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1. pueblos-made of what?

Carved into cliff sides. Stone and adobe

2.after whom did Martin Waldeseemuller name America?
After Amerigo Vespucci.
3. da se dopuni '' rope of sand''.
4. Who wrote for ''The Federalist Papers''?
James Madison and Alexander Hamilton
5. What led to Spanish-American war?
explosion destroyed the American battleship Maine in Havana harbour
6. Woodrow Wilson's greatest hope for peace?
League of Nations
7. Franklin Delano Roosevelt- how many terms of office?
3 motherfucking terms
8. the purpose of ''Truman doctrine''?
rebuilding of Europe on American
money and the containment of communism across the globe by aid and arms
9. who succeeded in passing civil Rights Act?
Lyndon B. Johnson
10. How did Roger Sherman push ''the or Connecticut Compromise'' in Congress?
Connecticut delegate Roger Sherman is credited with proposing the alternative of a "bicameral," or two-chambered Congress, made up of a
Senate and a House of Representatives. Each state, suggested Sherman, would send an equal number of representatives to the Senate, and
one representative to the House of Representatives, for each 30,000 residents of the state.
11. the only court mentioned in the US Constitution?
The Supreme Court
12.the vote of Florida was important for George Bush to win the elections.
13.What is meant by the term of ''checks and balances''?
it set the basic form of government - three separate branches (LEGISLATIVE, EXECUTIVE, JUDUCIAL), each one having powers over the
14. What are inalienable rights of every man?
life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
15. When are elections traditionally held?
It occurs on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November (this does not necessarily mean the "first Tuesday" in a month because the first
day of a month can be a Tuesday.)
16. How did George Bush win the elections?
Due to a complicated system of casting votes, which many of the elderly voters failed to understand, there were a number of misplaced votes.
In addition to this, there were stories of missing ballot boxes, thousands of African Americans who were legitimately registered being denied
the right to vote by officials overseeing the elections, voting places in locations expected to favour the winners opponents mysteriously
running out of ballots, closing early, etc. And on top of everything else, the Governor of Florida was none other than Jeb Bush, the
future Presidents brother
17. What are ''diversity cases''?
disputes between citizens of different states
18. Which 2 states have 2 courts of last resort?
Oklahoma and Texas
19. watergate scandal- ono za FBI.
an attempted burglary of the Democratic Party offices, revealed early on during Nixons second term of office, the President was surrounded
by corrupt and felonious aides; their ruthless contempt for the law had not been seen in Washington for quite some time. The shame of the
Watergate affair destroyed the President and sent his cabinet officers and associates to jail. Nixon himself had to be pardoned by his
successor Gerald Ford to escape indictment after he had resigned in order to avoid being impeached by Congress
20. Why was Kennedy reluctant...?
21. What does it mean ''dumping down'' the curriculum?
deliberate diminution of the level of education
22. nesto za GI.Bill
GI - short for government issue, provided financial aid for members of the armed forces after World War II was over
23. Columbia- part of the Ivy League or not?
24. kako je Truman zavrsio rat?
Went nukular
25. koji evropski mislioci su imali uticaja...?
Montesquieu and Locke
26.Predsednik predlaze sudije, a the Supreme Court...?
determines whether or not their laws or acts are in
accordance with the constitution
27. the Gulf War?
28. Klinton i Monika Levinski skandal.
29. zato je sudjeno Johnu Scopesu?
For violating a Tennessee law that forbade the teaching of evolution in the public schools. The case, often referred to as the monkey trial
30. ija diplomatska misija je dovela do toga da Francuska da oruzje 1776.?
31. kriza u Teheranu unistila ije anse za re-election? George Bush Sr.
32.Kuvajt i Irak- invazija = Gulf War 1990 August - 15 January 1991
33. ko je omogucio Afro-Americancima pravo da glasaju?
Lyndon Johnson
34. the united states code is in itself a law. false
35. spain entered the war of independence in 1789 as an american ally. false
36. In 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt , New Deal.
37. The purpose of introducing obligatory literacy tests in the Southern states in the 19th century was to contribute to the education of the
black and poor whites. FALSE
38. Once they are appointed, Supreme Court justices hold office for life. TRUE
39. US district courts have original jurisdiction in federal civil and criminal cases.
40. The losing party in a civil case can be imprisoned. FALSE