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Unit 5
keep in shape!

At the end of the unit you will be able to:
Recognize oral and written language related to healthy eating
habits, exercising and sports, as well as the use of imperatives in
the context of daily life activities in order to communicate with peers
and others.
Produce spoken and written language by using the acquired
vocabulary and structures in order to communicate ideas related to
healthy habits within a present and past time frame.
Value and diffuse the importance of healthy habits to achieve
personal well-being.


Unit 5
Keep in shape!

Listening Grammar
Speaking Vocabulary
Reading Pronunciation

Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 5
Health Food pyramid Exercising and Past Daily activities and
problems and eating sports activities good habits

Unit Guidelines
In this unit you will be able to talk about health problems, the food pyramid and eating habits, exercising and sports
and daily activities and good habits. You will learn vocabulary related to the body, common health problems, and
routines. You will learn the past tense to talk about activities. As an independent learner, it is recommended that you
keep track of your own learning progress.

Introduction: Hands on!
In this unit, you will work on the project called “My exercise plan”. This project focuses on different stages or phases
that you will make in order to plan in detail a fitness and health program right for you. To fulfill this project you must
be careful when planning your exercise plan or program. You may consider a special diet, a daily routine, good habits,
kinds of exercises and sports, the food you eat and other things when making your fitness program. By the end of the
unit, you will be able to plan a complete fitness and health program.

Look at and study the following links where you can find samples:

192 English - Eighth Grade

Unit Five Lesson 1
How do you feel today?
Getting started!

¿ ómo se dicen las enfermedades más comunes en Inglés?
¿Qué haces cuando te encuentras enfermo?
¿Te dan consejos sobre que hacer cuando te sientes enfermo?
¿Tomas remedios caseros para combatir algunos síntomas de
enfermedades comunes?

Achievement indicators
I can politely give advice by using affirmative and negative imperatives.

Which of the following words are names for parts of
the body?
1. head 2. food 3. hand 4. sick 5. stomach 6. doctor
7. foot 8. advice

Conversation and more
Listen to and read the following conversation and
identify the parts of the body that are mentioned. Look
up any new words in a dictionary.

A: Hi. How are you today, Gaby? B: Don’t go to work. Call your boss and ask for
B: Hi, Mark. I am well. Thank you. How do you permission to go to the doctor.
feel today? A: Okay, I can do that. Thank you for the advice.
A: I feel bad. B: No problem. Get better!
B: Why? What’s the matter, Mark?
A: I am sick. I have a terrible pain in my stomach and
in my head.
B: Oh, you mean you have a stomachache and Activity 1
a headache.
A: That’s right. I have not felt well since this morning. Answer the following questions.
B: What did you eat yesterday?
A: I ate two big hamburgers, six fried potatoes and 1. Who is feeling well?
drank three glasses of soda. 2. Who is sick?
B: Only that? Maybe you have an infection. 3. What does the sick person have?
A: I don’t know.
B: Go see the doctor immediately. 4. What advice does the friend give to the sick person?
A: It’s a good idea. But I have to go to work today. 5. Does the sick person have to work today?
Glossary: Advice: a suggestion or recommendation.
Did: the auxiliary to show past tense.
Ate: the past tense of eat.

Eighth Grade - English 193


Enrich your vocabulary
The human body
Study the list of common parts of the body. Listen to and repeat each word out loud.
head nose ear
thumb back

knee thigh



2 Activity

Match the words related to the body on the left with their descriptions on the right.

Words Descriptions
1 chest A the organ of hearing in humans and in vertebrate animals
2 shoulder B the organ of sight and the area close around it, including the lids, lashes, and brows
3 nose C the part of the head that extends from the forehead to the chin and from ear to ear
4 neck D in vertebrate animals, the lower part of the leg below the ankle joint, on which
the body stands and moves
5 mouth E the part on the end of the human arm, used for grasping or holding
6 leg F the body part of a human being or an animal that contains the brain or primary
nerve center and the facial features
7 arm G either of the two upper limbs of the human body, between the shoulders and the wrists
8 head H one of the limbs that support and transport the animal or human body
9 hand I the opening in the face through which one eats, breathes, speaks, and emits vocal
sounds, and which includes the lips, teeth, and tongue
10 foot J the part of the body of both human beings and animals that connects the head
with the trunk
11 face K the structure at the front of the face in people and certain animals that contains
nostrils, organ of smell, and a passageway for breathing
12 eyes L the part of the human body extending from the base of the neck to either upper arm
13 ear M the upper front section of the human body between the neck and the abdomen

194 English - Eighth Grade

what your heart does so it can squirt out the blood. It also carries away the in one. By the time you’re grown up. your heart fills with blood. all the time. __ This sound is called a murmur. and it’s about the size of your fist. organ or extremity. Your heart is really a muscle. Eighth Grade . the middle of your chest. Blood: the red fluid that is pumped through the body by the heart. There are lots of muscles all over your body: in your arms. Blood provides your body with 3. Activity 3 Your heart is really a muscle. But this 2. 1. __ But sometimes they are a sign of a problem with the heart. The besides the heart? heart is one tough worker! 3. 5. it squeezes tighter. The right side of your beating (pumping) about 90 times a minute. __ In some people. Where is your heart located? Your heart does this all day and all night. even in your behind. heart receives blood from the body and pumps it to the lungs. Where else can you find muscles in your body liters) of recycled blood by filling and contracting. It sounds sort of like the noise of water flowing through a hose. The heart is one tough worker! body. The blood doesn’t provide your body with the muscle is special because of what it does. in your back. It receives blood from the lungs and pumps it out to the 6. Then it contracts to squirt the blood Activity 4 along. blood around your body. Your heart is sort of like a pump or two pumps the oxygen and nutrients it needs. It’s located a little to the left of Decide whether the following statements are true or false. Try squeezing your hand into a fist. Squirt: to spray or shot. Your heart does this all day and all night.000 gallons (7. your heart will be beating (pumping) about 70 times a minute.English 195 . in your legs. When something contracts. How does the heart beat? Before each beat. That’s sort of like Answer the following questions. Organs: internal parts of the body. 1. The left side of the heart does the exact opposite. lub-dub. the heart sends oxygen and nutrients it needs. Every day an adult heart pumps 2. waste that your body has to get rid of. Tough: hard or strong. Most murmurs aren’t a sign that something is wrong. Limb: a member. By the time you’re grown up. Why do we need a heart? Activity 5 Put the following statements in the correct order. Look up any new words in a dictionary. all the time. Your heart is sort of 4. Vertebrate: have a backbone with a spinal column. UNIT 5 Time to read Read the following passage about hearts carefully.500 2. your heart will be like a pump or two pumps in one. __ You know the sound of your heartbeat: lub-dub. Glossary: Fist: a hand with the fingers clenched or clamp together in the palm (as for hitting). there’s an extra noise that the blood makes as it flows through the heart.

We still have the operation. Nauseous: queasy or sick to the stomach. But I think I can help. Julia does not need surgery. __ That’s a great idea. Julia is well now. doctor.UNIT 5 Conversation and more Listen to and read the following conversation carefully. A: Okay. Is there good news or bad news? 5. Julia. __ That’s too bad. A: Hi. 196 English . changed my medication. Dr. A: Great. Peter. After the operation you need to rest for three weeks. Glossary: Benign: not fatal or serious. It looks like you’re going to need surgery to remove the tumor from your leg. We’re going to take it out a conversation. Heals. The doctor has only good news. I don’t feel so good today. __ Well. Remove: to take out or extract. I think I feel a little weak and dizzy. That Activity 7 means you cannot play soccer. The information might be helpful in diagnosing your problem and prescribing medicine for your condition. The doctor changed Julia’s medication. __ Maybe you haven’t eaten right these days. How are you feeling today? 1. A: Don’t get too excited. B: I was afraid of that. Are you still feeling nauseous? 2. 4. How are you? __ Oh.Eighth Grade . Let’s have a healthy and nutritional lunch. A: I guess it’s a little of both. What for? Be prepared to discuss your past medical history when speaking with a doctor. Thanks. B: No. I feel better now! B: Wow. you’re right. what a relief! Thanks. which means you Put the following statements in the correct order to make do not have cancer. and then listen to the conversation. A: That’s good to hear. Lump: inflammation or protuberance. B: A little bit better. Which do you want first? B: I want to hear the bad news first. The results of the test show that the tumor is benign. Decide whether the following statements are true or false. John. B: It’s about time. Avoid: to keep away from or evade. Surgery: operation. __ Why? What’s the matter? __ Hey. The biopsy shows that the tumor is benign. Then I’ll take you to the doctor. A: Now for the good news. __ Yes. I haven’t felt sick to my stomach since you 3. I have a stomachache and a strong headache. Your test results came in this morning. anyway just to avoid future problems. Activity 6 Look up any new words in a dictionary.

feels 9 Activity Match the phrases on the left with the phrases on the right to make complete sentences. headache B. What illnesses do you think the people in the pictures are suffering from? a backache an earache a stomachache a cold a toothache a rash chicken pox a sore throat a fever a headache a cough the flu diarrhea 8 Activity Choose the letter that best completes each statement. I feel __. so I’m going to lie down. headache C. so I need to see a dentist. earache These bumps might be itchy. UNIT 5 Enrich your vocabulary Study each common health problem. It happens when a tube between your ear and the back of your nose gets blocked. Sue had a __ after eating too many apples. My foot __. wonderful A. 2 A rash B is often caused by an ear infection following a cold. stomachache B. It’s not true that the cold and damp cause flu.These are very catching and are passed on by coughing or sneezing. well C. pains B. A. stomachache C. These are on both sides at the back of your throat. 4 An D is when your skin looks different and is redder than normal with little bumps. and I can’t walk. but it is more common from autumn to spring. 1 Tonsillitis A is an infection of the nose and throat. 3. 5 Colds E is a condition where the tonsils get infected and swollen. A. 1. They are small lumps of tissue. hurts C. toothache A. tooth pain 2. The virus attacks your body’s cells. Eighth Grade .They are caused by one of about 100 different viruses. sick B. 3 The flu C is a disease caused by a virus. I have a __. 4.English 197 .

