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Springfield College

Lesson Plan Template

Teacher: Meghan Giannettino Date: 2/8/17
Subject: ELA Grade Level: 2nd
Title of Lesson: Character Traits Lesson Length:1 Hour&25
Overview of the Lesson
Lesson Summary:
Start off the morning with a greeting and the daily calendar. Then explain what
the students will be learning. Next fluency reading, Green Valley by Dale Wahl.
After fluency, we move on to phonics introduction to complete sentences
(WA2). Next, as a group, we will listen to a read aloud online of Tacky the
Penguin by Helen Lester. Then start the character worksheet together.
Students will finish the working sheet during independent work. Ending ELA
with centers. There are three centers which are independent work, guided
reading with Mrs. Panetta and phonics with myself.
Lesson Objectives:
The students will be able to identify evidence to support character traits.
The students will be able to produce, explain, and rearrange complete
The students will be able to fluently read Green Valley.
Materials/Equipment to be Used in Teaching the Lesson:
Student skill practice book
Fluency book
Character traits worksheet
Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester (Online book)
CCC Learning Hub (Online resource)

Massachusetts Framework Standards:

2.RL.6 Acknowledge differences in the points of view of characters, including by speaking in a

different voice for each character when reading dialogue aloud.

2.L.1f Produce, expand, and rearrange complete simple and compound sentences (e.g., The boy
watched the movie; The little boy watched the movie; The action movie was watched by the little

2.RF.4b Read grade-level prose orally with accuracy, appropriate rate, and expression on
successive readings.
Enduring Understandings:
Big Ideas: Phonics- The students will understand that a complete
sentence is a group of words that tells a compete thought. ELA- The
students will understand that a trait describes a persons personality.
Springfield College
Lesson Plan Template
Concepts: Phonics- Every sentence has a part that tells whom or what
the sentence is about. ELA- Character traits are attributesbehavioral
and temperamental of an individual which make up someones

Essential Questions:
What makes up a complete sentence?
Describe what the parts of a sentence are.
What are traits?
What is a personality? How does the character usually behave?
Where in the text can you find evidence to support the trait?
Factual Content:
Traits- describe the characters personality. Evidence- is any sort of
information that supports a certain statement.
Trait, evidence, companions, hearty, silly, marched, graceful, splashy, odd,
hunters, rough, tough, growly, frighten, dreadfully, and horrible
Tier 1:
Silly, marched, splashy, odd, hunters, rough, tough, frighten, and horrible
Tier 2: companions, graceful, dreadfully
Tier 3:
Trait, evidence, and hearty
Critical Thinking Skills (Reading, Writing, Speech, Listening)
Students will use critical thinking skills during the character traits
worksheet and phonics.

Assessments (Performance Tasks/Tests/Quizzes Formative/Summative,


Formal assessment- phonics skills- quiz on complete sentences, Friday

Performance task- Character traits worksheet
Informal assessment- At the bottom of the character work sheet the
students will rate their understanding of character traits with selecting
either a frowny face, medium face, or smiley face.
Springfield College
Lesson Plan Template

Action/Instructional Procedures

Anticipatory Set: Jellyfish greeting and calendar. The students and I will stand
in a circle greeting each other one by one. Then students will sit on the rug
for the daily calendar.

Step One: During the morning meeting I will go over the lesson and
Time: 5 minutes

Step Two: Fluency- Students will transition back to their desk for fluency
reading of Green Valley by Dale Wahl. I will read the paragraph aloud and the
students will follow along. Next, I will read a few lines at a time. Then the
students will repeat back what was read fluently. Lastly, the students read to
themselves then we rejoin on the carpet for phonics. Time: 5 minutes

Step Three: Phonics- CCC Learning Hub (Online resource) introduction to

complete sentences (WA2). I will explain what complete sentences are then I
will ask the essential questions throughout the practice. I will use the
Smartboard. Students will continue their practice during centers. Time: 10

Step Four: Character Traits- As a group, we will listen to a read aloud of

Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester. After the story, the directions will be
given. Next, we will start the character worksheet which will be projected on
the Smartboard. I will model the expectations and ask essential questions
throughout the lesson. The students will finish the worksheet during
independent work.
Time: 15 minutes

Step Five: Centers- There are three centers which are independent work,
guided reading with Mrs. Panetta, and phonics with myself (20 minutes per
group). During phonics, the students meet with me at the rug while we
complete the phonics workbook (pg. 2). For students that finish phonics
early, they can go on to do more phonics practice
Time: 1 hour
Springfield College
Lesson Plan Template
Accommodations and modifications- directions read aloud, tracking print,
chunking work with a notecard, one-to-one, or one-to-two.

Closure: The ELA block will end by transitioning into writing block.

Reflection on Lesson

a. The Lesson Plan:

b. Teaching Skills:

c. The Students: