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The Obelisk

A Killiney Newsletter
May/June 2017 Vol. 6 Issue 3

Killiney Garden FeteSaturday 13th May 1Name:
Whos Who in Holy Trinity Parish
The Revd Canon Niall J. Sloane Rectors - Trevor King
Holy Trinity Rectory, Killiney Road, Peoples - Helen Irwin
Telephone: 01 285 2695 To be appointed
Rectors - Alleyn Manley Peoples - Paul OBrien
The Venerable Gordon Linney SELECT VESTRY
The Revd Canon Ben Neill Rector, Churchwardens, Glebewardens, Eric Brown,
The Very Revd Victor Stacey Ken Brown, Bryan Burdett, Clive Christie, Peter
Hayes, Chris Hurley, Trevor Jones, Helen Middleton,
LAY READER EMERITUS Sandra Moore, Stefanie OBrien, Lewis Purser,
Ruth Heard Stephen Rhys Thomas
Sandra Moore, 087 6291568 Clive Christie
Rector, Hazel Kinmonth, Sandra Moore, Nigel Teggin Chris Hurley
Frank Hughes, 2042737
Helen Middleton
Zandra Laing HON. F.W.O RECORDER
Helen Middleton
Clive Christie David Millar
CHURCH REVIEW Stefanie OBrien Helen Irwin
Marianne Irvine
BIBLE READING FELLOWSHIP NOTES David Millar Lewis Purser June Hurley
The Rector
Facebook Twitter
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MAGAZINE TEAM - Would you like to Help? Speak to the Rector

Rector (Editorial), Zandra Laing (Co-ordinator), Dorothy Barrett (Distribution), David & Jaqui
Dingemans & Rosemary Teggin (Photos), Reads, Sandyford (Production),
Trevor Jones (Advertising ~ 2855159 or 0872303987)

The Sep/Oct edition of The Obelisk will appear at the beginning of September.
Deadline for submissions is 15th August. There is no newsletter for July/August.

Cover Image: Winner of the Fete Snail Painting Competition: Liam Cashin 3rd Class, G.K.N.S.

Holy Trinity Parish Office, Killiney Road, Killiney, Co. Dublin A96 HD62
Tel: 01 2852695 Email:
From the Rector

Dear Parishioners,
The Fete is a highlight in the social calendar of the parish and local community.
Plans are underway for the event on May 13th. Helpers, donations and raffle
prizes would be very gratefully received. Full details, including maps for the day
are included in this publication. Please contact me if you would like to find out
more and thank you to the committee for their preparations.
May I remind readers that Raffle tickets need to be returned the day before the
fete - please contact Helen Irwin (see page 12 for contact details) for
The Rectors Quiz
In the run-up to the Parish Fete, I have drawn up a quiz, answer 18 questions
correctly and be in with a chance to win:
1st Prize: A Midweek Experience at the Eccles Hotel, Glengarriff, Co. Cork
(One night stay for 2 people with Dinner and Breakfast)
2nd Prize: Afternoon tea for 2 in the InterContinental Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin
Cost of test sheet 5 and all proceeds go towards parish funds.
Have a go in the imitable words of Mrs Doyle, ah go on, go on, go on!
Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who are sitting exams.

With every good wish,


3 7-8 pm, Holy Trinity Rectory
The Select Vestry

Easter General Vestry

The Easter General Vestry was held in the Carry Centre on Sunday 2nd April
following morning service. As well as the presentation of the annual accounts
and Rectors report, those on page 2 were elected to serve on the Select Vestry,
Diocesan Synod and the Board of Patronage.

20/20 Vision
Was launched at the Easter General Vestry. A copy is enclosed. Please pray for
this important work in the life of our parish.

Parking opposite Church

Car users are kindly reminded to note that the parking
spaces directly opposite the church should be offered
to those with limited mobility, preferably only for
those with Blue Badges. Alternative parking is
available in the Carry Centre and on Killiney Hill Rd.