6. Answer:Go see the dentist. 3. I think you (should/shouldn’t) try to speak to her for We should take our We shouldn’t do too she’s in a good mood now. keep track of your personal health problems and physical condition. 2. When you use Re-write the following statements by using imperatives.Eighth Grade . giving instructions and advice. Using imperatives this. Don’t take that without prescription. 1. You (should/shouldn’t) exercise more because you He should go see the He shouldn’t take that look tired. Rest. an imperative. You shouldn’t stay at your so much. 5. medicine on time. “Should” in affirmative “Should” in negative statements statements 2. You have to go to the hospital. You (should/shouldn’t) speak to your mother like B. you can use the following statements. making recommendations and suggestions. Example: You have to go see the dentist. 4. and making offers. Affirmative statements Negative statements Example:You don’t have to go to the dentist’s office. on time. How do you feel? Take some notes. You don’t have to walk too much. doctor. You don’t have to work today. sick. Follow the doctor’s Don’t disobey the doctor’s advice. You have to drink a lot of water. You (should/shouldn’t) be so selfish. Don’t stay at home (please). 4. Go see the doctor. much exercise at night. Answer:Don’t go to the dentist’s office. advice.UNIT 5 Language in use Giving advice in English Activity 10 A. such as telling people what to do. without a prescription. Before beginning any kind of exercise program. We use imperatives for different reasons. their mother. you can use the imperative and the word “please” to sound polite. exercise at night. grandmother’s house. If you want to give advice to Activity 11 someone who is sick. 5. I don’t think you (should/shouldn’t) smoke You should stay at home. Stay at home (please). Using “should” and “shouldn’t” If you want to give some advice to someone who is Choose the word that best completes each statement. 1. You are overweight. Be polite and respect her. you should go see the doctor for a medical examination. You (should/shouldn’t) go They should follow the They shouldn’t disobey on a diet. doctor’s advice. Take your medicine Don’t do too much 3. you do not have to use or mention a subject. Don’t rest too much. You don’t have to stay at home. 198 English . Hands on! 5A For the first part the project.

you should eat hot chicken 4. leíste algunos artículos relacionados a las enfermedades y tratamientos de las mismas. 5. 1. What should people do when they have a headache? Match the health problems on the left with the advice on the right. What are the most common health problems soup. Health problem Advice 1 a headache A call the dentist 2 a cold B drink hot tea with lemon and honey 3 dehydration C take some acetaminophen 4 a toothache D drink a lot of water 5 a stomachache E don’t eat too much 6 a sore throat F have hot chicken soup and rest Lesson core Conociste diferentes enfermedades más comunes que las personas sufren. fever. carefully. and then answer the questions. What do people usually do when suffering from lemon juice. Also. you should not watch TV or read. escritura de esas enfermedades y de las partes del cuerpo. What things should you and shouldn’t you do when you have a common illness? 1) When you have a cold. Eighth Grade . practicaste la pronunciación. But many Salvadorans also use are sick? home remedies for common illnesses. estudiaste como se dan sugerencias o consejos a las personas cuando estas están padeciendo de algunas enfermedades comunes. Do most people take medicine by themselves or go 2) When you have a headache. UNIT 5 12 Activity Activity 13 Read the following passage about Salvadoran home remedies Answer the following questions with your own information. What do you usually do when you have In El Salvador people often go to the doctor for help or common illness? get medicine from the drugstore whenever people have 2. Do some Salvadorans use home remedies when they have common illnesses? 2. así como varias partes del cuerpo humano. a fever or the flu. What should people do when they have a cold? Activity 14 3. Además.English 199 . Finalmente. you should apply an ice see the doctor? pack or splash your face with cold water. What kind of medicine do people usually take for a spot of the pain. 3. Do your parents give you home remedies when you a cold. sugar or honey. También. This will help you clear your nose and head. It is a good idea to put slices of potato with rubbing alcohol on the exact 7. ginger and chamomile tea leaves. a stomachache or a cold? 1. Some people suffer from in El Salvador? people drink a mixture of hot water. these problems? 6. Here are a couple of simple and practical home remedies.

d Answers: HOME REMEDIES For natural home remedies.Eighth Grade . the kitchen is a great place to start. Home remedies are purer because you know exactly what goes into them. b. d) They can work now. Making your own remedies is much cheaper than buying medicine. d 1. a. a. a. 4. a. b) stomach b) She shouldn’t work with c) tonsillitis high fever. d) diabetes c) They should take their medicine. b 2. You will feel a lot better! 200 English . c. c 3.UNIT 5 Self evaluation Choose the letter or letters that best answer each question. d) foot d) You are very sick. You can find almost all of the ingredients you would possibly need to make remedies to deal with common illnesses. c. b) headache b) Rest and relax. and they are made just the way you need them! Does this sound too good to be true? Do a little research and become aware of all of the benefits of making your own home remedies instead of buying medicine from the drugstore. 2 Which of the following words are illnesses? 4 Which of the following statements express advice? a) headache a) You should go see the dentist. c) hand c) You don’t have to come to work. 1 Which of the following words are parts of the body? a) head 3 Which of the following sentences use imperatives? a) Don’t stay home.

Which of the following foods are healthy? 1. You get nearly no Conversation and more nutrients and no dietary fiber. I can correctly quantify food and other items by using too many and too much. I always get them. Dietary: nutritional or dietetic. and then repeat it out loud. Who is on a diet? A: They’re still full of calories. Where are they? B: Um. You don’t eat this kind of B. I am thinking about it. Sodium level: level of salt. seafood 6. Reduced fat: a lowered amount of fat. Why. Look up any new words in a dictionary. They may be reduced A. Do you Choose the letter that best answers each question. fruit 2. you’re not buying that. pizza A: Look at the percent daily values. Wendy? Activity 1 A: There is a lot of fat in it. Wendy! Listen to and read the following conversation carefully. The sodium level is also very high. I do. come on. but they’re not low fat.English 201 . low-fat B. A: Rosa. hot dogs 3. and it’s full of carbohydrates. B: Oh. live and recorded audio sources. Eighth Grade . at a supermarket A: What are these cookies doing in the basket? B. and it’s full of sugar. A: Don’t forget we are on a diet. A. Kind: type or class. really want to eat that? 1. Wendy and Rosa fat. ice cream 7. A. only Wendy cereal do you? 3. see? 2. are you? B: Well. I guess not. vegetables 4. What kind of cookies is Rosa buying? B: Yeah. high fat Glossary: Nutrient: a source of nourishment. Unit Five Lesson 2 How often do you eat healthy food? Getting started! ¿Qué es comer saludablemente? ¿Cuál es la clasificación de los alimentos según la pirámide alimenticia? ¿Cuántas calorías debería consumir un niño y un adulto diariamente? ¿Practicas buenos hábitos alimenticios? Achievement indicators I can successfully identify vocabulary related to healthy food and I can extract specific information on foods and eating habits from good eating habits. I got the low-fat kind. at a restaurant B: Those are my favorite. humburguers 5. Low fat: the least amount of fat.

How often do you eat meat? 4. How many servings of vegetables should you eat yellow — fats and oils each day? blue — milk and dairy products 3. fish. fish. Or are you 2 to 3 servings of meat.UNIT 5 Enrich your vocabulary The Food Pyramid is one way for people to understand how to eat healthy. oils & sweets sparingly Pyramid to see if you need to make any changes in your diet. vertical stripes Activity 2 represents the five food groups plus fats and oils. cereal. Study the Food use fats. What foods are the least nutritious and should be the smallest part of your diet? Activity 3 Answer the following questions with your own information. & pasta positively to your exercise program. or pasta should orange — grains you eat each day? green — vegetables red — fruits 2. 1. How many servings of fruit should you eat each day? purple — meat. poultry. 1. 3 to 5 servings of vegetables Now keep track of your personal eating habits to 2 to 4 servings of fruits find out if you are consuming healthy food and 2 to 3 servings of milk. cheese. How many servings of meat. and nuts 4. or yogurt should you eat each day? 5. 202 English . eating unhealthy food on a regular basis? You may eggs & nuts need to change your eating habits. How often do you eat fruits? 2. How often do you eat vegetables? 3. How many servings of breads. dry beans. beans. How many servings of milk. beans. rice. rice. yogurt & cheese a balanced nutritious diet which will contribute 6 to 11 servings of bread. fish. A rainbow of colored. The USDA expanded the four food groups to six and the number of Hands on! 5B servings to meet the calorie needs of most people. How often do you eat nutritious food? The Food Guide Pyramid is a tool used to teach people to eat a balanced diet from a variety of food portions without counting calories or any other nutrient. Here’s what the colors stand for: Answer the following questions. or nuts should you eat each day? 6.Eighth Grade .

