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Unit 3
shopping time!

At the end of the unit you will be able to:
Recognize oral and written language related to clothes, personal
care items, home appliances, groceries, and prices by reading and
listening to classmates, teacher and taped audio material in order
to exchange daily use information.
Produce spoken and written language related to clothes, personal
care items, home appliances, groceries, and prices in order to fulfill
basic communication needs.
Value the importance of learning a foreign language as a tool to
communicate ideas in the economic and social context.
Unit 3
Shopping time!

Listening Grammar
Speaking Vocabulary
Reading Pronunciation

Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 5

Clothing and Review of Prices up to Home Groceries and
personal care colors and $1,000 appliances produce
items materials

Unit Guidelines
In this unit you will be able to describe what people are wearing or carrying as well as give details about the kinds of
clothes, colors, material and so forth. Besides that, youll learn and practice the colors, clothes and accessories that are
used in different occasions. Youll talk about different kinds of home appliances, foods and drinks as well as how to
prepare them. Finally, youll learn how to ask and give prices using amounts of money up to one thousand dollars. As
an independent learner, it is recommended that you keep track of your own learning progress.
Introduction: Hands on!
In this unit, you will work on the project called My consumer rights! This project focuses on different rights the
consumer must keep in mind at the time of purchasing goods, products or services. To fulfill this project you should
be careful when buying anything. Pay attention to the exact price, quality, quantity, weight, warranty policies, refund,
reimbursement and the expiration date of products. By the end of Unit 3, you will be able to defend and demand
your consumer rights properly.

192 English - Eiighth Grade

Unit Three Lesson 1
Getting started!
Does it look good on me?
mo se dicen las diferentes prendas de vestir
en Ingls?
Cmo se dicen los diferentes accesorios en Ingls?
Cmo se dicen las tallas de las diferentes prendas de
vestir en Ingls?
Qu debes de tener en cuenta a la hora de comprar
ropa y accesorios?

Achievement indicators
I can describe what others are wearing with correct word order. I can creatively illustrate and label clothing and personal care items.

Which of the following items are names of clothes

or accessories?
1. perfume 2. suit 3. deodorant 4. sandals 5. shampoo
Activity 1
6. hat 7. soap 8. tie
Choose the letter that best answers the questions.
1. What is the man looking for?
Conversation and more A. a formal suit
Listen to and read the following conversation, and B. a tie
identify the clothes and accessories. Look up any new
words in a dictionary. 2. Which suit size will he take?
A. seven
A: Hello. May I help you? B. six
B: Yes, I am looking for a formal, black suit.
3. What can he do if the suit does not fit his son?
A: What size are you?
B: Oh, its not for me. Its for my older son. Hell A. take it back
graduate from kindergarten. B. buy another suit
A: Okay. What size?
B: I think he is a six or a seven.
A: Ill bring both sizes. Wait a minute, please.
B: No, problem. Ill look around.
B: Here they are. How do you like them?
A: They are very nice. Ill take the size six. Does it
come with the tie?
B: Im sorry. You have to buy it separately.
A: Okay. Can I take it back in case it doesnt fit?
B: No problem. Just bring the receipt.
A: Do you accept credit cards or checks?
B: Sorry. We only accept cash. Its the store policy.

Glossary: Take back: to return.

Formal suit: a pair of trousers, a vest, and a jacket. Receipt: the commercial document which proves your purchase.
Look around: see other things in the same store.

Eighth Grade - English 193


Enrich your vocabulary

Clothing and personal care items
Below is a list of common clothing and personal care items that Salvadorans often use. How many of these things do
you use?
Personal care items:
blouse shirt hat jacket

skirt tie shoes boots deodorant

electric razor

make up mouthwash
sandals jeans sweater suit

toothpaste toothbrush

raincoat trousers belt cap

2 Activity

Match the words on the left with the corresponding definitions on the right.
Words Definition
1 makeup A A liquid with a pleasant smell that women put on their skin.
2 lipstick B A liquid substance that you use to wash your hair.
3 razor C A substance that you use for washing your body.
4 mouthwash D A liquid used to make your mouth clean and fresh.
A piece of equipment with a sharp blade used for removing hair from
5 soap E the face, legs, or armpits.
6 shampoo F A colored substance that women put on their lips.
Colored substances that a woman puts on her face in order to make
7 perfume G herself more attractive.

194 English - Eighth Grade


Time to read
Read the following passage about a discount clothing
store carefully. Look up any new words in a dictionary.
Activity 3
Choose the letter that best answers each question.
1. What is Ricardos favorite place to shop?
A. a discount furniture store
B. a discount clothing store

2. What kind of clothes does the store sell?

A. new and used clothes
B. only new clothes

3. What happens if you find clothing that

is damaged?
A. you can receive extra clothes
B. you can receive an additional discount

My name is Ricardo, and Im going to tell you about one of 4. Does the store accept credit card and checks?
my favorite places to shop a discount clothing store. The A. Yes, it does.
store sells both new and used clothing, but everything is in
good condition. And the prices are super low! B. No, it doesnt.

All of the clothing is hanging on racks for you to see, 5. How long do you have to return something in the
and there are sections for childrens, mens, and womens clothing store?
clothing. If you find something you like, you can try it on
in the dressing room. If it doesnt fit or you dont like the A. three weeks
way it looks on you, you can return it to the rack. A price B. two weeks
tag on the clothing indicates its price. If you find clothing
that is damaged, you can receive an additional discount.
The store will also alter your clothing for a small fee. 6. Can you have a full refund in this clothing store?
Once youve decided on the items you want, you can A. No, you cannot.
purchase everything at the checkout counter. The store B. Yes, you can.
accepts cash, debit and credit cards, and personal checks.
If you decide later that you want to return something
because it does not fit very well, you have two weeks to
return it to the store, with the receipt, for a full refund.
Activity 4
Hands on! 3A Answer the following questions with your own information.
1. Where do you usually buy your clothing?
For the first part of the project, investigate the warranty
polices of the businesses and stores that you like to shop 2. Have you ever purchased clothing from a used
at. Before buying any goods, you should always check clothing store? Why or why not?
to see that the store gives a full refund if you want to 3. Is used clothing in fashion in your hometown?
return an item. You have to begin creating a checklist of
consumers rights to defend yourself.

Glossary: Alter: to adjust or sew the clothing to make it the right size.
Racks: holders.
Fee: payment.

Eighth Grade - English 195


Conversation and more

Listen to the following conversation carefully. If you do
Activity 6
not understand it, listen to it again.
Fill in the blanks to complete the following conversation
by using the words given below. Then listen to the
conversation to check your answers.
small design expensive brown
boy handbag Mothers
A: Hi, young _(1)_. How may I help you?
B: Well, Im looking for a _(2)_ Day gift.
A: Okay. How about getting your mother a new _(3)_?
B: Hmm. How much is that handbag?
A: Huh . . . which one?
B: The light _(4)_ one.
A: Oh. Its only $35.95.
B: Huh? Thats too _(5)_ for me. Do you have a
cheaper one?
A: Hmm. How about this beige one?
5 Activity B: I dont think my mother will like the _(6)_on the
outside, and its too _(7)_ . How much is it anyway?
A: Its $ 20.99.
Choose the letter that best answers each question.
B: I dont have that much money.
1. What is the boy shopping for? A: Okay. How much do you have to spend?
A. a present for her father
B. a present for a mother B: Im not sure. Let me see. Maybe about twelve dollars
or so.
C. a present for her girlfriend
A: How about this white bag?
2. How much is the brown hand bag? B: Thats real pretty, but the price tag says $ 12.99, and I
A. $40.95 know I dont have that much money.
B. $35.95 A: Well, lets just say the bag is on special sale for today.
C. $36.95 How about twelve dollars? What do you say?
3. Why doesnt the boy like the beige handbag? B: Oh, thanks. Ill take it.
A. Its too small.
B. Its too big and heavy.
C. She doesnt like the price.

