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the EPA

Trump signs
Order to roll
Syrian Attack back previous
The Pentagon announced U.S.
military action in response to policies

news of the Syrian government
attacking civilians with poisonous Kristin Miller
gas just days earlier. 4 staff writer

April 22, 2017 marked the anniver-
sary of 195 countries signing the Paris
Agreement. The cross continental

agreement was a pledge made by
each country to do their part in keep-
ing the planet from warming more
than 3.6 degrees. Scientists say at this
173 respondents out of 250 APU undergraduate students indicated that they
temperature the earth will be locked
voted in the national 2016 general election in an administered sample survey, into a future of droughts, floods, dis-
roughly 70 percent of the sample population. See more survey results inside. eases, severe weather changes, rising
sea levels and food shortages. This
An Exclusive Interview initiative is now under potential con-
with President Wallace test.
On March 28, 2017, President
President Jon Wallace has been
an active role model of political A bipartisan road trip for the ages Trump signed the Executive Order
on Promoting Energy Independence
and Economic Growth. This will cut
engagement for students. 5
back on the United States’ environ-
tune in, asking questions to hear tips, like avoiding certain toll roads,
What do you get the congressmen’s thoughts. Within and recommended popular dining
mental policies which met the regula-
tions of the Paris Agreement.
when you mix the first 30 hours, over ten political stops, like Gibson’s Donuts, where
they stopped for a mid-trip treat.
According to the Office of the

figures from across the United States Press Secretary in the first policy,
a snow storm, were calling in or commenting on the
road trip’s live stream.
But it was more than just snacks
and songs for this car ride; with two
the executive order states that “it is
in the national interest to promote
two opposing Faith Vander Voort, a senior politicians together for that long, it’s clean and safe development of our
journalism major, tuned in to watch hard not to talk politics.
politicians and the whole live stream out of curiosity. Many viewers brought up
Nation’s vast energy resources, while
at the same time, avoiding regulatory
a rental car? “I was intrigued,” Vander Voort
said. “It’s very rare to see people from
questions about the proposed
Republican health-care bill,
burdens that unnecessarily, encum-
ber energy production, constrains
Purposeful Protesting both sides of the aisle interacting in immigration reformation and economic growth, and the prevent
Ciera Cypert a cordial manner, let alone sharing a foreign policy. Both O’Rourke and
staff writer job creation,” initially published on
“Protests should be more than car ride together.”
Insta-gold...To be an effective Viewers suggested helpful traffic see ROAD TRIP 2 One of the regulatory burdens
protestor, you must know what it Congressmen Beto O’Rourke being targeted is the Clean Power
is you’re protesting for.” 9 and Will Hurd have officially Plan introduced by Obama and the
mastered the art of a successful road Environmental Protection Agency
trip. (EPA) in August 2015. In the Clean
On March 14, 2017, a blizzard Power Plan, hundreds of coal-fired
consumed the northeast and plants would be shut down and/or
cancelled incoming flights. But the

replaced with wind and solar farms.
weather could not stop two dedicated This shutdown was intended to limit
politicians from getting to the House the effects of coal mining on surface
for floor votes. water, groundwater, fish and wildlife.
The two Texas congressmen, An overarching theme was to limit
O’Rourke (D) and Hurd (R) decided pollution as a contributing factor to
that their best option was to drive global warming.
1,600 miles from San Antonio, TX Under Trump’s new executive or-
Climate Change to Washington D.C. together. They der, coal mines that were assigned to
hopped in a rental Chevy Impala be shut down will remain open. The
Are Californians willing to be and began what O’Rourke called “a bans of mining on federal land would
leaders and innovators in the marathon 24-hour trip” as he shared be lifted, and the order would remove
environmental race for our a photo of the two on his Facebook the requirement under the Clean
planet’s survival? 10 page. He invited his Facebook Power Plan that government officials
friends to “follow along, send us your must consider climate change when
favorite road trip songs and places we making federal decisions.
should see along the way.” Under the Obama administra-

The congressmen referred to tion, limiting pollution and lowering
their trip as a “town hall on wheels” the earth’s emission of carbon dioxide

as they took questions from viewers gas outweighed the economic ben-
that tuned into their Facebook live efits of the coal industry.
stream. Conservative critics have said the
#CongressionalCannonballRun regulations under Obama are too re-
began spreading across Twitter, strictive and value environment over
as viewers increased and the word Congressmen Will Hurd and Beto O’Rourke arrive in D.C. just in
spread about O’Rourke and Hurd’s time before House votes after the 1,600 mile bipartisan road trip of a
The Proposed Athlete Protection lifetime from San Antonio, Texas to the capital with a viral livestream.
journey. Even politicians began to see CLIMATE 2
Act causes concern at APU. 13

campus Texas congressmen take their work on the road
safety ROAD TRIP, P. 1 that you guys are doing this. I am “We hit a lot of issues,” Hurd not just congressmen. They argued

report really impressed with this level of said. “We came to some agreement, over where to eat instead of how
Hurd shared their opinions speaking we learned about things that we to vote and what songs to listen to
on behalf of their party as well as will be able to work on over the next instead of which party was right.”
The following are selected incidents The congressmen were on a time
how they personally viewed these couple years.” O’Rourke appeared on the
as reported from the Daily Media crunch, trying to get to D.C. before
issues. They even spoke on the O’Rourke nodded his head in Dallas Morning News to discuss his
Log from April 5 through April 23 the House vote that was scheduled to
2016 presidential election and their agreement. impromptu trip and how it changed
courtesy of Campus Safety take place at 6:30 p.m. EST.
reactions to Donald Trump winning. With just a few minutes left of him.
With 35 miles to go, one viewer
As the trip went on, more calls their trip, the two blasted the song “At a time where so many people
jokingly commented on the live
■ WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5 poured in. Former House Speaker, “The Final Countdown” as they wonder whether our institutions
stream that maybe since they were
NO CRIMES REPORTED Newt Gingrich, was one of those arrived in D.C., just before 6:00 p.m. still work, whether members of
members of Congress, they couldn’t
callers, ringing in to comment on the Vander Voort recalled having Congress still listen to the people
be arrested for speeding because they
road trip and the impact this could lasting impressions from watching they represent, whether a Republican
■ THURSDAY, APRIL 6 were en route to vote.
have on our nation. this interaction. “A lot of their and a Democrat can get along and
NO CRIMES REPORTED As the drive was coming to a
“This is the most bipartisan news conversation was actually quite work together… I thought, let’s try to
close, Hurd reflected on what he
we’ve had in a couple years,” Speaker humanizing. We saw them as people, prove the concept.”
■ FRIDAY, APRIL 7 learned about their time together.
Gingrich said. “I think this is fabulous

President Trump signs EO with economic focus
Referred to Azusa Police
Charles Chen, Ph.D. APU
NO CRIMES REPORTED Assistant Professor in the
Department of Biology and
■ MONDAY, APRIL 10 Chemistry, acknowledges that some
ASSIST OTHER AGENCY people might feel that Obama’s
environmental polices made business
hard for many people.
■ MONDAY, APRIL 17 “There’s a valid argument in
NO CRIMES REPORTED the country on how to implement
environmental regulations. We
■ TUESDAY, APRIL 18 should have a constructive debate
NO CRIMES REPORTED about how [environmental initiatives/
policies] should be implemented,”
■ WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19 Chen said.
NO CRIMES REPORTED Chen also noted that the
perception and interpretation of a
■ THURSDAY, APRIL 20 regulation changes based on the goals
STUDENT STANDARD OF and values of the person reading it.
CONDUCT-NARCOTICS “There’s a translation that
happens when science informs policy

and when the regulations or rules are
Referred to Student Life.
written there’s another translation
about how it actual gets enforced,
then another translation happens
STUDENT STANDARD OF when companies and people actually
CONDUCT-WEAPONS respond to it, and achieve it,” Chen
Referred to Student Life. During Trump’s campaign, Employment within the United States mining industry has decreased by 40 percent since 2011.
miners who had expressed feelings
■ FRIDAY, APRIL 21 of being forgotten about under the Chen and scientists around the Warf recognizes that the effects patents on wind and solar energy that
NO CRIMES REPORTED Obama administration rallied in world acknowledge that we need to of climate change are real and would contribute to the economy.
support of his vow to restore lost coal reduce pollution emissions. whether or not we see them now, “Right now, what they are trying
■ SATURDAY, APRIL 22 industry jobs. According to the New York we will feel them in the future. Warf to do is resurrect old industries
NO CRIMES REPORTED Mining jobs, however, have Times, the demand for coal even believes climate change should be a maybe the rest of the world has
been decreasing rapidly throughout under Trump’s rollback would only priority in the government for future already moved on from. If you think
■ SUNDAY, APRIL 23 the years. From 2011 there has been be extended for up to ten years. generations. farther into the future the potential
NO CRIMES REPORTED a decline in coal mining by over 40 Under the Obama administration “We can’t wait for everyone to be economic cost of cleaning things
percent, according to the National the EPA claimed that the Clean convicted by climate change to make up or even health-related costs due
Mining Association (NMA). In Power Plan “shows the world that a difference in society the government to diseases such as asthma, the
REMEMBER 2008, coal powered plants generated the United States is committed to works at a large scale, protecting the problems that we get from poor air
almost half of the electricity for the leading global efforts to address environment will be one of the most and water quality end up costing us
1. If you see something, say
United States. Today only 30 percent climate change.” effective things they can do,” Warf more economically in our country as a
something. of electricity can be contributed to “Internationally we might not said. whole when we don’t take care of the
2. Safety is everyone’s busi- coal. be considered leaders anymore. Market companies are already environment,” Chen said.
ness. The New York Times reports Other countries are stepping up… pushing companies to more The EPA would be in charge
3. Dial 911 for life-threaten- that it is not the Clean Power Plan it’s possible for countries worldwide renewable energy or at least away of writing the new order that would
ing emergencies. that has reduced the need for coal; it is to internationally cooperate and from coal. rewrite the Clean Power Plan.Scot
4. Non emergencies: Call because there is an increase in natural be informed to create constructive According to Chen, if the U.S. Pruitt, the EPA administrator, said
gas production which is cheaper to policy based on science to make an doesn’t push forward and be the the Energy Independence Executive
Campus Saftety at (626) 815-
produce, burns cleaner than coal and impact and help avert environmental leaders developing ways to store Order will help the United States “be
3898. allows coal companies to produce disaster,” Chen said. renewable energy sources, the both pro-jobs and pro-environment”
5. Lock all doors and win- more fuel with fewer employees. Senior Sociology major Miranda country will miss its chance to own in an ABC interview March 28, 2017.
dows to your dorm, apart-
ment and vehicle.
6. Keep all valuables secured mailing address p.o. box 9521-5165, azusa, ca 91702
phone 626-815-6000, ext. 3514
and out of plain view.
website email
7. At night, keep to well-lit
NEWS STAFF The Clause is a student newspaper dedicated LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
8. Always be aware of your editor-in-chief hankyul sharon lee to providing a realistic, journalistic educational Please include a phone number for verification
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9. Utilize the trolleys, safety asst. lifestyle editors michael ayetiwa, University; to seeking truth and reporting it unverified letters to the editor will not be
escorts or walk groups. anna ruth ramos boldly, fairly and accurately; to enhancing the printed. The Clause reserves the right to edit
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‘Days of Dialogue’ creates opportunity for understanding
Police officers from the San
Local law Gabriel Valley area, APU Campus
enforcement and Safety officers, students, faculty
and staff attended the event.
civilians meet to Participants sat together at tables
and discussed current issues in
discuss topics of our nation that affect both law

