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Chemistry I 2016-2017

Mr. R. Montalvo

Materials for this class: (I expect you to have this every day you come to class)
* A writing instrument * Chromebook (when you are assigned one)
* 1 3 Ring notebook (1 or 2) * Calculator w/Scientific Notation
* Good attitude! (please leave the drama outside the door)

Grading Policy:
Category Weight Due
Unit Tests 35% in class
Homework / Daily 15% on due date given
Labs 25% one week from conclusion of lab
Quizzes/ Lab Practicals 25% in class

Midterm & Final Exam 20% of Semester Grade (averages in with your grade)
Progress reports will be sent home every 3 weeks. Be more concerned on your learning than your grades.

Web Site: (Very Important!)

I expect you to use a Canvas web site every day. This site will have all the assignments, lectures, and
information you need for this class. Check this Every Day without fail. It is also a way to contact me.

Course Overview:
In chemistry, students conduct field and laboratory investigations, use scientific methods during
investigations, and make informed decisions using critical thinking and scientific problem solving.

Backpacks & Books

All backpacks and books will be kept against a wall in the lab area. The reason for this is to keep the
aisles clear and take away the temptation that will disrupt your learning. Take the things you need for the
class to your desk.

I will be available for tutoring/lecturing in the mornings (beginning at 7:45am) every day. After school
tutoring is also available on request. You will have to find me in the science building, or in my office in
room 106. There will be certain weeks when I have morning duty and tutoring will not be available. [days
I have duty].

Late Work / Missing Papers

If you are missing any papers I do not have extra copies for you. You must go to the class computers and
print off a copy of the paper you are missing. All Papers turned in will be dated stamped. Any assignment
that is due must be turned in by 4pm that day. 1 day late 5pts, 2 days late 8pts, more than that you lose
a whole letter grade.

Test corrections
Test corrections are only allowed for those students who fail an Unit test. (Below a 70) The best possible
grade you can receive after test corrections is a 70. To get the test correction points, you must rewrite the
Test questions you missed on a separate sheet of paper, writing down the whole question. Then you must
write down the full answer. (Letter "B" will not be satisfactory). In a small paragraph you must explain
why your new answer is correct. (For each question) AND... the corrections must be signed by your
Parent/guardian for the points to take effect. You are given 3 school days after I return the test to you
to do the corrections. If the corrections are not done in that time, or the corrections are not signed, your
original grade will stay as your test grade.
Chemistry requires labs to be done throughout the year. All students are required to participate in all of
the labs without exception. Labs will have to be made up either before or after school. No missing labs.

Extra Credit
I don't do any extra credit. Ever. Make sure the work you do in class counts.

Cell phone / Chromebook Policy:

Cell phones and Chromebook use in the class is up to the discretion of the teacher. Please note the district
guide. If I ask you to put away your phone more than twice, I will take it up and place it on my desk until
the end of the period. You may get it back after the class has ended. Chromebooks may only be out for
class use only. All Chromebooks are subject to Go Guardian tracker which tracks your tabs and sites
while in use in the classroom. Please note that your tab history will be part of any parent meeting if you
have problems with the improper use of your Chromebook. No listening to music while working on
assignments is allowed. No listening to music while working on assignments is allowed.

No Food or Drink in the Classroom.

Unless you have a medical condition that is approved by the school nurse, there is no food or drink
allowed in the classroom. Water bottles are allowed. PowerAid, coffee or other drinks are not allowed.
All food or bottles must stay in your backpack by the back walls and remain there throughout the class.

Restroom /Water / Locker Breaks/ Medical Needs

School policy says you need to go to the restroom and or locker between classes. I
understand there are emergency occasions, but they should be far and few
between. Due to recent acts of vandalism you must sign your name in a book along
with the time you leave the class so we may track where students are when they
leave the class. No exceptions. Please notify me before you leave class for
any of the needs above.

Tardy Rules
A student is considered tardy after the tardy bell rings. You must be sitting in your assigned seat at the end
of the bell. Running into the room, or just stepping into the doorway when the bell stops ringing, is
considered tardy. There is plenty of time to reach the classroom. Even from the Art building. Please
remember that 3 tardies equals 1 referral to the office. Continual tardiness will lead to after school

Fire Drills
Occasionally we have fire drills. We will leave single file out the door, turn left, pass through the door
outside and head to the baseball field and line up single file in the baseball field. Please remember, this is
a drill and we need to keep talking down to a minimum.

Class Decorum
I expect all students to treat each other with respect. If you want respect from me and each other, you
must treat others with respect. This includes name calling, and uttering phrases like Your stupid This is
dumb or any phrases that even suggest a sexual nature. This is expected from all students and myself. No
exceptions. OFIs will be written up after 1 warning.

I expect all students to get up from their desks and place waste items in the trash can when it does not
interrupt when someone is talking or a demonstration is taking place. Shooting the trash in the trash can
like a basketball is not the behavior I expect from myself or my students. OFIs will be written up after
1 warning.
If you have any further questions please come see me.