4. About how much does the boy have to spend? What for?
A. $17.00
B. $10.00
If you cant find the present you are looking for
C. $12.00 at a local retail store, try shopping online. Its
convenient and you often save money and time.
5. What does the boy decide to buy?
A. a black handbag
B. a brown handbag
C. a white bag

196 English - Eighth Grade


Enrich your vocabulary

Wear and use
Wear and use have similar meanings in Spanish but
Activity 8
different meanings in English. Look at the Match the following phrasal verbs related to clothing on the
examples below. left with their corresponding meanings on the right.
Questions Possible answers
I am wearing jeans. Verbs Meanings
I am wearing sandals. to dress (oneself or another) in
What are you wearing? 1 zip up A your best clothes
I am wearing a bracelet.
I am wearing a tie. to dress yourself or someone
2 wrap up B else with an item or items of
I am using a razor. clothing
I am using a wiper. 3 try on C to remove any item of clothing
What are you using?
I am using scissors.
to put on an item of clothing
I am using a pen. 4 take off D in order to find out whether it
fits or is suitable
5 put on E to put warm clothes on
7 Activity 6 dress up F
to fasten an item of clothing
using a zipper

Which words are used with the verbs use and wear?
Classify the words into the following columns.

sunglasses mirror electric razor sneakers

Activity 9
deodorant knife magnifying glass soap Answer the following questions with your own information.
earrings perfume lotion
1. What things do you wear?
2. What things do you use?
Use Wear

Eighth Grade - English 197


Language in use
Present continuous
The present continuous or present progressive tense is used to talk about actions that are happening at the moment
of speaking. Study the following examples of the present continuous tense:
Affirmative statements Negative statements
Im carrying a leather backpack. Im not carrying a leather backpack.
Youre wearing a pair of jeans. You arent wearing a pair of jeans.
Hes buying a new T-shirt. Hes not buying a new T-shirt.
Shes washing her red blouse. Shes not washing her red blouse.
Were selling these sneakers. Were not selling these sneakers.
Theyre wearing ties. They arent wearing ties.
Yes / No questions Possible answers
Am I wearing a sweater? Yes, you are.
Are you bringing your sunglasses? No, I am not.
Is he trying on another suit? Yes, he is.
Is she borrowing a pair of boots? No, she is not.
Are we wearing raincoats? Yes, we are.
Are they giving away those earrings? No, they are not.
Interrogative questions Possible answers
What am I purchasing now? Youre purchasing that wallet.
Where are you taking that T-shirt? Im taking it to the stadium.
When is he buying new shorts? Hes buying them on Sunday.
Why is she going to school? Because shes likes studying.
Who are we giving these belts to? Were giving them to my cousins.
Why are they selling those pants Because theyre old fashion now.

10 Activity

Look at the following pictures and decide what the people are wearing. What are they wearing?
1. 2. 3.

198 English - Eighth Grade


11 Activity Dont forget!

Complete the following statements by using the words Fashions and clothing are constantly changing and
provided below. may differ from country to country, depending on
various factors including age, geography, climate and
A B C D social status.
reasonable cash fit discount
cheap check tight tip
expensive credit card baggy tax


The price:
If something costs a lot of money then it is _(1)_.
Activity 12
But if its on sale then it is usually _(2)_. A _(3)_
price is the price that you would expect to pay Answer the following questions with your own information.
for something.
B. Payment: 1. Are you wearing a pair of jeans now?
When you pay for something, if you have enough 2. Are you wearing a T-shirt?
money in your pocket you can pay with _(4)_. If you 3. What are you wearing now?
dont, you can put it on your _(5)_ or write a _(6)_.
5. What is your mother/father wearing now?
C. Sizes:
6. What size are you in shoes/jeans/shirt/
If you have gained some weight, your clothes might skirt/sandals?
be a little _(7)_. On the other hand, if you have lost
some weight, they might be a little _(8)_. If your 7. What personal care products do you usually use?
clothes _(9)_, then they are not too big and they are 8. Where do you buy them?
not too small.
9. How often do you use them?
D. The Bill:
10. Are they cheap, reasonable or expensive?
When you go to a restaurant, it is nice to get a
_(10)_. Its also nice to get service. But if the service
isnt good, then you dont have to leave a _(11)_. In
some countries, when you order food you also have
to pay a _(12)_.

Lesson core

Conociste diferentes accesorios, prendas de vestir y productos para el cuidado personal

ms usados y comunes de la mayora de los salvadoreos y las salvadoreas. Tambin,
practicaste como preguntar y responder lo que las personas visten o llevan puesto, as
como expresar la talla de diferentes prendas tales como zapatos, pantalones, camisas
y blusas. Finalmente, estudiaste como realizar algn tipo de reclamo o cambio de
mercadera en Ingls, como parte de tus derechos como consumidor bien informado.

Eighth Grade - English 199


Self evaluation

Choose the letter or letters that best answer each question.

1 Which of the items below is related

to clothing? 3 Which sentence is incorrect?
a) I am wearing a sweater.
a) soap b) You are using a pair of dress shoes.
b) shampoo c) He is wearing a suit.
c) jeans d) They are using a computer.
d) jacket

2 Which of the items below is related to

personal care? 4 Which question is incorrect?
a) Are you wearing a pair of running shoes?
a) tie b) What are you wear now?
b) sneakers c) Is she using a razor now?
c) cap d) Are they wearing sandals?
d) deodorant

4. b 3.b 2. d 1. c, d Answers:


People around the world almost always wear
articles of clothing and use personal care items
to protect their bodies from the environment.
Besides wearing shirts and pants, people often
wear articles to cover their hands, feet and head.
For protection from the heat or cold, people wear
gloves, shoes, sandals, boots, hats and caps.
Personal care items like perfumes, lotions, and
moisturizing creams help to soften the skin and
make it smell better after being in hot or cold
weather. The use of clothing and personal care
products depends on the climate or weather
conditions, social status, culture, traditions and
economic conditions.

200 English - Eighth Grade

Unit Three Lesson 2
What color is that?
Getting started!

Cules son colores primarios?

Cules son los colores secundarios?
Cmo se dicen los diferentes colores en Ingls?
Cuales es el orden de los adjetivos para describir las caractersticas
de los objetos en Ingls?

Achievement indicators
I can correctly ask and answer questions about colors of items. I can describe what others are wearing with correct word order.

Which of the following words are names of colors?

1. leather 2. blue 3. plastic 4. red 5. metal 6. black 7. large Activity 1
8. purple 9. cheap
Choose the letter that best answers each question.
1. How much is the skirt now?
Conversation and more A. $20
Listen to and read the following conversation carefully, B. $25
and then repeat it out loud. Look up any new words in
a dictionary. 2. What color does the woman prefer?
A. purple
A: Hello! May I help you? B. red
B: Im just looking, thanks. 3. How will she pay for the skirt?
A: This long, purple skirt is currently on sale. The
A. credit card
price is reduced from twenty-five dollars to B. cash
twenty dollars.
B: Do you have it in a different color? This color does
not suit me.
A: Just a moment please, Ill check Here you are.
We have it in black and in red. Would you like to
try them on?
B: Yes, please The red one fits perfectly, Ill take it.
A: How would you like to pay?
B: In cash.
A: Thank you. Good bye.
B: Good-bye.

Glossary: Suit me: to look good on me.

Currently: at this time. Fits: the correct size.

Eighth Grade - English 201


Enrich your vocabulary Activity 3

Review of colors
Listen to and repeat each color several times. What are What color is it? Write the color of the following clothes
your favorite colors? or accessories.

white black yellow gray

Purse sandals

green blue orange purple

baseball hat chain

pink red brown khaki

2 Activity

jeans socks
Listen to and choose the colors you hear.
1. blue / khaki
2. green / gray
3. purple / pink
4. yellow / red
5. orange / white
6. brown / green skirt blouse

Dont forget!
What for?
You can express different variations of the same color
by adding these words before the colors: To learn about colors, you need to understand the
structure of color itself. The three primary hues
Word Color Example are yellow, red and blue. The three secondary
light blue a light blue skirt hues are orange, violet and green. Mixing the
primary and secondary hues together makes
dark green a pair of dark green shorts
yellow-orange, red-orange, red-violet, blue-violet,
bright red a bright red T-shirt blue-green, and yellow-green.

202 English - Eighth Grade


Time to read
Read the following descriptions carefully. Look up any new words in a dictionary.
1. ___ This is the color of authority and power. It is It is the most difficult color for the eye to take in,
popular in fashion because it makes people look so it can be overpowering if overused. This color
thinner. It is also stylish and timeless. This color enhances concentration, hence its use for legal
also implies submission. Priests wear it to signify pads. It also speeds metabolism.
submission to God. Some fashion experts say a
woman wearing this color implies submission 7. ___ Solid and reliable, this is the color of earth
to men. and is abundant in nature. A light variation of this
color implies genuineness, while a dark one is
2. ___ Brides wear this color to symbolize similar to wood or leather. This color can also be
innocence and purity. It reflects light and is sad and wistful.
considered a summer color. This color is popular
in decorating and in fashion because it is light,
neutral, and goes with everything. However, this
color shows dirt and is therefore more difficult to
keep clean than other colors. Doctors and nurses
wear it to imply sterility.
Activity 4
Match the colors with the corresponding descriptions
3. ___ The most emotionally intense color, some above. Use the colors given below.
say it stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing.
It is the color of love. Since it is an extreme brown yellow green blue
color, it might not help people in negotiations or red white black
confrontations. Cars with this color are popular
targets for thieves. In decorating, this color is
usually used as an accent. Decorators say that
furniture in this color should be perfect since it will
attract attention.

4. ___ The color of the sky and the ocean, this color
is one of the most popular colors. It causes the
opposite reaction as red. It is a peaceful, tranquil
color that causes the body to produce calming
chemicals, so it is often used in bedrooms. This
color can also be cold and depressing. Fashion
consultants recommend wearing this color to job
interviews because it symbolizes loyalty.

5. ___ Currently the most popular decorating

color, it symbolizes nature. It is the easiest color
on the eye and can improve vision. It is a calming,
refreshing color. People waiting to appear on TV
sit in rooms with this color to relax. Hospitals
often use this color because it relaxes patients.

