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Lesson Plan Guide

Teacher Candidate: Shayconna Miller Date: April 25,2017

Grade and Topic: 8th grade Math Length of Lesson: 30 Minutes

Mentor Teacher: Dr. Townes School: University of Memphis


Students will be able to represent and solve a variety of equations. Additionally, students need to know
the concept of functions and the number system to analyze situations and solve problems.

Given a graph, the 8th grade math student will be able to solve linear equations both with and without
calculators concluding to one solution with 85% accuracy.
Given a graph, the 8th grade math student will be able to solve linear equations that require using the
distributive property and combining like terms without a calculator with 75% accuracy.
Given a graph, the 8th grade math student will be able to solve and graph simultaneous linear equations
and understand that the two variables correspond to the point of intersection with 70% accuracy.


o Understand that solutions to a system of two linear equations in two variables

correspond to points of intersection of their graphs, because points of intersection
satisfy both equations simultaneously
ISTE standards 4b
4) Students use critical thinking skills to plan
and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions using appropriate
digital tools and resources.
B) Plan and manage activities to develop a solution or complete a project
Internet access to: - Comic strip maker - screen cast

Technology Integration

The students will use the internet to access the websites above in order to create a comic strip
exhibiting their understanding of the equation the present their findings virtually through screencast.
Samples products of both websites are at the following links: Comic Strip and Screencast
Students will demonstrate clear understand of solving and graphing equations and explain their
understanding of the equation then present the information virtually.
Academic Language is not addressed in IDT 3600.
This lesion is a continuation of CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.8.EE.C.8.A.
We will refer to the reasoning created here as we continue to explore solving and graphing equations.
I am aware that the lesson will be differentiated for students who did not master the objectives, special
education students and for those ready for development. However, modifications are not covered in this
course and are not a part of this particular lesson.


Begin by reviewing slope intercept form: y=mx + b
Solve equations step by step together as a class
Together, graph the same equations that where solved together
Give practice problems to solve and graph
Introduce and explain ToonDoo to the class
Introduce and explain Screencast to the class

At Desks (20 minutes)

Teacher Procedures:
1. Give students sample equations to solve and graph
2. After the equation is solved correctly, allow students to create a correlating store to
make their comic

Student Procedures:
1. Solve the equations, showing work
2. Graph the equation
3. Create storyline for comic
4. Show teacher their work in order to move to computer

At computers (30 minutes for 2 class periods or more depending on ratio of computers to students)

Teacher procedures:
1. Have class accounts made for both ToonDoo and Screencast
2. Put login information on board
3. Direct students to login to ToonDoon first and complete assignment
4. Direst students to login to Screencast and complete part two of assignment
5. Assist as needed

Student Procedures:
1. Login to ToonDoo
2. Create Comic with the given criteria
3. Save comic with first and last name
4. Long into Screencast
5. Make virtual presentation with given criteria
6. Save Screencast using first and last name

After Assignments are complete ( 2 class periods )

Teacher Procedures:
1. Set up projector for presentations
2. Take volunteers to go first
3. Play each presentation for students to observe

Students Procedures:
1. Observe each classmates presentation


After all presentations are shown, have class take a survey on whether they felt the lesson was
helpful or not .

Project Rubric
Criteria 25% 50% 75% 100%
Equation solved Solving of the Equation was Equation was Equation was
and graphed equation was completed but not completed but not solved and graphed
correctly attempted but not graphed graphed correctly correctly
completed or
graphed correctly
Comic strip shows Comic strip was Comic strip was Comic strip made Comic strip was
the equation and made but was not made but had and the equation made and told the
correct graph for it complete incorrect was correct but story of the
information graphing element equation and graph
was incorrect efficiently.
Screencast was Screencast was Screencast was Screencast was Screencast was
used effectively turned in but did made but the made but inaudible made correctly and
not present the information does presented the comic
comic strip not match the strip well
information comic strip

I am aware that modifications will be made for students who did not master the objectives and for those ready for
enrichment. However, modifications are not covered in this course and are not part of this particular lesson.