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Course Description


TIME/PERIOD 35 minutes
TOPICS: Chapter 8: Ways To Add

PA State Standards
Referenced from or
for PA State approved academic standards

CC.2.2.1.A.1 Operations and Algebraic Thinking

CC.2.2.1.A.2: Operations and Algebraic Thinking

CC.1.5.1.A: Comprehension and Collaboration Collaborative Discussion

Objectives correspond with PA State Standards listed above.

SWBAT Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction.

SWBAT Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction within 20.

SWBAT Participate in collaborative conversations with peers and adults in small and larger groups

SWBAT Students will add by making a 10 first, using the strategy of number bonds.

Lesson Introduction: (5-7 min)

Teacher will begin by passing out ten frame mats and ask students to take out their dry erase makers. \

Teacher will review rules for using ten frame mats

Teacher will model how to use ten frame mats to complete addition problems using the number bond


Teacher will ask student to show addition problems quickly as a warm up.
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Activities/Procedures: (25-30min)
Lesson Plans are conducive to student achievement and focus on PA State standards and objectives

Teacher will tell short addition number story and ask students to build the numbers and to solve problem

using ten frame mats and dry erase marker.

Students will use ten frame mats to complete the addition problems by making ten first.

Students will be asked to come to the carpet with their math books and to turn to page 199 (will be

completed at desk if smart board is not available)

Closing& Assessment: (5-7 min)

Whole class we complete practice pages 199 202 using smart board and student math work books

Teacher will ask volunteers to come to the smart board to share their answers

Assessment Procedures: (check all that apply)

Structure should simulate PSSA testing format to assist with PSSA test prep
Formative Summative
Guided Practice Participation Unit/Chapter Test PSSA Type Questions
Enrichment PSSA Type Questions Oral Presentation Notebook Check
Homework Notebook Check Research Project Authentic Assessment
Group Work Authentic Assessment Technology Other:
Rubric Other: Rubric
Independent Practice Portfolios

List of resources used and incorporated into activity and assessments, attach any teacher made materials and/or worksheets
Text Book: Math work book page 199-202 Other:
Graphic Organizer/Handouts(s): Ten Frame mats Dry erase markers and erasers
Technology: Smart board
Administrators initials: _____________
Ten Frame Mats
Pencil with eraser

Danial will have the option to use a dry erase marker Nathan will show his answers to his partners and
to show his work if dots are too small to manipulate answer question non verbally using yes or no.

Differentiated Instruction

Easier: Students who need extra help, they will be Harder: For student who master concepts, they will be
paired with a partner who can assist them pared with a student who needs extra help

Notes for the Substitute

Administrators initials: _____________