6. ___ This cheerful, sunny color is an attention

getter. While it is considered an optimistic color,
people lose their tempers more often in rooms
painted with this color, and babies will cry more.

Glossary: Cozy: comfortable.

Whole: complete or total.
Fountain: artificial cascade.

Eighth Grade - English 203


Conversation and more

Listen to the following conversation that takes place in a
Activity 6
clothing store.

Listen to the conversation again, and then put the

statements and questions in the correct order.
__ A: Miss, what are you looking for?
__ A: What color do you like? Yellow or red?
__ B: I like red. Id also like to get a pair of
purple pants.
__ B: Medium. Something not too expensive, but
not too cheap either.
__ A: Forty-six fifty-one is your change. Thank you.
__ A: How about these pants and this shirt?
__ B: Great. Where do I pay?
__ B: Id like to buy a shirt.
5 Activity __ A: Here.
__ A: Twenty dollars and fifty cents for the shirt, and
Choose the letter that best answers each question after listening thirty-two ninety-nine for the pants.
to the conversation. Fifty-three dollars forty-nine cents altogether.
__ A: What size? Large, medium or small?
1. What is the girl looking for?
__ B: OK. Here is one hundred dollars.
A. a shirt and a pair of pants
B. a skirt and a pair of shorts __ B: How much altogether?

2. What shirt size does she want?

A. large
B. medium

3. How much are for both clothing? Dont forget!

A. fifty-three dollars forty-eight cents
B. fifty-three dollars forty-nine cents Colors reflect certain personalities. They also have several
meanings, most of which are closely connected to each
4. What colors does she like? other. For example, blue stands for sky, heaven and water.
A. red and purple It reflects freedom and peace, but it can also mean cold,
B. yellow and green protective, authoritative or technical. Think about this
the next time you get dressed. What do you want to
5. How much is the shirt? express with the colors you are wearing?
A. twenty dollars and fifteen cents
B. twenty dollars and fifty cents

6. How much are the pants?

A. thirty-two ninety-nine
B. thirty-two nineteen

Get: to buy or purchase.
Altogether: in total or all in all.

204 English - Eighth Grade


Language in use
Order of adjectives
In English, it is common to use more than one adjective before a noun. For example, Hes a silly, young boy. or Shes a
smart, energetic woman. When you use more than one adjective, you have to put them in the correct order, according
to type. They should be separated by a comma (,).

Read and study the following table showing the order of adjectives:
Adjectives Descriptions
An opinion adjective explains what you think about something.
opinion Examples: silly, beautiful, horrible, difficult.
A size adjective, of course, tells you how big or small something is. Examples: tiny, enormous,
size little, large, medium, small.
An age adjective tells you how young or old something or someone is.
age Examples: ancient, new, young, old.
A shape adjective describes the shape of something.
shape Examples: square, round, flat, rectangular.
A color adjective, of course, describes the color of something.
color Examples: blue, pink, reddish, grey.
An origin adjective describes where something comes from.
origin Examples: French, lunar, American, eastern, Greek.
A material adjective describes what something is made from.
material Examples: wooden, metal, cotton, paper.
A purpose adjective describes what something is used for. These adjectives often end with
purpose "-ing". Examples: sleeping (as in sleeping bag), roasting (as in roasting tin).

7 Activity

Rewrite the following phrases in the corresponding order and 1. medium leather boots riding red Spanish
put them in the table below. 2. a dress beautiful small white cotton Salvadoran

Examples: 3. a large American jacket leather brown

Opinion Size Age Shape Color Origin Material Purpose Noun

silly young English man
huge round metal bowl
small red sleeping bag

8 Activity Hands on! 3B

Describe the clothes or accessories that you like to wear the For the second part of the project, keep track of the
most or those of any member of your family. Use the above quality and characteristics of goods you like to buy.
table as reference. Youll have to add these aspects to your checklist to
keep record of purchasing features for future claims.
1. jeans 2. shoes 3. sandals 4. shirt 5. dress 6.pants

Eighth Grade - English 205


Enrich your vocabulary

Materials are physical substances used as inputs to production or manufacturing. Materials range from natural entities
(such as copper or wood) to manmade synthetics (such as plastics).
To know the materials used to manufacture things, the following question forms can be used:
Questions Materials in sentences
Singular: What is it made of? Its made of plastic/wood/metal/paper/rubber/cotton.
Plural: What are they made of? Theyre made of gold/silver/cardboard/silk/polyester.

9 Activity

Tell what each of the following items could be made of. Use the words given below to classify the materials of the items.
wood gold plastic leather paper clay wool
cotton iron glass steel bamboo rubber silver

sunglasses sandals shirt watch

earrings mouse book jacket

scissors teapot box

206 English - Eighth Grade


10 Activity Activity 11
Choose the letter that best completes each statement or question. Complete the following statements by using the words
given below.
1. He invites that __ lady to dinner.
A. young, beautiful rubber wood leather plastic
B. beautiful, young metal wax glass cardboard

1. Cornflakes and other breakfast cereals come in

2. Why cant you wear your __ dress tonight? __ boxes.
A. pink, silk
2. Both shampoo and liquid soap come in
B. silk, pink __ bottles.
3. Most wine bottles are made of green, brown or
3. The boy needs __ balls for that activity. clear __.
A. ten cotton small 4. Most people wear shoes with __ uppers, but
B. ten small cotton
plastic soles. The most expensive shoes also have
leather soles.
5. Most candles are made of __.
4. He broke Mothers __ milk jug.
6. Today most yachts are made of fiber glass, but
A. green, old they used to be made of __.
B. old, green 7. A few cars are made of fiber glass, but most are
made of __.
5. There are two __ dresses in her closet. 8. Car tires are made of __.
A. red, beautiful
B. beautiful, red

6. Tony never lets his sister drive his __ car.

A. sports, expensive Lesson core
B. expensive, sports
Conociste como se dicen y escriben los
diferentes colores primarios y secundarios en
7. The room was decorated with __ balloons. contexto. Adems, leste acerca de los posibles
A. red, big efectos que los colores provocan al estado de
B. big, red nimo de las personas as como estos colores
dicen algo al respecto de tu personalidad.
Estudiaste los diferentes materiales que los
diferentes fabricantes de bienes perecederos y no
perecederos utilizan para elaborar sus productos.
Finalmente practicaste el orden que los adjetivos
descriptivos deben de llevar al construir
oraciones o describir las caractersticas de los
bienes o productos.

Eighth Grade - English 207


Self evaluation
Choose the letter that best answers each question.

1 Which of the following is not a color?

a) white 3 Which question is incorrect?
a) What is this table made of?
b) blue b) What are they made of?
c) plastic c) What are these chair made of?
d) black d) What is it made of?

2 Which of the following is not a material?

a) gold 4 Which phrase does not follow the correct
adjective order?
b) wood a) an American refrigerator

c) yellow b) a small, white stove

d) rubber c) a beige, medium washing machine

d) a beautiful, leather jacket

4. c 3. c 2. c 1. c Answers:


Fibers are the raw materials for all fabrics.

Some fibers occur in nature as fine strands
that can be twisted into yarns. These natural
fibers come from plants, animals, and minerals.
For many years, people only had natural fibers
to use in making cloth. But modern science
has discovered how to produce fibers by
chemical and technical processes. Today these
manufactured fibers account for more than
two-thirds of the fibers used by U.S. textile mills.
They come in a wide variety of colors.

208 English - Eighth Grade

Unit Three Lesson 3
Getting started!
How much does it cost?
Cmo se dicen los diferentes precios en Ingls?
Cmo se compra artculos en catlogos o en lnea desde
tu hogar?
Cmo se dicen las cantidades entre quinientos y mil dlares
en Ingls?
Sabes comprar o regatear precios en mercados de pulgas?

Achievement indicators
I can recognize prices up to $1000.00 from written and oral input I can ask for and give prices up to one thousand with correct
from different materials. pronunciation and grammatical accuracy.
I can clearly discriminate and reproduce the phoneme // in I can successfully recognize prices on paper and online catalogs.
numbers three, thirteen, thirty and thousand.
Which of the following amounts or quantities stand for prices?
1. $999.99 2. 354 3. $1000 4.1999 5. $777.70 6. 789

Conversation and more

Listen to and read the following conversation and identify the
Activity 1
prices of items mentioned. Then practice it out loud. Look up
any new words in a dictionary. Answer the following questions.
A: Hi, Mike. Whats new? 1. How much is the home theater?
B: Hello, Paul. Come on in, please. Make 2. How much is the LCD television set?
yourself comfortable.
A: Thanks a lot. Wow! That is a real home theater!
B: Yes, it is. It has five hundred channels and
surround sound.
A: It looks very expensive. How much is it?
B: Well, it was on sale. It cost me about one
thousand dollars.
A: How about that huge LCD television set? Is it new?
B: Yes, it is. This television set cost seven hundred and
ninety dollars.
A: That means that you spent a lot of cash.
B: Not at all. I paid for them with my credit card. I have two
years to pay them off. How about watching an action
movie right now?
A: That sounds great!
B: Which movie would you like to see?
A: Well, I like

Huge: enormous or giant.
Paid: the past tense form of buy.

