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The Five Senses Unit

Cross Curricular Integrations

During the sense of taste activity, I could quickly tally how many students liked particular foods
and how many disliked them. Then use the data during math to create a bar graph. I could briefly
discuss with students if there are more smiley faces or sad faces, more people who liked it or
more people who disliked it? Or is it equal? The SOL that this activity would fall under is below:

K.14 The student will display gathered data in object graphs, picture graphs, and tables,
will answer questions related to the data.

Language Arts:
I would discuss key vocabulary terms in this unit such as salty, bright, strong, rough, smooth, etc.
and use them in sentences in their language arts activities to foster connections between the
subjects. In addition, I would incorporate the body part words such as eye, ear, mouth, nose, and
hand into language arts. I could give the students a worksheet where they have a sentence to
complete such as I see with my _____. I could place the word eyes in the blank but just in a
dotted line form so that students gain writing practice by tracing these words. The SOLs which
are covered in these activities are listed below:

K.2 The student will expand understanding and use of word meanings.
a) Increase listening and speaking vocabularies.
g) Use vocabulary from other content areas.
K.8 The student will expand vocabulary.
a) Discuss meanings of words.
K.11 The student will print in manuscript.
a) Print uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet independently.

Social Studies:
To discuss the five senses during a social studies lesson, I would discuss Betsy Ross
contributions to our country and talk about how she sewed our nations flag. Have the students
think about how she used her sense of sight and her sense of touch to sew the flag. Discuss how
the flag might have felt and how her needles might have felt. Discuss the appearance of the flag
and describe it using sensory descriptors. SOL is included below:

K.1 The student will recognize that history describes events and people of other times
and places by
a) identifying examples of past events in legends, stories, and historical accounts of
Powhatan, Pocahontas, George Washington, Betsy Ross, and Abraham Lincoln;
Community Connection

To connect the five senses unit to our community, I would bring in a guest speaker who has a
physical impairment such as blindness. I would ask the guest speaker to discuss with the students
about what their disability entails. Also, I would ask them to talk about their lack one of their
five senses, and describe how their other senses are heightened as a result of their impairment. A
second day, I would have my students do an activity where they were blindfolded and had to
identify objects or people in the classroom. We would have a class discussion about how the
person who was blindfolded felt and also discuss what the other students observed about the
blindfolded student. The objective of this lesson would be to help students understand that if we
are missing one of our five senses, the others will be heightened and compensate to tell us about
our world around us. My goals of having the guest speaker in the classroom are to make my
students aware that there are some people who are not like them in their physical abilities and to
develop kindness and compassion in the students toward all people.

Civics K.8 The student will demonstrate that being a good citizen involves
e) practicing honesty, self-control, and kindness to others