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Name of Lesson: Latitude & Longitude: Earths Grid System

Group Members: Monique Landeros

Grade Level: Subject: earth
science and
Developing and Using Models
Education Standards Addressed:
Fifth Grade
geography Modeling in 35 builds on K2 experiences and progresses to building and
revising simple models and using models to represent events and design
Develop a model using an example to describe a scientific principle. (5-

Overview & Purpose:

This purpose of this lesson is to teach students how to read and locate the Earths grid system with creating their own papier mache
globe and draw and paint all contents of a globe.

Objectives Students will be able to read Earth's grid system, and how to locate places Materials Needed
(Specify new skills the student will gain using a grid, and degrees of latitude and longitude. Cardinal Longitude and Latitude PowerPoint
as a result of the lesson; focus on
student (not) teacher behaviors.) directions (North, South, East, West).Special lines of latitude and Balloons
longitude, i.e., Equator, Prime Meridian, etc. Basic Geography - Newspaper
Name and locate the world's continents, major bodies of water, and
all countries.
Reviewing previous hemisphere lesson, students will play Which White Elmers glue
Warm-up and/or Review
(Connect current lesson with Hemisphere? Game: which asks which hemisphere is a continent or Paint, paint brushes
previous lessons; help students
get in mood for class; NOT
teacher dominated)

(Intro provides interest/motivation; Start Longitude and Latitude PowerPoint
Presentation, teacher introduces
new information)

Practice/Activity Day 1: Students will reinforce lesson by creating their own papier Resources Needed/Used
(Describe the activity that students mache globes. - (check for understanding
will do to reinforce this lesson) component)
Day 2: Student will label dry papier mache with the following
criteria: latitude; longitude; degrees; equator; prime meridian;
special lines of latitude (Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Arctic
Circle, North Pole); special line of longitude (International Date Line);
parallels; meridians; Northern Hemisphere; Southern Hemisphere;
Student Evaluation At the end of each day students will play on ( a
(Does not always equal a test. classroom interactive online game) to test and enforce their recent
Should be done during and after
instruction; both formal and
knowledge of longitude and latitude as well as the special lines,
informal). cardinal direction, and geography.

Contingency Plan - Tech: Print out power point to write it out and draw graphs on
(Good idea to have some idea of white board
what you will do if things don't go as
planned, i.e., technology does not
- Supplies: complete earths grid system worksheet.

Teacher Self-Evaluation -Teachers will assess what went well by determining if lesson is
(Describe how the teacher will completed within two days.
assess what went well, problems -Problem that might occur is papier mache isnt dry, which might
experienced, what could be done
differently, etc.). extend the lesson to 3 days instead of 2