Eiighth Grade - English 209


Enrich your vocabulary

Money amounts from $500 to $1000
Study the following amounts.
Activity 2
$500 five hundred dollars
$510 five hundred and ten dollars Listen to and repeat each amount of money out loud
carefully. Check how the th sound is pronounced.
$520 five hundred and twenty dollars Write the number amount for each quantity.
$530 five hundred and thirty dollars
$540 five hundred and forty dollars 1. seven hundred and thirty-three dollars
$550 five hundred and fifty dollars 2. one thousand and three dollars
$560 five hundred and sixty dollars 3. six hundred and three dollars
$570 five hundred and seventy dollars 4. seven hundred and thirteen dollars
$580 five hundred and eighty dollars 5. nine hundred and three dollars
$590 five hundred and ninety dollars
6. eight hundred and thirty dollars
$600 six hundred dollars
7. eight hundred and thirty-three dollars
$700 seven hundred dollars
$800 eight hundred dollars
$900 nine hundred dollars
$1000 a thousand dollars / one thousand dollars

Activity 3
Listen to the following prices from an online catalog, and make price tags with the amount in words. How much are they?

television set stereo desktop computer

camcorder and digital

laptop washing machine air conditioner

210 English - Eighth Grade


Time to read
Read the following passage called Surfing the Internet
carefully. Look up any new words in a dictionary.
Activity 4
Answer the following questions.
1. What does this person like to do in his free time?
2. Does he have a dial-up internet connection?
3. How often does he order products or services online?
4. Did he order a camcorder?
5. Does he download or open files he doesnt recognize?

Hands on! 3C

For the third part of your project, you will have

In my free time, I really like surfing the internet. When I to include the necessary information that backs
get home from work, I turn on my computer, wait until up an online or catalog purchase. Include in your
it boots up, and then I go online. I still have a dial-up checklist these special terms or conditions of the
connection, but Im switching to a broadband internet purchase for features claims.
service soon. It costs more each month, but web pages
load faster with a high-speed connection and files can be
uploaded and downloaded quicker. I usually check my
email first and write a few messages to family and friends.

I sometimes scan the local news headlines at my

favorite news website and read up on the latest local and
international news. This website often provides video
news clips that you can view online. I sometimes order
products or services online to save money and time
instead of going to a store and buying what Im looking
for. For example, I ordered a digital camera online the
other day and saved about $50. Whatever I do, I realize
that there are problems with using the internet, including
scams and viruses, so Im very careful not to give out my
personal information.

Furthermore, I dont download or open files I dont

recognize. Using the internet can be a fun and convenient
way of shopping and finding out new information, but
you just need to careful.

Glossary: Scan: a fast reading.

Boot up: the process of turning on the computer, which includes a number of functions View: to watch.
that are performed automatically every time the power switch is turned on. Scams: generally refers to any type of fraud scheme that uses one or more online
Switching: changing or replacing. services - such as chat rooms, email, message boards, or web sites - to present
Dial-up connection: a telephone connection in a system of many lines shared by fraudulent solicitations to prospective victims, to conduct fraudulent transactions.
many users, and it is established and maintained for a limited time duration.

Eighth Grade - English 211


Conversation and more Conversation 2

Read the following conversations carefully. Look up any A: Good afternoon, can I help you?
new words in a dictionary. B: I hope so. I bought this television about three
months ago. The sound and picture quality are
awful. The picture always flickers and theres a
dark line down the left-hand side of the screen.
And theres an annoying hissing sound in the
A: Do you have an outside antenna?
B: Yes, I do.
A: Have you tried adjusting the antenna?
B: Several times.
A: Hmmmmm. Ill get our engineers to have a look
at it.
B: A friend of mine bought the same model here and
had exactly the same problems. I want a refund.
A: Im afraid it isnt in our store policy to give
refunds, sir.
Conversation 1 B: I would like to see the manager.
A: Good morning, can I help you?
B: I hope so. Im looking for a television.
A: The 32 inches LCD Toshiba television is on sale
this week.
B: How much is it?
A: Only $980.95.
B: Its a little expensive. Do you have a cheaper one?
A: Yes. This 29 inches LCD is only $650.
B: What brand name is it?
A: Its a Panasonic.
B: Ill take it. Do you accept credit cards?
A: Yes, we do.

5 Activity

Answer the following questions. Activity 6

1. What is the man looking for?
Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
2. How much is the Panasonic?
1. The televisions sound and picture are awful.
2. There isnt an annoying sound in the background.
3. The customer does not have an outside antenna.
Dont forget! 4. The electronics store has a refund policy.

Shopping is much easier when you understand prices and

the money system of the country where you are buying.

Glossary: Hissing: a strange and annoying noise.

Bought: is the past tense form of buy. Faulty: does not work correctly.
Flickers: flashes or does not give a clear image.

212 English - Eighth Grade


Time to read
Having a credit card is almost essential in our lives today,
but be sure to seek advice on what credit card is best for
Activity 7
you. You want to avoid debt at all cost because it will
always try to be an unwelcomed friend. Choose the letter that best answers each question.
Read the following passage carefully. 1. Where do Mr. Delgado and Alejandra go shopping?
A. the bakery
B. the supermarket
C. the department store

2. Where are the washing machines and

stoves sold?
A. the Home Department
B. the Mens Clothing Department
C. the Electrical Department

3. How does he pay for the appliances?

A. cash
B. checks
Mr. Diego Delgado is going shopping with his daughter.
They are looking for a present for Mrs. Delgados C. credit card
birthday. Mr. Delgado wants to buy her a new washing
machine and a new stove with his credit card, and her 4. What department does Alejandra go to?
daughter Alejandra wants to buy her a pair of leather A. the Mens Clothing Department
B. the Womens Clothing Department
They drive to the department store on Almendro Street. C. the Electrical Department
Mr. Delgado uses the escalator to go to the Electrical
Department on the second floor, and Alejandra takes the
stairs up to the Womens Clothing Department on the What for?
fourth floor.
When Mr. Delgado gets to the Electrical Department, Dont spend more than you earn and dont get
he finds that washing machines are sold in the Home into debt either. Be careful not to max out your
Department on the fifth floor. He takes the elevator credit card on things you dont really need.
up and asks the sales assistant there for some help. He
doesnt know much about washing machines and needs
some advice. The sales clerk recommends an automatic
washing machine and an electrical stove by General
Electric, but they are too expensive. Mr. Delgado asks the
sales clerk if he has anything a little cheaper, and he tells
Mr. Delgado about a special offer on the LG range. It still
seems expensive but he buys them using his credit card,
which is almost maxed out.

Meanwhile, Alejandra is looking at the boots. She only

has $20 to spend, so she cant afford most of them. She
sees her father, and they decide to go to the shoe stores
around the corner.

Range: series or sort.
Maxed out: almost to the credit limit.

Eighth Grade - English 213


Language in use
A. To ask for the price of any item in English you can use the following question forms:
Question word Auxiliary Subject Verb Possible answers
does the stereo cost? It costs $510.
does it cost? It costs $680.
How much
do the laptops cost? They cost $600.
do they cost? They cost $890 each.
Question word Verb be Subject Possible answers
is the laptop? Its $900.
is it? Its $1000.
How much
are the stoves? Theyre $500 each.
are they? Theyre $603 each.
B. To express amounts of money in English you can use the following forms:
Questions Possible answers
How much is it? nine hundred seventy dollars and ninety cents
How much are they? eight hundred sixty-nine dollars and nine cents
How much does it cost? seven hundred and seventy-seven dollars
How much do they cost? eight hundred and eighty-eight dollars
C. To express the way you will pay for any item you can use the following forms:
Questions Possible answers
Do you accept credit or debit cards? We take all the major credit cards.
Can I pay with a credit card? No problem.
Can I charge it on my credit card? No, we dont accept credit cards.
Do you take credit or debit cards? Of course.
Do you give credit? We are offering 6 months free credit with no deposit.
Does it have a warranty? The warranty cost extra.
Can I pay by check? No, we dont accept checks.
Can I pay by credit or debit? Sorry, cash only.
Do you offer a cash discount? Yes, certainly.
Could I have a receipt, please? Absolutely.

8 Activity Activity 9
Answer the following questions with your own information.
Write the following prices in words.
1. Do you have a credit card? What is your credit limit?
1. $777 5. $888 2. Do you have a debit card?
2. $975 6. $555 3. How do you pay when you go shopping?
3. $864 7. $733 4. How much do you spend every month?
4. $999 5. Do you have a stereo? How much does it cost?
6. How much is your television set?

