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Interview Questions:

1. Planning questions: How do you write a typical lesson plan.

I look at CCS website and go to the objectives that must to taught. I

would at the standards and the resources they county provides. I look
at what I want to include in the lessons. I pick out the activities I want
and put them to the side. Then I get out the things I have collected
over the years and see if any of it will fit into the lessons. Then I plan
out the week and start typing up the lessons. I also start with an
interest builder, then I put in to the meat of the lesson I Explain and
model then have the students do examples with me and then give
them a chance to work on their own.

2. What types of materials do you need available when you

plan lessons?

I need my computer , any activities from pervious years, the


3. In what ways do you plan to accommodate individual

differences in the classroom?

Accommodate students by having them sit where they will be most

I plan guided reading lesson to help with their reading skills
I pull small groups during math

4. What are some of your instructional challenges as a


It is hard to fit everything in. There are so many awesome activities

and not enough time. It is also hard to meet all of the instructional
needs of the students.

5. What do you consider essential characteristics for successful


Being able to find ways to for every student to feel successful.

6. How often do your students receive social studies/science


We are a STEM school so we teach science every day. My students

receive SS instruction at least 3 days a week

7. What motivation tactics do you use to ensure a desire to

I use ClassDojo. Students earn points and then trade in their
points to buy stuff at my store.

8. Tell me about the classroom community. What are the

class rules? How is student behavior monitored? In what
ways is positive behavior reinforced? In what ways are
negative behaviors prevented? Tell me about the
consequences for negative behavior.

I use the school rules: Respect, Responsible, be Safe.

I use classDoJo to motivate students. They love earing points.
I use engaging lesson to keep them on track
I give silent lunch as a consequence for negative behavior
Where I sit my students stops a lot of negative behavior
Keep up with parent communication


I noticed that students really enjoyed earning points on

ClassDojo. Until now, I have never heard about ClassDojo, but

would like to incorporate it into my classroom. My teacher did

very well with keeping parents informed with what was going on

in her classroom, as well updating them about their childs

behavior each week. I saw a lot of engaging activities for

students, as well as communication between student to student

and student to teacher.