Eat plenty of plants. and green beans. rather eating the right kinds of foods. best choices. fruits. A healthy diet also includes exercising on a regular basis. Eating plenty plants is healthiest. and salty snacks can be eaten as much as you want. __ Developing healthy eating habits is simpler and easier than you might think. foods. potatoes. broccoli. and whole grains. Taking a multivitamin can 2. UNIT 5 Time to read Read the following suggestions taken from the article “Following the Healthy Eating Pyramid” carefully. The ___ food group includes apples. and yogurt. not on food. __ You will look and feel better if you make a habit of eating healthy foods. 1. rice. The ___ food group includes milk. bananas. Eating a plant-based diet vegetable sugar nutrients fruit is healthiest. ___ is a sweet-tasting substance found in many 3. Listen to and put the following statements in the correct order to make a complete paragraph. Activity 6 2. 6. dairy meat grains 4. not grams. 5. The ___ food group includes meat from animals. which is unhealthy when added. ___ are the parts of food that give us energy and help our bodies grow. A healthy diet does not only meaning eating healthy foods but also exercising on a regular basis. __ Healthy eating habits are your ticket to a healthier body and mind. Focus on grams. or seeds. Red meat. sugary drinks. Look Activity 5 up any new words in a dictionary. Decide whether the following statements are true or false. To become healthier. Don’t eat so much red meat. 7. you like to eat meat. you should practice the __ You will have more energy and think more clearly. following suggestions: 1. To be healthy. That means choose plenty of vegetables. and oranges. potatoes. 4. includes carrots. 2. 3.English 203 . you shouldn’t worry about how much food you eat but Complete the following statements by using the words given below. Taking a multivitamin is a good idea. cheese. Eighth Grade . fish and poultry are the pineapple. They’re very unhealthy. Exercise. ___ make up a food group that includes plants like be a good way to put vitamins in your body if you wheat. Focus on food. oats. 3. don’t like eating fruits or vegetables. and salty snacks. __ Your immune system will be stronger so you will not get sick as often. 4 Activity 4. Take multivitamins. sugary drinks. The ___ food group is made up of plants and 5. If 1. 5.

Some fats are better for you than others. A: In which foods can we find proteins? B: Foods like meat and poultry. Glossary: Source: supply. crackers. Some fats are better for you than others. 3. Gain: obtain or increase. If you eat too many carbs at one time. carbs are a great source of energy for our bodies. rice. If you eat too many carbs at one time. your blood glucose may Activity 8 get too high. and fat every day will help keep your 5. 4. Having protein in your meal helps you build A: And how about fat? strong muscles. Don’t forget! Buying and eating a variety of snacks and candy is a part of everyday life. from food. olives. Are crackers an example a carbohydrate? blood glucose close to normal. margarine. 204 English . nuts. your blood They are also found in peanut butter and glucose may not get too high. B: They are found in foods like bread. A: What about proteins. Answer the following questions about the previous conversation. but too much fat can make you gain weight. However. What kind of doctor is this? B: Our bodies get energy from the food we eat every 2. 1. cheese. Look up any new words in a dicionary. There are three main sources of fuel that we get from food: carbohydrates. Dr. A: Can you tell us more about these three main sources of fuel? B: Okay. protein. How many sources of fuel are there? day. 4. and 3. A: Which fats are good for our bodies? B: Fats in small portions of mayonnaise. Fuel: any material that is burned or altered in order to obtain energy. Eating a balance of foods that contain carbs. Is a slice of avocado an example of good fat source? protein. soy products. Limited: not all of the time. Robinson? 1. Heals? 2. Our bodies get energy from the food we eat every day. and eggs. A: Where can we find carbs? Decide whether the following statements are true or false. There are three main sources of fuel that come B: Protein helps build strong muscles and bones. Dr. tortillas and cereals. Many foods contain carbs. A: How does food affect our body. Glucose: sugar in the blood. B: Fats are a good source of fuel for the body and help you grow. Which are these three sources of fuel? fat. do not over abuse this food group. Carbs: an abbreviation for carbohydrates.Eighth Grade . Fat does not make blood glucose go up 5. oatmeal. olive oil and avocados are all good for you on a limited basis. Try not to eat too much candy or snacks to keep a balanced diet.UNIT 5 Conversation and more Listen to and read the following interview with a nutritionist Activity 7 carefully.

. pastries..600  Inactive women. The dietary guidelines suggest a goal of thirty percent or less of total calories from fat. In a diet Which is about right for.English 205 . and then see how your diet stacks up.. and some 93  very active women  9 Activity Do the foods you eat provide more fat than is good for you? Answer the questions below. Study the table below. Eighth Grade . The grams of total fat with daily shown provide 30% of calories of.800  Teenage boys. or cakes?         Sauces. many active men. and many inactive men 2. or tortillas?         Whipped cream. Americans follow a diet in which about thirty-six percent of the calories come from fat. or toast?         Take a look at your answers. teenage girls. You should cut back on the amount you eat as well as the number of times you eat fatty foods. this indicates that you may have a high fat intake. luncheon meats.. sour cream. gravies or regular salad dressings?         Breads such as croissants. muffins. young children.  Never Sometimes   Often Always Fried or breaded foods? (like french fries)         Fatty meats such as sausage.. If you have three or more responses in the last two columns. UNIT 5 Enrich your vocabulary Calories and fat On average. calories 1. 73  women who are pregnant or breast feeding. and some 53  older adults  2. Question Frequency How often do you eat. or cream cheese?         Butter or margarine on vegetables. cheese. or ice cream?         High-fat desserts such as pies. active women. or steaks         and roasts? Whole milk. This is too high for good health for many people.200  Most children. dinner rolls..

You put too much sugar in my coffee. I’m sorry but I didn’t have ___ money to buy you a drink.Eighth Grade . 1. Use of the quantifier Example in phrases “too” 3. There aren’t ___ buses. I didn’t eat ___ food. I’m going to work next door. There’s ___ sugar in it! 2. There are too many people to fit in the car. Which ice cream shall we have? There are ___ too much + uncountable too much sugar. Study the following examples: 2. We always have to wait. 206 English . 6. There is too much fatty food. too flavors to choose from! nouns much fat too many + countable too many problems. 7. much” is used with non count nouns and “too many” is used with plural count nouns. “Too “too many”. I do too much exercise in the mornings. 11. 1. and I’ve had my lunch. 2. 9. I did ___ exercise at the gym yesterday. It’s very crowded on this beach. I do not have ___ space in this suitcase. There is too much poverty in the world. There are ___ TV channels. Read and study the following statements: 5. 10. I can never decide Compare the following examples: which one to watch. I haven’t eaten very much! You’ve eaten far too Activity 11 much in my opinion! Write 10 original sentences by using the quantifiers “too much” and too many. 3. I’ll never finish by tomorrow! “Too much” and “too many” can be used without nouns if the meaning is clear. There are too many vegetables in the vegetarian diet. 1. I can’t fit all my clothes in it. Yuck! This tea is too sweet. 7. There are ___ people. 5. 8. There is ___ noise in here. I have ___ tasks to do. too 4. 6.UNIT 5 Language in use Quantifiers: “Too much” and “too many” Activity 10 Quantifiers tell how many or how much. My muscles nouns many sodas are really aching. Follow the examples above. I am still feeling hungry. but there weren’t too many in the kitchen. Selecting the correct quantifier depends on your understanding of the Complete the following statements by using “too much” or distinction between count and non count nouns. 4. There are too many diets around the world. There were many kids in the dining room.

Do you follow a healthy diet? grain meat 3. bananas. asi como conocer las diferentes partes más importantes del cuerpo humano. Does your family cook with olive oil? bones and teeth. Finalmente. The __ group contains calcium. How often do you eat or cook healthy food? 1. French fries. Let’s get out of here because there are (too many/too 4.English 207 . beans 13 Activity Activity 15 Answer the following questions with your own information. Men think women spend (too much/too many) money on clothes. 1. 4. carrots. He drinks (too many/too much) beer every day. Complete the statements by using the words given below. pork chop. fruit cocktail. strawberries. 6. and then choose the much” or “too many”. which helps our 6. practicaste como se escriben los diferentes grupos alimenticios y como estos contribuyen al funcionamiento del cuerpo humano. let’s go somewhere else. UNIT 5 12 Activity Activity 14 Complete the following statements by choosing either “too Read each group of food items carefully. 5. mango juice much) people in this room! 5. 2. apple juice. yogurt. fish sticks. hamburger 2. orange. orange juice. Lesson core Conociste diferentes tipos de alimentos que componen la pirámide alimenticia en inglés. fried chicken. Además. Eighth Grade . estudiaste diferentes hábitos alimenticios. Are you on a diet? the body with energy. crackers. The __ groups have a variety of vitamins and help the immune system and fight infections. rye bread. buttermilk. which builds strong muscles. 3. Are you vegetarian? 2. American cheese. higiénicos y personales. The __ group has protein. soft drink. About how many calories do you consume fruit and every day? dairy vegetables 2. apples. leíste acerca de diferentes actividades o rutinas diarias que realizan diferentes tipos de personas. 3. cantaloupe 8. 2% reduced fat milk. potato chips. 7. turkey. milk chocolate candy bar 5. item that does not belong. También. The __ group contains carbohydrates that provide 4. fried egg 4. grapefruit. There’s (too many/too much) noise here. dinner roll 3. milk cream every day. cucumber. He is fat because he eats (too many/too much) ice 1. 1. frozen yogurt.

a.Eighth Grade . 208 English . Nutrient density is a measure of the amount of nutrients a food contains in comparison to the number of calories. the majority contain at least several of the nutrients our bodies need.UNIT 5 Self evaluation Choose the letter or letters that best answer each question. minerals. b. d 1. fiber and morefor the least number of calories. including vitamins.a. c. A food is more nutrient dense when the level of nutrients is high in relationship to the number of calories the food contains. By eating foods with high nutritional values. you’ll get all the essential nutrients that you need for excellent health. 1 Which of the following foods is not from the dairy group? 3 Which of the following foods are high in proteins? a) milk a) meat b) cheese b) poultry without skin c) cream c) eggs d) tea d) olive oil 2 Which of the following foods is not from the meat group? 4 Which of the following foods are high in carbohydrates? a) fish a) wheat bread b) chicken b) fish c) turkey c) crackers d) pasta d) cereals 4. d 3. d Answers: IMPORTANT NUTRIENTS Among the thousands of different foods our world provides. c 2.

