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Daydreaming: A Thought Provoked Future

(rationale, estimated time, copies of any handouts, standards)

Grade: 10 th

Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

C:A1.2: Learn about the variety of traditional ad nontraditional occupations
C:A1.3: Develop an awareness of personal abilities, skills, interests and
C:A1.7: Understand the importance of planning
C:A1.8:Pursue and Develop competency in areas of interest
C:A1.9:Develop Hobbies and vocational Interests
C:A1.10:Balance between work and leisure time
C:B1.1: Apply decisions-making skills to career planning, course selection
and career transition
C:B2.1: Demonstrate awareness of the education and training needed to
achieve career goals
C:B2.4: Select coursework that is related to career interests
C:C1.1: Understand the relationship between educational achievement
and career success
C:C1.2: Explain how work can help to achieve personal success and
C.C1.3: Identify personal preferences and interests influencing career
choice and success
C.C1.7: Understand that work is important and satisfying means of
personal expression

Objective: Students will be able to identify personal skills, interests, and possible
careers they may be interested in pursuing for the future. Planning, the importance of
forethought, and the importance of the present, here-and-now, are acknowledged,
understood, and learned.

-Pen or Pencil
-Career Clusters Interest Survey
-Pre and Post questionnaire
1. Students will be prompted to fill out a short 5 question Survey about future
career, planning, and skill sets.
2. The instructor will explain the Career Clusters Interest Survey, and what it is
designed to do.
3. Each student will then quietly take the Career Clusters Interest Survey on their
own, asking any questions they might have along the way.
4. After the Career Clusters Interest Survey is completed by all of the students, a
brief discussion of the classes finding will be opened up and the instructor will
ask leading questions designed to make the students understand that they are
responsible for the here-and-now (their grades, the classes they are taking, how
each class could benefit and grow their skills, if they agree with the survey and if
not, how to achieve and prepare for what they want in the future).
5. The post lesson questionnaire (same as the pre-test) will be administered and
completed by each student.
6. The students will then reflect on what they believed to be true prior to the session
and after the session to see if anything has changed (or been learned).
The lesson will be completed by having the class do the post test questionnaire, and the
students will reflect on their personal experiences with the class and instructor. At the
end of the discussion, the instructor will collect and analyze the pre and post
questionnaires to make sure learning has occurred.
Pre and Post Questionnaire
Daydreaming: A Thought Provoked Future
Pre-Test / Post-Test Questionnaire
1. Do you have an idea of what youd like to your career to be when you grow

2. How important do you believe personal preparation is toward your future in the
Not Important
Very Important
Extremely Important

3. Do you understand the skills that you will need to have to do well in your
interested career?
I dont know what career Im interested in

4. Do you believe that you use your time wisely in regard to developing your
interested career? If no, please think to yourself what you could do better.

5. How important do you think it is to choose your elective course based on

developing skills for your future?
Not Important
A little bit important
Very Important