Fountain Hills, AZ May 2017

Our Vision:
Living God’s love. calls us to . . .
Our Mission:
Reach out to all with faith and love.

Pastor Ken Brown
Cynics like to carp that "The church is the only army that
Jesus “Yes!” the shoots its own wounded." Ouch! That does hit too close to
church No!” ??? home on occasion. But it is the polar opposite of the way
church should be. Every Church
should be a M.A.S.H. unit.
“If you remember the sixties,” so it M.A.S.H. is the army’s acronym
is said, “you weren’t really there!” for Mobile Army Surgical Hos-
Meaning that you were high as a pital. Every church should see
kite, if you lived through that dec- itself as a Mobile Army Spiri-
ade. Another pop culture axiom tual Hospital in support of the
from the sixties (and probably the Lord’s Army.
early seventies, too) was “Jesus
`Yes!’ the church, `No!’” Some people grouse, “I don’t go to church because hypocrites
go there!” But, where else would you want them? A church
But think about what that says. The church is the bride of should be a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints.
Christ. Can you really love the Groom, but hate the bride? Hypocrites are just a particular species of your garden-variety
What do you think the Groom would have to say about that? . . sinners, right?
Jesus loves the Church, and since I love Jesus, I must love the
Church! That only makes sense, RIGHT?
After all, what is a Christian anyway? “A self-confessed moral
failure” would be one way to define the term. Can you think of
Don’t kid yourself: You CANNOT be a better description of a sinner saved by grace than that? I
Christ‑centered, if you are NOT church CAN’T! None of us are sinners emeritus! We all could use a
-centered. Christ loved the Church and check-up from the neck up and the church is a BEST place to
gave Himself up for it. What right do get one.
you have to give up on it? Just because
its not perfect? Newsflash! Neither are
I am not saying “You can't BE a Christian in isolation.” I am
you! If you should ever find the
saying that you can't FUNCTION as one.
“perfect church,” please don’t go there.
You’ll ruin it!
-Pastor Ken Brown

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Church Service *******only ONE
10:00 AM

Church Office
Monday thru Thursday 8 AM to 2 PM
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OUR CHURCH STAFF Focus on Finance
Rev. Bill Good
Pastor/Head of Staff
Pastor Ken Brown Mar. Income $ 31,281 Budget $ 35,621
Associate Pastor
Mar. Expenses $ 36,241 Budget $ 36,744
Marta Ludwig
Administrative Coordinator
Debbie Fisher Yr to date Income $ 100,862 YTD Budget $ 110,563
Director of Music Ministry
Yr to date Expense $ 112,622 YTD Budget $ 112,047
Dorothy Parris
Caryl Bates
Lynn Medley The first quarter income came in short of budget. We
Custodian have managed to keep the expenses close to budget as
CHURCH TREASURER much as possible. We are coming to the slower part of
Linda Lull the year, the summer months when giving also slows,
CHURCH SESSION but the every day expenses continue. We appreciate
Class of 2017 your faithfulness in keeping your pledges and contribu-
Mary Alice Bivens tions up-to-date.
Bonnie Hollabaugh
Aleyne Larsen-Craig Respectfully,
Helen Roesch Linda Lull, Treasurer
Ron Waldo
Class of 2018
Yvonne Ellingson
Jerry Miles
Helen Quigley
Jack Reynolds
Class of 2019
Maria Berry
John Brockelman On the Inside:
Tim Halchuck Ken Brown, Associate Pastor .. .. . … .. .. … . … .. .. .. . . .. 1
Bob Lull Focus on Finance.. .. .. .. .. … .. .. .. .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . 2
Terri Schmidt Upcoming Events: .. .. . … .. .. . … .. .. … .. .. . .. ..… . . 3
Carol Skewes Mission Ministry . . … . . . .. .. .. .. . . . .. . . . . … .. . . . . . 4
From the Finance Committee .. .. . … .. .. . .. .. … .. .. . .. . 5
BOARD OF DEACONS Men’s Fellowship . .. . … .. … .. … …….. .. .. . .. .. . .. 5
Moderator: Linda Warren Presbyterian Women .. .. .. …. .. . . . . .. . … .. . . .. . . .. .. 6
Class of 2017 From Church Deacons .. … .. …. .. .. . .... …. .. .. . . . . .. 7
Michele Hasley Library Footnotes.. … .. …. .…. …. …. …. …. …. …… 8
Mary Lee Lehrich What is Per Capita? .. … … .. . . . . . …. .. .. … .. .. .. .. .. . 8
Bonnie Matty Palm Sunday .. .. .. . . … .. … ……. … .. .. .. … .. . . . . . 9
Linda Warren Maundy Thursday .. .. .. .. …. .. .. .. . .. … .. . .. . . . .. .. .. . 10
Class of 2018 Easter Sunday . .. .. . .. . .. . .. .. .. .. …. .. . . . . .. . .. . . . .. . 11
Mary Martinson VBS 2017 .. .. . .. . … .. .. .. . .. . . .. .. . . . .. . .. . . .. .. . . .. 12
Elvira Ruiz Beautiful Arizona. .. … … .... .. . . . .. … .. .. . . … . .. .. 13
Ray Schmidt Music Ministry .. … … .. .. .. .. …. . . . . .. . . .. . . . . .. . .. 14
Bob Titus Lockboxes for Seniors. .. .. .. … … … .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. . .. 15
Class of 2019 Not Yet a Member? .. .. .. . . . … . … . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . 15
Louise Jones FHPC Foundation.. .. … .. .. . … .. .. . .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . 16
Dorothy Rudack Facebook. .. .. … .. .. .. .. . .. … .. .. . .. … … . .. .. .. .. . . .. 16
Clarence Utter Did You Know? .. .. .. . .. .. … .. .. .. .. . . … .. . . .. . . . . .. 17
Nancy Wulfmeier Member Spotlight...Did you Know? .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . … ... 18
****** Necrology for 2017… .. … .. . . .. … .. … . .. . . .. . . …… 19
May Birthdays . .. ... .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. 19
Easter Sunday .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . .. .. … … . . .. . . . . . . . 20
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Upcoming Events

