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The first death I can remember was the death of my Neighbor in across my house, I
was age 8 years old I remember the time in 21 00 pm when my family go there present
in the side of bad and I in the cross of room I remember when the my neighbor scream
in pain I was very scared I dont know why she ferry suffering in the end of dying
process but until now I still remember

The firs funeral I attended was for different my neighbor I was age 17 years old when
my neighbor dying because illness and I attended Hes funeral

The thing I most remember about that experience is the suffering before dying process,
make they scream cause pain they was feeling its make me remember cause the family
and people not have to do anything to help them cause a commonly in my village
process of dying in the home cause the hospital is far from my village

My most recent loss by death was my patient in the hospital when I practice in January
2014 in emergency room

I cope with this loss by my experience before and my knowledge in the dying process in
nursing study and my religion and I as a nurse to have skill in Emergency condition so
this make helpful my to cope and to help the family members of patient to cope too, with
my explanation so I had cop the conditional and my emotional condition

The most difficult death for me was the death patient in my practice, because my family
including my grandfather and grandmother from my parents still a life until now

It was difficult because two day before She death, she share experience about shes life
to survive with breast cancer disease its very meaning full cause in the suffering she
still happy and not feel hopeless in shes life, she still younger with 2 children and wont
to make She soon to become Nurse like me

But two day after that shes condition worsened and she death and leave the children
with the dream yet true
Of the important people in my life who are now living the most difficult death for me
would be that of my parents, because I loved them and I dont know I must be do to
cope the condition, I have some experience about dying with my patient but I dont have
imagine if my parent death because I very love them

But if my parent death I will cope with my believe about religion and I will pray to my
parent in heaven and make my cope my emotional condition

My own grief is resolved when I use my knowledge about destiny of Life in my

experience and believe in my religion and I receive support from family members and
other people to cope loss

It is appropriate for me to share my own experiences grief with a client/patient when

they dont have to cope process of dying or loss condition because this emotional
condition need someone to give support for them