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Neighborhood Notes

News for rental property owners & managers from the Office of Neighborhood Services April 2017

asking for additional detail during the inspection is to

Crime Free Multi Housing get increased consistency and improved quality from
the inspections.
next session will be April 19
Use of the new form is currently optional; the
Developed in 1992, the
standard form will still be available to use and you can
Crime Free Multi-Housing
find it on our website.
program takes a multifaceted
approach to crime prevention and includes a unique
coalition of police, property managers, and residents Tire & E-Waste Collection June 3
of rental properties. The Columbia Police Department The Mid-Missouri Solid Waste Management
designates one community liaison officer to organize District will be hosting their annual tire and e-waste
and provide training for the program. Officer Amy collection on Saturday, June 3 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Bishop was selected in 2015 to fill this role and serve at the parking lot just south of the Hearnes Center.
at the Office of Neighborhood Services. There is a charge for tires and some electronic items.
It encourages the police department, as well as To learn more, call 874-7574.
the property managers to work hand-in-hand to create Household Hazardous Waste Collection is held the
a safe environment for all the community of residents first and third Saturdays of each month, April to
that live in their apartments, says Officer Bishop. November, from 8 a.m. to noon at the Grissum
Officer Bishop hopes awareness of the Crime Building, 1313 Lakeview near the City Power Plant.
Free Multi-Housing program and the benefits it brings
will lead more properties to become certified. The Keeping your COCs current
next Crime Free Multi-Housing phase one training is Renewal notices are sent 90 days in advance to
scheduled for Wednesday, April 19 from 8:30 a.m. give you plenty of time to conduct HVAC inspections
to 5:00 p.m. at the Columbia Police Department (if needed) and get your paperwork and fees
Regional Training Center, 5001 East Meyer Industrial submitted to us. It is important that all rental
Drive. To register visit: properties have a current Certificate of Compliance, or an application submitted to the City. Missed
housingprogram/, or call (573) 874-7426. renewal deadlines subject property owners and
managers to prosecution in municipal court.
Its time to get the lawn
mowers out! Make monitoring your properties a routine
Spring is here! The grass In the field we are hearing concerns about
is growing and soon lawns will squatters and homeless entering vacant properties.
be mowed. In the case they are We want to remind property owners to visit your
not, the City enforces the weed vacant properties regularly (once per week is
ordinance. The weed ordinance addresses recommended) so that someone is not taking up
vegetation that has attained a height of 12 inches. residence in your units without your knowledge. Once
Property owners may receive an abatement notice if someone is there for a while, received mail there, and
they are in violation. When properties are out of considers it their residence, it is more difficult to get
compliance, the City may abate the weeds and tax bill them removed and you may need to go through the
the property for mowing. In 2016, Neighborhood eviction process.
Services handled 1,277 weed cases.
If tenants are responsible for mowing please Building addressing
make sure they are aware of this expectation. The City encourages property owners to convert
To report a weed violation, call 874-7339 or to a numeric numbering system on buildings in order
report via the Citys website at to improve addressing and identification for public
safety response.
We are piloting a new HVAC form Alphabetic identification (Units A, B, C, etc.)
Some of you will find a new HVAC form in your should be replaced with a numeric system that helps
renewal paperwork. We want to pilot a more detailed identify levels. For example, basement units would be
inspection form and get feedback from property 1, 2, 3; ground floor 101, 102, 103, second floor, 201,
owners and HVAC mechanics. The purpose of 202, 203, etc.
The City has hired Chris Valleroy as an Meet the ONS Staff
addressing specialist to help with the process. To ONS has five inspectors who you might work with
learn more about this issue or get your properties on various cases along with others who support our
converted, please contact Chris at work. Heres a review of who is who, what we do, and or 874-6361. how to reach us!
David Brockhouse Senior Code Enforcement
Inspection Scheduling Specialist Rental inspections & property
In order to expedite rental inspections, our staff maintenance cases 441-5567,
schedules with the goal of grouping inspections in the
same area of town, with the same owner or manager Sara Ferrill - Code Enforcement Specialist
and also to take them in the order of expiration. We Rental inspections & property maintenance
know that time may not always work for you and want cases 874-6351,
to be flexible. Lisa Frank, Code Enforcement Specialist
If you receive an inspection appointment that Health code violations, nuisances, unlicensed
will not work for your schedule, please contact cars west of Providence, 874-7562,
our office at 817-5050 and we can find another
time that will work. The sooner you call us the Marsha Perkins - Sr. Code Enforcement
better so we can reschedule the inspector. This Specialist Health code violations, nuisances,
makes the best use of everyones time. unlicensed cars east of Providence, 874-7441,
Please note that ONS is using new appointment
reminder software that may call, text or email you Ken Reeves - Code Enforcement Specialist
about your appointment. We appreciate you Rental inspections & property maintenance
confirming with us, or asking to reschedule if needed cases 874-6334,
through this new system. Jim Stark Code Enforcement Specialist
Rental inspections & property maintenance
Emailing of inspection reports cases 817-6420,
We know that many of you want a list of items Other ONS staff you might work with:
that need to be addressed following an inspection. - Officer Amy Bishop CPD Officer assigned
Emailing the inspection report can be the quickest to our Division 874-7426,
and most efficient way to get your report to you. If
you would like it by email, please let your inspector - Bill Cantin Neighborhood Communications
know and also make sure he or she has the best Coordinator 874-7248,
email address so it will reach you!
- Leigh Kottwitz Neighborhood Services
Utilities need to be on for inspections Manager - 874-7504,
Even if a unit is vacant, please make sure the
utilities are on so we can adequately test plumbing Julie Giboney and Lacy Scott are our administrative
systems and make sure items like the hot water and professionals who keeps everything going; either can
bathroom fans function. Thanks for ensuring utilities be reached at 817-5050 or
are on so we can complete the inspections.

Revised Rental Application Form

Please note that the rental application has
changed and now has two places for rental property
owners or managers to sign: once to indicate the City of Columbia
information is accurate and once to agree to an
Community Development Department
inspection. The application will not be considered
complete without both signatures.
Office of Neighborhood Services
701 E. Broadway City Hall 3rd floor - Historic Daniel
Boone Building, P. O. Box 6015, Columbia, MO 65205
Rental unit count 573-817-5050
As of March 29, 2017 the City of Columbia had
10,094 buildings and 27,250 units registered under
the Rental Unit Conservation Law.