at Fountain Park amphitheater
Complimentary food at 5 PM Program starts at 6 PM

The NDOP theme is “For Your Great Name's Sake! Hear us...Forgive us...Heal us, ” emphasizing the need for people, together and
individually, to place their faith in the unfailing character of their Creator, who is sovereign over all governments, authorities and
men. The Bible scripture is Daniel 9:19: “O Lord, listen! O Lord, forgive! O Lord hear and
act! For your sake, O my God.”

The Fountain Hills Christian Ministerial Association is sponsoring the program. Represen-
tatives from churches in the community organized the event. Guests are invited to enjoy
complimentary food from 5:00 pm to 5:45 p.m. Hot dogs, beverages, and desserts will be
served. The Fountain Hills Noon Kiwanis will prepare and serve the food. The event will
begin at 6 p.m.

Boy Scout troop #343 will serve as Color Guards to present the colors and to lead the
Pledge of Allegiance. Pastor Rod Warembourg, Desert Creek Fellowship, is the keynote
speaker. Community representatives will present prayers to focus on seven areas: govern-
ment, military, media, business, education, church, and family.

Fountain Hills Christian Home Educators students will recite the Preamble to the Constitu-
tion. The group will sing, “God Bless America”, accompanied by a keyboard musician,
violinists and a flutist. This year is the 66th annual NDOP program.

The National NDOP states, “We provide an opportunity to emphasize engaging, equipping,
and encouraging 'effective, fervent' prayer in church congregations all across our nation.”

A mother’s prayer
A.T. Pierson writes that “all true prayer trusts [God] to give his own answer, not
in our way or time, or even to our own expressed desire, but rather to his own unut-
terable groaning within us which he can interpret better than we.”
As an example, Pierson points to Monica, the mother of the man who came to be
known as Saint Augustine. Although Monica “pleaded with God that her dissolute
son might not go to Rome, that sink of iniquity,” he went anyway. While there he
May 14, 2017 met Ambrose, bishop of Milan, who led him to the Christian faith. Saint
Augustine is considered one of the most important church fathers.
“God fulfilled the mother’s desire while denying her request,” Pierson writes. How might God be meeting your de-
sires, even amid what appear to be unanswered prayers?
-The Newsletter Newsletter
by Communication Resources, Inc

Through a process called grafting, a
single tree has been developed that
produces over forty different kinds of
fruit, including peaches, plums, apri-
cots, nectarines and cherries.
page 5 November 2012
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Mission Ministry