Select Vestry
The Vestry will meet at 8.00pm in the Carry Centre on Monday 8th May.

Hospital Visiting
The Rector would appreciate being told if parishioners are in hospital or
going into hospital, and will be pleased to offer pastoral support.
A selection of prayers is available from him or in Church.

Youth & Children

The Club conclude

their s e a so n s
activities with their
annual party on
Sunday 21st May in
the Carry Centre.
A huge thanks go to Lisa Doyle, Aoife
Stuart, Paul & Suvi Dockree and Rebecca
Hayes for all their work throughout the
year. Their ministry amongst our young
people is greatly appreciated and valued.

Diary Dates
30th June: End of Year
Service, St Pauls
30th August: School reopens
We wish all the staff and students of GKNS
a restful and enjoyable Summer!

Prayer: Dear God, thank you that you have sent us the power of the
Holy Spirit. Please fill us up each day with the Holy Spirit that we would
have the power to live for Jesus and let his light shine in our lives. Amen.

Read about the Pentecost story: Acts 2: 120

Clubs and Societies

Table Tennis
The table tennis meets every Monday at 8pm in the Carry Centre. The
Championships will be held on Wednesday 10th May, followed by the A.G.M. on
Friday 9th June.
If you are interested in trying out table tennis, you would be very welcome (and
we will even lend you a bat!). For more information contact Linda Franck (086
SILK - Socials Involving Ladies of Killiney
On Wednesday May 17th the Ladies will meet in the National Yacht Club.
For more information please contact Judy Jones - 2855159

The Killiney Winey Dineys

The next gathering will be on Thursday 29th June.
Venue and time to be confirmed. Please contact Zandra Laing or the Rector for
more information.

Ladies Guild
The Guild will meet next on Tuesday 9th May in the Carry Centre at 2.30pm at
which the A.G.M. will be held. All Welcome.
The Annual Outing is being arranged, more information from a member of the

Bible Study and Prayer Group

The next gathering will be on Tuesday May 23rd at 10.30am in the Carry

WoolIf anyone has any spare wool, Sheep Thrills would be delighted to pick
it up for use for our Thursday sessions.
Contact Joan @ 087 2460078
Clubs and Societies

Sheep Thrills Made in Ireland

Congratulations to members of Sheep Thrills (pictured above with Eamonn Keogh
of the Victoria Tea Rooms) who raised over 700 for the Purple House, Bray
( from the sale of their products at the Victoria Tea Rooms,
Killiney on April 1st.
The group meets every Thursday at 11am in the Carry Centre.
Like us on Facebook -
Our community based textile group continues with great enthusiasm and with
lots of new ideas already put into operation. Sheep Thrills products will be sold
locally and given to selected charities for the homeless both at home and abroad.
So anyone interested please contact Joan @ 0872460078. Admission 3-5.

Flower Guild
Thank you to the Flower Guild for decorating the Church for Easter.

The Y Club (Killiney Mens Society)

The club meets next on Thursday 25th May at 8pm in the National
Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire.
There will be a day trip to London on Wednesday 11th October
2017. The visit will include a tour of the Houses of Parliament, thanks
to Lord Eames. Gentlemen intending to travel must book their own
More information from Paul OBrien, Nigel Teggin or the Rector.

Service & Social

The next gathering will be on Sunday 25th June at 3pm.
Please contact Joan Whyte or the Rector for more information.
Teas &
Main Tent
See next page
for more detail



Snail Race

Summer Fete - A map for the day
Summer Fete - A guide for the day

The Main Tent









Summer FeteStallholders


Books Lewis Purser 0879051113

Bottle Stall Jonathan Mitchell 0862405183

Burgers Paul OBrien 0862563492

Cakes Ruth Stewart - -

Deli Marianne Irvine - 2858136

Games Alan Nuzum 0862365006

Garden Helen Middleton 2853799

Jewellery Nalina Jones 0872314131

Raffle Helen Irwin 2024497

Sheep Thrills Joan Millar 0872460078

Teas & Coffees Audrey Manley - 0872990033

Toys Lisa Doyle 0863429849

White Elephant Ken Brown 0879285974

Committee Alleyn Manley

Audrey Manley
Cliodhna Middleton
Eric Brown
Ken Brown
Paul OBrien (Chair)
Roslyn Christie
The Rector


From the Archives - recognise anyone?