214 English - Eighth Grade


Conversation and more

Read the following conversation carefully. Look up any
new words in a dictionary.
Activity 11
A: Can I help you?
Read the following prices and write them in numbers.
B: Yes, Im looking for an LCD monitor. 1. one thousand and one dollars
A: What size are you looking for?
B: A big one. 2. three hundred and thirty-three dollars and thirteen cents
A: How about this one? 3. nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars and ninety -
B: Yes, thats nice. Can I see the image quality? nine cents
A: Certainly, theres the CPU over there. We can 4. five hundred and fifty-five dollars and fifty- five cents
install it.
B: Thank you.
5. five hundred and fifteen dollars and five cents
A: Okay. How do you like it? 6. six hundred and ninety-nine dollars and thirty -
B: The screen is too small. Do you have a bigger one? three cents
A: Yes, there is a twenty-nine inch widescreen 7. eight hundred dollars and thirteen cents
monitor over there. 8. one thousand dollars and three cents
B: I really like that one. Ill take it, please.
A: Ok, how would you like to pay?
B: How much is it?
A: Its only $510.
B: Do you take credit cards? Activity 12
A: Yes, we do. Visa, Master Card, and
American Express.
B: Ok, heres my Visa.
Listen to the following prices and write them down in
A: Thank you. Have a nice day!
numbers and in words.
B: Thank you, goodbye.

10 Activity

Answer the following questions.

Lesson core
1. What is the man looking for? Practicaste como preguntar los precios de
2. How much is the LCD monitor? diferentes electrodomsticos y otros tipos
3. How does he pay? de artculos en ingls. Tambin, escribiste, y
practicaste las cantidades entre quinientos y mil
dlares americanos en diferentes contextos de
compra o adquisicin de bienes. Adems, tuviste
acceso como se compra en lnea o a travs de
catlogos y los cuidados que debes de tener para
proteger tu inversin. Finalmente, conociste
las distintas formas que se utilizan en ingls
para preguntar si puedes comprar los bienes o
productos con tarjeta de crdito o debito, efectivo
o cheques en el idioma Ingles.

Eighth Grade - English 215


Self evaluation
Choose the letter or letters that best answer each question.

1 Which quantities or amounts

express prices?
a) $1000
3 Which amount of money stands
for $999?
a) nine hundred nineteen dollars
b) $990 b) nine hundred ninety dollars
c) $770.33 c) nine hundred ninety-nine dollars
d) $850.7 and nine cents
d) nine hundred ninety-nine dollars

2 Which questions are used to ask for prices?

a) How many are they?
4 Which question is incorrect?
a) How would you like to pay?
b) How much are they? b) How much does the monitors costs?
c) How much do you need? c) Do you accept credit cards?
d) How much does it cost? d) How much are these CPUs?

4. b 3.d 2. b, d 1. a, c Answers:


Shopping online is a wonderful way to save time

and money. Internet shops often have great sales
and many even have free shipping offers. There
are plenty of great shopping websites out there,
and some have better prices and offers than
others. If you find an item youd like to buy, write it
down, bookmark the website and then do a search
for the product in your favorite search engine.
Dont spend hours looking, but do take a few
minutes to find the shops that have the best deals.

216 English - Eighth Grade

Unit Three Lesson 4
Getting started!
Do you have a microwave oven?
Cules son los enseres elctricos ms comunes?
Para qu sirven los electrodomsticos dentro del hogar?
Sabes utilizar correctamente cada uno de los
enseres elctricos?
Cules son los muebles ms necesarios dentro de una casa?

Achievement indicators
I can successfully recognize vocabulary and key words related to I can correctly fill out questionnaires about prices of clothing, personal
clothing, personal care items and home appliances. care items and home appliances.

Which of the following items are names of A: Then there wont be any problem. If you want, I
home appliances? can give you a hand and hang signs.
1. stove 2. bookshelf 3. refrigerator 4. computer desk B: Thats a nice idea. Thanks for your help.
5. washing machine 6. mirror A: Thats what friends are for.

Conversation and more Activity 1

Listen and read to the following conversation and
identify the home appliances. Look up any new words in Answer the following questions.
a dictionary. 1. Who is moving?
2. Where is she moving to?
A: Hi, Monica. How have you been? What are you
doing now? 3. What will she sell in the garage sale?
B: Hello, Sonia, so far so good! I am moving into a
new apartment in Sonsonate.
A: Wow! You have a lot of things here. Is the
apartment bigger or smaller than this house?
B: Unfortunately, its smaller and I dont know what
to do with some furniture and home appliances I
have because they are so huge.
A: Which things will not fit in your new apartment?
B: I dont have space for the freezer, the entertainment
center, or the dining table.
A: Why dont you have a garage sale?
B: Do you think people will buy this stuff?
A: Are the appliances and furniture in
good condition?
B: Of course!

Glossary: Stuff: things or objects.

So far so good: something has been going well until now.
Garage sale: sale of used household goods in the driveway or garage of someones home.

Eighth Grade - English 217


Enrich your vocabulary

Home appliances and furniture
Do you have any of these things in your home? Study the list below.

couch (sofa) bed trash can towel rack
stove dresser table faucet
oven closet dining table chair
refrigerator picture bathtub recliner
freezer curtains shower loveseat
sink carpet (rug) shower curtain coffee table
dishwasher can opener toilet end table
coffee pot egg beater medicine cabinet lamp
mixer knife mirror light switch
saucepan cutting board scale light bulb
frying pan baking pan soap dish bookcase
teakettle toilet paper bath mat shelves
measuring cup dryer washcloth washing machine

2 Activity Activity 3
Classify the above items into the following rooms of a house. Answer the following questions with your own information.
bathroom bedroom kitchen living room 1. What is in your kitchen?
2. What is in your living room?
3. What is in your bedroom?
4. What is in your bathroom?
5. What room is your bed in?
6. What room is your refrigerator in?
7. What room is your TV in?
8. What room is your radio in?
9. What room is your couch in?

218 English - Eighth Grade


Time to read
Read the following article about U.S. garage sales. Look What for?
up any new words in a dictionary.

Outdoor garage sales have now become very much a Be prepared to haggle with sellers at a garage or
part of American culture. These are typically held in the flea market to see if they will lower the price on
spring and fall, when the weather is still good. Usually a the goods you want. They can only say no, and
homeowner, having decided that he would like to clear you can try your luck with a different seller.
his residence of accumulated items which are no longer
useful to him, advertises in a local paper that he is holding a
garage sale. More than likely the things for sale are in good
condition and great buys can be found if one has the time
and patience to search carefully. The home owner places
Activity 4
items for sale on display along the driveway leading to his
garage or on his front lawn and waits for people to look at Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
the items. Old magazines, books, paintings, bicycles, ice-
skates, articles of clothing and electrical appliances of every 1. Garage sales have not become part of
sort appear on a regular basis. If the owner is in a position American culture.
where he must sell his home or plans to move soon, then 2. They are usually held in the spring and fall.
he may be forced to practically give things away at a price 3. The home owner places items for sale on display
far below their real price. along the driveway of his house.
4. Things are not given away at a lower price below
their real price.

5 Activity

Match the phrases on the left to the phrases on the right to make complete sentences.
has many retail vendors offering a range of products at discount prices in
1 A supermarket A plain surroundings. Many are located in nontraditional places.
2 A street market B is a sale of used household goods in the driveway or garage of someones home.
is a market where products are bought and sold illegally. Anytime a
3 A black market C purchase is made that is against federal regulations.
is an outdoor market such as traditionally held in a market square in a
4 A garage sale D market town, and are often held only on particular days of the week.
is a self-service store offering a wide variety of food and household
5 A flea market E merchandise, organized into departments. It is larger in size and has a wider
selection than a traditional grocery store.

Glossary: Lawn: front or back yard.

Are held: happens or takes place. Forced: obligatory.
Homeowner: the proprietor of the house. Haggle: to ask for a lower price.
Display: exhibition or demonstration.
Eighth Grade - English 219

Time to read
Listen to and read the following passage. Look up any
Activity 7
new words in a dictionary. Choose the letter that best completes each statement.
Im going to move into a new _(1)_ next month, so Ive 1. Just put your food in the microwave for about a
decided to do some shopping to furnish the place. I will minute if you want to __ it.
go to a _(2)_ store not too far from my apartment, and A. heat
Ill first buy a _(3)_ for the kitchen. You really cant live
without one because you have to keep your food cold B. buy
or frozen so it doesnt spoil. Then, I will buy a _(4)_ and C. prepare
dryer to clean and dry my clothes. I dont want to go to
a _(5)_ to do this every week like I used to do. Next, I will 2. I need a new __ because the old one doesnt seem
buy a _(6)_. I probably dont need one because I could to be keeping the food cold.
wash my _(7)_ by hand, but having a dishwasher can
make life easier. You simply put the dishes inside, add some A. refrigerator
dishwashing _(8)_, and turn the machine on. Finally, Ill B. washer
pick up a _(9)_. If Im in a hurry and dont have time to C. dishwasher
cook, I can throw something in the microwave and heat it
up quickly. I wont _(10)_ everything I need to furnish my
new place, but I think Ill have the basic appliances to make 3. I need to go to the store to buy more dishwasher __
life more comfortable for now. because Im all out of it at the moment.
A. oil
B. soap
C. water

4. Sometimes it takes time and money to __ an

apartment with new things.
A. furnish
B. move
C. buy

5. I have to wash my dishes __ because I dont have a

A. by hand
B. by foot
C. by person
6 Activity
6. I need to go to the __ to dry my clothes because my
dryer isnt working right now.
Listen to the passage again and fill in the blanks by A. laundromat
using the words given below. B. furniture store

purchase microwave oven soap dishes C. supermarket

refrigerator department apartment washer

dishwasher laundromat
Glossary: In a hurry: short of time.
Furnish: to provide or supply a place with furniture and appliances. Comfortable: relaxed and happy.
Spoil: to ruin or destroy.