One Great Hour Water For MANA House – MANA (Marine,
Army, Navy, Air Force) House is a shelter in Phoenix
of Sharing-- Funds raised for homeless veterans. We continue to collect cases of
from this annual collection to- water to be donated to their “community.” As we march
taled $ 1136.00 to date. We closer and closer towards 100 degrees, it becomes an
thank all those who donated. even more important mission project. Please drop off
Through this longstanding ecu- the cases at the church offices. Thank you.
menical effort, we share God’s
love by supporting ministries
that provide
relief to those
affected by
Jack Reynolds, Elder natural disas-
ters, food for Decisions matter
the hungry, and support the self- Good and evil both increase at compound
development of poor and oppressed com- interest. That is why the little decisions you
munities. and I make every day are of such infinite
importance. The smallest good act today is the capture of
a strategic point from which, a few months later, you may
be able to go on to
The Mission Committee has elected to support a new benefi-
victories you never dreamed of. An apparently trivial
ciary. The Lion’s Club Camp Tatiyee for special needs chil- indulgence in lust or anger today is the loss of a ridge or
dren and adults is located in Pinetop. $650 sponsors a camper railway line or bridgehead from which the enemy launch
for a week and that amount was approved. an attack otherwise impossible.
- C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity
The Committee would like to remind FHPC members to sup- Fill your bucket!
port and participate in the National Day of Prayer service to David Brooks, author of The Road to Character
be held at Fountain Park on Thursday, May 4th. (Random House), created a moral bucket list in an effort
to develop “eulogy virtues” - the traits praised at peo-
The Mission Committee is encourag- ple’s funerals. Qualities such as humility, dependence
and energizing love offer more joy than any “resume
ing members to purchase the new mis-
virtues” ever will, he writes.
sion tee-shirt. The cost is $20 with our “There’s joy in freely chosen obedience to organiza-
FHPC logo on the front and the Com- tions, ideas and people. There’s joy in mutual stumbling.
mittee mission statement on the back: There’s an aesthetic joy we feel when we see morally
“Sharing God’s Love by Giving and good action, when we run across someone who is quiet
Doing.” Please complete the order and humble and good, when we see that however old we
form in the church office. This small are there’s lots to do ahead.”
fundraiser will be used to augment the -The Newsletter Newsletter
by Communication Resources, Inc
Mission Committee budget.

This is a friendly reminder that donations are collected throughout the year of toiletries, magazines, puzzle books, games, books,
dvd’s, etc., to send to the Veterans Hospital/home. Deliveries are made when there are enough items collected to do so. You
can place your donations in one of the two collection boxes, one located in the Narthex on the table and/or floor and the other
one is located in the Fellowship Center on the left side as you enter, or you may drop off any items at the Church office and they
will call me.

A delivery was made recently to the Veterans Hospital/Home of 9 boxes of items collected. We are also in the process of pre-
paring and mailing out Easter cards to all of our Church-connected military. I would appreciate receiving any updated mailing
addresses and/or rank changes. These cards will be filled with hand-written notes from many of our Deacons and Mission Com-
mittee members.
- Donna Sims, Mission Committee
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From the Finance Committee
Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) - IRA
If you are required to make minimum distributions from your IRA accounts, please consider
using these distributions to meet your pledge or church contribution. Generally minimum dis-
tributions are treated as taxable income, but by having your distribution sent directly to the
church from your investment firm, you avoid paying taxes on the amount sent to the church.
The money needs to be transferred directly from the IRA to FHPC in order to be tax-free.
If you itemize your deductions, when you withdraw it from the IRA first, and then make a contribution to the
church, you can still deduct the gift as a “Charitable Contribution” because the withdrawal will be included in
your Adjusted Gross Income. However, the money transferred directly from the IRA to FHPC cannot be claimed
as a "charitable tax deduction" because the amount is simply excluded from your “taxable income.”
Congress has passed the law that permanently extends the Qualified Charitable Distribution provision so you can
now transfer money anytime during the year. You can determine the amount of the distribution that would go
directly to FHPC each year to satisfy your pledge. The Giving Statement you receive from FHPC will show the
amount of funds paid toward your pledge.
Please consult an independent legal and/or tax advisor for specific advice about your individual situation.

A Message from your Finance Committee

Remember us while you’re away - Over the next few months many of us will be traveling or returning to
summer homes, but our church here in Fountain Hills will continue doing God’s work. Please remember we
need your support especially through the summer months, so take a few minutes to send along your Tithes,
Offerings and Gifts so God’s ministry can continue while you’re away.
And don’t forget to share some of your good times with us. A picture or brief story about what’s going on in
your world would be a welcome addition to our weekly Newsletter.

