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Note the focus area and standard Note the type of Describe the document / artefact and Describe

Describe how the document / artefact

descriptor/s the artefact / artefact / document indicate the possible impact or result meets the standard descriptors you
document reflects of the artefact / document on have identified.
teaching and/ or student learning

Know students and how This questionnaire Developing this google form The form specifically asks the
they learn. was originally survey to send out to the question what is your favourite
presented to students was both a learning way to learn (APST 1.2). Therefore,
1.2 Understand how
students as a activity for the students and the if no students answered group
students learn.
google form which teachers and a way to gather work in the survey, the class
Demonstrate knowledge and
they completed necessary information about teacher would obviously not base
understanding of research
online, the data was students at the beginning of the the majority of learning activities
into how students learn and
then collected and school year. It is essential that a around group work. Sub-standard
the implications for teaching.
delivered to teacher then applies knowledge 1.2 states that understanding how
teachers in a spread of the current research to inform students learn is essential, by
sheet. For teaching strategies (NSW specifically asking students how
1.5 Differentiate teaching convenience I have Government, n.d). It was an they prefer to learn it is
to meet the specific selected one experiment on the behalf of acknowledging the need to
learning needs of response and teachers as they had never understand how students learn
students across the full copied out above. used this technology before, it best. By then using this
range of abilities. was a new experience for information and implicating it into
Demonstrate knowledge and students as majority had never teaching, the students best
understanding of strategies used the technology. Overall the interests are being met and it is
for differentiating teaching to result of the experiment was proven that the teacher knows
meet the specific learning highly beneficial for all involved. their students and how they learn.
needs of students across the
full range of abilities. The results that were collected
varied from silly and
The survey asks students what
nonsensical to highly beneficial
they have trouble with at school
and information that would not
and something that they want the
have been divulged in any other
teachers to know (APST 1.5). As
shown above Evie has very similar
answer to both of these questions,
The range of questions allows
stating that she thinks school is
students to have fun while
too easy. This tells teachers that
completing the survey and
maybe they need to challenge Evie
answer questions that have a
or extend learning to meet her
greater importance then they
specific learning needs.
would realise.