Photo Gallery

35 Years Making Bespoke Kitchens And Furniture.

Alan Brown Design manufacture and install exclusive handcrafted fitted furniture
using the finest materials available and a Design service that is based on an excellent
working relationship with the client, quality over quantity is our belief.

Contact Alan on 012148590 : 0862435730 :
The Obelisk 21
Diary Dates

May 2017 June 2017

28/4-1 Bank Holiday Weekend 2 GKNS closes for break
4-6 General Synod 2-5 Bank Holiday Weekend
8 Select Vestry 4 Pentecost
9 Ladies Guild AGM Service at Old Killiney Church
11 GKNS Board of Management 7 GKNS reopens
13 Fundraiser: Summer Fete 9 St Columbas Day
14 Christian Aid Sunday Table Tennis A.G.M.
17 SILK 11 Trinity Sunday
21 Sunday Club Party Patronal Festival
23 Bible Study Group Preacher: The Primate of All Ireland
25 Ascension Day 12 Select Vestry
25 Y Club 18 Fathers Day
31 Parish Clean Up 22 GKNS Board of Management
TBC Ladies Guild Outing 25 Service & Social Group
30 GKNS end of year service
St Pauls
GKNS Closes for Summer

July 2017 August 2017

Church Open: Thurs to Sat Church Open: Thurs to Sat
4/8-7/8 Bank Holiday Weekend
6 Feast of the Transfiguration

Diocesan Employment Bureau

Situated in Taney Parish Centre, it is our hope that it will be of help to many
who find themselves without work for a variety of reasons. Full details from the

Calendar for May
4 Thursday 10.30 Morning Prayer
7 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
Easter IV 10.45 Parish Communion
Acts 2: 42-47 Reader John Wynne
1 Peter 2: 19-25 Reader Terence Johnson
Intercessor The Rector
11 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
14 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
Easter V 10.45 A Service of the Word
Christian Aid Sunday
Acts 7: 55-60 Reader Churchwardens/Baptismal Party
John 14: 1-14 Reader Churchwardens/Baptismal Party
18 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
21 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
Easter VI 10.45 Parish Communion*
Rogation Sunday
Acts 17:22-31 Reader Clive Manley
1 Peter 3:13-22 Reader Derval Manley
Intercessor Henry Irvine
25 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
Ascension Day
28 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
Easter VII 10.45 Family Service with Baptism
Acts 1:6-14 Reader Baptismal Party
John 17: 1-11 Reader Baptismal Party

Coeliac? Communicants who are Coeliac, please inform the Rector or a

Churchwarden and gluten-free bread can be arranged.



READERS: If you cannot read on the appointed day please arrange a swap
with someone else and let the Churchwardens know.

Calendar for June
1 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion
Visitation of the Blessed Virgin
Mary obs
4 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
The Day of Pentecost 10.30 Outdoor Service at
Whit Sunday Old Killiney Church

8 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion

St Columba obs
11 Sunday 8.30 Holy Communion
Trinity Sunday 10.45 Patronal Festival
Genesis 1: 1 - 2: 4a Reader Mark Linehan
2 Corinthians 13: 11-13 Reader Caroline Elliott Kingston
Intercessor Stephen Rhys-Thomas
15 Thursday 10.30 Morning Prayer

18 Sunday (6) 8.30 Holy Communion

1st Sunday after Trinity 10.45 Parish Communion
Genesis 18: 1-15, 21: 1-7 Reader Libby McElroy
Romans 5: 1-8 Reader Anne Peters
Intercessor Joan Whyte
22 Thursday 10.30 Holy Communion

25 Sunday (7) 8.30 Holy Communion

2nd Sunday after Trinity 10.45 Morning Prayer
Genesis 21: 8-21 Reader Karen Wilson
Matthew 10: 24-39 Reader Roslyn Christie
15.00 Service and Social Group

Why the different colours?