Men’s Fellowship Do You Have
It's been a good winter; now what are our sum- The Urban Dictionary
mer plans?. As no one volunteered to lead defines “fomo” as “the
May through September (I'll be back in Octo- fear of mission out.” If
ber), Ken Brown suggested and therefore vol- you are not receiving
unteered, that the men meet informally at Phil's FHPC’s weekly e-news, The Weekly, you are
or some such place a time or two for breakfast definitely missing out! The Weekly is emailed
and discussion. We seemed to like the idea so I out every Thursday, usually around noon. In it
leave it in his trusty hands. This year we spent most our discussion you will learn who is preaching on Sunday, the
time telling our life stories and I found it fascinating as well as infor- title of the sermon and related scripture read-
mative. Since most of us seemed to like the discussion/ conversation ings. You will learn how you can participate in
idea above any formal presentation, I plan to go with that notion next mission, social gatherings, classes and other
fall. Perhaps we (anyone) present an idea events, and find out who needs our prayers.
or theme and we go with it. It may be church related or secular, Y'all Reading The Weekly is for everyone – mem-
have a nice summer. Keep cool. bers, regular attendees, occasional attendees,
Any suggestions? my phone: 608 332 1265 Bob Titus guests and our extended families. It is great for
our winter visitors who want to stay in the loop
year-round. Send your email address to Carol
Skewes at to get on the mail-
ing list! Our mailing list remains with the
church and is not shared with others.
page 7 December 2011
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Presbyterian Women
May 2 1 p.m. Afternoon Circle, Fountain View Village
May 9 10 a.m. Women’s Bible Study Guide with Pastor Bill
May 11 9 a.m. Morning Circle (Adult Center)
May 15 7 p.m. Evening Circle, home of Maria Berry
May 17 9:30 a.m. Hooked on Books
May 17 12 noon Out ‘N About

nifer, Office Staff, were helpful carrying in and
will be helpful handing out at Devereux's Easter
party this weekend. Thanks to all generous bun-

Easter baskets for Devereux, a total of 52 baskets,
met quota plus extras. Mid-week Maria and Jane
drove car-fuls to deliver all. Stella, Director, and Jen-

HOOKED ON BOOKS Out ’n About—Out to Lunch
Hooked on Books will meet on For the month of May, Out n' About will be meeting for
May 17 at 9:30 a.m. at the home lunch at HD Asian Bistro located at 16740 E. Pali-
of Carol Fuls. We will be discuss- sades Blvd. on Wed., May 17th
ing "Summer Reading Sugges- at noon.
tions." Please contact Nancy Wulf-
meier at 480-837-3021 for res-
For more information please call ervations.
Elsie Hoffarber
at 480-837-4518 or Carol Fuls at 480-836-2346.
page 7 May 2017