when you play individual sports you 1. you can increase 2. A: What kinds of sports do you like to play? B: I like swimming and I like doing yoga. That’s true. I like sports that involve individuals. swimming 4. fitness 8. correct use of the present tense. Unit Five Lesson 3 How do you keep in shape? Getting started! ¿Cómo te mantienes en forma? ¿Cómo se dicen las diferentes actividades físicas o deportes en Inglés? Qué tipo de ejercicios haces? ¿Tienes un programa o plan de ejercicios y dietas en tu vida cotidiana? Achievement indicators I can describe exercising habits with appropriate vocabulary and I can correctly label different sports and fitness activities. Why does he practice yoga? B: I like to do yoga to relax and release my stress. That’s true. you can play sports year round cause it’s really warm there? B: Yes. actually. Chamba. It’s much better for me. not the team sports. Activity 1 A: That’s interesting. 3. A: Like when you’re swimming. /z/ and / I can successfully recognize vocabulary related to sports and fitness iz/ for third person singular verb endings. A: What about yoga? 4. Where is Chamba from? can compete with yourself. Why? What is it about team sports that you don’t like? Answer the following questions. jogging Conversation and more Listen to and read the following conversation carefully. Does he like individual or team sports? B: Yes. habit 7. you are from El Salvador? B: Yes. Look up any new words in a dictionary. shape 5. Which of the following words are names of sports? 1. A: Really? B: Yes. Eighth Grade . I can clearly recognize and reproduce the phonemes /s/. A: So. basketall 6. What kind of sports does he like to play? your time. activities in different written texts. A: You don’t like team sports? B: No.English 209 . yoga 2. A: So. people 3. B: Well.

is an indoor team sport that is similar to soccer and basketball. with players trying to score goals by moving a ball into a large net. Motocross A. is a martial art. the vault. 210 English . is the skiing version of sprinting. running and jogging. 8. 2. the beam and the bars. 6.” wins. dirt racetrack with many turns. 7. 5. Baseball I. Basketball H. Gymnastics E. Look at the sports below. Cross country G.UNIT 5 Enrich your vocabulary Team sports Sports and games There are different kinds of sports that you can play and practice to keep you in shape and healthy. is a sport in which two teams score points by shooting a ball through a hoop. 4. Football F. Judo C. is a competitive team sport in which each team tries to score points by carrying or kicking a football into the other team’s end zone. Handball D. is a team game in which the team that scores more points. Karate B.Eighth Grade . Do you practice any of these? Individual sports beach volleyball tennis soccer bowling 2 Activity Match the words on the left with the phrases on the right to make complete sentences. 9. a form of fighting that has evolved into a sport. is a martial art that looks similar to karate and wrestling. 3. Sport Description 1. is a motorcycle race over a hilly. balance and coordination to perform moves in four events: the floor. is a sport in which athletes combine athletic skill. called “runs.

flowers 3. Misleading: confusing or incorrectly. 3 Activity Decide whether the following statements are true or false. Exercising with a machine is unnatural and potentially more harmful if not under close supervision. calmness. and the sound of nature are not very 4. 2. The concept of “no pain no gain” is misleading and creates more problems than good. Exercising with a machine is natural and potentially Answer the following questions with your own information. Flow: stream or current. the smell of the earth. Older people are particularly vulnerable. They are good for us both physically and mentally. Why do people play sports? 5. over doing it will result 6. over doing it important not to ignore the early sign of distress while will result in health problems and injuries. the heart enjoys a good workout. 1. It benefits the lungs and gives the body a good supply of oxygen. promote related injuries. the sound of nature and the birds and bees are all very relaxing and calming. the sun. Exercise is necessary for good health. Aerobic exercise is any type of exercise that gets the heart pumping and quickens your breathing. 7. exercising and know when to stop. They retard aging. Which new sports would you like to try? and trees. Adequate exercise is healthy.English 211 . cycling. Do you like to watch professional sports on television? in health problems and injuries. tai chi and qi-gong emphasize mindlessness. 5. the sun. Overdo: to exceed or exaggerate. Exercise is necessary for good health. relaxation and concentration. but require both the body and mind to join together. Who do you usually play sports with? relaxing and calming. Hiking. What for? Like other muscles. What is your favorite sport to watch? Glossary: Brisk: fast and vigorous. UNIT 5 Time to read Read the following article about adequate exercises carefully. Retard: delay or slow down. Adequate exercise is healthy. less harmful than exercising outdoors. Do you practice any sports? 4. Their movements are slow. flowers and trees. 6. Do you exercise? 3. Injury: damage or harm. Eighth Grade . Doing exercise outdoors is healthier. Doing exercise outdoors is healthier than exercising on machines. moderation is the key in exercising. Chinese exercise involves both the mind and body. It is stress better. the smell of the earth. Chinese exercise involves both the mind and body. The fresh air. Look up any new words in a dictionary. 2. self-healing and rejuvenation. but there are an People who practice these exercises on a regular basis increasing number of people who overdo it and suffer from control the energy flow within their bodies. Yoga. You can provide it with one in the form of aerobic exercise. but there are an increasing number of people who overdo it and Activity 4 suffer injuries. The fresh air. 1. improve alertness and allow the practitioner to handle Just as in eating. brisk walking and jogging are all good outdoor exercises.

Everybody can play basketball! B: Well. not at all. Who goes swimming and jogging? and the least encouragement to temptation. this is delicious! Would you like to try some? B: No thanks. Cecilia about you. Cecilia C. Silvia can’t play basketball. B. A: Well. what do you do to stay in shape? A. You know I’m a little overweight A. 4. A: Oh. Let’s go. A: Yes. I can play soccer. C. Silvia B: Well. Thank you so much! A. and I go hiking every other weekend. neither of them A perfect diet is one which gives the most strength with the least taxation on the vital forces 6. B. A and C 5. B: Do you think so? C. Silvia can’t play soccer. do you want to play basketball this weekend? B: I’m afraid I can’t play basketball. Silvia. you look like you are in good shape. I’m really enjoying my vegetable salad! A: So. A and B healthy food. I think it’s a great idea! 1. And you? 3. How B. Look up any new words in a dictionary. so I have to watch what I eat. Silvia can play soccer. A.Eighth Grade . A and B Glossary: In shape: in a good condition or state of physical fitness or bodily appearance. B: I have an idea. Cecilia. Silvia What for? B. but not very well. I usually go to the gym three times a week. But I can play soccer. A: No! Are you joking? I’m sure you can play basketball. Why don’t we play basketball this weekend and then next weekend soccer? Activity 5 A: Ok. A: Really. What do they decide to do? morning and jogging in the evenings after work. Silvia B. Who can’t play basketball? A: So. Who goes to the gym three times a week? B: I really appreciate that. too. 212 English . We can both learn a new sport! Choose the letter that best answers each question. Overweight: having extra weight or pounds. play basketball B: Are you on a special diet? B.UNIT 5 Conversation and more Listen to and read the following conversation carefully. Cecilia B: Okay. B: That’s it. A. Silvia? C. that’s a good idea. I just try to eat nutritious and C. Cecilia C. Who is on a diet? A. you look young and healthy. I can’t. Cecilia. Silvia A: It’s time to go to work. neither of them A: I try to keep in shape by swimming every 2. Which statement is true? B: I am on a diet. play soccer A: No.

Vessel: part of the circulatory system and function to transport blood throughout the body. Eighth Grade . which helps your blood carry more needed oxygen to blood vessels throughout your body. Cells: structural and functional units of all living organisms. B. biking dancing 6 Activity Label following physical exercises as aerobic or stomach crunches going (you will be able to feel it beating faster) and makes your heart muscle stronger. This type of exercise goes along well with aerobic exercise because having stronger muscles helps you to burn more calories. It also increases the number of blood cells you have. UNIT 5 Enrich your vocabulary There are two main kinds of physical exercises that you can practice to keep in shape and healthy: aerobic exercises and anaerobic exercises. gets your heart rate push. hiking kickboxing Glossary: Toned: the body is muscular and in shape. Tai Chi pull-ups jogging swimming basketball jumping rope Hands on! 5C For the third part of your exercise plan. you will have to keep track of your personal exercise routine. What frequency and which kinds of exercises do you do? Which sports do you practice to improve your physical condition? Take notes.English 213 . A. Rate: speed. Aerobic exercise burns fat. This will also help you look toned and feel strong. Anaerobic exercise involves building muscle strength in different parts of your body.

basketball? the weekends. do / watch 214 English .UNIT 5 Language in use Review of the present tense There are three pronunciation endings when conjugating verbs in the third person singular in the present tense: If you want to know if someone practices a sport or /s/. dance 5. walk-walks swim. they do sit ups. Example: go She goes to the gym.Eighth Grade . hike-hikes play -plays Does she go jogging? No. do / go 3. lift 6. you can use the following questions: A. 7 Activity Activity 8 Write original sentences in the affirmative form by using the Write original questions by using the verbs and auxiliaries third person singular and the verbs provided below. practice 3. /s/ ending /z/ ending /iz/ ending Questions Answers jump-jumps go-goes class -classes Do you play soccer? Yes. before you start a regular exercise program. I play soccer. watch 2. we don’t go swimming.dances Does he practice Yes. does / like 7. swim 4. Where do they go hiking? They go hiking at El Pital. you When does she play She plays basketball on should consider seeing a doctor for medical advice. play 1. Examples: do / play Do you play basketball? does / swim Does he swim every day? 1.practices any sports? Do we go swimming? No.swims practice. How often does he do He sometimes does gymnastics? gymnastics. she doesn’t go jogging. jump 2.runs dance. /z/ and /iz/. do / do 5. Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. B. he practices softball. you like? However. Yes/No questions Listen to and repeat the following words out loud. Informative question Don’t forget! Questions Answers What kind of sports do I like aerobics. provided below. Why do we do aerobics? We do them because they are easy. does / dance 4. lift-lifts run. does / practice 6. exercises. Do they exercise? Yes.

