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Note the focus area and standard Note the type of Describe the document / artefact and Describe

Describe how the document / artefact

descriptor/s the artefact / artefact / document indicate the possible impact or result meets the standard descriptors you have
document reflects of the artefact / document on teaching identified.
and/ or student learning

Know the content and The artefact I have When designing this unit of work,
how to teach it chosen for standard I took the curriculum content that
When creating a unit is important
two is a science unit had not been met earlier in the
2.2 Content selection and for there to be a logical sequence
plan that I designed year. Then using a unit of work
organisation for lessons to follow. Mentor
for a Prep/1 class from previous years, I changed
feedback stated that the Lessons
Demonstrate knowledge and while on my third the unit of work to suit the
were well structured, sequenced
understanding of the year Practicum in students learning needs and the
and flowed well. This would have
concepts, substance and North Queensland. content that needed to be
increased the level of understanding
structure of the content and This artefact is a covered.
and knowledge that was created by
teaching strategies of the great example of
students. It was also stated that the
teaching area. how I can prove that
teacher Displayed great content
I know the content It is essential when planning and
knowledge and delivered it with lots
and how to teach it. creating a unit plan that the
of confidence. (APST 2.2)
2.3 Curriculum, educator Develops and delivers
assessment and reporting logical lesson sequences that
reflect curriculum requirements
Use curriculum, assessment The unit plan attached above shows
and are constructed to develop
and reporting knowledge to that there was a logical design to
understanding of content (NSW
design learning sequences the learning sequence and lesson
Government, n.d). In order to
and lesson plans. plans and that the assessment was
provide the best learning
relevant to both learning and
opportunity for students this
reporting. (APST 2.3)
section of standard two need to
be met.
Part of the challenge of designing
this unit of work was creating an
assessment that showed clear
links to the teaching and learning
program and reporting cycle
(NSW Government, n.d). It is
essential for assessments to be
relevant and have a link to the
learning so that students are
benefitting from the whole
learning process.