220 English - Eighth Grade


Conversation and more

Listen to and read the following conversation. Look up
any new words in a dictionary
Hands on! 3D
A: Home Supply, catalog sales. Can I help you?
B: Yes, Id like to place an order, please. For the fourth part of your project, you should save
A: Certainly. Your customer number? the receipts of purchase that stores give you for
B: 999HS. future claims. Youll have to add to your checklist
A: Thank you. Now, Mr. Gomez, could you please the receipt characteristics where the price quantity
give me the item number and description? and the warranty time must be included.
B: Yes. First, Id like to order item number 879. Thats
a Toshiba 3000 laptop with the black case.
A: The black case ... yes, okay.
B: Next, Id like the white multifunction printer,
number 658.
A: Item number 658 ... white. Anything else?
Activity 8
B: Id like item number 875, and I want it in
black, please. Complete the receipt according to the previous conversation.
A: All right. Thats the reclining office chair.
B: Thats right. And finally, number 629, the Sony
LCD television set.
A: Number 629 ... Sony LCD television set. Okay.
Oh, one second what color case do you want?
Its available in gray and white.
B: Hmm ... gray, I think. Yes, gray.
A: Sorry. How will you pay?
B: Can I pay by check or credit card?
A: By credit card. We do not accept checks.
B: No problem!
A: Ok, thank you for your order. You will receive the
items within a week.
B: Thats fine. Thank you very much.

Eighth Grade - English 221


Language in use
Home appliances
Home appliances are electrical/mechanical appliances which accomplish some household functions, such as cooking
or cleaning. Traditionally, home appliances are classified into major appliances (or white goods) and small appliances
(or brown goods).

To ask what an appliance is for, you can use the following question forms:
Question Function in a sentence
What is a washing machine for? Its for washing your dirty clothes or laundry.
What is it for? To wash your clothes.
What is it used for? Its a device for washing and cleaning your dirty laundry.
Its used for washing your clothes.

What are they for? Read the following table with a list of appliances and their corresponding functions
or descriptions.
Appliance Function/description
broiler A device for broiling meat.
can opener A device to open cans by cutting around the edges of the rim.
dishwasher A device for washing dishes.
dryer A device or appliance for removing moisture, as by hot air.
fan A device for creating a current of air or a breeze.
freezer A device that freezes, as a thermally insulated cabinet.
iron A device for taking the wrinkles out of a piece of clothing by heat.
refrigerator An appliance for maintaining foods at a low temperature, or producing ice.

9 Activity

Complete the following statements by filling in the blanks with the words given below.

refrigerator iron freezer blow dryer

dishwasher fan broiler can opener

1. That steak was done to perfection. Where did you 5. I really dont like using the air conditioning. I much
get that __? Its fantastic. prefer this __ to keep things cool.
2. Dont open that by hand. Use the __! 6. He goes shopping and buys enough food to put into
his __ for a month.
3. I dont know what Id do without my __. I cant
imagine having to wash all those dishes by hand! 7. The production of modern materials, such as
permanent press, has almost made the __ a thing of
4. Honey, wheres the __? Ive just taken a shower and the past.
I need to dry my hair.
8. We keep the butter, meat, and milk in the __.

222 English - Eighth Grade


10 Activity Activity 11
Answer the following questions with your own information. Identify the word that doesnt belong to the group or category.

1. Which appliances do you use at home? 1. couch, chair, table, sofa

2. refrigerator, medicine cabinet, oven, stove
2. Which appliances would you like to have?
3. scale, faucet, plug, sink
3. Which appliances are cheap?
4. bed, toaster, dresser, closet
4. Which ones are expensive?
5. measuring cup, frying pan, trash can, baking pan
6. recliner, end table, coffee table, dresser
12 Activity 7. roof, lamp, floor, wall
8. balcony, faucet, garage, yard

Choose the letter that best completes each statement.

1. You wash clothes in it. Its a __. 6. You ring your friends and talk. Its a __.
A. washing machine
A. cell phone
B. dishwasher B. stereo

2. You clean with it. Its a __. 7. It cleans your dirty plates, silverware and pans. Its a
A. vacuum cleaner __.
B. razor A. dishwasher
B. dryer

3. You heat things very quickly in it. Its a __.

8. You boil water in it. Its a __.
A. stove
B. microwave
A. kettle
B. cup

4. You press clothes with it. Its an __.

9. It makes toast. Its a __.
A. broiler
B. iron
A. microwave
B. toaster

5. You watch movies and play computer games on

it. Its a __.
A. television
B. movies
Lesson core

Practicaste como se escriben y se dicen los diferentes electrodomsticos ms

comnmente utilizados por la mayora de los salvadoreos. Adems, estudiaste como
clasificarlos de acuerdo a su uso, tamao y ubicacin dentro de las diferentes divisiones
o cuartos de una casa o apartamento. Tambin, conociste como se puede comprar
artculos nuevos y usados en una venta de garaje o mercado de pulgas y cmo puedes
regatear para obtener un mejor precio. Finalmente, tuviste acceso y conocimiento de
cmo defender tus derechos como consumidor y reclamarlos apropiadamente.

Eighth Grade - English 223


Self evaluation

Choose the letter that best answers each question.

1 Which of the following items is not a

home appliance? 3 Which appliance is used for
washing dishes?
a) toaster a) iron
b) iron b) detergent
c) glass c) dishwasher
d) blender d) washing machine

2 Which of the following items is a not a piece

of furniture? 4 Which piece of furniture is not usually
located in the living room?
a) sofa a) coffee table
b) table b) sofa
c) dryer c) entertainment center
d) desk d) bookcase

4. d 3. c 2. c 1. c Answers:


Appliances are necessary in every society all

over the world because they make our lives
easier and more comfortable. Depending on
the region or continent, some appliances are in
more demand and used more than others. The
U.S. Department of Energy says appliances have
two price tags: the one you pay to bring it home
and the money you pay for the energy and water
it uses. If you havent purchased new appliances
recently, chances are your refrigerator, washing
machine and dishwasher are costing you a lot of
money each month!

224 English - Eighth Grade

Unit Three Lesson 5
What do we need?
Getting started!

Cmo se dicen las diferentes clases de frutas y verduras,

cereales y carnes ms comunes en Ingls?
Cmo se dicen los diferentes tipos de bebidas y platos de
comida en Ingls?
A dnde haces tus compras de la semana?
Sabes algunas recetas de cmo cocinar algn tipo
de comida?

Achievement indicators
I can clearly name samples and illustrations of groceries and foods. I can use quantifiers correctly when listing to count and mass nouns.
I can accurately use some/any when describing recipes or I can write simple recipes with correct spelling and appropriate usage
favorite foods. of quantifiers.
Which of the following are names of food? A: Oh, good choice. How would you like that cooked?
1. chicken 2. menu 3. fruits 4. shoes 5. potatoes 6. recipe B: Medium well.
7. salad A: Ok. And you have a choice of baked potato or fries with that.
B: Ill have fries, please.
A: And what kind of dressing would you like with
Conversation and more your salad?
B: Italian, please.
Listen to and read the following conversation carefully
A: Ill be right back with your salad.
and identify the names of food that are being talked about.
Look up any new words in a dictionary.

A: Hi! How are you doing this evening?

B: Fine, thank you.
A: Here is the menu.
B: What are your specials today?
A: Our special today is grilled chicken breast. It
comes with a baked potato and a side salad.
B: Sounds good, but Im going to take a look at
the menu.
A: Ok. Can I get you anything to drink?
B: Yes, Id like a Diet Coke.
A: Sure, Ill bring that right away. (Coming with
the drink.)
A: Here you go. Are you ready to order?
B: Yes. Im going to have the pork loin.

Glossary: Dressing: the top sauce or vinaigrette for a salad.

Pork: meat from a pig. Fries: fried potatoes.
Medium well: not completely cooked or still pink inside.

Eighth Grade - English 225


Language in use Uncountable nouns

In English we make a basic distinction between countable Many food items are considered uncountable nouns.
nouns (also sometimes called count nouns) and They cannot be divided into separate elements, rather they
uncountable nouns (also sometimes called uncount or cannot be counted. These nouns do not have a plural form.
mass nouns). Nevertheless, you can convert uncountable nouns into
countable nouns by using a specific container, quantity or
Countable nouns measurement next to them. Uncountable nouns answer the
question: How much?
Countable nouns represent people or things (both
abstract and concrete) which can be counted. These nouns
can be used in both the singular and plural forms. All the Read and study the following examples:
countable nouns answer the question: How many? 1. We need to buy a slice of beef and a head
of broccoli.
Countable nouns in 2. They dont need to buy any milk or fruit juice.
Singular form Plural form sentences 3. She would like to cook a pot of spaghetti for the
There are only two dinner party.
a lemon two lemons lemons. 4. I need some hot chocolate right now.
We need three 5. How much sugar do we need?
a carrot three carrots carrots for the salad.
an apple apples Do you like apples? Study the list of some uncountable nouns and ways to
I will wash the dishes
express them as countable nouns:
a dish dishes tonight.
How many tomatoes
a tomato tomatoes do we need?