__ Exercise helps your body stay healthy and keeps it strong. What kind of sports do you practice? A. How often do you do them? 2. Are you on a diet? C. UNIT 5 9 Activity Listen to the passage and put the statements in the correct order. __ Exercise prevents being overweight and heart disease. What kinds of physical exercises do you do? 5. __ Exercise is important for your health. your body Lesson core B. __ To develop a good body shape. exercise at least three times a week Eighth Grade . eating more 4. hard enough—until you breathe heavily. exercise at least three times a week 3. What does “exercise often enough” mean? en inglés. tuviste la oportunidad de repasar los verbos en tiempo presente: regulares e irregulares 5. your health C. exercise at least twenty minutes at a time o programas especiales. you must exercise long enough—at least twenty minutes at a time. exercise until you breathe heavily condición física y mental.English 215 . escribiste y B. How often do you practice them? B. What does “exercise long enough” mean? practican. exercise at least three times a week que existen: aerobicos y anaeróbicos en inglés. preventing heart disease 2. preventing being overweight 3. Are you in shape? B. What does “it” mean? A. __ After exercise. También. your heart Practicaste como decir las diferentes actividades físicas o deportes que la mayoría de personas 4. exercise at least twenty minutes at a time 6. Finalmente. exercise at least twenty minutes at a time beneficios de realizar ejercicios cotidimante en tu B. What does “exercise hard enough” mean? A. 10 Activity Activity 11 Choose the letter that best answers each question. and often enough—at least three times a week. What can’t exercise help you with? 1. 1. Además. exercise until you breathe heavily 7. textos que expresan los A. What kinds of sports do you like to watch? C. Exercise helps your body stay healthy and keeps it strong. C. ya sea como parte de su vida cotidiana A. Answer the following questions with your own information. exercise until you breathe heavily pronunciaste las diferentes tipos de ejercicios C. your heart pumps very fast and you become hot and sweaty.

UNIT 5 Self evaluation Choose the letter or letters that best answer each question. d 1. a 3. a. Glossary: Wise up: to cause someone to become aware of something. 1 Which of the following is not an aerobic exercise? 3 Which of the following is not an individual sport? a) jogging a) volleyball b) lifting weights b) bowling c) yoga c) football d) biking d) shooting 2 Which of the following is not an anaerobic exercise? 4 Which of the following is not a team sport? a) football a) shooting b) push ups b) volleyball c) sit ups c) basketball d) walking d) soccer 4. c Answers: DIETS There are a lot of famous diets from around the world that promise that you are going to reduce a considerable amount of weight in days or weeks. After their ineffectiveness has been proven time and again.Eighth Grade . people will start to wise up to that particular diet and will go in search of a new fashion or trend. 216 English . c 2. One thing you don’t want to do if you are actually serious about losing weight is to follow these fashion diets and their ridiculous weight loss tips. b. a.

definitely 4. Yes. A: I went jogging on Saturday morning. I can correctly identify sequences of present and past events in I can orally express sequences of events in present and past with an different written texts. B: Really? You sound like a real couch potato. Which of the following expressions are used to express agreement? 1. I’m going to pick up my wife. What did Walter play on Saturday? interesting? 3. She’s the aerobics volleyball last Saturday. Susan. certainly Conversation and more A: A what? B: A couch potato. I got it when I played beach B: No. I am a Sunday couch potato! a dictionary. absolutely 2. What did Susan do on Saturday? A: What? Sunday? I didn’t do anything. In the afternoon I played softball with my friends. I’m participating in a tournament every Saturday morning. Who got a suntan? B: How about Sunday? Did you do anything 2. 1. instructor. What does Walter’s wife do? Glossary: Tournament: a competition or contest. Got: the past tense of “get”. I just stayed 4. A: Go to the gym? Are you doing aerobics or A: Hi. Eiighth Grade . negatively 7. It’s a person who does not do Listen to and read the following conversation between anything but rest and relax. B: Oh! It’s late now. sure 6. Who is a Sunday couch potato? home and watched TV. now that you say it. /d/. Suntan: a browning of the skin resulting from exposure to sun rays. What did you do over Activity 1 the weekend? Answer the following questions. and I can describe past events with the correct use of the past tense. what a nice suntan! something like that? B: Hello. 5. no 5. adequate use of connectors. Hey. nonsense 3. Walter. I have to go to the gym.English 217 . Look up any new words in A: Well. A: What? Did you really go there? B: Yes. Unit Five Lesson 4 What did you do over the weekend? Getting started! C ¿ ómo se narran los eventos o actividades que realizaste en Inglés? ¿Cómo se pronuncian los verbos en forma pasada ya sean regulares e irregulares en inglés? ¿Cuáles son las palabras que se utilizan para expresar eventos ocurridos en orden cronológico en Inglés? ¿Cómo realizas las preguntas en forma pasada en Inglés? Achievement indicators I can clearly recognize and reproduce the phonemes /t/. /id/ of the regular past tense. Walter and Susan carefully. A: Wow! Where did you play? B: I played at the Costa del Sol.

Examples: ask + ed = asked.UNIT 5 Language in use Simple past tense of regular verbs Remember that regular past tense verb forms have three Activity 2 ending sounds for -ed: /t/. Patty __ at the birds last week. They __ football last Friday. (climb) missed lived painted picked loved presented 9. live + d = lived. 218 English . We practiced softball last Monday. Example: They __ last weekend. (not open) kissed happened invited 7. (watch) jumped explained included 6. /d/ and /id/. (practice) table below. (play) helped cleaned graduated hiked enjoyed hated 5. use the following question forms: Questions Answers Did you play soccer yesterday? Yes. They __ that mountain last month. I played soccer.Eighth Grade . Study the Example: We __ softball last Monday. asked advised counted danced answered decided 1. He __ hard yesterday afternoon. I __ my hair yesterday. Where did they play basketball? They played at the national gym. you have to add -ed at the end Complete the following statements by using the past tense of of every verb. You 1 television last night. Did she skate on the weekend? No. they watched it. To form the past tense of regular verbs. she didn’t skate. We __ that window last night. They __ yesterday. (wash) dressed arrived divided 2. game last night? What did you do on Saturday I walked for 30 minutes. (look) pushed opened rented relaxed planned repeated stopped played rested talked repaired skated walked showed started washed stayed visited watched studied waited worked traveled wanted To ask questions in the past tense. Did they watch the soccer Yes. If the verb already ends in -e just the verbs provided below. morning? What did he play last Saturday? He played football with his friends. He __ a lot yesterday. add a -d. (not hike) “-ed” as /t/ “-ed” as /d/ “-ed” as /id/ They didn’t hike last weekend. (laugh) finished called ended 3. (not laugh) looked listened needed 8. (work) fixed changed expected 4.

Pele was the youngest player ever to win a World Cup medal when Brazil won the 1958 World Cup. When soccer fans Pele retired from international soccer but made a talk about the greatest player of all time they debate the skills comeback to sign a money spinning contract with the of Pele. Maradona. 4. A biography is a genre of literature or film which 1. The Brazilian soccer star’s real name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento. the 1970 World Cup in Mexico will always be a special memory for Pele fans as he led Brazil to an amazing victory. His father once scored five headed goals in one match! Pele played for Santos of Brazil and was part of the winning 1962 and 1963 Inter Continental Championship squads (World Club Championship). person’s life. the Greatest Soccer Player Ever!” by Kevin McNally. Eighth Grade . The famous Pele video clips are still seen today. New York Cosmos in the American Soccer League.200 goals in a glittering career. as he sold the goalkeeper his famous Activity 3 What for? Decide whether the following statements are true or false. Pele retired from international soccer but made a comeback to sign a money spinning contract with the New York Cosmos in the American Soccer League.360 games! crowds increased by over 80% in the few years that he That is nearly an average of one goal per game! graced the American soccer scene. presents a relatively full account of the most interesting and important events of a notable scoring over 1. Pele was brought up in a poor part of Brazil and was guided by his father. Look “dummy” and also scored with a brilliant header in the up any new words in a dictionary. Pele scored 2 goals in the final at the age of 17. UNIT 5 Time to read Read the following passage from “Biography of Pele. and average scored 1. Best and some other soccer legends. scoring over Cup goal.200 goals in a glittering career that also brought World Cup and World Club Championships. Pele wasn’t a nickname from childhood but part of achieve goals in our future lives by giving us good his real name. 1. The 1970 World Cup was won by the Brazilian team. who was also a professional soccer player.281 goals in a career that included 1. an achievement that is unlikely to be matched ever again in World Cup history.English 219 . Pele But can anyone match the amazing biography of Pele? Pele was part of the 1977 championship team. Pele later went on to confirm that this was a special goal as it was also Brazil’s 100th World Pele was one of the greatest soccer players ever. However. Pele was one of the greatest soccer players ever. These biographies can help us 2. final against Italy. Pele was a nickname from childhood that originated in school. models to look up to and inspiration. 3.

