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Facilitation God and The State 12/9

8:30-8:40 - Individually written response
8:40-8:50 - Small groupshare
8:50-9:00 - Large group discussion
9:00-9:15 - Small group two lies and a truth
9:15-9:30 - Large group two lies and a truth
9:30-9:35 - Break
9:35-9:50 - Small group discussion (review) OR foursquare
9:50-10:20 - Large group discussion (review) OR foursquare
Even needs to talk at the end

Activity 1: Written activity individually, small group discussion, then large group
On a piece of paper, individually answer:
In the opinion of Bakunin, why do the masses follow a supreme being? Why and
how does he think religion originated?
Break into small groups of 4 to discuss the question.
Come together as a large group to discuss the question.
Materials: 8.5x11 paper (well bring it)
pg. 124 ...created by the credulous fancy of men who had not attained the full
development and full possession of their faculties.

Activity 2: Two a lies and a truth

Break up into 3 groups and come up with two lies and a truth about:
Why is materialism superior to idealism?
What makes us human?
Why does religion exist?
Materials: Large paper, markers
Why is materialism superior to idealism?
pg. 116 the idealist, obsessed, blinded, and pushed by the divine phantom which
they have inherited from theology, take precisely the opposite approach. They go
from the higher to the lower, from the superior to the inferior, from the complex
to the simple. salto mortale is something which no idealist, no theologian, no
metaphysician, no poet, has ever been able to understand himself or explain to the
profane. pretty much all of 116-117 talks about this
pg. 120 The fact is that they have neglected the theoretical demonstration of the
existence of God
What makes us human?
pg. 112 ...endowed in a higher degree than the animals of any other species with
two precious faculties - the power to think and the desire to rebel.
Why does religion exist?
pg. 124 ...created by the credulous fancy of men who had not attained the full
development and full possession of their faculties.

Activity 3: Review activity

Break into groups of 2-3 and discuss authority and species-being between a given philosopher:
the household
land owning men
types of governments - household, village
ways to govern a polis
monarchy - good
tyranny - deviant
good form of democracy
deviant because it is not a balance of the middle class
if youre not in a city
beast or god
speech makes us a difference
guardians/auxiliaries - power of the citey
enforced laws
living in a city makes us as humans different
dialogue separates us from animals
give all rights to him
state of war
self interest
no slavery
limited to follow laws
majority rule
viva la revolucion
the social contract
reason separates us from animals
liberty, natural rights
authority is a public power
social class requires exploitation
human emancipation (past yourself)=species-being
individual production is important
individual labor
not giving away your labor (alienation)
no authority within people
can consult special authority (bootmaker)
natural laws, liberty, joining with everyone else
desire to rebel and the power to think = species being
general will
total alienation to the whole
free agency
Come together as a large group and create a table comparing all philosophers with respect to
authority, species-being, and freedom.
Materials: large paper, markers, whiteboards, dry-erase markers

Activity 4: Foursquare
Move to the corner of the room that fits how you feel about each statement.
Discuss each groups position as a large group after each statement.
Absolute faith in human science is good for society*
Society can survive with no authority.*
It is okay to rebel in society.
Religion and the economy are the only major ways the government has authority over
Modern day anarchists reflect the original idea of 19th century anarchy
E.g. Pussy Riot, Anonymous, Edward Snowden, the Occupy Movement (?)
Materials: Four 8.5x11 labeled papers (agree, disagree, tend to agree, tend to disagree)
Answer: opinion based.