II Management Training and Development
Paper - III Organizational Change and Intervention Strategies
Paper - IV Human Resource Planning and Development

Group - IV Information Technology

Paper -I Management Support System
Paper - II Business Process Re-Engineering
Paper - III System Analysis and Design
Paper - IV Data Base Management
Paper - I
Decision Support System and Management Information System
Unit - I. MIS concept and its utility
Role of computers in MIS, Strategic issues and corporate management Information
system, Process of MIS development, Information needs planning organisation and
Unit - II. Information Concept and Decision Making
Data and Information, Parameters of quality information, value of information,
Classification of Information, decision-making concepts; simon's model.
Unit - III. Development of MIS
Developing a long range plan for MIS, Development of MIS: prototype approach,-
life cycle approach; Implementation Factors contributing success and failure of MIS.
Unit - IV. Application of MIS - I
Application in manufacturing sectors, functional imformation systems for personnel
finance, production and marketing areas, application in services sectors
Application of MIS - II
Decision support system (DSS), knowledge Based expert system; enterprice
management system, enterprise resource planning [ERP] strategic Information
system, executive support system officeautomation system, transectional proce-
ssing system.
Unit - V. Security Issues In MIS
Social, Ethical and Political issues in an information society, computer crimes and
threat to information system: approches to information system security
Paper - II
Bussiness Legislation
Unit - I. Law of contract, Offer and Acceptance, Consideration and capacity, Free con-
sent, Legality of object and public policy, Contingent and Quasi-contracts

Unit - II. Discharge of Contract,Breach of contract and remedies, Contract of indemnity

and guarantee, Contract of bailment and pledge, Contract of agency

Unit - III. Contract of Sale of Goods, Negotiable instruments,Contract of partnership

Unit - IV. Company and its Formation, Propectus, Shares and Debentures

Unit - V. Managemerial personnel board of Directors, Manager, Number of Directors,

Appointment of Directors, Legal position of Directors, Share, Qualification Disquali-
fication of Directors, Removal of Directors, Remuneration of Directors,Managerial
Remuneration, Norms Liberalised, Meeting of Board, Powers and Duties of Board
Directors responsibility statement, Managing Director, Manager, Meetings and
resolutions, Account and Audit, Auditors, Audit Committee.
Investigation, Majority rule and Minority Interest, Winding Up, MRTP act and IDR
act, Sales Tax and Excise duties, VAT, MODVAT.