Liturgical colours are those specific colours which are used for vestments and
hangings within the context of Christian liturgy.
Gold: Easter Day, Christmas Day & Trinity Sunday
White: Feast Days / Saints Days / Maundy Thursday / Eastertide

Red: Pentecost / Saints Days (Martyred) / Holy Week

Green: Ordinary Time

Calendar for July & August: Sunday list only.
Thursday services remain as normal at 10.30am
2 Sunday (8) 8.30 Holy Communion
3rd Sunday after Trinity 10.45 Parish Communion
Genesis 22: 1-14 Reader Linde Hall
Romans 6: 12-23 Reader Clive Christie
9 Sunday (9) 8.30 Holy Communion
4th Sunday after Trinity 10.45 Morning Prayer
Genesis 24: 34-38, 42-49, 58-67 Reader Meriel Nuzum
Matthew 11: 16-19, 25-30 Reader Henry Irvine
16 Sunday (10) 8.30 Holy Communion
5th Sunday after Trinity 10.45 Parish Communion
Genesis 25: 19-34 Reader David Millar
Romans 8: 1-11 Reader Hilary Murdoch
Intercessor Nigel Teggin
23 Sunday (11) 8.30 Holy Communion
6th Sunday after Trinity 10.45 Morning Prayer
Genesis 28: 10-19a Reader Roger Hurley
Matthew 13: 24-30, 36-43 Reader Stefanie OBrien
30 Sunday (12) 8.30 Holy Communion
7th Sunday after Trinity 10.45 Morning Prayer with Baptism
Genesis 29: 15-28 Reader Baptismal Party
Matthew 13: 31-33, 44-52 Reader Baptismal Party

6 Sunday (13) 8.30 Holy Communion

8th Sunday after Trinity 10.45 Parish Communion
Transfiguration of our Lord
Daniel 7: 9-10, 13-14 Reader Derek Martin
2 Peter 1: 16-19 Reader Zandra Laing
13 Sunday (14) 8.30 Holy Communion
9th Sunday after Trinity 10.45 Morning Prayer
Genesis 37: 1-4, 12-28 Reader Joan Millar
Matthew 14: 22-33 Reader Michael Wolfe
20 Sunday (15) 8.30 Holy Communion
10th Sunday after Trinity 10.45 Parish Communion
Genesis 45: 1-15 Reader Nigel Teggin
Romans 11: 1-2a, 29-32 Reader Eric Brown
Intercessor Stephen Rhys-Thomas
27 Sunday (16) 8.30 Holy Communion
11th Sunday after Trinity 10.45 Morning Prayer
Exodus 1: 8 - 2: 10 Reader
19 Helen Middleton
Matthew 16: 13-20 Reader Peter Hayes
Victoria/Ayesha/Manderley:aHouse and Home

Victoria Castle is situated on a rocky outcrop overlooking Killiney Bay, Co.

