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Muslims Immigrated into America in College

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Primary sources
Information: For this section, we can each put down like a small one paragraph summary of
information that you gathered from the articles that kind of deals with our topic.
So what? I have added some stuff on the So What page, read over it and if you guys have any
more information as to why this discourse community is so important, you can add some stuff to
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Annotated bib We also are going to upload the documents for the annotated bibliography
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Word Map
Critical Inquiry
Research Questions
How many of these muslims are muslim americans vs immigrated Americans?
Now that Trump is elected, why do students think it is okay to commit hate crimes
against muslims and other minorities?-M
Has anti-muslim sentiment enhanced since the Primaries or has there been more
support for the muslim faith due to the hate?-maya
Have college campuses truly created safe spaces or are college chancellor's
following trends to be in the publics favor?-maya
Is it any different for muslim students wanting to graduate any different from other
students wanting to graduate?-S
Does discriminating muslims break them down or make them more powerful?-S
Why is it important that we attempt to understand muslim students in america?-M
What could colleges do to better accommodate muslim practices, such as daily
What is the source of the fear that causes discrimination against muslims?-P
How has the view of the Islamic community changed of the past decade?-J
What is the best way to remove stereotypes surrounding the Islamic
How could the placement of the travel bans enhance anti-muslim
sentiment, but also increase pro-muslim sentiment? - maya

Interview Questions - Primary Source


Articles Megan
undergraduate-social-life-and-identity/oclc/861692592&referer=brief_results Megan
for-muslim-students/oclc/425054541&referer=brief_results - maya - maya
america-tell-their-life-stories/oclc/5890415407&referer=brief_results - maya
civilization/oclc/44019095/viewport josh
cooperation/oclc/432041696&referer=brief_results Pat
muslim-students/oclc/700281302&referer=brief_results Pat
What were gonna put/organize on website
Interview Qs by josh (1st page along with video at the bottom or video first then
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Info found and organized
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More information found, maybe someones infographic
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Critical Inquiry Qs
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Information/ Analysis of Articles
Have college campuses truly created safe spaces or are they following trends to
be in the publics favor?
One article i had linked talked about how a student had converted
to islam even though he was originally christian and he had faced scrutiny by his
teammates and his family. Even though most colleges talk about not condoning
that kind of behavior or treatment they swept it under the rug. One student was
even asked to not return back to the basketball team just because he was
Islamic. If he were to put in a complaint about it would it have gone unnoticed? In
contrast a female student had a very positive experience even when wearing a
hijab. She only had minor discrepancies such as being asked if shes being
oppressed by wearing this clothing item and places to pray.
Students often have to find empty classrooms to go pray for the
required number of 5 times a day and sometimes get perceived as strange.
Took on burden as being the representative muslim when talking
to others about their faith due to terrorism fear spread across the united states.
More liberal universities with diverse students tend to be open
about other religions.

I asked a few other people, they have not sent me back there responses. I will post those if i get

1 whats your name

Nesreen Elathram

2where are you from


2 when did you move to the US

3.5 years (start of college)

3 do you remember much about where you are from?

Small chuckle yes lots

4do you find it hard to be religious here in the united states?

Yes, there is no call for morning prayer and harder to surround yourself with a community of
people who are also muslim

5 do you feel like you face a lot of discrimination on the college's campus
No besides people hesitating to ask me questions, people like to talk and ask questions to
people that look similar to them.

6 would you say you face more discrimination outside of a college campus
Yes people at school are more open minded
7 what are your thoughts on the current political events.
Makes me so mad that i get lumped in with isis. Also the fact that the people choose trump was

8 is there something the campus or local community could do to help you feel safer or help
facilitate practicing islam
I was part of a protest for a prayer room last year. It is not specifically for muslims because of
campus rules but it is nice. There are lots of qurans and mats for me to use

9 is there anything you would like to say or talk about?

the medical school i attended in libya stopped classes for prayer so that would happen twice a
day. You were either in class in the morning or afternoon so that would determine when the
breaks where