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Activity B: Facility Review Fredy E. Del Aguila CALIFORNIA STATE EDLD 6675 Dr. Michael Fanning Winter 2017 Facility Review ‘The school facility is where the educational process occurs and should be modern, safe and dynamic. In a good well mange school budget, facilities expenditures should be a priority to provide first class education for all students. The layout and design of a facility reflects how we use our fiscal and human resources, in which students, educators, and community members will enjoy and benefit. When we talk about fiscal resources we should consider supplies, materials, equipment, services, etc., but also personnel required to provide programs for children and students with disabilities, to offer an equal opportunity to learn. At the Hayward Adult School campus, The Mocha Café Job Transition Program provides training to young adults aged 18-22 years old with mild intellectual disabilities through the operation of this facility. When we talk about a safe school there are several facility aspects to consider, like be prepare to withstand natural disasters like earthquakes, winds, flooding, but also protection of school and campus facilities from school shootings or terrorism. In many schools, there is police protection present at all times. At the Hayward Adult School, we count with two during the day, and one at night, we call them Campus Supervisors. | just realize, that at the beginning of the twenty-first century the Hayward Adult School, like several others in Hayward, are over 50 years old, many of the building materials, furnishings, and equipment require constant maintenance, renovation, and inevitable replacement. The older the school the higher the maintenance cost. Activity acility Resources Fredy Del Aguila EDLD 6675 Items needing attention Rough estimate Running total cost T._ Bigger school sign $800.00 $800.00 2, Repair/replace front office heating unit $1000.00 $1000.00 3. Floor cracks on C-Hall need to be repaired $300.00 $300.00 4, Carpet need to be replaced on room C2 $1,500.00 $1,500.00 5. Computer lab 0-10 needs rewiring $150.00 $150.00 6. Tree branches removal from gutter on D-wing $350.00 $350.00 7. Exhaust pipes need repair on Tech Lab HS $600.00 $600.00 ‘Computer chairs need replacement on D-7 (5) $180.00 $900.00 9. Handicapped parking area needs repainting $2,500.00 $7,500.00 170. B-Hall bathroom door graffiti need to be removed $150.00 $150.00 Total cost for all items: $7,250.00 If you wish, you may also print out some photos of your school or attach a school document with photos on it. FACILITY REPORT — ITEMS NEEDING ATTENTION 2. Front office heating unit out of order +3. Floor eracks on Call 4. Carpet need to be need to be repaired replaced on room C2 ‘5. Computer lab D-10 10 6-Hall bathroom door graffiti to be removed (Name of your Scnoo District here) MONTHLY PROPERTY CHECKLIST Loss Control Program Please complete ths form and forward the original o (designated ofce) on Friday ofthe fist weak ofeach month. (Keep a photocopy for your files) List each item requitng correction and IDENTIFY THE AREA, BUILDING, AND ROOM IN EACH CASE, Using the space provides. Incleate specific action taken in REMARKS section on page 2 Shoat: Resort Date Month Day Year Inspection made b Gusiodlan’ Signature Principat Signa [ SATSFACTORY —) YES [NO_[ NA 1) [REACRNS 'SEACTORY > No_L NR Deteciors undamaged? 8) RUTOMATIC'SPRINKIERS y Belishoms functional? Valve locked ave tacked in ope Date of ast re cil sca positon? Date slam tested c 8" clearance below [Zonesis} tested: sprinkler heads? cc eer | Ena heads ang 2) RTRUSIONATARNS: = ‘Operable? =I, i Date sia fasted Pop Zonels} tested 9% 3) | RUBIOVISUAL EQUIPHENT, OFFICE MACHINES, COMPUTERS. ‘Stored in designated rooms ‘oreabinels? Permanently marked? Secured 0 siands? Transporting stands safe and Pirenable iquds sored Fepproved safety cans ancior ‘etal cabinet” Dumpsters aay Far adequate? bulking? —— ‘No rooms wih Reavy We 4) (Doors: i 5 oad? (Good repair? ‘No nigh storage Oily rags storea in propor i 9) [FENCESTGRTES fecoptacies and amples ‘Good ropa? regulary? | ©) [ELECTRICAL (NTERIORAND +0) [LIGHTS (TERIOR AND EXTERIOR) Switchuncton boxes No broken ghia? T covered? orig burmed oo { a Cords, pags witha, Adequate ighing? feceplacies in good Difusors lace? Condition? Electesl panels ] 1) [INDOWS & SKYIGHTS ‘unobstructed? Latch in good repair? T No oroken windows/shyigns 12) [PLAYGROUND EQUIPENT 1 ‘Goad condition? ‘Suffcint fal suring material? n 19) [ PREMISES (INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR) NS Sidewalks, walking surfaces, ‘Acsessible? — parking late steps, stairway, Tnspecton cureit? hallways, amps, otc, ree t ‘tom sip and trip hazards limbs, or obstucions? Free of safely hazards ‘caused by trees, mes, or | roots? Handrals i place and ‘Any water oaks bathrooms? _ ‘CADecurens and SetingsimarinLoca!Settngs\TemporaryInteet Fies\OLK3C Monthly Property Checklist doe CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE Monthly Property Checklist - page 2 SATISFACTORY ao] ‘Yes | NO_[ NA YES [NO |N/A +4) [CAEETERAAUDTORTUMTGYNNASUM 17) CEADOERS ; eval ebeS goat Tagood ep eed Shock Nar Nag RT Se portable ables cose and shaun ass? suyoeat? = Batches ond Seas HOT 12) | SHOP AREASINRCHNERT EGUPENTFOTER consiton? TOOLS trstussonal s Oeii Ghos Ass Seach good Sa Tog paris area? ena eae? 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