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Delivering Lean Results for Healthcare 18 July 2005

Using Virtual Building & the Last
Planner System™

Presentation to
Australian Construction
“Creating value –
Eliminating waste”
Industry Conference
Sydney, Australia
18 July 2005
Sutter Health’s Challenge

Delivering Lean Results for
Healthcare Using Virtual Building
& the Last Planner System™

Dean Reed
DPR Construction, Inc.

Sutter Health Adopts The Five Big Ideas of Lean Project
Lean Project Delivery Delivery
1. Collaborate; really collaborate,
throughout design, planning, and
2. Increase relatedness among all project
3. Projects are networks of commitments
4. Optimize the project not the pieces
5. Tightly couple action with learning

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Collaborate; Really Collaborate
Projects as Networks of Commitment
• Virtual Building and the Last Planner
System™ require collaboration and
strengthen the network of commitments
• Will be the focus of this presentation

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Dean Reed, DPR Construction, Inc.
2005 1

planning. and MOB means. design •Share incomplete information early and often assist. 7 8 Parking Structure & Medical Office Building The Camino Medical Center • For the Camino Medical Group (CMG) • In Mountain View. DPR Construction.000sf) • Pharmacy (6. and available means affects ends. 250.000sf) • Outpatient Surgery Center (5 Suites.000sf) • $100 million in construction costs 9 10 “Virtual Building is an enabling Lean Project Delivery & Virtual Building technology for Lean Project Delivery” • Lean Project Delivery – A process Lean Project Delivery System – Eliminate waste by designing product (the building) and process (building the building) Purposes Design Concepts Product Design Fabrication & Logistics Testing & Turnover simultaneously Design Process Detailed Installation • Virtual Building Criteria Design Engineering – A technology and process Virtual Building – 3D object model of the product – Clash detection of multiple 3D object models Project Definition Lean Design Lean Supply Lean Assembly – 4D visualization of construction Production Control Work Structuring Post-Occupancy Evaluation 11 12 Dean Reed. Parking Structure. Since abandoning the master-builder concept. and separating design from construction.790sf) • Parking structure (1. the choice of ends affects Site. 2005 2 . Inc. Really Collaborate Constructable. we have been patching a poorly conceived design practice. and affordable design requires the participation of the range of project performers and constituencies. and constructability reviews mask an underlying •Identify the Last Responsible Moment for taking action and assumption – that design can be successful when use the time to make the best possible decision separated from engineering and construction. maintainable.000sf) • Laboratory and Diagnostics Radiology Center (30.Delivering Lean Results for Healthcare 18 July 2005 Using Virtual Building & the Last Planner System™ The Five Big Ideas of Lean Project Delivery Translating into Action on Camino #1 Collaborate.000sf) • Urgent Care Center (6. MOB Shell and Core. throughout design. and execution Collaborate. really collaborate. Design •Form cross functional teams of Designers and Builders for is an iterative conversation.000sf) • Medical Office Building (110 Providers. California • Site & Infrastructure development (420.110 stalls. Interiors Collaborative design and planning maximizes positive •Coordinate in 3 and 4D as design evolves iterations and reduces negative iterations. Value engineering. 420. 20.

plumbing.Delivering Lean Results for Healthcare 18 July 2005 Using Virtual Building & the Last Planner System™ Why & How Does Virtual Building 3D Solids / Parametric Objects Enable Lean on the Camino Project? Not CAD Drafting . DPR Construction. 2005 3 . fire protection and electrical coordination and shop drawings in 3D • Fabrication – HVAC will fabricate from 3D shop drawings – Plumbing and electrical will pre-fab from 3D shops • Logistics and Sequence – Trade installations within areas will be sequenced in 3/4D Surface Model 2D polygons into 3D object with limited attributes 13 14 Modeling Raises Questions about How Multiple 3D Object Models Created Things Fit Together (Much Earlier) by AE & Specialty Contractors Objects from libraries Architectural Model of predefined parts Objects ‘assembled’ just like the real thing 15 16 Multiple 3D Object Models Created Multiple 3D Object Models Created by AE & Specialty Contractors by AE & Specialty Contractors HVAC Model Electrical Model 17 18 Dean Reed. Inc.Not Surfaces • Design Concepts ● Product Design Object Model – 3D visualization has allowed stakeholders to understand design 3D solid / parametric • Process Design objects with attributes – Construction sequence animated in 4D • Detailed Engineering – HVAC.