Devereux Easter Basket Project

Dear Church Family,
We, the Deacon board, have a favor to ask you. In our role of caring for
our church family we don’t always know who is troubled or under the
weather or homebound. We encourage those who are ill to call the
church office and let us know what’s going on but often they are shy or
feel it a matter of privacy. We understand and respect this - one of our
dear friends once said, “I don’t want to see my name or my husband’s
name up on the church screen!” Often, however, a friendly call or home visit would be welcomed. So we are asking you to tell a
Deacon or call the church office if you know someone who is ill or hasn’t been to church in a while. You may also write a note
on the WELCOME card in your pew and place it in the offering plate. We will follow up with a visit or call.
We know you are our first line of communication and are generous with the help that you provide others in our church and for
this we are very thankful. And don’t forget if you would welcome a visit or call just contact the church office.
Stewards in Christ,
Your Deacons
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Library Footnotes
town, neither Patrick Maloney nor Judson Archer
were there to meet their mail order brides. Having
little choice, Kat and Nell set off on their own and
The Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek, began their adventure at Widow Hattie’s boarding
a series house.
By Mona Hodgson
Through inquiries about Patrick Maloney, Kat
Your library now has a series of four books authored by learned he was a gambler and a drunkard most of the
the guest speaker at our M & M Tea on March 4, Mona time. Indeed she saw him at the bar with a “lady” on
Hodgson. Those who were fortunate enough either side of him. She walked into the saloon and
to hear Mona talk about her book The Quilted called his name. He turned and intro-
Heart, were charmed by the story as well as duced her to the women as his bride to
the author, and many were interested in look- be. But Kat decided on the spot there
ing at her other books which were on display. was no way she would marry this man.
The Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek series Later as she and Nell were in the tele-
caught the eye of many of us. graph office, they heard a series of bells
which indicated a fire and the need for
Two Brides Too Many, Book 1 of this series, everyone’s help. The girls quickly be-
begins in 1895 in Portland, Maine. There are came a part of a bucket brigade. People
four Sinclair sisters, Kat, Nell, Ida and Vivian. were rushing to get away from the fire,
When the girls’ widowed father came home but when Kat saw a little girl running
with an announcement that his job in Portland toward the fire, she rushed to grab her
was ending in a few months and he was being and get them out of danger. Rosita’s
transferred to Paris, their lives were changed mother was not to be found, and she
dramatically. Mr. Sinclair had come up with a quickly became part of the Kat and
plan for his girls. Many men from the East Nell’s life at Hattie’s boarding house.
had moved out west to find good paying jobs For many days Nell wondered, “What
in the mines, railroads, and businesses. Mr. have we done?”
Sinclair asked Kat and Nell to advertise for a The three books that
husband in those western states; Ida and Vivian would continue the story of Kat and Nell,
finish school and join their sisters later. Father declared as well as Ida and Vivian, are Too
this an “opportunity of a lifetime.” Rich for a Bride, The Bride wore
Blue, and Twice a Bride. These
Kat and Nell wrote their letters and soon had plans for books will be pleasant reading for
marriage in Cripple Creek, Colorado. On the train, Nell the summer. Enjoy!
carried a photo of her intended close to her heart and
imagined an exciting and love filled future. Kat, who was
more pragmatic, resigned herself to the marriage as a duty,
not a delight. When they arrive in this booming mining - Vivian Virden

Per capita is an opportunity for all communicant members of the Presbyte-
rian church through the governing bodies to participate equally, responsi-
bly, and interdependently by sharing the cost of coordination and evalua-
tion of mission; and of performing ecclesiastical, legislative, and judicial
functions that identify a Reformed Church, while at the same time strength-
ening the sense of community among all Presbyterians.
page 9 May 2017

Palm Sunday

On Sunday, April 9 the Celebration Singers presented a Cantata

“Come Touch the Robe” by Pepper Choplin
Accompanied by Dorothy Parris, Piano, and Caryl Bates, Organ
Dorraine Aggen, Roy Nickel & Debbie Fisher, Trumpets
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Maundy Thursday

On this night and in that place
Jesus said:
“I give you a new commandment,
that you love one another.
Just as I have loved you,
you also should love one another.” John 13:34-35

Tenebrae Service with foot washing by Pastors Bill & Ken
page 11 May 2017


Ruler of the Night, Guarantor of the Day,
Easter us to joy and energy and
courage and freedom;
Easter us that we may be fearless for
your truth.
Come here and Easter [us] with mercy
and justice and peace and generosity.
We pray in the name of the Risen One.

Adapter from Walter Brueggemann
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Christian Formation
Christian Formation Opportunities: • Youth Rehearsalon Wednesdays
4:00 PM Preteen/teen Choir
Sundays 5:00 PM Children’s Choir
10:15 AM Sabbath Day Bible Study
10:15 AM Elementary Life with God Women’s Bible Study Circles
11:15 AM Blessed Beginnings Nursery (Sept thru May)
11:15 AM Preschool Life with God 9:00 AM 2nd Thursday
1:00 PM 1st Tuesday
7:00 PM 3rd Monday
• The Way on Wednesdays • Men’s Bible Study on Thursdays
(Sept-May) 7:00 AM in the Adult Center
12:00 PM Lunch & Bible Study
5:00 PM Elementary “Big God Story”
6:00 PM Bible Study

VBS 2017
July 24 to July 28
We need your help!!
Call Bonnie Hollabaugh 480-399-1769
or Terri Schmidt 480-201-8971
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Beautiful Arizona

Wave rock formation in AZ
Geologist's Rainbow - The Weeping Eye -
Petrified Rocks, AZ, May you walk through the world and know
Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ
its beauty all the days of your life.
- Apache Blessing

English, what a language! Homographs are words of like spelling but with more than one meaning. A homograph
that is also pronounced differently is a heteronym.

You think English is easy? I think a retired English teacher was bored...THIS IS GREAT!