Uncountable Countable Uncountable Countable

Food Container or quantity Food Container or quantity
asparagus a bunch of asparagus pork a slice of pork
beef a slice of beef rice a grain of rice
bread a slice/loaf of bread salt a pinch of salt
broccoli a head of broccoli spaghetti a strand of spaghetti
butter a tablespoon of butter sugar a cube of sugar
corn an ear of corn beans a bag of beans
fruit a piece of fruit coke a can of coke
garlic a bulb/head of garlic juice a bottle of juice
honey a pot of honey meat a pound of meat
chocolate a bar of chocolate milk a carton/glass of milk

1 Activity
Dont forget!
Decide if the following nouns are countable or uncountable.
Going to the supermarket is a weekly, if not daily,
1. sugar 4. cucumbers experience for most of us. And now, online supermarkets
2. watermelon 5. honey are even growing in popularity in certain parts of the world.
3. coffee

226 English - Eighth Grade


Time to read
Read the following menu carefully. Look up new vocabulary in a dictionary.

The Happy Eater Menu

Activity 2
Answer the following questions.
1. How much does Baked Sole cost at The
Happy Eater?
2. Do they have a daily special? What does it include?
3. Do you think the prices are reasonable at this cafe?
Why? Why not?
4. How many different types of desserts do they have?
5. Do you think they have a good variety of food?
6. How much would a full course meal cost at The
Happy Eater?

Activity 3
Fill in the blanks by using the provided menu.

1. A hamburger is $ __ at this restaurant.

2. All the main courses include __.
3. A side order of French fries costs __.
4. There are __ different choices of beverages at The
Happy Eater.
5. There are __ vegetarian meals on the menu.

Eighth Grade - English 227


Time to read
Conversation and more Read and study the following recipe for
Listen to and read the following conversation between a preparing guacamole.
husband and his wife carefully. Look up any new words
in a dictionary. Ingredients:
3-4 ripe avocados
A: Hey, Sofia. What 2 tablespoons of lime juice
do you want for the 1 large tomato
family barbecue? a pinch of salt
B: Hmm. How 1-2 hot peppers
about chicken and cilantro
chorizos, Salvador? onion
A: Ok. We have some 2-3 hard boiled eggs
chicken in the
freezer, but we dont
have any chorizos. How to prepare it:
And there arent First, chop the tomato, hot peppers, onion and hard
any vegetables. Do boiled eggs. Next, mash the avocados. Then, add them to
we have any soda? the chopped tomato, hot pepper, onion, and egg mixture.
B: No, we dont. We After that, add salt, lime juice and cilantro to your taste.
need some. Stir all the ingredients together. Finally, serve with tortilla
Oh, and lets get some orange juice, too. chips or bread.
A: All right. And how about making a potato salad
and guacamole?
B: Oh, yeah. Everyone enjoys eating potato salad
and guacamole.
A: Youre right. We have to buy the potato salad at
the supermarket.
B: Lets make the guacamole by following my
grandmothers recipe.
A: Ok. Lets make the shopping list. So, we need some
avocados. Are there any tomatoes at home?
B: No, we need to buy some.
A: Ok. And we need some onions and some
limes, too.
B: Oh, I dont want any onions in the guacamole. I
hate onions!
A: Then lets buy some cilantro and some hot peppers.
They are delicious in guacamole.
B: Good idea. And some eggs, too.

4 Activity Activity 5
Answer the following questions about the previous conversation. Answer the following questions with your
own information.
1. What do they want for the family barbecue?
2. Will they prepare potato salad at home? 1. Do you know any other way to prepare guacamole?
3. Whose recipe will they follow to make the guacamole? 2. Do you know any recipes for typical Salvadoran food?

Barbecue: food made on the grill.

228 English - Eighth Grade


Time to read
Read the following short paragraph. Look up any new
words in a dictionary.

There are many kinds of foods: fruits, vegetables,

meats, grains, beans, nuts, sweets, dairy products, and
seasonings. Some foods are eaten raw, some are cooked,
and some can be eaten either raw or cooked. Carrots, for
example, can be eaten raw or they can be cooked. Foods
come in different colors and textures, and each food has
a different flavor. People like some foods but not others.
It is important to eat a variety of foods and not to eat too
much. When people eat too much food they become fat.
When they eat too little, they become skinny.

What for?

Using store coupons, where available, and buying

6 Activity
certain items in large quantities can save you
money in the long run.

Choose the letter that best answers each question.

1. Which of the following does not belong in this 6. Which food group is expressed in question 5?
food group?
A. meat, poultry, fish group
A. banana
B. beef
B. fruit group
C. peach
C. vegetable group

7. What food doesnt belong to this food group?

2. Which food group is expressed in question 1?
A. chocolate milk
A. fats, oils and sweets group
B. cream cheese
B. fruit group
C. fruit juice
C. dairy group

8. Which food group is expressed in question 7?

3. Which food doesnt belong to this food group?
A. fruit group
A. chicken
B. dairy group
B. steak
C. meat, poultry, fish group
C. kiwi

9. Which food doesnt belong to this food group?

4. Which food group is expressed in question 3?
A. noodles
A. bread, cereal, rice and pasta group
B. crackers
B. meat, poultry, fish group
C. macaroni
C. vegetable group

10. Which food group is expressed in question 9?

5. Which food doesnt belong to this food group?
A. bread, cereal, rice and pasta group
A. zucchini
B. vegetable group
B. potato
C. apple C. fruit group

Eighth Grade - English 229


Language in use
Quantifiers are words that are used to state quantity or
amount of something without stating the actual number.
Activity 7
Quantifiers answer the questions How many? and
How much? Choose the letter that best completes each statement.
Quantifiers can be used with plural countable nouns and 1. Would you like __ juice?
uncountable nouns. These must agree with the noun.
A. many
There are 3 main types of quantifiers: quantifiers that are B. some
used with countable nouns, quantifiers that are used with C. much
uncountable nouns, and the quantifiers that are used
with either countable nouns or uncountable nouns.
2. No, I dont. But I have __ apples, if youd like to
How much versus how many make apple juice instead.
A. We use the question How many? with countable A. a little
nouns. B. any
C. a few
1. A: How many pears do we need to buy? 3. There are __ eggs to prepare the omelets for breakfast.
B: We only need three pears.
A. many
2. A: How many lemons do you want? B. much
B: I want six lemons. C. a little

B. We use the question How much? with uncountable

or mass nouns. 4. How many gallons of water did you bring for the
trip?... I just have __ gallons.
Examples: A. much
1. A: How much money do you need? B. a little
B: I need just a little. C. a few

2. A: How much sugar do you want?

B: I dont need any sugar.

Read and study the following table:

Question used Quantifiers Count nouns Mass nouns Quantifiers in sentences
How much? much - x I don't have much money.
How many? many x - I don't have many apples.
How many? few x - We have few apples in the refrigerator.
How many? a few x - We have a few cucumbers for the week.
How much? little - x There is a little milk.
There is some honey.
How many? some x x
There are some eggs.
Is there any sugar?
How many? any x x
There arent any tomatoes.
We have a lot of lettuce.
How many? a lot of x x
Lets buy o lot of oranges for the week.

230 English - Eighth Grade


Hands on! 3E
Activity 9
For the last part of your project, revise the products
you have recently purchased and check that the
quantity, price, and weight of them match with Listen to and repeat the following questions, and then
what you are really looking for. If not, you have answer them with your own information.
the right to claim and ask for a full refund. Include
these aspects in your consumers rights checklist. 1. What vegetables do you like?
2. What fruits and vegetables dont you like?
8 Activity 3. What other foods do you like or not like?
4. What kinds of desserts do you like best?
Choose the letter that best completes each statement.
5. What kinds of cereal do you like best?
1. Please go to the store and pick up a __ of milk.
A. bag 6. What kinds of juice do you like?
B. half gallon
C. pound 7. What is your favorite food?
8. What food does your family like?
2. This recipe calls for a __ of butter.
A. dozen
B. stick
C. can

3. My cat eats a __ of tuna every day.

A. can
B. loaf
C. bag

4. I like to drink a __ of mineral water after

I exercise.
A. pound
B. stick
C. bottle Lesson core

5. I want to make a peanut butter and jelly Conociste los diferentes tipos de alimentos
sandwich. But the __ of peanut butter is empty. de una dieta balanceada: frutas, vegetales o
A. six-pack legumbres, granos y pastas, carnes, cereales,
B. jar productos lcteos entre otros. Adems, conociste
C. Box como preparar un plato exquisito como lo es
el Guacamole el cual puede ser preparado de
6. I need three __ of yogurt from the dairy section. diversas formas. Tambin, aprendiste a decir
los diferentes empaques o presentaciones de
A. pounds los productos que se venden en las diferentes
B. containers tiendas, mercados y supermercados. Finalmente,
C. dozen practicaste la pronunciacin y escritura de los
alimentos que ms consumen los salvadoreos.