Architects & Structural Engineer Created 3D Object Models 1. Sequence trades through interactive construction of 4D models 23 24 Dean Reed. Agree on coordination and conflict resolution process 7. DPR Construction. Pull design coordination from construction 8. 2005 4 . Inc.Lean Design Collaboration process 3. Determine collaboration and modeling responsibilities 5.Delivering Lean Results for Healthcare 18 July 2005 Using Virtual Building & the Last Planner System™ 3D Process Lessons Learned from Previous Integration of Multiple Models in 3 & 4D Projects • Modeling is early learning • Model incomplete work early Integrated Model • Start with blocks in schematics and develop detail as design progresses • Model to shop drawing level and below • Integrate models created with different tools • Model in field to solve coordination problems • Surround team with 3D images • Structure work in 4D with subcontractors • Progress 4D models to use in lookahead planning DPR Portland Office 19 20 Sutter Health’s Expectation The Vision Facility Assembled in Computer Before It’s Built Onsite • Sutter Health agreed to invest money in early • All important design decisions are made during collaboration and virtual building design phase: – DRR hired during Conceptual Design – MEP/FP. Define the Virtual . Pre-qualify A/Es and subcontractors for Virtual Building capability 4. Determine authors of architectural and structural 3D object models 2. Agree on protocol for sharing drawings and models 6. Skin and Steel subcontractors brought on in – No misunderstanding Schematic Design – No conflict of systems – Architectural and construction budgets increased to – No change orders pay for additional expense of 3 / 4D modeling and coordination • Construction costs will be reduced overall Changes take – RFI’s will be significantly reduced place during the – Change orders due to coordination conflicts will be design phase eliminated not during construction 21 22 Lean Virtual Building Guidelines Lean Virtual Building Guidelines 1.

i. Coordination & Conflict Resolution 7. Detailed Design & schedule. cost. 3D Coordination Drawings Pulled Process Established from Construction Schedule 29 30 Dean Reed. Subcontractors Pre-qualified for Contractor Input to Design Criteria & Equip Virtual Building Capability Contractor Selection. They Engr DD Bldg CD are not 2D polygons that are combined to create a 3D object. etc. and Contractor can have attributes attached to it. procurement info. which can create objects having the following characteristics: •Each object in the model has a unique name or object identifier. Camino Design Collaboration Process 3.e. 2005 5 . •The object model is assembled from libraries of predefined parts Engineer Design Review & representing a constructible component or assembly of components. RFIs = Drawing Author Documentaion in Build 2D 25 26 Lean Virtual Building Guidelines Lean Virtual Building Guidelines 4. Input to Design Routing & Alternatives Coordination SD SD DD 50% Collaboration 100% 50% Collaboration Engineer Object Modeling Engineering & Engineer Design in 2D Design in 2D Detailed design will be done in CAD 3D object modeling software. Modeling Responsibilities 5.Delivering Lean Results for Healthcare 18 July 2005 Using Virtual Building & the Last Planner System™ Lean Virtual Building Guidelines Lean Virtual Building Guidelines 2. Sizing. geometry info. Protocols Agreed for Sharing Drawings & Models Scope Design Phase 3D • File naming conventions Model Created • Reference point for 3D models Architect Schematic Design • Protocol for sharing files using FTP site Structural Engineer Design Development • Protocol for updating the drawing files Mechanical Engineer No 3D Electrical Engineer No 3D • CAD backgrounds. as is the Collaboration Stamps Permit 100% Drwgs Dept Set 100% case in a surface model. Inc. Coordination in 3D •These objects are either 3D solids or true parametric objects. weight.. colors and layer HVAC Contractor Construction Documents management for the drawings / models Plumbing Contractor Construction Documents • Protocol for combining drawings in a Electrical Contractor Construction Documents single NavisWorks model for coordination Fire Protection Contractor Construction Documents 27 28 Lean Virtual Building Guidelines Lean Virtual Building Guidelines 6. DPR Construction.