He counted in that fight with the backing up of Los Angeles. Which Spanish soccer teams were interested in 4. On October 4. Which Spanish soccer team hired Mágico? 6. he retained the title against former IBF World Lightweight Champion Steve 1. 1971 in 5. 4. 2. Activity 6 1. What did people call him when he played in Spain? 3. Do you know other famous athletes from El Salvador? 5. When did Jorge Gonzalez begin his professional playing career? Answer the following questions. What did people call him when he played in El Salvador? 2. __ On October 4. 2003. What kinds of sports do they play or practice? 6. Who are they? Gonzalez after the World Cup? 5. 2. Do you know more about “El Famoso”? 4. backing up of Alexis Arguello and Roberto Duran. 2003. Boxing Federation World Junior Lightweight Champion by beating David Santos for the belt. Hernández did not become El Salvador’s first World __ Carlos Hernandez counted in that fight with the Boxing Champion in history. __ Carlos Hernandez was born on January 23. 1971 in Los Angeles. Carlos Hernández is not a boxer anymore. Which soccer team did he play with first in El Salvador? 1. __ He is a boxer.UNIT 5 Conversation and more Listen to the following biography about Jorge Gonzalez. Decide whether the following statements are true or false. California. Do you know more about Mágico? 3. 4 Activity Choose the letter that best answers each question. Alexis Arguello and Roberto Duran. Activity 7 and then put the following statements in the correct order. Steve Forbes.Eighth Grade . Who is your favorite international athlete? 5 Activity Listen to a passage about Carlos “El Famoso” Hernandez. he retained the title against __ Hernandez then became El Salvador’s first World former IBF World Lightweight Champion Boxing Champion in history. He was born on January 23. __ He made boxing history by becoming the International California. 3. 220 English . Who is your favorite athlete from El Salvador? 7. Forbes with an eleventh round technical decision.

When did he begin his exercise routine? He began his routine on Monday. were go went become became grow grew begin began know knew break broke ride rode choose chose run ran come came see saw do did sing sang drink drank speak spoke drive drove swim swam eat ate take took forget forgot understand understood forgive forgave wake woke get got wear wore give gave write wrote If you want to ask about the past. she didn’t do aerobics. When did she drink coffee? She drank coffee in the morning. you can use the following questions: Questions Answers Did I go to the gym yesterday? Yes. Look at the examples below. You have to memorize and practice them. Did you do aerobics? No. Present form Past form Present form Past form beat beat quit quit bet bet read read burst burst rid rid cast cast set set cost cost shed shed cut cut shut shut forecast forecast split split hit hit spread spread hurt hurt sweat sweat knit knit thrust thrust let let wet wet Second group: These verbs have a different structure in all of tenses. Eighth Grade . You can classify these verbs putting them into two groups. First group: These are the verbs that present the same structure in all of tenses. Present form Past form Present form Past form be was. Where did they read the newspaper? They read the newspaper at the gym.English 221 . UNIT 5 Enrich your vocabulary Past tense of irregular verbs There are no magic formulas to learn how to make past tense of irregular verbs. I went to the gym.

before before we begin. after 3.UNIT 5 Language in use Usage: before and after Activity 9 Time prepositions are used to define time. Prepositions usually come before a noun or a pronoun. Were they sad after B. outside. Jose got his mother’s C. before participle) 5. 4. After Complete the following statements by using the correct past C. neither (begin) 9. (drink) A. C. They got divorced two years __ the wedding. Before you go out. After you finish your 5. you may play didn’t want to get wet. before 5. After moving to the city. Rules Examples A. You can get a person to do it for you. you are 8 Activity a man with many contacts. (swim) C. C. (come) B. It didn’t happen yesterday but the day __ yesterday. Before B. neither 7. It was Saturday the day __ Use “before” with: yesterday. They __ in the pool last week. B. neither clean your room. “Before” and Choose the letter that best completes each statement. You used to warm up __ playing tennis. 2. Just __ the English lesson. B. 1. please C. You __ aerobics this morning. He __ his exercise routine thirty minutes ago. We __ to the stadium to run. neither 2. after 4. 8. 2. (go) A. neither tense forms. She __ orange juice before exercising. after 6. Before going out. 3. before Rules Examples B. activity or situation. verb + -ing  Cecilia felt a lot happier. neither actions permission before he went camping. 6. A. (present clean your room. after coming to America? C. They got married three years __ they met.Eighth Grade . before 2. before the first action of 1. 1. A. __ all. before (present participle) 6. I __ to the gym yesterday morning. He wanted to hide __ the big storm hit because he homework. Why did Mrs. Karla won’t be home until after midnight. before 3. after before taking the exam. I must take attendance A. Raul read all of the questions B. A. (do) B. neither Use “after” with: 4. please minute. I’ll see you after work. after 3. after the second of two 1. He wasn’t angry __ all. neither 5. Rogers laugh B. “after” show the timing of an event. It is Monday today. A. I always did my English homework at the last verb +-ing 4. C. neither 222 English . A. after two actions after she read the note? C.

He says now that he _(9. he _(1.graduate)_ with honors. Activity 13 12 Activity Answer the following questions with your own information. What kinds of sports did you practice last month? form in the past tense. A: Where __ his car? (buy/Tony) B: He bought it at Red McCombs. A: What time __? (end/the meeting) forma cronológica de actividades pasadas. A: When __? (get marry/your cousin) Inglés. A: How far __ yesterday? (walk/Lucia) estudiaste como escribir tanto preguntas como saberlas B: She walked from here to the mall. How often did you practice a sport last year? Example: A: Where __ yesterday? (go/your family) B: They went to San Marcos. A: What __ last weekend? (do/you) B: I went to the mall with my sister. A: What time __? (start/the soccer game) Practicaste como se expresan los verbos regulares B: It started at 7:30 p.survive)_. After he met this woman. When he was young. make the necessary modifications to optimize or improve it. He also _(5. What kinds of exercises did you do last week? Answer: A: Where did your family go yesterday? B: They went to San languages. 3. 1. he went to university where he _(4. When did you go to the gym? 4. utilizaste apropiadamente las palabras B: She got married last month. a woman and my grandfather. e irregulares en pasado simple en Inglés. What did you do last weekend? Complete the following questions by using the correct question 2. on a farm in the country. A: What kind of food __ at the party? (serve/they) el pasado simple de los verbos regulares en contexto.die)_ in another accident. Only two people _( the violin in a mariachi band. Además. Eighth Grade . tuviste acceso a practicar las tres formas de pronunciar 7. 4. you will have to using “after”.m. When he was twenty-five. and he _ (3.get)_ married after only three weeks. Lesson core 2. Finalmente. B: It ended about 10:30 a. o expresiones que se utilizan para conectar eventos en 6. My grandfather had a very exciting life. When he was eighteen. B: They served Salvadoran food.m. His parents _(2.want)_ to marry her very quickly in case he _ (10.look)_ after the cows. 11 Activity Write the correct past tense form of each verb below. keep track of all the activities you have done during the last weeks to find out if you have followed your exercise program properly. También. and they _ (8. he _(6. 5. 1. The day of the graduation there was an accident on the road to his hometown. If not. UNIT 5 10 Activity Hands on! 5D Write 3 statements using “before” and three statements For the fourth part of the project.English 223 . responder utilizando diferentes tipos de preguntas en 5.raise)_ cattle.

a) play b) hike b) She came to the gym too.b 3. In the past. where stress and tension form a part of everyone’s lives.c Answers: RELIEVE STRESS WITH SPORTS There are lots of sports you may take up for fitness and it mainly depends on your likes or preferences. men would normally prefer arduous or exhausting sports like weightlifting. running or jogging.c 2. 2 Which verb is not an irregular verb in the past tense? 4 Which of the following questions is incorrect? a) Did you lift weights at the gym? a) go b) Where did she did aerobics? b) walk c) Why didn’t you play in the last tournament? c) drink d) What kinds of sports did you practice d) eat when you were ten years old? 4. Women would prefer light ones like aerobics.. c) run c) I didn’t ate those sandwiches after d) practice doing exercises.UNIT 5 Self evaluation Choose the letter that best answers each question.Eighth Grade .. cricket. d) They went hiking at El Picacho. 1 Which verb is not a regular verb in the past tense? 3 Which of the following statements is incorrect? a) I didn’t practice any sport this week. engaging in sports acts as a stress reliever and keeps your mind sound andyour body healthy. In today’s world. or football. b 1.. 224 English .

routine Conversation and more Listen to and read the following conversation carefully. I eat healthy and nutritious food.English 225 . Can’t stop: you can’t resist doing something. bad habits. Andrea. I take Answer the following questions. after that 8. I drink more water. B: You look different. Look up any new words in a dictionary. alimenticios y personales? ¿Tienes programadas tus actividades diarias? Achievement indicators I can orally express sequences of events in present with an adequate I can effectively skim a text on healthy habits. Unit Five Lesson 5 Getting started! Are you self disciplined? E ¿ res disciplinado en las actividades que realizas? ¿Cuáles son los hábitos buenos o malos que las personas realizan? ¿Tienen los salvadoreños buenos hábitos higiénicos. I get up early so I can do aerobics. 1. way! That means that you stopped smoking and drinking beer? A: Yes. good habits to improve the quality of my life. vitamins. How are you doing? B: Hi. You know I have a boy friend. good habits? A: I am just kidding! You know you are one of my 5. A: You know something. finally 6. and I go to bed early. Mark. Which of the following words express time sequence? 1. So what are those new. use of connectors. I am trying to find new. love for a person. 4. habit 7. first 2. What are the old. bad habits? A: The only little thing I can’t stop is falling in love with you. B: No. How about you? A: I feel good. I am fine. yesterday 3. I quit my old. What are the new. Eighth Grade . A: Hi. 3. bad habits? B: Oh come on. good habits? Activity 1 A: Well. Who looks and feels different? B: Wow! I can’t believe it! 2. Who quit old. Is Mark Andrea’s boyfriend? best friends! Glossary: Fall in love: to have feelings of love directed towards another person or begin to feel Quit: to stop doing something. Mark. today 5. then 4. B: Congratulations! I totally agree with you on that.

