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NON Conformance Report/ Corrective
Preventive Action Request Rev.02

Date: 01/30/2017 Report No: Project: Khuff Gas Well Head

B.I # 10-01032-5515 QC Inspector: Michael Eugene Audit Basis: Internal

Major Minor Observation

CLAUSE (if applicable)
Problem Details:
During the routine work at Abu hadriya It is observed that Portable Ovens dont have calibration
which is against SAES-W-011 Conditioning, Storage & Exposure of SMAW Electrodes.

Welding Inspector Signature: ________________________ Date:01/30/2017

Root Cause:(To be filled by Auditee)

Corrective/ Preventive Action:(To be filled by Auditee)

Auditees Signature: ________________________ Date: / /

Proposed Target Date for Completion: ______________________

FOLLOW UP - BY: Date: / /

Auditor Name / Sign:

Remarks and Signature:

QMRs Signature: ____________________ Date: / /

Controlled Copy