enforcement and the community.
concern Each table had a facilitator to lead
the discussion. Some topics included
Caroline Connolly the impact media coverage has on
guest writer the communities’ perception of law
enforcement and what action could
On Tuesday April 18, the APU be taken to ensure that criminal
criminal justice department and the profiling is fair, lawful and just.
Institute for Nonviolence in Los At one particular table, Officer
Angeles (INVLA) hosted Days of C.G. Thompson of the Pasadena A speaker addresses members of the audience, which included APU students, APU Campus Safety,
Dialogue in the LAPC. Police Department, said, “The media staff, faculty and police officers from the San Gabriel Valley area.
The INVLA is a non-profit will focus on certain areas, such as
organization that promotes non- South Central or other areas with ‘bad cop’ too because of his uniform through events and through field However, because the Days of
violence between Los Angeles law a large population of black and/or and because of their experience with work have all been living examples Dialogue program is mostly based
enforcement and the community. Hispanic people, and therefore these one cop. This response shows that that in our nation, the tensions that in Los Angeles County, it serves
INVLA hosts several Days of are the people being arrested. There police officers are humans just like are created between communities to strengthen a bond and create
Dialogue events around the L.A. are three sides to every story.” you and I. Some make bad choices, and law enforcement are often made understanding between agencies
area. Thompson went on to say: but most wear their uniform proudly worse by mass media because the and communities, especially in our
Deshonna Collier-Goubil, Ph.D. “Arrest can be a social failure. Law and believe and honor their oath.” general public can believe anything time where community-based justice
chair and associate professor for the enforcement needs to work more on Sophomore Criminal Justice that is shown on a video.” and policing methods are hitting
department of criminal justice, said helping the mentally ill and those in major Theo Mok agrees with Mok warns against the the forefront of the criminal justice
the purpose of the event was to start need. Arrest can do more harm than Gonzales. temptation of believing in extreme system.”
a dialogue between law enforcement good in certain cases.” “Events like this help normal versions of situations. For more information about
and the community. Junior Criminal Justice major citizens understand that the police “These are examples of extremely this past event as well as upcoming
“Police officers are members Michelle Gonzales, who was involved we see portrayed by media is overly polarized magnification of the events, Gonzales recommended that
of the community, and their voices with planning the event, expressed a emphasized and their flaws are problems between law enforcement students look into Criminal Justice
matter just as much as the voices of moment that stood out at her during magnified in order to fit ratings and and communities,” Mok said. “This classes available to both Criminal
other members in the community,” Days of Dialogue. create support,” Mok said. “It is is not to say that there are little to Justice majors and non-majors.
Collier-Goubil said. “This is a “I found it very powerful when the important that the community’s faith no flaws within law enforcement “It’s a great to get involved at
community justice event. This officer at our event stated that he too in their local law enforcement agency agencies around the nation, as they school and in your community,”
might not be the solution to solving gets stereotyped the moment people is strengthened having understood are all led by different individual and, Gonzales said.
the problem of police brutality and see him because of the uniform that that they can create a bond with their thus, there is a greater likelihood For more information on the
brutality towards officers, but it’s a he wears. He continued by stating local department if they choose to. of corruption and misguided INVLA, visit their website: http://
first step for the future.” that many people think that he’s a The officers I communicated with actions that go unaccounted for.

United States responds to killing of Syrian citizens
The Assad regime
is suspected of
using chemical
weapons on its
own citizens
Michael Ayetiwa
lifestyle editor

On April 4, the Assad regime
released a chemical weapons attack

on civilians in Syria that left more
than 70 people dead, including many
“It crossed a lot of lines for me.
When you kill innocent children,
innocent babies, little babies, with
a chemical gas that is so lethal —
people were shocked to hear what
gas it was — that crosses many, many
lines, beyond a red line, many, many The U.S. launches missels targeting Shayrat Airfield in response to a USS Ross fires a Tomahawk land attack missle from the
lines,” President Trump said in the chemical attack on Syrian civilians. Mediterranean Sea.
attack aftermath.
The Syrian military initially inhaled the gas and died. and seeing it, and it does not get any and injured hundreds of innocent morning strike, according to the
denied using chemicals agents, Many people have criticized worse than that. I have that flexibility. Syrian people, including women and Syrian army, which denounced the
but hundreds have suffered from President Trump for his scrutiny And it is very, very possible, and I will children.The strike was conducted US “aggression” as a violation of
symptoms that are consistent with a towards former President Obama tell you it is already happened, that using Tomahawk Land Attack international law.
reaction to specific nerve agents after and his desire to be involved in the my attitude toward Syria and Assad Missiles (TLAMs) launched from The Trump administration’s
the alleged Syrian government air Syrian conflict in 2013. President has changed very much,” President the destroyers USS Porter and USS response to issues of foreign policy
strike. Trump has made it known that the Trump said. Ross in the Eastern Mediterranean has been an aggressive one. President
Witnesses give testimony of chemical attack in Syria has in fact That following Friday the Sea. A total of 59 TLAMs targeted Trump seems adamant about
seeing warplanes attack Khan changed him, stating that he is subject United States fired dozens of cruise aircraft, hardened aircraft shelters, keeping his word of aiming to end
Sheikhoun 30 miles south of the city to such evolving and flexibility. missiles at a government controlled petroleum and logistical storage, terrorist attacks, such as the chemical
of Idlib, where many were asleep at airbase in Syria in retaliation for the ammunition supply bunkers, air weapons attack.
that time. “It crossed a lot of suspected chemical weapons attack defense systems, and radars. As Some blame the chemical attack
Mariam Abu Khalil, a 14-year- on a rebel-held town. always, the U.S. took extraordinary on the previous administration,
old resident of the town that was lines for me. When The Pentagon released the measures to avoid civilian casualties with the White House releasing
attacked, told the New York Times
she saw an aircraft drop a bomb on a
you kill innocent following statement:
“At the direction of the president,
and to comply with the Law of
Armed Conflict. Every precaution
a statement calling it a result of
Obama’s “weakness.”
one-story building a few dozen yards children...that U.S. forces conducted a cruise missile was taken to execute this strike with President Trump demonstrated
away after she had left home for her strike against a Syrian Air Force minimal risk to personnel at the more of that “flexibility” on April
examination on the Quran. crosses many, airfield today at about 8:40 p.m. airfield.” 13, when the United States military
The explosion was described
to have formed a yellow mushroom
many lines” EDT (4:40 a.m., April 7, in Syria).
The strike targeted Shayrat Airfield
This retaliation created even
more controversy due to the fact
announced that it had dropped a
GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air
cloud into the air which stung the “I will tell you that attack on in Homs governorate, and were in that the cruise missiles killed many Blast Bomb, otherwise known as the
eyes of anyone nearby. People began children yesterday had a big impact response to the Syrian government’s civilians in the attack. Mother Of All Bombs on an ISIS
to arrive on scene to help those that on me. Big impact. It was a horrible, chemical weapons attack April 4 Aljazeera reported that at least underground camp in response to
were wounded but unknowingly horrible thing. I’ve been watching it in Khan Sheikhoun, which killed six people were killed in the early another attack.
President Wallace actively leads students by example
Through a letter tells us to pray for our leaders. The
leadership at APU and I regularly
to President pray for President Trump and his
Trump and Wallace noted that historically,
college students and young adults are
working on the least politically active age groups.
SB 1146, Jon He encouraged students at APU to
be more engaged politically.
Wallace has been “What we’re trying to do is train
up men and women who engage
a role model for culture and society, who are the
kind of neighbors you want to live
how he wants next to. We want our students to be
students at APU that kind of a citizen,” Wallace said.
“In terms of engagement, there’s all
to be engaged kinds of stuff like the elections or the

