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Ashley Olson

Learning Standard: Compare and contrast a fictional portrayal of a time, place,

or character and a historical account of the same period as a means of
understanding how authors of fiction use or alter history. RL 7.9 Source:

Subject Area: Reading/Language Arts

Topic: Historical Eras
Grade Level: 7

Unit Context::
1. What is the unit theme? The theme of this unit is understanding fiction vs.
nonfiction in historical books.
2. Major 3Topics:
a) Little House on the Prairie
i. Autobiography
ii. Historical Account
iii. Real People
b) Anne of Green Gables
i. Fictional Book
ii. Fictional Portrayal of a Time
iii. Fictional Characters
c) Compare and Contrast the two books
i. The historical era
ii. Difference in families
iii. Different points of view
3. Anticipated duration 10 class periods (2 weeks).
4. The setting or environment includes the following:
a) Whole Group Instruction: All students will read both books in class as a
large group and discuss topics and questions that may arise throughout.
After small group research, discussion will take place of their findings.
b) Partner or Small Group Work: Student will be separated into small groups
of 3-4 to research the historical era of each book and what was going on
in the specific place during that time period.
c) Individual Work: Each student will complete a Venn Diagram comparing
and contrasting the two pioneer books read in class, and then turn in the
assignment for the teacher to assess. They will also write in their journals
the characteristics of an autobiography.

1. Megan- Since Megan has difficulty listening, I will try to assist her by
printing out the directions I say in class, and pass it out to the whole entire
class for them to reference to while doing their work.
2. Brett- For a child with mild ADD, I would try to help him by making sure he
stays on task and possibly standing by him whenever necessary or
whenever he gets off task.
3. John- In Johns case, I would need to be aware of keeping his and the other
children's attention and try to have the topic interesting to them by having
a wide variety of activities to help them learn.
4. Betsy- With Betsy being an English language learner, I will communicate
with her one on one to make sure she is understanding what I want her to
do and tell her to ask me if she ever has any questions.

1. After reading Little House on the Prairie, the 7th Grade Reading/Language
Arts Students will describe characteristics of an autobiography by writing in
their journals with at least one full paragraph.
2. After reading Anne of Green Gables, the 7th Grade Reading/Language Arts
Students will analyze the fictional portrayal of a time, place, or character to
understand how authors of fiction alter history through a short quiz, with at
least 80% accuracy.
3. After researching the historical era of each book, the 7th Grade
Reading/Language Arts Students will compare and contrast the two books
with a Venn Diagram with at least 5 accurate examples of each.