Eighth Grade - English 231


Self evaluation
Choose the letter or letters that best answer each question or statement.

1 Which of the following foods is not

a vegetable? 3 Which statement is incorrect?
a) I have any apples.
a) carrot b) There is more sugar in the jar.
b) lemon c) There are some eggs.
c) pineapple d) I dont have any money.
d) cucumber

2 Which of the following foods is not a fruit?

a) grapes 4 Which of the following is not in the
meat group?
b) melon a) beef
c) strawberry b) pork
d) potato c) chicken
d) beans

4. d 3.a 2.d 1. b, c Answers:


Brown rice provides benefits for life. While white

rice is eaten in nearly every society around the
world, brown rice can be part of the foundation
for a healthy diet. Brown rice is a 100% whole
grain food. It contains a nutrient- thick bran
and internal germ layer where the majority
of the fiber, vitamins B6 and E, selenium and
others compounds are found. White rice simply
does not have this.

232 English - Eighth Grade

Answer Key
Lesson 1 Activity 7: 1. medium red Spanish leather riding
boots 2. a beautiful small white
Activity 1: 1. A 2. B 3. A Salvadoran cotton dress 3. a large
Activity 2: 1. G 2. F 3. E 4. D 5. C 6. B 7. A brown American leather jacket
Activity 3: 1. B 2. A 3. B 4. A 5. B 6. B Activity 8: Answers may vary.
Activity 4: Answers may vary. Activity 9: Answers may vary.
Activity 5: 1. B 2. B 3. A 4. C 5. C Activity 10: 1. cardboard 2. plastic 3. glass
4. leather 5. wax 6. wood 7. metal
Activity 6: 1. man 2. Mothers 3. purse 4. brown
8. rubber
5. expensive 6. design 7. small
Activity 11: 1. B 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. B 6. B 7. B
Activity 7: Use: mirror, knife, electric razor, lotion,
magnifying glass, soap, toothbrush.
Wear: sunglasses, perfume, sneakers,
earrings, deodorant.
Activity 8: 1. F 2. E 3. D 4. C 5. B 6. A
Lesson 3
Activity 9: Answers may vary. Activity 1: 1. one thousand dollars 2. seven
Activity 10: 1. He is wearing blue jeans and a black hundred and ninety dollars
T-shirt. 2. She is wearing a long, black Activity 2: 1. $733 2. $1,003 3. $603 4. $713
dress. 3. They are wearing sunglasses 5. $903 6. $830 7. $833
and white polo shirts. Activity 3: 1. $500 five hundred dollars 2. $999
Activity 11: 1. expensive 2. cheap 3. reasonable nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars
4. cash 5. credit card 6. check 7. tight 3. $650 six hundred and fifty dollars
8. baggy 9. fit 10. discount 11. tip 4. $700 seven hundred dollars
12. tax 5. $1000 one thousand dollars
Activity 12: Answers may vary. 6. $750 seven hundred and fifty dollars
7. $613 six hundred and thirteen dollars
Activity 4: 1. surf the internet 2. Yes 3. sometimes
4. no 5. no.
Lesson 2 Activity 5: 1. a television 2. $650
Activity 6: 1. True 2. False 3. False 4. False
Activity 1: 1. A 2. B 3. B
Activity 7: 1. C 2. A 3.C 4. B
Activity 2: 1. blue 2. green 3. pink 4. yellow
5. orange 6. green Activity 8: 1. seven hundred and seventy-seven
dollars 2. nine hundred and
Activity 3: 1. white 2. pink 3. red 4. golden
seventy-five dollars 3. eight hundred
5. purple 6. yellow 7. green 8. blue
and sixty-four dollars 4. nine hundred
Activity 4: 1. black 2. white 3. red 4. blue 5. green and ninety-nine dollars 5. eight
6. yellow 7. brown hundred and eighty-eight dollars
Activity 5: 1. A 2. B 3. B 4. A 5. B 6. A 6. five hundred and fifty-five dollars
7. seven hundred and thirty-three dollars
Activity 6: 1, 3, 4, 6, 13, 7, 8, 2, 9, 11, 5, 12, 10

Eighth Grade - English 233

Answer Key
Activity 9: Answers may vary. Lesson 5
Activity 10 1. an LCD computer monitor 2. $510
3. by credit card Activity 1: 1. uncountable 2. countable
3. uncountable 4. countable
Activity 11 1. $1,001 2. $333.13 3. $999.99 5. uncountalbe
4. 555.55 5. 515.05 6. $699.33
7. $800.3 8. $1,000.03 Activity 2: 1. $11.99 2. Yes, it includes an appetizer,
an entree and a dessert. 3. Answers may
Activity 12 1. nine hundred and thirty- three dollars vary. 4. seven 5. Answers may vary.
2. seven hundred and thirteen dollars 6. Answers may vary.
3. five hundred and ninety- three dollars
4. eigth hundred and thirty dollars and Activity 3: 1. $7.95 2. All the meals include rice,
thirty- three cents baked potato or French fries. 3. $1.75
4. seven 5. two
Activity 4: 1. chicken, chorizos, potato salad and
guacamole 2. no 3. grandmothers
Lesson 4 Activity 5: Answers will vary.
Activity 1: 1. Monica 2. Sonsonate 3. her freezer, Activity 6: 1. B 2. B 3. C 4. B 5. C 6. C 7. C 8. B
entertainment center, and dining table 9. B 10. A
Activity 2: Examples: bathroom- shower, bathtub Activity 7: 1. B 2. C 3. A 4. C
and medicine cabinet; bedroom- bed, Activity 8: 1. B 2. B 3. A 4. C 5. B 6. B
dresser and closet; kitchen- can opener, Activity 9: Answers may vary.
knife and coffee pot; living room- coffee
table, sofa and love seat.
Activity 3: Answers may vary.
Activity 4: 1. False 2.True 3. True 4. False
Activity 5: 1. E 2. D 3. C 4. B 5. A
Activity 6: 1. apartment 2. department
3. refrigerator 4. washer 5. laundromat
6. dishwasher 7. dishes 8. soap
9. microwave oven 10. purchase
Activity 7: 1. A 2. A 3. B 4. A 5. A 6. A
Activity 8: 1. laptop 2. 658 3. black 4. 629
Activity 9: 1. broiler 2. can opener 3. dishwasher
4. blow dryer 5. fan 6. freezer 7. iron
8. refrigerator
Activity 10: Answers may vary.
Activity 11: 1. table 2. medicine cabinet 3. scale
4. toaster 5. trash can 6. recliner
7. lamp 8. faucet
Activity 12: 1. A 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. A 6. A 7. A 8. A 9. B

234 English - Eighth Grade

Hands on!

My consumer rights!
With this project you will be able to make a complete checklist of a consumers rights in which you will decide
what relevant information to include. You will have to keep track of the different aspects related to your rights as a
consumer so that at the end of the unit you can have a useful and practical profile output.
Theory and practice
The different phases of the unit 3 project (from Hands on! 3A to Hands on! 3E) gave you ideas on how to make
a consumers rights checklist. With the different project phases you should have kept track of key elements or
concepts to have a clear picture of what a checklist is like.
You should have noticed that when answering different activity contents, you were gaining or obtaining the basic
concepts or aspects related to your rights as a consumer.
Review the activities which gave you some good hints to have an idea on which aspects to take into consideration in
your project profile. These activities provided you with some good background and with this help you will be able to
perform or do your project efficiently.
Wrap up
Include aspects such as the quantity, quality, size, weight, color, design, warranty time and policies and the receipt of
any goods you purchase. You can even ask other people or organizations that defend the rights of the consumers,
such as the CDC (the first association of consumerism in El Salvador), to help you. Check out the following URL:
Look at the following sample of a consumer checklist:

Your consumer rights: Checklist

Consider cost, service & efficiency.
Choose a supplier:
Ask them to sign a contract.
Remember, estimates are not firm prices.
Get a quote:
Ask for written quotes outlining time, costs and guarantees.
Take time to read a contract and read the small print.
What to sign?:
Keep a copy of everything.
Try not to pay in advance.
Deposits & receipts: Only pay for completed work that you have inspected.
Always get a receipt.
Goods and service must be of a satisfactory quality.
Return faulty goods promptly.
Your rights: You are entitled to a refund with or without a receipt.
Contact the company concerned if you are not satisfied with the outcome of
the return.

Eighth Grade - English 235

For the use of a bilingual dictionary:

For more about clothing:

For more practice with colors and materials:

For more practice writing amounts of money:

For pictures and descriptions of home appliances:

For more about food and produce:

For the full article about buying online:

For more information contained in the Language in use sections of each lesson,
take a look at the following English grammar books:
Basic Grammar Use by Cambridge University Press
Fundamental of English Grammar by Longman

236 English - Eighth Grade