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a it) i a | TINH ae il oT | 1 MAIN APPLICATIONS ASSET PROTECTION via MLTA PASSIVE FORM OF FINANCIAL PROTECTION/ LIFESTYLE SUSTAINABILITY HEDGING MECHANISM FOR ACTIVE SAVING FAQ TheTakafulman | 02 05 07 08 As life goes on, family grow bigger, you must have something sure in mind, to acquire bigger and more convenient house. Probably it wont be now, but sometime in future, 5 or 10 years down the road. In any attempts to acquire house/assets, some cost involve : - 10% downpayment - Legal Fees - Memorandum of Transfer - Mortgage Reduce Term Assurance (MRTA) One of the ‘unforseen cost’ is MRTA, where normally it is included in the loan package. MRTA is an option, not compulsory, thus Takaful Large Sum Assured compensate on this aspect. TheTakafulman | 2