1) The bandage was wound around the wound.
2) The farm was used to produce produce.
3) The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse.
4) We must polish the Polish furniture.
5) He could lead if he would get the lead out.
6) The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert.
7) Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present.
8) A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum.
9) When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes.
10) I did not object to the object.
11) The insurance was invalid for the invalid.
12) There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row.
13) They were too close to the door to close it.
14) The buck does funny things when the does are present.
15) A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line.
16) To help with planting, the farmer taught his sow to sow.
17) The wind was too strong for me to wind the sail.
18) Upon seeing the tear in the painting I shed a tear..
19) I had to subject the subject to a series of tests.
20) How can I intimate this to my most intimate friend?
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Music Ministry
Goodbye, good friends! See though we have a constant flow of new pieces to learn, a
you when you return, and, liturgical calendar to follow, events in the world that
know that you are missed sometimes occur that significantly effect us that we
while you are away! must create musical response to and approaching all of
it as through the living spirit of the Holy Scriptures.
I am so grateful to all who That creates the exception to the difference as to why I
have been a part of our mu- am so grateful to have so many wonderful people in our
sic ministry, producing song music ministry who put forth a musical product, for lack
after song, musical piece of a better word, with such a clean spirit as to produce
after musical piece. I've an emotional result from the congregation. How won-
always thought how easy it derful it is to work with them on a weekly basis.
must be for those who play
the same tunes in perform- You will be hearing special music pieces all through the
Debbie Fisher, Director of Music
ance, show after show after summer, utilizing our time to bring the spirit of the Liv-
show, never having to remember with new outlook, the ing Word into our music that we may all recognize,
double fortes and the unexpected rests placed just so, that through Christ, our loving, compassionate and generous
we encounter weekly in the process of learning new God.
pieces, and a new set of lyrics that can tongue-tie the most
eloquent speaker if not studied well enough. The music See you in worship!
from the performer that produces the same music show
after show definitely approaches the piece from a stand- "Your word is a lamp to my feet, a light to my path"
point of muscle memory, including the emotion attached Psalm 119:105
to the piece, and can usually pull it off quite effort- Deborah Fisher
lessly. Never to deny the fact that it takes a lot of re- Director of Music Ministries
hearsal to make it appear effortless, flawless, and quite
musical. Within our music ministry we have rehearsals
that approach each piece with the same objective,

A sign of honor
Even he who died for us upon the cross,
in the last hour, in the unutterable agony of
death, was mindful of his mother, as if to
teach us that this holy love should be our
last worldly thought —the last point of
earth from which the soul should take its
flight to heaven.
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Who can tell what this is?
Call the church office to find out! 480-837-1763 ask for Marta -The Newsletter Newsletter
by Communication Resources, Inc
page 15 May 2017

How can you help? Lockboxes for Seniors
Fry's Community Rewards Program
The more our church family shops at Fry's, the more mone-
tary support our church will have. Won't you consider reg-
istering to allow Fry's to donate a portion of your grocery
expenditures to our church programs?
How to Re-Enroll for the
Fry’s Community Rewards Program
1. * Go to
2. * Click on ‘Sign-In’.
3. Enter your email and password, click on ‘sign in’.
4. Click on your name (top right hand corner),
under ‘Account Summary’ scroll down to
“Community Rewards”.
5. Click on ‘Edit’ under Community Rewards.
6. Under Find Your Organization: Enter the NPO
number or name of organization then select ** FREE **
‘search’. (You can get the NPO number from JUST CALL
your organization.) It is #84123
7. Under ‘Select Your Organization’, click on the THE CHURCH
circle next to your organization. OFFICE
8. Click on ‘Enroll’ 837-1763
If you have re-enrolled correctly, you should see a
green box with ‘Your enrollment in the Community
Rewards Program has been updated. Thank you for
participating!’ You will also see the information listed
under ‘Community Rewards’ on your Account Sum-
mary page.

Interesting questions to keep you busy:

• Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest, but ducks when you throw a revolver at him?
• Why do people constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized?
• Why do people run over a string a dozen times with their vacuum cleaner, then reach down, pick it up, examine it and then put it
down to give the vacuum one more chance?
• How do those dead bugs get into the enclosed light fixtures?

