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Alejandro : hello Evelyn

Evelyn: Hi Alejandro, How are you?

Alejandro: Fine Thank you , and you?

Evelyn: great thanks, what happened?

Alejandro: I wanted to invite you to a surprise party for jehu

Evelyn : Really ? When? Excuse me, I ve got another call . . .


Evelyn: What were you sayin?

Alejandro:Tomorrow in my house at 6 pm

Evelyn : its Ok , I will be there

Alejandro : thats great , see you later

Evelyn : See you Alex


Alejandro : Hi Viri

Viridiana: Hello Alex

Alejandro: Hey I wanted to invite you to a surprise party for jeu

Viridiana: yes , when?

Alejandro: Tomorrow in my house at 7 pm

Viridiana: count on me, there I will be

Alejandro : Its Nice , see you

Viridiana: Ok, see you

Jehu: Hi viri How are you?

Viridiana: Hi jehu, Fine thank you

Jehu: Would you like to go to the cinema with me?

Viridiana: Im sorry, I have plans with some friends

Jehu: Ok, dont worry , see you

Viridiana: See you later jehu


Jehu: Hello Alex, what do you do?

Alejandro: whats up men ? I watch football soccer and I drink beer. Would you
like to go my house?

Jehu:yes Ok, Ill arrive at 7 pm

Alejandro: Ok. See you bro

Jehu: bye

Viridiana: Hello , I brought globes and caps

Evelyn: Hello Alex, How are you?

Alex:Thats great , its nice . Very good Evelyn

Se reparten los gorritos

Alex: Now, when jehu comes, we will all say Surprise and sing happy
brithay,Are ready ?

Le cantamos happy brithay

Lo abrazamos y lo felicitamos

Alex:Hey Jehu , I introduce you to a girl

Jehu:what does your girl look like?

Alex: Shes short , thin and beautiful

Jehu:whats her name?

Alex shes name Evelyn

Jehu: Lets see , sure

Alex: Shes Evelyn

Jehu: Hi Evelyn

Evelyn: Hi, whats your name?

Jehu: My name is Jehu, who do you look like?

Evelyn: I look like my mother

Jehu: ohh thats great , Nice to meet you Evelyn , are you dancing?

Evelyn: yes, good idea


Alex: Viridiana , what are you going to be after the party?

Viridiana: I m going to study in my house, I have a quiz

Alex: thats too bad, you poor thing