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Your project must follow these guidelines:

1. The composition must be at least 1:30 in length (one minute, thirty seconds).
2. The composition must have a percussive element as well as a melodic
3. There must be a clear beginning, middle, and end.
4. There needs to be a point where four tracks are being played at the same
5. You must come up with a label that matches the feeling of your song.
6. You must ALWAYS work on your project in class.

Classroom Work Habits:_____________________ out of 10.
Composition Structure: ______________________ out of 10.
Label/Theme: _______________________ out of 10.
Length:__________________________ out of 10.
Follow composition directions: ______________________ out of 10.
Final Score: _______________________________ out of 50.
1 Needs 2 Fair 3 Good 4 Excellent
Work 4-6 7-8 9-10
1-3 Points Points Points
Classroom Student barely Student Student was Student was
Work Habits worked on sometimes mostly on task always on task
his/her project worked on as they and focused on
throughout the his/her project worked on successfully
classroom throughout their project completing their
period and the classroom throughout the project
needed period and classroom
constant needed period and
reminders. frequent needed few
reminders. reminders.
Composition Composition Composition Composition Composition had
Structure did not have a only had two had a clear a clear
clear parts that did beginning, beginning,
beginning not segue middle, and middle, and end.
middle or end. nicely. end. The All of the
sections, sections nicely
however, did segued from one
not segue section to the
nicely. next.
Label/Feeling Student was Student only Student came Student came
not able to came up with up with an up with an
come up with a feeling or a overall feeling overall feeling
an overall label, but not that somewhat that matched
feeling that both. matched the the musicality of
matched their musicality of their
piece and did their composition.
not make a composition. Their label also
label. Their label reflected that
somewhat feeling.
reflected that
Length The The The The composition
composition composition composition was 1:30
was in was between was between seconds in
between 0-39 40-79 80-1:29 length.
seconds. seconds. seconds in
Following Student did The students The students Students
Directions not follow the composition composition composition had
directions of had either a had either a a percussive and
the percussive or percussive or melodic
composition. melodic melodic element. The
The element. The element. The composition had
composition composition composition at least four
had one track had two tracks had three tracks playing at
playing. playing at one tracks playing one time.
time. at one time.