political engagement on campus for
politically student clubs and organizations. I
think students need to express their
Nathan Foster voice and encourage conversation
opinion editor with their friends around issues that
He continued to say how
Azusa Pacific President Jon students could be engaged beyond
Wallace wants students on campus Clause opinion and asst. sports editor, Nathan Foster sits down with Jon Wallace to discuss his activism. APU.
to be engaged politically. This is “All politics are really local” is a
not an empty statement, he has refugee. It also urges us that we work
taken initiative to set an example with respect for the authorities of our “We, working with standards of conduct or expectations famous quote. Engagement in the
city of Azusa in the political process
that are directly related to their
for students of how to be politically
nation with fidelity to our Christian
identity. We contend that every
a number of other religious beliefs, or directly related to would be great,” Wallace said. “I
know that the mayor and the city
On Feb. 2, Wallace teamed up person bears the image of God and college presidents in Title IX.”
The bill was signed into law by council currently in office and those
with the presidents of Point Loma deserves to be treated with dignity
Nazarene University and Life Pacific and respect.” California and state Governor Jerry Brown and will take who will be running for office would
love to see student engagement.
effect during next school year.
College to write another president,
Donald Trump. They sent President
Wallace said that he felt it was
important to share his concern for
agencies, helped “We saw that as an opportunity At the state and national level, I
think that students need to inform
Trump a letter concerning the impacted students with Trump. reframe the wording to really tell our story,” Wallace said.
“It’s not fully in place yet. It’s required themselves on what the issues are
Executive Order that attempted to “It’s really important to remember
suspend immigration from several that this comes from our Wesleyan of SB II46.” of us to have the wording appear in and follow those issues to some
writing on our website. We’ll make it
countries in the Middle East, from a Holiness tradition,” Wallace said. Wallace was also part of the
Wallace has been politically active available so that any person who seeks
Christian perspective. “We want to be in the conversations committee that chose the university
this year. He was vocal when Senate out information about the university
“Many in our diverse where there may be difference of passage for next year. He was
Bill 1146 passed in California, which will be able to find this information as
communities come to our campuses opinion. We want to stand in those encouraged by the conversations the
dealt with the treatment of LGBTQ we head into the fall semester.”
on the shoulders of immigrants. spaces in a God honoring way.” university passage created this year
students at religious universities. When asked about how he felt
Indeed, we all share pages in that Wallace said that this wasn’t the and looks forward to next year.
“We, working with a number of about President Trump’s first few
American heritage of welcoming the first time, that there were areas of “Micah 6:8 gives core values for
other college presidents in California months in office, Wallace responded
vulnerable, extending hospitality, disagreement with former President how we are to know and be known.
and state agencies, helped to reframe that he had a unique leadership style,
and inviting participation in the great Obama’s administration. Acts 2:42-47 is really a picture of what
the wording of SB 1146,” Wallace especially when it came to his use of
experiment of these United States,” “These are our responsibilities vibrant and robust Christ centered
said. “It became a transparency social media.
Wallace wrote in the letter. to speak on behalf of our students,” community looks like,” Wallace said.
bill, meaning that colleges and “His leadership style has been
“Scripture calls us to care for the Wallace said. “I’m really excited to think that we’ll
universities are required to be as unique to what we have seen
poor, the orphan, the widow, and the The letter is not the only way spend a whole year looking at [them].”
transparent as possible with any previously,” Wallace said. “The Bible

Do you trust the media to deliver information you can trust?

From a survey of 250 APU undergraduate students, the question “Do you trust the media to deliver information you can trust?” was asked to the group of 250 sample students
as well. Two respondents replied that they trust the media wholeheartedly, 36 respondents replied that they trust the media most of the time, 96 respondents replied that they
sometimes trust the media, 81 respondents claim that they do not trust the media, while 25 respondents never trust the media.
From the same survey, the question “Who did you vote for?” was asked as well. 91 respondents voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton, 63 respondents recorded that they voted for
Donald J. Trump, 13 respondents voted for a Third-Party Candidate, and 83 respondents chose other or did not give an answer.

Humans of the Zu talk 2016 politics and beyond
Students around campus share their willingness to talk politics amongst their peers/classmates
Yasaman Khorsandi
staff writer
Karina Acevedo Kalani Alapai
sophomore social work major, theater minor freshman graphic design major

Q: How comfortable do you
feel sharing your political
views on campus?

A: “I feel moderately Q: How comfortable do
comfortable. I’m very liberal you feel sharing your
and more open-minded political views and values
to different viewpoints, on campus?
however, I don’t feel as
comfortable sharing that A: “I am very open to
in certain organizations sharing my political
on campus like SGA or beliefs with people on
Communiversity because campus. It’s a lot easier
in my experience, they tend for everyone to grow in
to cater to conservative their own beliefs if we are
students on campus. When all open to sharing and
I do share my views, it’s discussing.”
frustrating because it’s met
with a lot of opposition.”

Q: How did you first get
Q: How comfortable and
interested in social justice
active were you during the
and politics?
presidential election season
about your beliefs?
A: “When I was younger,
I was bothered by issues
A: “Since I’m Canadian and
such as human trafficking.
wasn’t able to vote myself,
I kept getting frustrated
I wanted to be active in the
because I felt like people
political season as much
were just putting bandaids
as I could. In the arts, we
over the problem. I started
are more open talking
to get interested in politics,
about our views. I don’t
because if you can change
really like when people shy
something like policy from
away from those topics,
the top down, then you
but I think there’s a way to
can fix the system and the
do it respectfully with one
problem. That’s how my
another. There’s not a lot
passion started. I believe
of talk in the middle with
that in order to do social
our polarized viewpoints
justice you have to have
in society, so I like to
understand where other
people come from so I can
respect them.”

Sarah Bedore Nick Ekren
junior social work major junior acting major

Campus-wide student sample survey reveals the
political climate of select undergraduate population
Hankyul Sharon Lee
editor in chief

This semester, like many, I found
myself confused and overwhelmed
in the aftermath of one of the most
divisive political battles in national
history. How were we supposed
to move upwards and forwards
while being stuck in patterns of
mudslinging, blaming and partisan
political agenda?
Amid my personal crisis,
however, also began the spurning
of my curiosity at where the political

viewpoints of my peers on campus
stood. Instead of assuming certain
traits, whether desirable or demonic,
upon those who share or contest
my personal leanings, perhaps was
worthwhile to engage with those
surrounding me, I thought.
With this in mind, The Clause
conducted a campus-wide political Our survey touched upon issues students considered most
climate survey for the first time.
Taking a small sample size (roughly
potentially uncomfortable issues,
not in an attempt to stir controversy,
important to their vote, their
candidate preferences and thoughts How safe do you feel to reveal
five percent) of our undergraduate
student population, 250 participants
but to show that only through
fully acknowledging our difference
concerning our newly-elected
Commander-in-Chief, among many your political stance
took part by filling out a 12 question
survey set.
can we begin to break the barriers
between us. We cannot keep
other topics that were not able to
make this issue including opinions on campus?
You may have seen us scurrying thinking that hiding in the face of about several recent policy decisions.
around with stacks of papers, maybe difficulty will solve our inability to We hope that the results of our
we even approached your with wide communicate with one another. We experimental sample survey fosters
smiles and strongly suggested your need to stay informed, not only of our sincere communication on campus
participation in a survey that you took surroundings, but of the people who where we strive to understand each
because of you are kind souls. If you make up our contexts as well. other with the knowledge that
fall into the latter category, we greatly Our survey revealed many listening can be the most powerful
appreciate you. student perspectives concerning tool for enacting change if we let it.


Who did you vote for
in the 2016 general election?
What do politics have to do with college students?
What it means to ture into the treacherous waters of
politics and even believe that their
be a politically- vote doesn’t really count. It is impor-
tant to remember that politics are not
involved college limited to a ballot or a vote.
student “For local and national political
involvement, read, speak and listen—
Annie Ellis on repeat. Then, if there is a particu-
copy editor lar area of policy or issue that you are
being called to do more than just be
I remember the day I registered informed, take action,” Petrosky said.
to vote. I was a senior in high school “Grassroots movements are
and my AP Economics professor had highly effective for those who are the
decorated the classroom with Ameri-

activists; lobbying and calling your
can flags and asked local representa- legislators is extremely effective for
tives to come speak. those of you who are the pushers; and
I remember filling in the little working at a non-profit, local govern-
bubble next to the party my parents ment, federal government, etc. are
belonged to, as probably most of the all extremely effective for those who
class did that day— a class full of new- want to make a career out of partici-
ly-registered democrats, republicans pating in politics.”
and a sprinkling of libertarians. Being politically involved can
I wish I could say I had a pro- College students have historically been the least politically active demographic even though most of them mean educating yourself, participat-
found moment of transcendence in get their first chance to vote while in college. However, voting is not the only way to be engaged politically. ing in marches and protests, signing
which I remembered all the women petitions or even deciding how to use
before me who fought for suffrage the mail, donning “I Voted” stickers been centers for thought and en- is in our daily lives, and to hold our your power as a consumer. Even vol-
and my right to participate in the po- and glowing with the hope that our gagement. The 1960s saw numerous government accountable to the com- unteering with non-profits is a politi-
litical sphere, but to be honest I prob- voice might make some small differ- student protests as a part of the civil mon good,” said Petrosky. cal act: It is an action which seeks to
ably didn’t think much more of it after ence. rights movement, the feminist move- These are the very conversations change the nature of the society we
I sealed the envelope. It wasn’t until the age of 21 that ment, anti war protests and other and seemingly small acts which cre- live in, which is inherently political.
The act felt like an important ini- I submitted my first ballot, but there political issues. And the crazy thing ate ripples of change. All around the country, students
tiation into adulthood and American is no starting age for caring about is they actually created change. What It is no secret that politics can are demanding to be heard and are
citizenship and yet, a bit anticlimac- and investing in the world around began as groups of students raising be a touchy subject. Everyone jokes taking their place in national and
tic. The 2012 election had just passed, you and taking steps to contribute to their voices actually had national con- about avoiding political talks when global conversations. Students are
and it would be four years until we making it a better place. But voting sequences. heading home for the holidays, and not just the future, they are the pres-
could participate in our first general in the general election is by no means Aryana Petrosky, a senior po- we’ve all heard the nervous laughter ent, and over and over again it has
election. the only, or even the most important, litical science major, said that she’s that rumbles around a classroom been demonstrated that they have the
Fast forward: I am now a senior way to participate in politics. seen student political involvement when a controversial candidate or is- collective power to make others pay
in college and was able to vote in my Particularly in the current polit- less as organized clubs and more as sue is brought up. attention to the issues that are impor-
first general election this past No- ically-charged climate full of crucial informed conversations with one an- But a little disagreement is tant to them.
vember. Campus buzzed with con- issues, it is as important as ever for other. healthy. It keeps us from becoming Whether or not you voted, re-
versations, and many students spent college students to educate them- “Those discussions keep us root- stagnant. It allows us to understand member that your investment and
time researching and discussing the selves and to find ways to contribute ed in thinking about what we are differing perspectives and to seriously involvement in the world around you
different bills and issues that would to improving our society and world. committed to as individuals, what we consider our own. is a privilege and an opportunity to
appear on the ballot. We proudly College campuses have long think the proper role of government Some students prefer not to ven- shape your community for the better.
filled ours out and dropped them in

