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OCHA / HPF Program

Multi-Sector Response for Improved Nutrition Outcomes

WASH Sector Activities and Objectives

- Rehabilitation of water supply and sanitation systems ( including piping,
pumping, storage and waste management) at health facilities.
- Rehabilitation of community water points including piping and distribution
- Provision of water treatment materials and spare tools
- Training of community members on operation and maintenance.
- Installation of solar power systems for cold chain support (solar panels
and system) and water pumping (high capacity solar panel and system)
at health facilities.
- Development of human interest stories, with photos, about improved
access to water in communities or rehabilitated hand-washing or
sanitation systems.

Indector End cycle beneficiaries End cycle

Men Wome Boys Girls Traget
# of health facilities with rehabilitated 12
WASH infrastructure.
# of latrines rehabilitated at health facilities 78
# of solar power systems installed at OTPs 4
# of public water tanks procured and 19
# of hand-washing facilities built or 56
# of individuals benefiting from improved 1040 12179 9359 966 41608
access to water from site rehabilitation 2 8
# of community water points 17
rehabilitated /repaired
# of high-capacity solar-powered water 4
pumping systems installed at health
# of public information products developed 2
on project (i.e. human interest stories,
articles, case studies)
Hygiene :
- Distribution of hygiene kits to the most vulnerable IDPs .
- Conduct hygiene promotion sessions through CHVs using IEC materials .
- Carry out handwashing survey with hygiene promotion participants on
the 5 critical times to wash hands .
- Distribution of soap to targeted beneficiaries during hygiene promotion
practical sessions.
- Distribution of jerry cans to most vulnerable household accessing the
water points .

Indector End cycle beneficiaries End cycle

Men Wome Boys Girls Traget
# of households assisted with hygiene kit 4900
# of individuals reached with hygiene 1356 12770 4881 459 35808
promotion activities 0 7
% of Hygiene promotion participants 65
surveyed can name 3 out of 5 critical times
to wash hands
# of bars of soap distributed 58800
# of households assisted with jerry cans 4900