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36. The pred. of as a generic neg. is [the nom.

] in the saying of the ijzs

Not a man is more excellent than thou:
and tim in [ 37] either forsakes his dial. of ayyi for that of Alijz or

makes not a pred., but an ep. made to accord [in case] with the place of together with
the [sub.] denied [102]. 5

It also is in the nom. through the p., because is treated like , as being its opp. [in
sense] and like it inseparable from ns.

37. When indicated (IA), [and therefore] known (Sh, ML), it is suppressed, 10
frequently [by the ijzis (M, IA), and necessarily by the Tamms (IA, Sh, ML) and s
(IA)], as (M, IA, Sh, ML)

XXXIV. 51., i. e. , And (they shall have) no escape,

XXVI. 50., i. e. , No hurt (shall be upon us) (Sh, ML),

There is no champion but Al, and no sword but 15
Dhu -lFar,
the dogma of the creed, i. e. No god (is in existence) save God
(M), [and]

No man (is standing) said in reply to Is any man standing?, the pred.

being suppressed, necessarily according to the Tamms and s, and allowably 20
according to the ijzis;
this holds good whether the pred. be or be not an adv. or a prep. and gen. (IA):
and [hence some even say that (ML)] it is not mentioned (M, ML) at all by the Tamms
[and s] (M).
But when not indicated (IA), [and therefore] unknown (Sh), its suppression is not
allowable according to any, [much less necessary (Sh),] as [words of the
Prophet (IA)] Not any is more jealous than God (IA, Sh) and


[36] (IA) When the milch camels become so dry of milk that the strings used to fasten their 30
udders in order that their little ones may not suck them are cast away as useless, and not a
noble boy of the children is given a morning-draught of their milk, where the pred. is

necessarily mentioned, because, if suppressed, it would not be known, since there is nothing
to indicate it (J).
Here asdf

Asdfasf .adsf.
Sadf asf


Jiojoi 5