Giving protest a purpose: Educate yourself first
Protests should be turned into a story for me to add to
more than my Black Lives Matter research.
I distinctively remember talking
Insta-gold to a young woman in New York City

who told me that she was walking to
Erika Hunter the store at the time of the protest.
staff writer She said that she joined the protest
shortly after witnessing the tears of
Everyone has their opinion about a young teenage girl. She knew that
protesting. Some may see it as pro- she couldn’t stop her tears, but she
ductive while others think of it as a also knew that she wasn’t as educated
waste of time. In my opinion, it is only on the issue at hand to present any
a waste of time if you are doing it with kind of solution.
the wrong intent. To be an effective There have been several notable protests in the last year from Black Lives Matter to the Women’s March. Once she joined the protest, she
protester, you must know what it is spoke with people of the protest who
African American men who had been “Protesting isn’t the only thing we moves beyond just protesting and
you’re protesting for. handed her information about all of
killed by the police. At the time, I was should do as activists,” Taylor Allen, recognizes the roles we play as citi-
Not too long ago, a friend and I the lives lost to police brutality. She
also instructed by a professor to dive a senior graphic design major, said. zens in making change come to pass.
were talking about what it means to told me that she never felt so encour-
deeper into an issue that I was pas- “It shouldn’t stop or begin there.” At the time that I was in New
protest. She mentioned that she gets aged to walk as many miles as she did
sionate about. Allen believes that there should York, I had done an extensive amount
frustrated with individuals who only that day upon learning more about
Since my focus was of the Black be constant dialogue on an issue pre- of research on the Black Lives Matter
protest for the purpose of posting it the issue.
Lives Matter movement and the cre- sented to the public. movement. I hadn’t joined the move-
online for their friends to see. She This is the kind of attitude that
ators of it were from New York, I “Many people think that pro- ment solely because of my African
said that she found herself extremely we should have when it comes to pro-
made my way downstairs in hopes of testing is enough when in actual- American decent. I joined because
displeased with some of her friends testing. We should want to engage
joining and speaking with those par- ity, it isn’t,” Allen said. “That’s what’s of what it stood for and how it was
who had gone to the Women’s March in conversation with those who have
ticipating in the protest. I was also wrong with our society now.” actively pursuing justice within this
because it was trending on Twitter. more knowledge on a topic than us.
committed to protesting in an effort She said that we put on a protest particular community. At the time
While it may seem important to This is how we learn and grow as ac-
to stand up for the lives that had been and not too long thereafter, stop play- of the protest, I was only concerned
millennials to let others know what tivists. Protesting isn’t a waste of time
lost and to seek out justice for the Af- ing a part in the efforts of moving for- about engaging in conversation with
they’re doing, the message behind the if you know what it is you’re standing
rican American community. ward in justice. She questions where other activists.
protest is lost when this becomes the for and why.
In the conversation I had with the conversation goes after. I could have very well posted it
main concern. “I believe protests are a beautiful,
the friend, she also made mention Angelique Pickett, a senior theol- on social media for all to see but be-
I remember the first march I ever united time of mourning,” Danielle
that many people use the term ‘woke’ ogy major, shared similar views. cause I was so fixated on having dia-
participated in: I was in New York Harris, a first year college counsel-
when they are protesting. She said “I remember talking to a girl who logue with others, this wasn’t a prior-
City, studying at The Kings Col- ing and development student, said.
that she has lost count to how many had gone to the Women’s March,” ity of mine. In fact, I don’t have any
lege. One day, I looked outside of my “They are a significant step towards
times she has heard someone say that Pickett said. “She couldn’t even tell pictures from it. Instead, I have great
window to find several people walk- healing for those affected by different
they are woke on an issue they know me what she was standing up for.” knowledge of how others were feel-
ing along 34th street with signs of oppressive systems.”
little to nothing about. Pickett hopes that our world ing at that moment, which eventually

Intentionality slows climate change Trump strikes back
Californians can U.S. takes swift ago... That led to agreements after
WWI. International agreements

be leaders and action after Syria that nations would limit or not use
chemical weapons. And that sort of
innovators in the attacks own extended to biological weapons, as

environmental citizens well.”
The action by the U.S. has

received bipartisan support in
Emily Praske
race for survival photo & design editor Congress. The U.S. put the Syrian
government on notice: should
Kristin Miller On April 7, the Pentagon another chemical weapons attack
staff writer announced that the United States take place, the U.S. will take a
had launched 59 Tomahawk cruise much more aggressive action to
missiles targeted at an airbase in permanently rid this threat.
Californians have certainly
Homs, Syria. The attack stemmed from
felt the effects of climate change:
The effects of climate change can be seen in Los Angeles smog. The launch was in response to the a significant flaw in the lack of
We see the cloud of smog over our
Syrian government attacking their honesty and transparency within
downtown buildings, have read the California resides under a labor to form the Montreal Protocol. own civilians with poison gas three their government in 2014. That
freeway warnings telling us to use program that recognizes its direct Regulations under the protocol days earlier, which was confirmed by dishonesty lead to a corrupt system
less water due to the drought and negative effects of toxic pollutants. managed the production of chemicals the U.S. government. The missiles of government and jeopardized
had heat waves setting record high California has a unique ability to that deplete the ozone according were aimed at the airbase where the relationships with other nations.
temperatures, then experienced one of set tougher restrictions than federal to research from scientists the UK attack originated. Chemical weapons should not
the coldest, rainiest winters southern standards. and California. A financial system In June 2014, the Syrian be an option on the battlefield under
California has ever experienced. An example of an aggressive was created to enable developing government claimed the last chemical any circumstance. The fact that the
This past Saturday, April 22, was policy is the new 12 cent tax on gas countries to comply with the treaty. weapons they possessed were Syrian government still has these
Earth Day. According to EarthDay. that is meant to improve California’s “This protocol was the most shipped out of the country. Syria weapons and is willing to use them
org, this year’s theme focused on roads and infrastructure. Automakers successful treaty because science was notified the United Nations that is troubling from a moral viewpoint.
“climate literacy to empower global are also being strongly encouraged to respected and taken seriously,” Chen they had complied with the United “There is a certain broad
citizens with knowledge to inspire build more hybrid cars for California said. Nations Security Council Resolution humanitarian sense in what should
action for environmental protection.” regulations. California has the potential to be 2018, to destroy all chemical weapons be done when chemical weapons
In celebration of Earth Day, California politicians are trying one of the world leaders in innovative and production facilities. are used and there is significant
the climate community marched in to raise the price of gas so the public effort to slow down climate change.
downtown Los Angeles to show they is forced to either buy clean emission We have all felt the effects.
valued the state of the planet in the cars or take public transportation. Katie Kimanzi, assistant director
Los Angeles March for Science. California has also recently for the global learning engagement
In this particular march for launched their cap and trade program, said everyone is to blame.
science, many were protesting officials program which uses a market-based “Climate stewardship is not
in government not acknowledging mechanism to lower greenhouse everyone’s priority which is in itself a
climate change being a real issue. gas emissions. According to their problem,” Kimanzi said.
Some signs read: “Scientific website, this program is only second She recognized that a lifestyle

Evidence Trumps Alternative Facts,” in size to the European Union’s change may be the result of a climate-
“Climate > Opinion,” “Science=Real” Emissions Trading System. first mentality.
and “Science not Silence.” Scientists are in the process of Jennifer and Kenneth
Californians have made it loud studying how to contain solar energy Teetermoore, Los Angeles March for
and clear that they do not agree for renewable use. This would be a Science organizers and volunteers,
with some individuals in the current big step forward for the state if we said they are both willing to make
administration who don’t believe in patented this technology. life changes in their dedication to be
the severity of climate change. Charles Chen, Ph.D. ecologist better stewards to the planet.
Our governor is even fighting and professor of biology, global “Right now we live in Orange Dean and professor of the college civilian loss of life,” Palm said. “This
back against prudent environmental change and plant physiology at Azusa Country so there isn’t public of liberal arts and sciences, Jennifer particular president opted to use
policy changes. Pacific University believes science transportation that could take us Walsh, Ph.D., commented in regards military force to make a point that
“Gutting the Clean Power Plan is should lead policy. to [downtown Los Angeles]. My to President Trump’s contradicting the use of chemical weapons in this
a colossal mistake, and defies science Chen compared the current husband and I are actually looking opinions on Syrian involvement. conflict did not go unnoticed and was
itself,” Brown said. “Erasing climate administration to the Reagan for a place that has better public “President Trump’s decision to unappreciated by the United States.”
change may take place in Donald administration, another pro-business transportation so we can use it, use force was an emotional response Nazi Germany was an oppressed
Trump’s mind, but nowhere else.” conservative leader who used science “Teetermoore said. to a horrific human tragedy,” Walsh nation under Hitler’s rule from 1933
Governor Jerry Brown has also as a basis of his international policy That is the main factor: asking said. “It contradicted his previous through 1945. The killing of six
said that California will not surrender and did not deny facts. whether or not we are willing to make stated position to not get involved million Jewish people during WWII
to the roll back on the release of carbon Former president Reagan the necessary sacrifices for the planet, in the Syrian civil war. Although the has a haunting correlation with
dioxide gases that are destroying our worked with Margaret Thatcher or wait around until it’s too late. scope was limited this time, Trump’s innocent Syrian civilians being killed
ozone layer and depleting the earth.
willingness to change his political by their own government.
“It was not necessarily [an]

