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Andrea Valles

SED 322
April 15, 2017

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after each

Professional Organizations:
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL)
American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP)

Lifelong learning:
Teaching a world language does have its benefit of teaching a second language to
students who may not been exposed to the language, especially Spanish. To those
who know me, they think that learning Spanish would be easy but in fact theres a
lot of elements that includes of learning the foreign language. Elements such as
literature, grammar, and linguistics. Honestly, the material is beneficial when it
comes to teaching, it also adds into the learning of the content. With the content
that I have been absorbed in every semester, I do believe that the content should
be learned in a daily basis. What I mean is that even though I may know the actual
content of the language, the point is that the message does gets across to students
in an interactive way. I would prepare myself before presenting a certain subject in
class and find techniques to teach the subject in class. It also helps to attend
various workshops to continue learning the content during breaks and summer
vacation to enrich my knowledge of the actual content.

Continuous improvement in teaching practice:

The improvement of teaching practice would be planned throughout the year such
as incorporating new techniques and new ways of teaching the language instead of
going through the traditional teaching method: textbooks and lectures. I would most
likely to utilize interactive activities in a way that students would use the target
language in communicative activities and create units that associates with
authentic themes such as: travel, art, beauty and anesthetics, etc.

Contributions wish to make within the school community:

My contributions within the school community would be create a culture of learning
a world language with the students. I do want the students to can learn the
language through the instruction in the target language and being able to practice
their skills outside the classroom. I am not only reaching out to those students who
know Spanish, but reach out to students who are interested in learning a second
language. I do want students to know the benefits of learning world language in
which it would benefit in the future in the workplace or traveling. I would also found
Spanish clubs which would be open to every student who would be openminded to
learn another language such as Spanish Honor Society and other extracurricular
activities that associates with the language.

Local/national professional organizations:

AZLA (Arizona Language Association)