Next I get dressed… Activity 3 Answer the following questions with your own information. Then I take a shower. having regular health checkups. and eating right are good ways or habits to remain in good physical condition. What do you do at night? get out of bed do the laundry take a bath/shower mop the floor 5.. week. 226 English . When you wake up.UNIT 5 Enrich your Vocabulary Daily routine Everybody has one. What do you do on Sundays? eat breakfast exercise wash your face wash the dishes feed the children get dressed watch TV iron the clothes Don’t forget! Getting plenty of exercise. what’s the Activity 2 first thing you do? What’s your daily routine? There are routine things that each of us does every day. Do you have a daily routine? 2..Eighth Grade . but how do we know what’s normal? Do you do them. You will feel better and have more energy if you are in good condition. Remember that some people do things at different times certain things more or less than others? of the day. What do you do in the morning? Look at the following list of common daily activities: listen to music 3. and Put the previous daily activities in the order in which you do month. What do you do in the afternoon? brush your hair cook put on makeup sweep the floor 4. 1. For example: First I get out of bed.

Of course. 2. make sure the rewards you choose won’t turn into bad habits later. work on changing one habit at a time. If you are used to eating a large dessert every night. the good habits you have and which healthy habits sends mixed messages to your ones you have to create or eliminate to improve children and yourself. you will hardly notice the change. Try to replace bad habits with good ones. Turn into: to become. It is often easier to replace a bad habit with a good habit than it is to simply eliminate the bad habit. Enough: sufficient. good reward. eat a cold. Try to use your time wisely by doing two good things at once. Eighth Grade . Instead of drinking a soda. 1. crunchy. “Have you eaten your fruit today?” or a picture of a piece of fruit. Glossary: Reward: compensation or incentive. still crave the candy bar. but if you stop exercising you may 3. make and produce a daily reminder. Reminder: is used to make you remember something. glass of fruit juice. This reminder can be a sign on the bathroom mirror. To prevent breaking your resolutions. Here are five ways to help you make better food and exercise habits: 1.English 227 . 5. Activity 4 Instead of eating a cookie. Crave: to have hunger temptations. Eating a candy bar after exercise may seem like a 2. Setting health as a priority your mental and physical condition. Exercising with someone almost always seems easier than doing it alone. Therefore. Look up any new words in a dictionary. You Hands on! 5E are more likely to exercise frequently when it’s combined with a chance to talk with a friend. UNIT 5 Time to read Read the following passage from “Little changes make good habits easier” carefully. and do Activity 11 as a guide. The first step is to identify the changes you want to 4. if you gradually decrease the size of your dessert portion. Make exercise a social event. Make realistic and slow changes. Try to replace bad habits with good ones. Identify the changes you want to make and make a daily reminder. Make sure that new-habit rewards are good for you. However. Wisely: intelligently. Don’t make realistic and slow changes. That is. Don’t make exercise a social event. keep track of your personal eating and hygienic Not taking enough time to develop even small habits. drink a Decide whether the following statements are true or false. The sign can be as simple as. Breaking: to stop doing something. 5. 4. everyone’s excuse is “I’m too busy to For the last part of the project. Make sure that new habit rewards are good for you. 3. you will have to exercise” or “I’m too busy to prepare a good meal”. eliminating the dessert completely will likely produce cravings. See page 233 now is always a good decision. sweet apple.

C. 5 Activity Listen to the conversation again. What is the company organizing? B: Yeah. Oh. you should at least have a _(5) _ examination 3. you know. This time fill in the blanks with the words provided below.wife vegetables. Who wants to join the company team? before you begin. B. wife soccer five years ago. Look up any new words in a dictionary. A: No. and you need to A. C. a soccer fan company the field. I just _(10)_ you. soccer stadium company A: So. B: Anything else? Choose the letter that best answers each question. 2. 228 English . love fitness cardiovascular soccer probably fatty foods medical shape running joining A: Darling. Who has to create good healthy habits? cream.husband A: Hey. 1. soccer B: Humph. long time. You should try eating more fresh fruits and A. C. B. tennis A: Humph… What do you mean by humph? I was a star soccer player in high school. and I want you to be around for a long. sweetie. okay. basketball and I’m thinking about _(2)_. what are you suggesting? Should I just abandon the idea? I’m not that out of _(4) _. Hey. that’s all for now. Look. What kind of sport is the man watching? they’re organizing a company soccer team at work. C. What do you think? B. Who is out of shape? build up your _(8)_ system.Eighth Grade .UNIT 5 Conversation and more Listen to the following conversation between a husband and his wife carefully. I just don’t want you A. Remember that you last played A.wife go to bed early instead of watching TV all night.husband A: Well. a company soccer team having a heart attack from _(3)_ up and down B. B: Well.husband A: Yeah. you’re _(7)_ right. both A and B B: And you need to create good healthy habits: watch your diet and reduce the _(6) _ . B. Could you bring some nachos and a can of soda? And a Activity 6 slice of pizza from the microwave oven. you’re starting to sound like my personal _(9) _ instructor! C. like ice 4. A. the _(1) _ game is about to start. twenty years ago. both A and B B: And you should start a little weight training to strengthen your muscles or perhaps try jogging to 5. both A and B B: No.

exercise 10. controlling them. 3. What time do you __ to bed? 6. I always __ the plants in the evening. I sometimes __ up my clothes in the closet drink plenty of water after school. eat healthy food take a bath every day make friends talk with your family read a good book take vitamins on regular basis drink milk get some sunshine practice a sport Eighth Grade . My sister usually __ the table before meals. Which ones do you do? 8. John usually __ his homework before going to bed. should follow. then even a small effort can create big changes. Brush finishes sets go packs clean wash hang sweep combs water 1. You do the same things you did yesterday. UNIT 5 Enrich your vocabulary Good habits 7 Activity Most of life is habitual. Study the list of good and healthy habits that everyone 7. make you who you are. the day before and every day for the last month. Mary always __ her school bag in the morning. Diego usually __ his hair before school. I __ my face in the morning before breakfast. The key is habits by using the words given below. How often do you __ the house? 5. 2. If you know how to change your habits. Every morning I __ my teeth. Do you always __ the floor? go to sleep early 11. good or bad.English 229 . 9. 4. Complete the following statements about good and healthy Habits.

I go to work. I get up early at 6 o’clock in the morning. __Then.when in the future/ past 2. Connectors Connectors Connectors __After school. 4. Some connectors may go at the beginning. 8. I clean the room and do my homework. I have lunch and talk with my co-workers. correct order. Second. Study the following table of connectors: Beginning of Middle of the End of the text Activity 9 the text text Answer the following questions about the previous daily before as soon as since then routine? after no sooner. 6. I eat breakfast.. After that. 2. I eat breakfast.Eighth Grade . thirdly. I go back to work. 5. I get back home. at/in the next in the end __First. __Finally. middle. What does he do after dinner? soon earlier in the meantime 5. I put on my clothes and comb my hair. I watch TV. What does he do next? while until at the same time 3. What does he do first? when hardly.. __At school we study different subjects. Then. last __After that. Finally. I go to bed. I brush my teeth and wash my face. fourthly.UNIT 5 Language in use Connectors: Chronological sequence markers Activity 8 When you use these connectors in sentences... I eat dinner with my family.. they are usually placed at the beginning of each sentence and Put the following events from Tom’s daily routine in the separated by a comma. I go home. fourth. Next. to begin with later at last __Later. Study the following table of time sequence connectors: __I also play with my friends at school. 7. What does he do at the end of the day? immediately now simultaneously Examples: 1. beginning after that/ afterwards __Next I go to school. 3. I take the bus.. What does he do after school? during after a while meanwhile 4. I work at my computer. first second.than eventually 1. Third. first of all secondly. 230 English . Afterwards. at first then lastly __At home. or end of a sentence. third. I wake up at seven.. to start __After dinner... finally __Next. First.