Dublin, as commanding and beautiful a site, according to the Dublin Penny
Journal of 1841, as could possibly be imagined. Probably designed by architect
Sandham Symes for Robert Warren, a property speculator who had made his
fortune by selling parcels of land to the then emerging railway, it sits alongside
Warrens other developments of Mount Eagle and Killiney Castle.
Failed speculation prompted the sale of Victoria Castle, and most of Warrens
other interests in Killiney, in 1870. Humphrey Lloyd, Provost of Trinity College,
acquired the house at the cost of 5,000, becoming the first of a succession of
owners over the next fifty years.
In the mid-1920s an unexplained and calamitous fire gutted the house. A
watercoloured dyeline elevation in the Irish Architectural Archive is evidence of
the buildings restoration in 1927-8, a project undertaken by its new owner, the
wealthy Sir Thomas Talbot Power of the whiskey dynasty. He availed of the
architectural services of Ralph Byrne of W. H. Byrne and Son, a prolific office
best known for its extensive ecclesiastical portfolio. The cost of the restoration
amounted to 5,540 and the works were completed in six months by contractor
G. and T. Crampton. A comparison of this elevation of the courtyard faade with
photographs of the castle prior to 1928 shows that while Byrne retained much of
the character of Symes castellated Dalkey-granite pile, he simplified its
appearance and modified its tower.
After the restoration, the house acquired a new name, Ayesha Castle, after H.
Rider Haggards sorceress, the original She-who-must-be-obeyed, who rises
from the flames in his popular 1887 novel She. It remains in private ownership,
and was renamed Manderley in 1997. Aisling Dunne, IAA

Eco Congregation Ireland

Information leaflets are available in the Church and Carry Centre.
Spirit Skoda, the New Home for Skoda in South Dublin
Co Dublin
Forthcoming Events

Patronal Festival Sunday 11th June

The Annual Patronal Festival will take place in Holy Trinity on Trinity Sunday at
10.45am. Preacher: The Archbishop of Armagh, the Most Revd Dr Richard
Clarke (pictured). A special lunch is being planned afterwards (subject to
numbers). Cost 30 pp. (Please book places with Zandra Laing, a
Churchwarden or the Rector).
General Synod
The Rector shall attend General Synod from Thursday 4th to Saturday 6th May in
Limerick. Please pray for all the work to be discussed.
Summer in Holy Trinity
It is planned to have the Church open daily (Thurs to Sat 2-4pm) for July &
August, if you are interested in volunteering with this, please speak with the
Rector or put your name on the sign-up sheet in Church.
Parish Clean up ~ Wednesday 31st May
Meet at the Carry Centre from 18.00. Refreshments will be provided. All Welcome
Ascension Thursday ~ 25th May
A celebration of Holy Communion will be held in Holy Trinity at 10.30am.
Christian Aid Sunday ~ 14th May
Many thanks to all those who supported the Christian Aid Tea on Palm Sunday
and to Marianne Irvine and her team for supplying the goodies! We will
welcome a guest preacher from Christian Aid Ireland on Sunday 14th May.
Pentecost Service Sunday 4th June
On the feast of Pentecost, we are planning to join the clergy & parishioners of St
Matthias, Ballybrack for a festive Holy Communion in the Old Church of Killiney
on Marino Ave. The service begins at 10.30am. All welcome.

Sheep Thrills visit Mosney

This trip was planned for Sheep Thrills Community group to go to Mosney to meet Asylum
seekers and Immigrants to share our talents with them. For us to learn as they love to chat
and communicate.
After one befriending meeting when Linda, Rosie and Joan went to meet the organisers and
some asylum seekers, we were deeply influenced by the people we met and their needs.
Following this Rosie and Joan went back and met 15 people interested in knitting where we
helped them to get started with our wool and needles. We were very impressed by some
of the talent.
On the 9th March a group of 10 from Sheep Thrills visited Mosney to see what we could do
in any small way to help bring the project forward. We immediately could see how they
wanted to get on and Hanifia an Albanian woman (very talented) was particularly interested
in making rugs, Rosie kindly gave 3 looms for Hanifia, who was thrilled, we left her cones of
wool to start making rugs again.
Maurethe was very taken with the girl from Syria, a quick learner and lovely to work with,
Maurethe made lovely bags to give them so they could keep their wool and needles in.
Athene helped Isabel from Malawi who had good English, Miriam helped Muna from Syria
who had finished a scarf which she had started with Rosie and Joan previously. Sandra
helped Hanadi who could not wait to give us some of her homemade cake she had made
specially and Gillian helped Manushage who was particularly good at lace making. Everyone
else was chatting to the families and supporting where necessary.
All in all we had a very interesting experience on a beautiful sunny day. But to bring this
whole project further, the powers that be at the Mosney need to put in place a more
organised programme so that we can help more.
We all must realise that things move slowly at Mosney but also the families do move on
eventually. Its important for them to feel wanted and that we are interested in them.
We plan to have them to the Carry Centre at a suitable time so that we can share our hall
and our members talents with them. Thank you to all at Sheep thrills for making this happen.
Joan Millar