Medicaid needs to be fixed ASAP
stance on Syrian involvement raises
many questions about his willingness attempt to make the definitive
to change his mind on other positions [future’s] use of those weapons not
going to happen,” Palm said. “It
While it looks in poverty, disabled people and The official poverty rate
and his willingness to get involved in
other Middle East conflicts. was to make a point that it is clearly
according to the U.S. Census
good on paper, pregnant mothers. It is a dual federal
and state-run program intended to Bureau is 13.5 percent, meaning a
Chair and professor of the
department of history and political
noticed, and it got the attention of the
United States and that the President
Medicaid is provide healthcare to those who
cannot otherwise afford it. In 2015,
third of Medicaid recipients are
above the poverty line. While it is
science at APU, Daniel Palm, Ph.D., wanted to make it clear that to [their]
response... there’s consequence.”
provided insight regarding the role of
causing huge Medicaid cost $545 billion, or roughly
$4,500 per income tax payer.
wonderful in theory to have as many
people receiving free care as possible,
the U.S. in the Syrian crisis. There are over 470,000 casualties
of the Syrian civil war and over
problems for U.S. A majority of recipients are expanding eligibility to those above
“The president has this question:
what to do when chemical weapons seven million people are displaced.
children in single-parent homes. If the poverty line is damaging the are used?” Palm said. “There is If the United States remains on the
Noah Jackson the money spent on Medicaid was quality of care received by those who sideline in the Syrian crisis, aren’t
guest writer
significant agreement and there had
simply used to buy private insurance truly need it. been for most of the 20th century we disregarding a humanitarian
for every family in poverty in Medicaid has caused many that since WWI a hundred years responsibility to save innocent lives?
Human dignity was Lyndon America, the current budget would problems. The government has been
B. Johnson’s goal when he signed be able to purchase premium plans unable to pay the bills that they owe to
Luckily there is a simple solution
Medicaid into law in 1965. He and the government would be left medical providers, with a repayment a copay is that those who qualify for to this problem: attach a copay to ER
believed that the wealthiest country with billions in surplus; this is even rate of 90 percent, according to the Medicaid cannot afford the copay. and clinic visits to encourage people
in the world should be able to taking into account the rising health American Hospital Association. However, entitlements without to only go to the doctor and ER when
provide healthcare for those who insurance costs. In some cases the underpayment is personal responsibility attached to necessary. This is what almost all
cannot afford it. Little did he know Yet as Ronald Reagan said: “A much worse. them reward people for remaining in American citizens who pay for their
how complicated Medicaid would government bureau is the nearest Dr. Stephan Zerlang, said that poverty and foster complacency. health care have to do already. This
become. thing to eternal life,” and because of the clinic he works for in Greeley, Dr. Zerlang explained that a visit would be the first step in promoting
There are 43.1 million people the strength of bureaucracy, we can Colo. only receives 48 percent of the to the ER that would cost anyone personal responsibility for those
in poverty in America. Without bet that Medicaid is here to stay. money owed to them by Medicaid. with private insurance between receiving Medicaid.
government-funded healthcare, those Today, Medicaid covers far more This has forced the clinic to cover $100-$300, costs Medicaid recipients While this one step of adding
with little or no income could not people than just those in poverty. It costs by cutting the time each a maximum of $3. This causes copays will save our government
receive the care they need. Most of us is the largest health provider in the patient gets with the doctor, and by emergency rooms to be flooded with billions of dollars, it is only the first
know people who are on Medicaid, nation with over 68 million people also inflating the amount the clinic Medicaid beneficiaries who come on step in a long list of needed Medicaid
and recognize it as an essential safety enrolled, 21 percent of the population. charges per visit. a regular basis for often trivial needs. reforms. My hope is that we as a
net to a flourishing society. There is no question that The problem is worse in hospitals According to one study done by population start paying attention to
Still, very few people talk about Medicaid is an absolutely necessary because many states provide services The Atlantic, the average emergency these issues because our government
Medicaid, much less understand program. Yet the above statistic with no copay to those on Medicaid. room visit costs $2,168. This means is borrowing trillions of dollars
how it works or how much it costs. begs the question: Do one in five A copay is a portion of the medical bill that millions of ER visits for non- in order to pay for programs like
Medicaid is health insurance Americans need to be covered by paid by the insured individual. The emergencies end up costing billions Medicaid, and we are going to be the
originally designed to cover people Medicaid? theory behind Medicaid not having of dollars. generation that pays for it.

Kaepernick’s political actions may doom starting chances
Colin Kaepernick
brings unwanted
attention and
performance to
the NFL team
that decides to
sign him
Michael Ayetiwa
asst. lifestyle editor

Isaiah Vargas
staff writer

It’s been more than a month
since the free agency period started,

and former 49ers quarterback, Colin
Kaepernick, has yet to be signed by a
National Football League team.
Last season, Kaepernick was at
the center of a national controversy
when he kneeled during the national
anthem as a sign of protest to racial
and social injustices in the country.
Many fans of the sport believed he
disrespected the nation, the United Kaepernick infamously sat during the national anthem in the first three preseason games of 2016. He began kneeling at the last preseason
States Flag and veterans alike, game in San Diego on Sep. 1, 2016. He now plans to stop kneeling during the anthem.
resulting in Kaepernick being booed
by fans. ultimately Super Bowls. They argue that Kaepernick is better in the craft, not because of their ideals right now Kaepernick is Tim Tebow.
At the same time, he posted one It should be noted that there than many backup quarterbacks; or political outspokenness. I believe Both men should be lauded for their
of his worst stat lines of his career are other solid free agents with less therefore, the league must be professional athletes must remember activism, even if you don’t agree with
while leading his team to an abysmal controversial and political baggage. punishing him based on his politics that their job comes first and their the impetus for that activism, and
record of 2-14. FOX Sports writer Dieter alone. But this is not an intellectually passions second. both are bad quarterbacks who won
So let’s beg the questions for Kurtenbach wrote, “Teams don’t lack honest take on the Kaepernick I would compare this not only to playoff games in this decade.”
arguments sake: Why is Colin quarterback options in free agency, dilemma. being a Christian in the workplace, There is some truth to the
Kaepernick still unsigned? Is it and right now there are certainly Mike Dinovo from USA but also specifically to Tim Tebow Kaepernick and Tebow comparison,
because of his play or because of his better quarterbacks to be signed than TODAY put it, “There’s only 32 of and his football career. I like Tebow. but the difference between the two is
politics? Kaepernick. It’s as simple as that.” these jobs if you’re a starter. If you’re I applaud him for being outspoken that Tebow never backed down from
I firmly believe it is a combination Kaepernick is not the only starter a backup, there’s 64 more of them. for his faith and his ideals, but his his beliefs.
of both. Let’s be clear: Kaepernick remaining in free agency. Other Now are there 90 quarterbacks in faith doesn’t win Super Bowls. “Kaepernick no longer wants his
was not the worst football player in quarterbacks like Jay Cutler, Robert the world better than Kaepernick? When owners of NFL teams are method of protest to detract from the
the league last year, but he certainly Griffin III and Ryan Fitzpatrick Probably not.” looking to win a championship ring positive change he believes has been
was not among the best. If you add started for their clubs last season and Yes, maybe Kaepernick deserves and wish to recruit those that will created,” an ESPN author wrote.
his refusal to stand for the national remain unsigned as well. more credit, but the fact is that make that vision a reality, they aren’t I understand Kaepernick has
anthem on top of his mediocre play, I agree that his protest plays a while players are allowed to be looking at the QB who shows the been donating $100,000 every month
he becomes a very unattractive option factor into his current unemployment, entitled to their opinions — they most civil rights activism or the tight to charity, and his message has clearly
for any NFL team who would like but that’s only one side of the coin are not on the field to make political end with the biggest cross around his made it’s way across the nation, but
to steer away from controversy and here. Others believe it is the sole statements. They reached that level neck. They are looking at the stats. the timing of this decision seems like
instead focus on winning games, or obstacle for NFL teams and owners. of professional sport due to their skill Kurtenbach continued, “But he’s selling out.

Patriots players decide to skip White House visit
A look at the shared similar thoughts concerning
the players’ decisions.
for politics,” Bennett said. “I don’t
think people should be shaming the
increasingly “I’m okay with their decision.
They can do what they want,” Lewis
players’ decisions or glorifying their
blurred lines said. “I understand why they can be Ultimately, it’s their personal
offended so it’s fine with me.” choice and if their personal choices
between sports If we want to keep politics out involve political bias, then so be it.