DPR Construction. 2005 6 . Inc. The work of leaders is bringing coherence to the network of commitments in the face of the uncertain future and co-creating the future with project participants. and leadership is setting direction. apart work plan to deliver the big batches from builders • Customer inputs and deliverables within • A/Es used to working in large batches the design team and to contractors not – Schematic Design planned – Design Development – Construction Documents • Difficult to get architect to agree to delivery • A/Es traditional practice was to throw the dates for design packages batches over the wall for cost and • No Success in pulling a design phase construct-ability review schedule from deliverable dates 35 36 Dean Reed.Delivering Lean Results for Healthcare 18 July 2005 Using Virtual Building & the Last Planner System™ Lean Virtual Building Guidelines 8. This contrasts with the commonsense understanding that planning is predicting. 31 32 Translating into Action on Camino Projects as Networks of Commitments Camino Organization Was Typical •Negotiate deliverables rather than issuing commands •Be willing to say and hear “No” •Ask for and make honest commitments •Declare complete when you’re done to release work to the next performer 33 34 Silos & Big Batches The Black Box of Design • Architects and engineers worked and • Architects developed a summary level communicated in their own silos. They are not value streams. managing is controlling. Trades Will Be Sequenced through The Five Big Ideas of Lean Project Delivery Interactive Development of 4D Models #3 Projects are networks of commitments Projects are not processes. The work of management in project environments is the ongoing articulation and activation of unique networks of commitment.

•Documenting of all cost impact issues shall be entered by the subcontractors in the Commitment Manager as a request of Scott Sass. 2005 7 . 39 40 Making a Request Commitment Status Report 41 42 Dean Reed.Delivering Lean Results for Healthcare 18 July 2005 Using Virtual Building & the Last Planner System™ Seeing Inside the Black Box Commitment Manager • Project team came to understand • Tracks commitments and related actions importance of making requests and between people keeping promises • Maintains status of commitment • Commitment Manager software reviewed • Manages commitments – reminds and escalates and selected by project team as a tool for • Provides visualization of commitment status strengthen the “network of commitments” • Provides metrics as a byproduct of tracking the • Team members could make requests and actions respond from their workplaces • Runs on a Web or Microsoft Outlook server • Requesters. Inc. performers and observers could see status of requested actions 37 38 Commitment Manager in Place of RFIs During Design Commitment Manager should be used for the following: •Documenting all design collaboration queries between the project team prior to the permit being issued for the particular scope of work. The requests will then be committed by Scott Sass and the DPR team in the cost impact log. DPR Construction.

Australia 18 July 2005 Questions & Answers Dean Reed.Delivering Lean Results for Healthcare 18 July 2005 Using Virtual Building & the Last Planner System™ Applying the Last Planner System™ in Using the Weekly Work Plan Design • Not able to create a pull Design Phase • Requests for information and offers to schedule provide answers are recorded in a MEP • Not able to look ahead and do constraints Weekly Work Plan analysis • WWP developed on screen in the meeting • DPR worked with Sutter Health to make • Commitments by A/Es.980 45 50 Presentation to Australian Construction “Creating value – Industry Conference Eliminating waste” Sydney. not used to run the meeting the meeting 43 44 Mechanical & Electrical Weekly Work Cost Benefits Study Plan & Pareto Charts Collaboration Results So Far Cost Avoidance: $5. the GC and the Weekly Work Plan the focus of the subcontractors are scored and charted weekly project meeting each week • Meeting minutes are kept to record • WWP is distributed to all participants after discussion. 2005 8 . Inc.356. DPR Construction.