The Carry Centre - Calendar of Activities

For booking enquiries please contact the Centre Manager, Sandra Moore
(contact details on page 2).

External Groups
Blossom Nursery School: Mon Fri 8.30am 1.00pm

Irish Dancing: Thursdays 4.30pm 7.00pm

Saturdays 2.00pm - 3.30pm

Slimming World: Tuesdays 4.30pm 9.00pm

Parish Clubs and Societies meet in the Carry Centre

(with the exception of the Choir & Flower Guild which meet in the Church)
Sunday Club 3rd Sunday monthly 10.45 am Lisa Doyle
ENGAGE (Youth Club) Saturday afternoons by arrangement The Rector
Bible Study Group 4th Tuesday monthly 10.30 am The Rector
Choir Sundays 9.30 am Frank Hughes
Flower Guild By arrangement Daphne Hall
KWD (Diners Club) Thursday evenings by arrangement Zandra Laing
Ladies Guild 2nd Tuesday monthly 2.30 pm Rosemary Teggin
SILK - Socials Involving Ladies of Killiney 3rd Wednesday monthly 8.00 pm Judy Jones
The Y Club (Mens Society) 4th Thursday monthly 8.00 pm Paul OBrien
Service & Social Group By arrangement Joan Whyte
Sheep Thrills (Textile Group) Thursday Mornings 11.00am Joan Millar
Table Tennis Monday 8.00 pm Linda Franck
Notice boards for some of the organisations are located in the Carry Centre

The Killiney Hill Tea Rooms
Photo Gallery

- The Killiney Hill Tea Rooms, Victoria Gate, Killiney Hill Road -

Open 9.00am to 5.30pm Daily.

Introducing our New Lunch Menu

Sandwiches made with Cavistons breads; Freshly Made Ciabatta, Wraps & Bagels.
All freshly made to order in the Tea Rooms.
(All of our food is also available to go)

Supporting Quality Local Food Producers

The Dalkey Food Company (Soups)
Cillian's Cookies, Killiney (Cookies and Coconut Balls)
Cavistons, Glasthule, (Breads and Cakes)
Bakelicious, Shankill, (Crumbles,
26 Tarts, Scones and Pastries)

John Sullivan
John (pictured) was a parishioner of Holy Trinity, Killiney in the 19th Century,
mid-life he converted to the Roman Catholic Church and eventually was
ordained a Jesuit priest. He died in 1933. In April 2016 Pope Francis approved a
decree that authenticated a miracle attributed to Fr Sullivan, thereby approving
his beatification. The beatification ceremony of Blessed John Sullivan elect will
take place on Saturday 13th May 2017 in St Francis Xaviers Church, Gardiner
Street, Dublin. We are proud of our connections to Blessed John Sullivan and
look forward to taking part in the celebrations of his life as the year progresses.
Sam Mitchell from Holy Trinity (see Registers on page 31) joined candidates
from St Pauls and St Matthias for a service of Confirmation in Glenageary on
Saturday 4th March. The Rector wishes to thank the Revd Gary Dowd for
preparing these young people and organising the service.
To Trevor & Judy Jones and Peter & Suzanne Hayes both couples celebrate 40
years of married life this year!