and politics of sports, then we should not care so
much about who is and isn’t going to
To be outraged at a player for their
political beliefs only politicizes the
the White House. We also shouldn’t situation further.
Isaiah Vargas

be outraged or encouraged by their Obviously, I am not in the
staff writer
reasons for skipping. Patriots players’ situation. I am not
a Super Bowl champion and I did
The New England Patriots I may or may not agree not receive an invitation to the White
made history this past season after
coming back from a 25-point deficit to with their personal House. However, I don’t think I
would make the same decision as
defeat the Atlanta Falcons in Super
Bowl LI. Now, the Super Bowl
feelings and political them.
I wouldn’t care who was in office;
champions a
The Patriots honored President Trump by giving him a personalized
jersey. A total of 34 players attended.
opinions, but I believe I could never skip out on a chance to
re making headlines in sports and
political media because some players they do have the right visit the White House and shake the
hand of the President of the United
have decided to not attend the annual
White House visit.
these players. running back LeGarrette Blount to skip out on the States.
For me, that would be an honor
So far, six players on the Patriots publicly said.
After every season, the Super roster publicly announced they will Another Patriots player, Devin opportunity to visit the and an opportunity too good to pass
Bowl champions earn the honor of
going to the White House to meet
not be visiting President Trump
at the White House. Some of the
McCourty, expressed similar feelings
in his explanation for skipping the
White House and meet up.
“Whether you like the president
the president.
Every year there are a handful of
players cited political reasons and White House visit, saying he did the president if that’s or not, you have to respect that he is
the leader of the free world,” Bennett
others did not. not feel accepted and accused the
players on the roster who decide to I am totally against the president of having “strong opinions” what they really want said.
not go for various reasons, but this
year is different.
politicizing of sports
entertainment, but people have to
and and “prejudices.”
I may or may not agree with
to choose. “Even if I support or don’t support
all of his policies wholeheartedly, I’m
It seems like nowadays realize that professional athletes have their personal feelings and political still going to shake his hand or take a
everything is politicized. If you visit personal opinions on politics, too. opinions, but I do believe they do Sterling Bennett, a junior sports picture with him because it’s a once in
the president, you must support him, From the statements of a couple of have the right to skip out on the journalism major, understood a lifetime opportunity.”
and if you turn down an invitation players, it is fair to say they’re not the opportunity to visit the White House why this situation received a lot of A total of 34 players from the
to visit him, then you must be a biggest fans of President Trump. and meet the president if that’s what attention and noted his outlook on active roster, practice squad, and
protester. “I will not be going to the White they really want to choose. the entire situation. injured reserve list made the journey
It’s this kind of public ultimatum House. I don’t feel welcome in that Blair Lewis, a sophomore “You have to look at the election to the White House, 34 did not,
that places unnecessary pressure on house. I’ll leave it at that,” Patriots’ communication studies major, as a whole. It was just a crazy year according to NBC Sports.
Proposed Athlete Protection Act is cause of concern at APU
If passed, Protection Act to do the job that the
NCAA and campus administrators
the actual intentions of the people
behind the bill. If the bill passed, all
the nation’s have utterly failed to do of keeping
players safe,” Gonzalez Fletcher said.
California college athletics would
be required to fund the commission
first Athletic “No parents should ever lose a child every year. It’s estimated that APU
because a school valued winning would have to pay up to $75,000 per
Protection a game more than they valued the year.

Committee would health of a player.”
The bill has created a mixed
“If I felt that this was a good use
of $75,000, because you can’t put a
gain strong reaction at APU. Payton Williams
serves as the Director of Compliance
price on player safety, I would be
behind it 100 percent, but I don’t have
power over all for APU’s athletic department. If the any confidence that their interests are
bill passes, he would be in charge of genuine and that they really are going
collegiate athletic making sure that APU obeys the rules to be able to deliver,” Hoy said.
departments in and regulations of the commission.
“It’s the first of its kind. They
In order to pay the commission,
APU’s athletics department would
California haven’t conducted anything yet, so it’s
tough to say what it would do or how
have to make budget cuts somewhere
– which could mean a reduced
AB 1435 can lead to huge changes within APU’s athletics department.

Brandon Rodriguez far it would reach, but their focused amount in athletic scholarships, or sexual assault, which are big buzz to date.
sports editor goal is the same that we have, which worst case scenario, the elimination words concerns me of their intent, Studies such as this have led to
is the safety and well-being of our of a APU’s sports program. genuineness and their effectiveness. major changes within the NCAA –
Earlier this year, AB 1435, student athletes,” Williams said. The idea of people who don’t I’m concerned that this is more the most recent change came on April
otherwise known as the Athlete At the moment, Williams is not fully understand the entire concept of political, instead of actually caring for 14, 2017, as a result of emergency
Protection Act, was proposed to against the bill. Williams worked for student athlete health and well-being, college athletes.” legislation, where the NCAA
the California State Legislative. On the NCAA National office for eight while having control of the decision- According to Huma, one of decided to eliminate two-a-day
March 15, State Assemblywoman years and is a former student athlete making within athletic departments the four members behind AB 1435, contact practices in the preseason for
Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D-San who suffered from a career ending greatly concerns people such as Hoy. athletes are nothing but a profit to all NCAA football teams, including
Diego) officially introduced her injury. He supports anything that is “Another risk would be having many universities. APU, for health and safety reasons.
proposed bill. Although this is not intended to help support the overall an outside entity that doesn’t really “College athletes need a Two-a-day practices, which have
the first protection act created to health of student athletes. understand college athletics, coming watchdog looking out for them, plain been traditionally known as “hell
help college athletes, it is the first “The end goal of the bill is fine… in and telling you how to do your job,” and simple. Athletes are suffering and week” for football teams throughout
of its kind, which would introduce Anything that makes people more Hoy said. “I strongly oppose this bill.” dying because schools are prioritizing the country, have been reduced to
the nation’s first Athlete Protection aware of [student athlete health and In addition, one of the money over the lives of their players,” single-practice days. This change will
Committee if passed. The committee safety] is a good thing,” Williams said. bill’s main focuses is on chronic Huma said. “Athletes get treated like be implemented for the first time this
would oversee all health and safety However, not everyone within traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), disposable cash machines by some year.
regulations for collegiate athletics APU’s athletic department feels the otherwise known as brain trauma or universities, and it’s costing people “You can never mitigate all risks,
through the state of California. same way as Williams. April Hoy concussions, which has been a very their lives.” but the NCAA has been at the
If it gains enough support, the serves as APU’s director of Sports controversial issue in the world of However, it’s important to ask: forefront of injury surveillance and
bill could pass to become new state Medicine and Wellness. She oversees sports in recent years – particularly How true is this statement? The key rule management, and we’ve been
law, which in turn can bring some all athletic trainers and strength with contact sports such as football phrasing here is “some universities” doing concussion management in
interesting changes to Azusa Pacific’s and conditioning coaches, while or boxing. Football is one of the mistreat their student athletes, but the NCAA better than the NFL ever
athletic department. working alongside with performance only contact sports that APU has not all. Azusa Pacific is one of many has, because we aren’t just driven by
Gonzalez Fletcher is joined psychologists, the counseling center where injuries such as concussions smaller universities in the state of revenue, we’re driven by wanting to
by Ramogi Huma, the executive and campus nutritionists at APU. are common. Aside from CTE’s, California that is not considered really look out for the health and safety
director of the National College “My fear is that it would have a the Athlete Protection Act fails to an athletic powerhouse or athlete of our student athletes,” Hoy said.
Players Association (NCPA) and very negative effect,” Hoy said. “I’m mention other important on-campus factory. “To say that no one is looking out [for
a former UCLA football player, as fearful about the direction this group issues. As for the actual concern them] is a very false statement.”
well as Marshall and Janie Ross, would head because of their lack “There are so many other things of concussions, APU has been As time goes on, APU athletics,
parents of former USC and NFL of knowledge, understanding and surrounding student athlete health involved in a major scientific study along with many other colleges in the
player Scott Ross. All four would resources.” and safety and risk management, since 2015 called the Grand Alliance state of California, will be keeping a
lead the committee, and would have Hoy has two main concerns things such as nutrition, sleep Program – a partnership between the close eye on the movement of the bill,
extraordinary power over college regarding the Athlete Protection patterns, mental health, etc. that are NCAA and the U.S. Department of as major changes and implications
athletics in the state. Act: the financial impact that it would not mentioned,” Hoy said. “The fact Defense, which conducts the most are on the horizon if AB 1435 is
“I have introduced the Athlete have on the athletics department and that they name drop only CTE and comprehensive study of concussions passed as law.

Water polo breaks even, prepares for GCC Tournament
Cougars hit Conference (GCC) Tournament
coming up.
travel to Santa Clara University to
conclude their season with the Golden
.500 after losing “It’s our last home game and it’s
sentimental, but we still have a whole
Coast Conference tournament where
all eight teams in the conference will
final regular tournament ahead of us,” Myers said. have their chance to take home the
“We’re not done.”
season game on Paxton would agree with Myers
Snodgrass said their main focus
senior night, but on the day and the team’s future for for the tournament is defense.

this season. “Coming out and continuing to
looks forward “It’s bittersweet. It’s been a really
long four years, and this year has been
get out matchups and our defense on
lockdown... You talk about hunger,
to competing a really good year,” Paxton said. “We’re and these girls want it. More than I’ve
still not done so it has not really sunk
in conference in yet.”
ever seen them want it,” Snodgrass
tournament Myers is the leading scorer on
the team with 38 goals. This ties her
Azusa Pacific is looking to redeem
themselves from last years’ appearance.
college-best she set in her freshmen Last year, the tournament was held in
Alexander Perez Alex Paxton was one of only two seniors leading Cougars water polo. year. Myers is one of the most San Diego, and the Cougars lost in
guest writer decorated players on the team, and the first round to rival Cal Baptist.
up. We were up, we were down,” head The team also honored their two was named to the GCC All-Academic This put them in the losing bracket
The Azusa Pacific women’s water coach Julie Snodgrass said after the seniors, which included both Myers team three years in a row. She has where they ended up beating Fresno
polo team has been around since 2009, game. “We had a few breakdowns, and center Alex Paxton that afternoon. scored 132 goals and has 101 assists in Pacific, and ultimately lost against
and has never had a winning season. we need to clean up a few things as a “They’re our captains and have had her career. Santa Clara University, which is how
The closest they have come to that team.” four years of maturity here. They are Senior center Alex Paxton is tied they ended up ranked sixth in the
benchmark was hitting .500 in 2011. Senior attacker Megan Myers doing a good job of leading the culture for second in both steals and hat-tricks league.
This year, they finished at .500 again was not discouraged from the loss. In of team cohesion and support for the and is tied for first in field blocks. She “These girls are fighters. We’ve
with a record of 13-13. fact, she is looking forward to playing rest of the girls,” Snodgrass said. is more of a reliable player, who scores had some really good games, some
The team played their last Cal Baptist again. “They do a good job of being there for goals and is there to help when others really big obstacles to overcome,
home game of the regular season “Cal Baptist is always a hard each other. They are impacting the on the team may be struggling. and crucial injuries of key players,”
on Saturday, April 22, where they game. It’s always a good banter back next generation of APU leaders that “This team is so different from Snodgrass said. “We should be
lost in overtime against Cal Baptist and forth so I am not disappointed are coming through.” years past. We’re definitely smaller, healthy for the tournament. We have
University 11-10. This was their fifth with how we played today, one team While everyone recognized and at times it can be looked at as a all good things coming together at
overtime game of the season. always has to come up on top… I fully senior day, Myers and Paxton were weakness, but it has definitely served the right time. It’s been a continuous
“We played a hard-fought game believe in the team, that we can come still looking to continue the grind as a strength for our team,” Myers said. process, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if
through six quarters. We never gave back with a win.” as a team, with the Golden Coast On April 28-30, the team will they performed exceptionally.”

