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3 key messages plus suppor/ng messages for each.

Memorize them and repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat over and over
again. Do not change the words or phrasing. They are designed for impact and to address common concerns and phrased
in a way to be understood and educate effec/vely.

1) American Muslims deserve the same opportuni6es as all Americans – to
build be9er futures for our families and children.
a) American Muslims share our country’s strong family values, dedicated to
raising and educa/ng their children.
b) American Muslims want to succeed in the tradi/onal American way – by
working hard and suppor/ng their families.
c) Muslims here are Americans in their hearts and in fact – most are born
or raised as U.S. ci/zens.
2) American Muslims par/cipate ac/vely in mainstream society, as our co-
workers, ci/zens and neighbors.
a) American Muslims contribute to our na/on’s economy as nurses,
doctors, teachers, business people, and in many other roles.
b) American Muslims are part of the diversity that is one of America’s
greatest strengths.
c) American Muslims give back to our local communi/es as volunteers in
fire departments, PTAs, food banks and many other organiza/ons.
3) American Muslims share the same American values and freedoms that we
all cherish, knowing that we are all in this together.
a) Over 10,000 American Muslims serve in our na6on’s armed forces, and
many have made the ul6mate sacrifice for our country.
b) American Muslims believe in the right and freedom of all U.S. ci/zens to
live and worship in their own way, and they deserve to prac/ce their
faith in return.
c) American Muslims uphold the Cons6tu6on and the laws of the United
Also: There are about 50,000 American Muslim medical doctors across the
na6on saving lives every day. 1 in 18 medical doctors across America is an
American Muslim, who are saving lives every day.
NOTE: Never, ever use/repeat, even sarcas/cally, the “bad (loaded) words” used to aPack American Muslim
communi/es, e.g. ‘ISIS’, ‘radical(ism, iaza/on),’ ‘extreme(ism, ist),’ ‘cult’, ‘terror(ism)(ist)’ radical(ize,iza/on), or ‘jihadi(ist)
(ism)’, Wahhabi(ist), “Islamic ____ [nega/ve ac/on]”, or call a Muslim person living in America anything but
“American” (no foreign na/onali/es) and “American Muslim” (to emphasize iden/ty, beliefs, inspira/on to do good).