Fete Art Competition

Many thanks to Mr Brett McEntaggart
RHA (pictured) for judging the above
and congratulations to all the winners.
One of the winning entries is pictured
on the front cover. Thank you to Mr
David Millar for organising this popular

Crime Prevention

Or better still you and me, because were the ones the Garda Siochana are there
to deter, deny, and detect thieves and burglars from threatening our possessions
and property. If you werent at the public meeting in the Druids Chair on the
morning of March 11th you missed an interesting and important meeting with
Sergeant James Malone, our Crime Prevention Officer, who operates from Dun
Much of what he said we probably think we know already that not locking cars
and houses is a contributory factor in many successful raids, very often with no
damage done, and that anything at all that can be sold is liable to be taken.
Surprisingly perhaps a lot of us keep cash in our cars.
Burglary and theft can be targeted, opportunistic, or initiated by distraction.
Examples offered included a culprit drawing your attention to a tenner hes just
dropped just as youve put your card in the ATM; the guy with questionable
credentials or none at all who offers to do your gutters; the victim who thought
she had locked all her doors at a carpark beside a church not far from here,
except that one of them had been gently opened by a passer-by who came back
when she had gone off to shop.
The proportion of burglars re-offending after release is as high as 70%. They are
all too aware of the tell-tale signs no alarm, a build-up of post, skips in the
driveway too long.
Sergeant Malone is a busy man working and hes going to be even busier when
Cherrywood develops. But you and I can help him by taking a few simple
precautions taking photos of valuables is a good idea - and whenever we do
witness a crime by phoning 999 right away as the first step. And if youre not a
member of an App Community Watch Group in your area, you might like to
think about it if there is one, or start one yourself.
Our Crime Prevention Officer is contactable on . Our
local Garda station number is 6665000.

Wish List

The Rector and Select Vestry have drawn up a wish list (i.e. items or projects of
varying financial amounts that the parish desires to support and improve our
ministry) which may be useful for those who wish to present a gift in memory of
a loved one, or as a thank offering. If you would like to consider donating a gift
to Holy Trinity for the glory of God please speak to the Rector. Among the
items recognised are:
New tables for parish room in the Carry Centre Donation made THANK YOU!
A new Organ
Reserved Signs Donation made THANK YOU
New metal pointing on Church roof
Decoration of porch
Mugs for Carry Centre - Donation made THANK YOU!
New Sanctuary Mat
Brass Candelabra for Church
Pew Bibles
Clock for Vestry - Donation made THANK YOU!
CD player with remote control
Bike Racks
Tablecloths for Carry Centre Donation made THANK YOU
Outside light for rear of Church Donation made THANK YOU
Lectern candle stand - donation being explored
Defibulator for Church/Carry Centre - donation being explored
Lavabo for Church
New curtains for area behind choir - donation being explored
Lights for Choir
Webcam - donation being explored
Lectern for Carry Centre

Parish Information
Flower Rota
May 7 Yvonne Gill June 4 Pamela Taylor
14 Joan Millar 11 Meg Jackson
21 Wendy Airey 18 Marianne Irvine
28 Gillian Mollard 25 Zandra Laing

Organising your wedding

Weddings are very special occasions in the life of any family and
in the life of the church. When considering getting married
please check possible dates with the Rector before confirming
arrangements. It is expected that couples will make a regular
commitment to the life of the church in preparation for

The Parish Panels (Safeguarding Trust)

Responsibilities include:
- interviewing persons willing to serve as workers in the parish
- advising workers on their responsibilities in respect of the Code
- advising the Select Vestry in respect of its responsibilities
The Parish Panel Members are:
The Revd Canon N.J. Sloane (Rector)
Hazel Kinmonth
Sandra Moore
Nigel Teggin

The Parish Registers

Holy Baptism Born again of water and the Holy Spirit
26 February Eva Nora Linehan, daughter of Mark and Sheena
5th March Daisy Clifton
12th March Samuel Henry Turner, son of Andrew and Victoria
26th March Finn & Alex, children of Adam and Carrie OSullivan

Confirmation God has set his seal upon us

4th March (in St Pauls, Glenageary) Sam Mitchell