Title IX’s indelible impact on APU athletics
It’s been 45 acrobatics and tumbling, and water
polo were all added in 2008-09.
“It’s something that we’re continually
wanting to add support resources
years since it There is still the issue that there
are three more women’s teams than
to make sure we’re equitable. It is a
priority for us.”
was passed, but men’s teams. This is because the
football team has over 100 athletes
Pine also emphasized that Title
IX was a priority for the athletics
Title IX remains on the roster. The four sports that department. He said that Title IX
women have and men don’t have a
one of the most total of 56 athletes, only about half of
isn’t just about adding sport’s teams
– it’s about making sure the athletes
controversial football. In fact, women make up a
little less than half of APU’s student
get the same opportunities in terms
of scholarships, coaching, equipment
topics in athletes.
“One of the challenges for a
and travel.
“One of my goals is to make
collegiate sports small liberal arts school like us is sure that the 10th runner on the
that our student population is about cross-country team here had just
Nathan Foster 65 percent women and 35 percent as wonderful of an experience as
asst. sports editor men. One of the prongs of Title IX the starting quarterback. I don’t

says that your athletics should reflect want the number of spectators to
Azusa Pacific has had a your student body. Our athletics is determine the value of an experience,”
memorable year in athletics with about 54 percent men and 46 percent Pine said. “The value comes from
the football team taking home the women, not quite half and half,” Pine the opportunities, the coaching/
conference title and the baseball team said. “That makes it a challenge. We mentorship that’s provided, the
climbing as high as number three don’t meet that aspect of Title IX but athletic [financial] aid.”
in the NCAA Division II national we meet a couple others including Payton Williams, the Director of
rankings. Both of these teams showing a history of adding women’s Compliance and Academic Support,
Title IX was created for equality, but has led to controversy over time.
represent the men’s side of sports, sports.” noted that APU has done well at this.
which can sometimes dominate the benefits of, or be subjected to the years with our women’s sports This would seem to create “The experience between athletes
media coverage in comparison to discrimination under any education offerings.” cause for concern, that are still more is very similar across the board,”
women’s sports. program or activity receiving Federal Pine said that APU did have to male athletes at APU despite the Williams said. “Opportunity-wise
Women’s sports often seem financial assistance,” the law states cut men’s wrestling in the 70s, but it infamous ratio. There are several with resources we provide, we’re on
underrepresented, even though there according to the U.S. Department of was a financial decision unrelated to misconceptions about this and about par with making sure it’s the same for
are three more women’s sports than Education. Title IX. And although APU has not Title IX, according to April Hoy, females and males.”
men’s at APU; there are 10 women’s In the past 45 years, Title IX has cut any men’s sports because of Title the Director of Sports Medicine and Title IX remains controversial
sports teams and only seven men’s. caused serious debate concerning IX, there have not been any men’s Wellness. even 45 years after it was passed.
This may seem a bit lopsided, and in collegiate athletics. Many universities sports added since it passed. “We were given statistics that Stephen Hinkel, associate sports
some ways it is, but it is not without have had to shut down men’s sports “We have not added a men’s sport women being the underrepresented information director, said that the
reason. programs in order to stay Title IX since 1972 when we started men’s sex have less scholarships across the spirit behind the law when it was
APU must comply with Title IX, compliant. Fortunately, APU has soccer, but Title IX and the growth nation in the NCAA. That’s actually passed differs from how it is enforced
like all schools that receive federal not been one of them, according to of women’s sports in high schools not true at APU,” Hoy said. “Even today, a source of controversy.
funding. Title IX is a law that was athletic director Gary Pine. have allowed us to have continued though we have more male student However, Hinkel still commended
passed in 1972 which makes sure “The impact of Title IX over the and sustained growth of women’s athletes, our women get a higher what Title IX has done.
women have the same opportunities history of APU is seen in the numbers. teams,” Pine said. percentage of scholarships.” “The idea of women in sports
as men at all colleges and universities. We have 17 sports, 10 women’s sports On the other side, there are One of the other misconceptions wasn’t a prevalent concept prior to
One of the biggest parts of this is and seven men’s sports, almost a now five times as many women’s Hoy mentioned was that APU did the passage of Title IX. I’ve seen the
making sure females have equal two-to-one ratio,” Pine said. “If you sports at APU than there were in not have to comply with Title IX. benefits of it first hand at the different
opportunities as males in athletics. go back 40 years ago, we had about 1972. Women’s track and field was “I think for a long time there was schools I have worked at. I’m not
“No person in the United States two women’s sports and probably added in 1981. Softball was added in a rumor that since we’re a private entirely sure what the landscape of
shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded about seven men’s sports at that time 1986. Women’s tennis was added in school, Title IX didn’t apply to us. women’s athletics would look like
from participation in, be denied too. We have grown quite a bit over 1999. Women’s swimming & diving, That’s not true, it does,” Hoy said. without Title IX,” Hinkel said.

Baseball and softball pursuing strong finish
Baseball fights was when the team honored their
field,” head coach Carrie Webber said.
“They did a great job and I love them
for first place Senior starting pitcher Carly tremendously. They have all done
Xepoleas had a perfect game through amazing things for this program at
in the PacWest, six innings in the first game, shutting APU.”

while softball out the Hawks. This was her 15th
career shutout as a Cougar.
With only two more games left in
the regular season, the Cougars are
celebrates seniors “I go into every game with a steady
approach, but with the realization
looking to carry their momentum into
the final series and into playoffs.
and continues throughout the day that this was After a rough Tournament of
the last home game of my career, I Champions outing ended in early
impressive hot- just tried to soak in the whole thing April, the Cougars have gone 9-1,
streak and make everything memorable,”
Xepoleas said.
with their only loss coming from Cal
Baptist, who is currently in first place
Brandon Rodriguez Senior pitcher Carly Xepoleas had her 15th career shutout against HNU. Senior second baseman Nikki of the PacWest.
sports editor Sprague also totaled seven RBIs on “The tide changed, and you want
Michael Fairchild echoed this to win the conference championship the day against Holy Names. The to be peaking at the end of season
Baseball importance of winning this series. bad, and I think everyone on the team three-time PacWest Player of the Year anyway, and that’s what we’re doing.
“It was so important to bounce knows that and is locked in on that continues to add to her stat book, We put ourselves in a good position to
Azusa Pacific baseball returned to back. Going against Point Loma, goal,” Fairchild said. “Right now, we totaling 60 RBIs this season, which move forward past the regular season,”
their winning ways this past weekend, winning three out of four, and have in mind of winning each pitch, leads the PacWest this season. Webber said. “We want to take the
going 3-1 in their series against Point taking the series really put us back in winning each game, winning each Outfielder Abry Moreno and momentum that we have right now…
Loma. The Cougars are currently contention for winning the PacWest series and ultimately finishing strong pitcher Ariana von Zboray round out Take the small things that make up
34-8 on the season with only eight conference championship,” Fairchild so we can make playoffs.” the seniors that were recognized. the entirety of the game, and just do
more games left before playoffs. said. “Overall, the guys perservered The Cougars will play their next “The girls had a lot of fun, and them well against Concordia.”
Last week was a different story, and did a really great job on defense. series at Concordia on April 27-29. The I think that’s always nice when you The Cougars will take on
where the Cougars lost their first It was a great team win.” team will finish out their last regular can walk off that field smiling and Concordia in a doubleheader to close
series of the season to PacWest rival, The Cougars are currently 21-7 season series at home against Dixie laughing, enjoying your teammates out the season on April 29 in Irvine,
Cal Baptist (1-3). The tough defeat against PacWest opponents where State from May 8-10, which will most and enjoying their last time on that Calif.
was a growing experience for the they are pursuing the conference likely determine this year’s champions
team, as the Cougars realized the champion title, but are neck-and-neck of the PacWest Conference.
need to tighten up on pitching and with Dixie State and Cal Baptist.
defense, and to start every game more Fairchild believes that the team Softball
aggressively. will continue to succeed as players hold Azusa Pacific softball is on a hot-
“I don’t think that we played that each other accountable in practice and streak after sweeping both Notre
great last weekend. It started with on the field. He stated that the recent Dame de Namur and Holy Names
pitching and then that fed into what losses were a necessary process, as at home this past weekend. Through

we did offensively and vice versa,” great teams prove themselves in the those four games, the Cougars
head coach Paul Svagdis said. “We final stretch of the season. The team outscored their opponents by a total of
were able to clean some of that up and is taking their season one opponent 39-2 runs. The team is currently 31-17
start quicker as a team, defensively and at a time, and they all have one this season.
on the mound, and that really helped autonomous goal in mind. The doubleheader against Holy
us this week.” “We’re going straight for the Names also included the Cougars’
Senior pitcher and team captain PacWest Championship. We want final home game of the season, which

Booker siblings inspire one another to leap forward AROUND THE DEN

during track meets and practice.
David and inches, with 19 feet 4.5 inches as
her record long jump. Last indoor “They have a little bit of a sibling
After David’s graduation this
spring, Cyinna will continue to
perfecting my technique.”
In the meantime, both David
Cyinna Booker season, Cyinna earned All-American
honors in a triple jump over 40 feet in
rivalry,” Grey said. “But they’re also
each other’s biggest fans.”
pursue track and field, inspired by his
“Godly character” and loving support.
and Cyinna will continue to inspire
each other and their teammates
encourage each the preliminary round of the National
Championships. She then proceeded
When Cyinna graduated high
school, she immediately joined APU,
“I just want to be a better with love and encouragement in
jumper next season,” Cyinna said. order to athletically perform at new
other as siblings to the championship finals, where she which prompted David to transfer “Get stronger, faster and work on championship levels.
ranked fifth. here to join her. “Its beneficial just
and teammates Even though David did not rank being around each other everyday,”
on APU’s track as well in the championships, he still
cheered Cyinna on as a supportive
Cyinna said. “Even for a few hours.”
Being without his sister in Fresno
and field team brother and teammate.
“I think when one of us has a
was rough for David as a brother and
as an athlete. Once he transferred,
Katrina Williams successful day and the other doesn’t, both siblings felt a sense relief.
staff writer it gives us both a chance to support “I didn’t get to see her compete at
David and Cyinna Booker each other and bring each other up,” all when I was in Fresno,” David said.
bring a special attitude of support Cyinna said. “If he does well, I get to “But now I get to see her learn, and
and encouragement to each other celebrate with him, and if I don’t do love what she is doing as she takes her
as siblings, as well as everyone on well, he can encourage me.” talents to another level.”
APU’s track and field team. This outdoor season, David’s As first-generation college
Both David, a senior, and longest record triple jump is 23 feet, students, the duo grew up in what
Cyinna, a junior, chose to attend 7.25 inches, with a record long jump David describes as, “not the best area.”