Not Yet A Member?
*If you are attending our church and don’t have membership in another church, you can join our church by profession
of faith and receiving the Sacrament of Baptism or, if you’ve already been baptized, you can join by reaffirmation of faith in
Jesus Christ.
*If you belong to another church, but would like to transfer your membership to
our church, we can arrange for a letter of transfer from your current membership church
to ours.
*If you are a winter visitor and are an active member of another church “back
home”, you can become an affiliate member at our church here and maintain your full
active membership there.

For additional information, please contact Aleyne Larsen-Craig at 602-625-6201,
Yvonne Ellingson at 480-471-1027 or call the church office at 480-837-1763. Aleyne Larsen-Craig Yvonne Ellingson
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Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church Foundation

Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church Foundation
“An Investment Today for the Life of Our Church Tomorrow”


This is the third and final article explaining the operating procedures of the Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church Foundation.

In thinking about creating a gift (funds of bequest) to the Foundation, have you considered what happens to your gift? What are
the procedures for distributing your gift? Here is an overview of what takes place with the Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church
Foundation when this situation occurs.

1. Please notify the Church office of the death. The office will notify the Foundation.
2. The Foundation will contact the Administrator/Executor concerning the death.
3. The Document (Will and/or Trust) is read. The question of Probate is answered.
a. The Administrator/Executor informs the Foundation of the results.
b. If the document must go to Probate, the procedure is set aside until it has been resolved. Once that happens,
continue with step 4.
4. Foundation and Administrator/Executor resolve the details of the document.
5. When the document contains directions for the use of the gift, the Foundation notifies the Session and appropriate
Ministerial Unit (s).
6. If the gift is undesignated the Foundation notifies the Session and they determine the usage of the gift. The Session
completes a Foundation Request Form and submits it to the Foundation.
7. After all interested parties have approved the usage, the Foundation will distribute the gift.
8. The Foundation will notify the giving party as to how the gift was distributed and thank them.

The Foundation will be in hiatus from May 20th to September 15th. If you have any questions or want to get in contact with the
Foundation, please call the Church office. They will contact a Trustee who will get back to you.

Enjoy the summer!

Foundation Board of Trustees

Gary Oakeson 480-837-5563 Jean Ipema 480-837-1770
Matt Jefferson 480-837-6001 Dawn Lau 480-837-2607
Roy Nickel 480-688-8392 Ben Fast 480-837-1119
Tim Halchuck 978-618-7150

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Did YOU Know?...

3200 years of history in one picture

Awesome to contemplate the life of this tree!
Thankfully, no loggers took it down, nor forest fires or
earthquakes. Just a quiet life in a California forest for all
these years. Not every tree has a nickname, but 'The Presi-
dent' has earned it.

This giant sequoia stands at 247 feet tall and is estimated
to be over 3,200 years old.

Imagine, this tree was already 700 years old during the
height of ancient Greece's civilization and 1200 years old
when Jesus lived and Rome was well into its rule of most
of the western world and points beyond.

The trunk of ‘The President’ measures at 27 feet
across, with 2 BILLION needles from base to top. Because
of its unbelievable size, this tree has never been photo-
graphed in its entirety, until now. National Geographic
photographers have worked along with scientists to try and
create the first photo that shows ‘The President’ in all its

They had to climb the tree with pulleys and levers, and
took thousands of photos. Of those, they selected 126 and
stitched them together, to get this incredible portrait of
‘The President.’ And here it is:

Istanbul, Turkey, is the only city in the
world located on two continents.
In Touch page 18