I smoke a pack of cigarettes a week. What does she do after that? que expresan secuencia de tiempo u orden 3. se utilizan para expresar tanto hábitos positivos como negativos en la vida de las personas. I take vitamins every day. I take antibiotics when I have a cold. UNIT 5 11 Activity Decide whether the following habits are healthy or unhealthy. I watch 5 hours of television every day. I eat everything in moderation. 7. I sit close to the TV when I watch a movie. Finalmente. I eat fruit every day. I brush my teeth every day. practicaste como 6. I drink 8 glasses of water every day. I wash my hands before I eat. I drink 3 cups of coffee for breakfast. I visit the doctor annually. I listen to very loud music. I wash my hands after I use the restroom. What does she do after dinner? 8. 1. I like fried foods. I take a shower every morning. I drink 10 cups of coffee every evening. Habits Healthy Unhealthy I exercise 3 times a week. practicaste como usar las palabras 2. aprendiste a evaluarte a ti mismo en 4.English 231 . I drive after I drink alcohol. What does she usually have for breakfast? cronológico en tiempo presente en inglés. When does she usually have dinner? decir algunas de las actividades más importantes de rutina diaria en inglés. What does she usually eat and drink for lunch? tu vida cotidiana. 10 Activity Lesson core Listen to the following narration of Angie’s daily Conociste las diferentes palabras o frases que activities carefully. I turn the light on when I read at night. I eat ice cream every night before I go to bed. What time does she usually go to bed? Eighth Grade . I go on walks regularly. and then answer the questions. What time does she always get up? Además. What time does she always eat lunch? cuanto a que tipos de hábitos tienes o realizas en 5. También.

c 3.Eighth Grade . If it’s gambling. It is that they are on a deeper level. the reinforcement might be a sense of relaxation. she takes a shower. she watches TV before going to bed. c 2.a. we always gain a sense of emotional satisfaction from doing bad habits. b. b. 4. d) Finally. 232 English . she gets up early. b) Second. d 1. the reinforcement might be a sense of comfort. d) drive while tired c) After she goes to sleep. and then she a) brush your teeth before going to bed b) drink beer with every meal wakes up. she brushes her teeth. and c) visit the doctor twice a year then she eats breakfast. If it’s smoking. If it’s chewing on a pen. But after the reinforcement comes theguilt that the habit is bad. It gives us a pleasant feeling each time we continue the habit. This positive reinforcement that goes on makes it difficult to break the habit. d Answers: OVERCOMING BAD HABITS There is a worldwide reason why bad habits are so difficult to overcome. 1 Which of the following are healthy habits? a) brush your teeth three times a day 3 Which of the following words is not a time sequence connector? a) first b) drink eight glasses of water every day b) finally c) watch TV for 5 hours every day c) because d) go to sleep early d) last 2 Which of the following are unhealthy habits? 4 Which statement does not follow the chronological sequence? a) First. the reinforcement might be a sense of achievement for winning money and relaxation at the same time.UNIT 5 Self evaluation Choose the letter or letters that best answer each question. That is.

Sugar 7. vegetable Activity 2: 1. 4. 2 to 4 4. Gaby 2. True Activity 4: 1. E 6. milk chocolate candy bar 7. Activity 1: 1. Activity 3: Answers may vary. B Activity 13: 1. Don’t work today. False 3. Grains 3. Activity 12: 1. True Lesson 1 Activity 5: 5. meat 4. 3 Activity 1: 1. True 6. J 5. too many Activity 5: 4. True 4. yes 5. dairy headache 4. shouldn’t 2. Lesson 2 Activity 5: 1. False 5. yes 5. too much 2. False 3. a little to the left of the middle of your Activity 9: Answers may vary. 6 4. Don’t stay Activity 15: Answers may vary. E 2. 4. too many Activity 7: 8. 2. too much Activity 8: 1. 2 Activity 11: Answers may vary. cucumber 8. swimming and doing ginger and chamomile tea. B 5. 2. A 3. A Activity 6: Aerobic: jogging. soft drink 5. too many 8. 1. B 3. C 8. 2. too many arms. too much blood around your body 10. D 3. Activity 3: 1. Tai Chi. 6 to 11 2. Yes. Don’t walk too much. Activity 6: 1. Nutrients 6. C 3. They yoga 3. B 9. too much 3. shouldn’t 4. because the heart sends 7. grapefruit 4. False 5. jumping rope. sugar or honey. should 5. Anaerobic: push- 5. Activity 2: 1. False 2. False 3. True Activity 4: Answers may vary. carbohydrates. I 2. True 6. go see the doctor 5. True 3. C 12. Activity 2: 1. 5. True 2. C 4. A biking. B 5. A 4. C 2. shouldn’t Activity 14: 1. H 7.A Activity 13: Answers may vary. I 6. Go to the hospital. even in 4. swimming. True Activity 12: 1. grain 2. L 3. individual sports 4. 3. 2. too much your behind 3. potato chips 3. too much 6. Activity 1: 1. Drink a lot of water. D 4. K 4. B 13. lemon juice. True Activity 8: 1. F 3. C 4. 3. should 6. too much 5. B 6. fats. They should eat hot chicken soup or drink a mixture of Lesson 3 hot water. 2. D 11. F Activity 7: 1. 1. Eighth Grade . dancing. True 2. 3. G your Activity 10: 1. Marcos 3. yes 5. lifting weights. too many 11. A and vegetable Activity 10: 1. 4. too much 5. too much 3. chest 2. should 3. False 4. oils and sweets ups. 5.English 233 . too much 9. in your back. True 4. in your legs. True 4. D 7. 7. kickboxing. El Salvador 2. meat 4. A 2. B 2. French fries 6. H 3. A 2. F 5. True 2. G 8. 1. fruit 2. pull-ups. because it is should apply an ice pack or splash their relaxing.Answer Key Activity 4: 1. False 4. False 4. too many 2. three 9. a stomachache and a Activity 6: 1. E 10. 3 to 5 3. False Activity 14: 1. at home. basketball. 3. all over your body . they do. 2 to 3 hiking. E 6. True 5. and fat Activity 3: 1. True 3. and it releases stress face with cold water. He’s a nutritionist. carrots 2. True 2. A 5. B 5. 2 to 3 6. stomach crunches. A 3. dairy 3. protein. fruit Activity 9: 1. M 2. beans Activity 11: 1.

finishes 9. False 3. 3. Mark 3. A 6. sweep 11. 5.m. Cadiz Activity 8: 12. B 7. clean 5. 2. home. When did you cousin get married? 6. 3. did 3. combs 5.Eighth Grade . beach volleyball 3. a coke and a 8. 2. He drinks more water and goes to bed early. 1975 2. Activity 9: 1. fatty foods 7. 7. Activity 11: 1. 4. B 9.She eats breakfast. True 2. 17. he isn’t. Activity 2: Answers may vary. Where did Tony buy his car? 3. What time did the meeting end? 7. Lesson 4 Activity 3: Answers may vary. He watches TV. False 2. 2.C he can do some aerobics. 20. B 4. died bowl of rice with chicken 6. smoking and Activity 9: 5. Lesson 5 Activity 8: Answers may vary. B 5. False 3. graduated 7. Activity 1: 1. He gets up early.m. 12. What kind of food did they serve at the party? Activity 13: Answers may vary. 14. 2. 8. climbed 9. probably 8. 5.B 3. True 4. False 3. 22. medical 6. 6. B 8. wanted 10. Answer Key Activity 7: Answers may vary. Cadiz CF 6. Activity 4: 1. 15. B 2. 11. What did you do last weekend? 7. laughed 3. 10. washed 2. True teeth and washes his face. water 7. He goes Activity 7: Answers may vary. Activity 10: Answers may vary. He brushes his Activity 6: 1. 4. packs 8. go 6. raised 3. B 3. Activity 5: 1.m. at six p. True 2. 1 drinking beer 4.mago 4. A 3. A 4. a slice of toast and a glass of milk 5. at eleven forty-five 5. played 9. didn’t open 7. Magico 10. joining 3. at nine p. 21. Susan 5. No. She went jogging and played softball. 4. 9. 234 English . 13. 2. 3. 11. nutritious food. 3. 10. A 5. Activity 11: 1. 16. True 4. sets 4. watched 6. 19. What time did the soccer game start? 4. 2. 5. didn’t laugh 8. brush 3. came 6. played 6. Activity 12: 1. How far did Lucia walk yesterday? 5. cardiovascular Activity 2: 1. 4. survived 4. Activity 8: 1. 5 Activity 5: 5. Walter 2.C 2. He takes vitamins and eats healthy and Activity 11: Answers may vary. 8. True 5. fitness 10. 4. He gets up early so Activity 10: 1. Mark 2. She’s the aerobics instructor. began 4. 6. ANTEL 3.A 18. 3. True 5.He goes to bed. studied 3. 4. looked 4. worked 4. True 4. B Activity 3: 1. got 9. 7. hang Activity 4: 1. soccer 2. 1 Activity 9: 1. swam Activity 10: Healthy: 1.A 4. True Activity 7: 1. She does her homework. False Activity 1: 1. Unhealthy: 2. looked Activity 6: 1. drank 5. went 2. 9. A 2. running up 4. wash 2. love 5. 8. seven a. lived 2.A 5. shape 5.

com/nutritionplan/exercise_table. medical examination. You will have to keep track of the different aspects related to planning your fitness and health plan so that at the end of the unit you can complete the project.mercola. These activities provided you with some good background. food you eat.htm Eighth Grade . Review the activities which gave you some good hints to have an idea on which aspects to take into consideration in your project profile. or more. With the different project phases. Development You should have noticed that when answering different activities.Hands on! “My exercise plan!” Purpose With this project you will be able to make a complete plan of how to create and organize a complete exercise and diet plan to improve your mental and physical health. Wrap up You can include aspects such as a special diet. Look at the following website: http://www. daily routine. Theory and practice The different phases of the unit 5 project (from Hands on! 5A to Hands on! 5E) gave you ideas on how to plan and carry out a complete exercise plan properly. you were gaining or obtaining the basic concepts or aspects related to planning a personal fitness program.English 235 . good habits. and with this you will be able to perform or do your project efficiently. You can ask other people or institutions that are experts in planning and organizing personal fitness programs in El Salvador to help you out. you should have kept track of key elements or concepts to have a clear picture of what a complete exercising plan is like. kinds of exercises and sports.

com/stats12.html For the complete article on Columbus: For more on Egyptian pyramids: 236 English . Bloomsbury Publishing Plc 2002 and For more about Salvadoran museums: http://www. Resources For more on pronunciation and spelling of the third person singular in the present tense: http://www.htm Vocabulary definitions in the unit have been taken from: English Macmillan Dictionary for Advanced learners of American English.html For more information about El Salvador: http://www.stm For more about celebrations in the different towns and cities in El Salvador: For more on the Food Pyranid: http://www.php For more about the past tense of verbs: http://www2.htm Grade http://www.htm http://www.