APU with track and field as their of 46 feet, 10.75 inches. For David, Being here at APU has propelled
number one priority. Since they however, being in track and field both siblings with thankfulness for
joined, they have been comforted by is not about the records, but more their loving and supportive team.
the track and field family who pushes about growing in relationships with “The relationships with my
them to perform, specifically in long Cyinna and the rest of the team. teammates are very special,” David
jump and triple jump. Men’s track and field head coach said. “I’ve had the privilege to get
As a captain on the women’s Kevin Reid, has worked in the to know a number of them this year
team, Cyinna has had a unique, athletic department for over 20 years. through a captain-led Bible study and
dynamic relationship with the other Since David transferred to APU it has definitely helped me grow in my
long and triple jump girls. from Fresno City College, Reid has faith.”
“I love my teammates,” Cyinna been directly involved in his athletic Looking forward this semester,
said. “Having the chance to work career. the track and field team will be

and compete with them has definitely “David does his work and is very participating in the PacWest
been a highlight of my seasons here.” task oriented,” Reid said. “[David and Championships at Point Loma
Women’s head coach, Preston Cyinna] are both very close, and very Nazarene University on April 28-29.
Grey, has had the opportunity kind, which translates around the At the same conference last
to train with Cyinna directly team.” year, several track and field athletes
through her years at APU. “She is a In order to inspire one another (including Cyinna) saw improved
consistent, solid person,” Grey said. athletically, David and Cyinna marks and times.
“To see [David and Cyinna] thrive is embrace the spirit of encouragement “We ended with men and women
awesome.” by challenging one another. coming out on top overall,” Cyinna
This outdoor season, Cyinna’s Coach Grey has noticed Cyinna said. “I think we’re in a good spot to
and David’s friendly competition do that again this year.” Senior David Booker (top) and his sister Cyinna Booker (bottom) help
longest triple jump is 39 feet, 8.5
motivate each other on and off the track as teammates and siblings.

By the numbers: Sports year in review
A look back goal away from tying both the school
and PacWest records for most goals
Senior forward Joey Schreiber
scored 48 points against Hawaii Hilo
Five female athletes competed in
the 2017 NCAA D-II National Indoor
his career-best, and was part of 11
personal-best performances set by
at the Azusa scored in a single game. on Feb. 7. Schreiber broke the school
record for most points scored in a
Championships. Eileen Stressling
and Cyinna Booker were selected in
the Cougars at the Pomona-Pitzer
Pacific 2016-17 Women’s Cross Country: 3 game (previously was 45), and also set two events each; Daphne Chambers
another school record for most three- (pentathlon), Jacky Chasteler (weight Softball: 60
athletic year and This is APU’s third consecutive pointers scored in a single game (10). throw), and Sara Wagenveld (pole
accomplishments year having an individual representative
at the NCAA D-II Cross Country Men’s Indor Track & Field: 7.77
vault) rounded out the women’s
nationals team. Both Stressling and
Senior Nikki Sprague has 60
RBIs (and counting) this year and
by the numbers National Championships meet.
Junior Eileen Stressling was the APU Sophomore Shakiel Chattoo
Booker would go on to earn All-
American honors.
is currently leading all players in the
PacWest. Sprague has also been
Brandon Rodriguez representative, earning her second won the 60-meter hurdles with a SPRING named the PacWest Conference
sports editor straight bid to nationals after finishing D-II leading time this season of 7.77 Player of the Year over the last three
fourth overall at the D-II West Region seconds. Chattoo would go on to Acrobatics & Tumbling: 286.435 years, becoming the first player in
FALL Championships, with the fastest time defend his indoor heptathlon national Cougars highest score of the PacWest history to earn the most
for a PacWest athlete (21:16.94). title and would earn All-American season so far is 286.435, which came prestigious conference award through
Football: 1st honors for a second straight year. in a win against Concordia (Wis.) on her first three years.
Women’s Soccer: 48 March 15.
The Cougars cleared the path to
Swimming & Diving: 7 Women’s Outdoor Track & Field:188
their first NCAA Division-II (D-II) Baseball: 31
The women’s season ended with
playoff appearance in school history
a loss in the second-round of the There were seven total athletes Jacky Chasteler’s new personal-
since joining the NCAA in 2012. After
NCAA West Regional playoffs on who competed in the NCAA D-II There were 31 combined best in the hammer throw, which
going 9-2 in the regular season, and
Nov. 12, but prior to that, the Cougars National Championships in Alabama: homeruns between Pablo O’Connor cracked the top-10 of the NCAA
going undefeated in conference (8-0),
had gone 48 consecutive days since five swimmers (Tamara Miler, (16) and Adrian Tovalin (15) this D-II national performance list in the
the Cougars finished in first place of
their last loss (which was on Sep. 24, Rosalee Mira Santa Ana, Abigail season (and counting). The two women’s hammer, is 188 ft. She is
the GNAC.
against Concordia). The team played Wiet, Alyse Darnall, and Elodie Poo rank first and second in the PacWest currently sitting at ninth on the D-II
12-straight games without losing in Cheong) and two divers (Kianna homerun category for the second list.
Men’s Cross Country: 11 that time-span and finished their Mourer and Rachel Johns). This was straight year. In addition, both players
season with an overall record of 12-4-4. the second trip to nationals for Santa have combined for 108 RBI’s this Women’s Tennis: 41
Juniors Jeremy Porter and
Ana, Wiet and Johns. Mourer earned season as well.
Cody Drisko led the men’s team to
a 11th overall finish at the Stanford Volleyball: 9 her place in nationals for a third Senior Natalie Johnson has the
consecutive season. Men’s Tennis: 19 total number of career wins in both
Invitational on Oct. 1, 2016. Both men
The team had nine freshmen singles and doubles of 41 and is ranked
had career best performances in the Women’s Basketball: 0
this past season. With a roster of Sophomore Oliver Frank No.1 in the APU record books. She
8k distance, finishing in the top-30 of
only 14 girls, just about all of the nine currently holds a 19-match winning is also ranked second in the APU
177 competitors. Porter finished 21st
freshmen had made a major impact There were zero returners from streak and is undefeated in singles records for the most singles wins in
overall with a time of 24:09.4, and
on the team. Middle Blocker Julianne the 2015-2016 season who were in the play. Frank has played the No. 1 one season with 20.
Drisko finished 27th, with a time of
Miller was named PacWest Freshman starting lineup for the Cougars this singles position all year, and has yet to
of the Year, becoming the first Cougar season. This past season’s starting drop a match. He is currently ranked Water Polo: 5
to earn a specialty Player of the Year lineup consisted of four transfers as the No. 1 singles player in all of
Men’s Soccer: 4 award since the team joined the (Tara Casey, Gabrielle Kaiser, Abigail D-II, and he holds the first perfect There were four overtime games
PacWest four years ago. The Cougars Goodsell, and Casey Wortley) and singles season in APU history. played this season. Before the 2017
Senior Tim Ogunniyi scored
finished the season on a six-game win one freshman (Zoe March), creating season, the Cougars last overtime
four goals against the Academy of
streak, with an overall record of 16-13. a completely different team compared Men’s Outdoor Track & Field:17.10 game was in 2014. So far, their 2017
Art, leading the Cougars to a 6-0
win. Ogunniyi became just the fifth WINTER to the previous season. campaign has been more competitive
Junior James Jones’ shot put compared to previous seasons with a
PacWest player to score at least four Men’s Basketball: 48 Women’s Indor Track & Field: 5
distance of 17.10 meters, which edged .500 win percentage.
times in a game, and was only one

the student newspaper of commit to carrying news whole-sidedly:
Azusa Pacific University,
in order to form a more TO promote the various voices that exist on an
perfect unity within ever-changing demographic on campus.
the student body, establish trust in media TO establish a platform of intellectual, genuine,
publication, ensure the uplifting of diverse and biblical discourse.
perspectives, provide for the comprehensive TO raise awareness on the impacts of local and
coverage of major campus events, promot the global issues.
views of the APU community and secure the TO define what it means to be part of a liberal
presence of a campus that serves as a safe space Christian university’s student body.
for all, do ordain and establish this Clause TO constitute the right to be educated on all
Constitution for Azusa Pacific University. sides of every issue.
TO exercise the right to express opinions
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that without the intentiont o cause harm.
all viewpoints should be represented fairly TO provide an outlet for these said opinions.
and equally in our publication, that they are TO uphold a foundation of truth affirmed in
endowed by our Creator with unalienable Scripture.
Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and
the Pursuit of an Educational Degree. No voice shall go unheard and no story untold.

Our publication, composed of experienced Shalom,
writers, represent various viewpoints and The Spring 2017 Clause Editing Staff

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