Member Spotlight …. Did you know?
Born on April 15, 1926, Bryon was a depression baby and Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She trained at Park-
moved from South Bend, IN to Battle Creek, MI with his land Hospital in Dallas. After graduation, Carol prac-
family where they started a retail coal business in 1933. He ticed in the nursing profession for over 49 years. One
attended Battle Creek Central High School where he was week after graduation she married Charles Sandum
Valedictorian of the class of 1944. Among his activities was who had graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary
playing 1st. Chair Clarinet in their National Championship in 1961. They served at the American Baptist Churches
band. After graduation he was admitted to the University of in Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio and Michigan. Then did
Chicago, briefly, until being drafted into the Army in January several interim pastorates which were also very re-
of 1945. His Army service culminated, with being part of warding. She has lived in Battle Creek, MI for almost
Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s headquarters in both Manila and 37 years, so this was her first winter to spend in sunny
Tokyo. After the service he returned to Arizona. She has three great
Michigan and continued his education sons and wonderful daughters-in
in Marketing at Northwestern Univer- -law and nine “extra ordinary”
sity from 1946 to 1949. His first mar- grandchildren, (5 grandsons and
riage produced two sons, Jeffrey and 4 granddaughters.) Carol has
Curtis. Jeffrey still operates a Heating played softball, volley ball, ping
and Air Conditioning business that pong, and tennis for many years.
evolved from the original coal business She has always been very active
in Battle Creek, MI. Curtis lives in Aus- in the church and taught kids of
tin, TX and is a Mobile Home Manufac- all ages for many years. She has
turer. A second marriage that lasted 45 sung in the choir for many years
years produced a daughter, Karyn who and sang with the Burnham
lives in Annapolis, MD. She is editor of Brook Singers in Battle Creek,
a trade magazine called “Security”. MI. She continues to love music
Byron’s wife, Kay passed away in July, 2015 and and plays the piano (some). Charles and
Carol & Byron Hodgson
he is now married to Carol. In addition to having Carol were married for 52 years when he
developed the family business into several segments that in- had increasing medical problems the last few years.
cluded Heating and A/C, Shell fuel oil jobber for over 25 Carol would take him to the Kiwanis meetings and
years and a Lighting Store in 1978, he served as a bank direc- that is where she became acquainted with Byron.
tor, President of Battle Creek Kiwanis, where he had 45 years
of perfect attendance, and a host of other civic endeavors. His Carol and Byron were married April 23, 2016 in Foun-
hobbies include a longtime membership in the American tain Hills Presbyterian Church in Fountain Hills, AZ
Contract Bridge League and he has played over 26,000 inter- and had a wonderful reception when they returned to
net bridge games. He is also currently playing clarinet in the Battle Creek, MI in May 2016.
Fountain Hills Community Band. He has been an affiliate
member of Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church for several “We feel that our marriage proves that you are never
years and enjoys it immensely. too old to fall in love and get married again. But we
Carol was born June 22, 1940 in Christian Welfare Hospital have learned that you do have to make some
in E. St. Louis, Missouri, where her mother was an active “adjustments.” But with the Lord’s guidance and daily
registered nurse. She lived 10 years in Belleville, IL and then devotions we have learned to make the best of the
moved to Waco, TX because her Dad was in Civil Service. years that we have here on earth! God’s Blessings to all
Then she moved to Braunfels, Texas and graduated from of you reading this and make each day count!!”
New Braunfels High School where she was active on the drill
team, participated in music, academics, and sports. She
graduated from Texas Women’s University in 1962 with a

Too big for words
In [ancient Hindu treatises called] the Upanishads, God is described as “Thou Before Whom All Words Recoil.” This sounds
right to me. Anything I say about God will be inadequate. No matter how hard I try to say something true about God, the real-
ity of God will eclipse my best words.
The only reality I can describe with any accuracy is my own limited experience of what I think may be God: the More, the
Really Real, The Luminous Web That Holds Everything in Place.
-Barbara Brown Taylor, An Altar in the World
-The Newsletter Newsletter
by Communication Resources, Inc
page 19 May 2017

Hospitalized? Call the church!
If you are sick, hospitalized or home recovering from ill-
ness, we want you to call the church and let us know! In a con-
gregation like ours where people leave in droves for extended
summer months, it is easy for the staff, elders and deacons to
assume, when we don’t see someone, that they are simply
With deepest sympathy we list “vacationing away”. The truth is that some of you are sick and
those members who have passed we are not aware of it.
away in 2017. You can help us by simply letting one of the staff know of your
situation. We have an excellent support system in place due to
Norma Boysen the diligent efforts of our deacons. Help us serve you by com-
Harry Grider municating your situation.
Mary Braund
Russ Larson
Cecyl Herguth
Richard Stockwell
Glen Ford “Jesus, Stand Among Us”
Jesus, stand among us,
ÂjxÄÄ wÉÇx? g{Éâ zÉÉw tÇw yt|à{yâÄ áxÜätÇà‹A in your risen power;
XÇàxÜ à{Éâ |ÇàÉ à{x }Éç by à{ç _ÉÜwAÊ Let this time of worship
be a hallowed hour.
Matthew 25:21
Breathe the Holy Spirit
into every heart;
Bid the fears and sorrows
from each soul depart.
Thus with quickened footsteps
we pursue our way,
watching for the dawning
of eternal day.

-William Pennefather

-The Newsletter Newsletter
by Communication Resources, Inc

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