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To Whom It May Concern: Kerry Messick has successfully completed her internship as one of my interns. Miss Messick demonstrated qualities and skills that you look for in a successful intern. She always presented herself in a professional manner to both students and staff. Her lessons were explicitly planned with a variety of activities, including accommodations for those students who were struggling as well as for those students who excelled. She delivered instruction in a way that all students could be successful learners. Miss Messick worked with individuals, small groups and the large group as well. When entering the classroom and when Miss Messick started her lessons I immediately saw it was evident that she had an excellent relationship with her students. She had a positive and cheerful attitude towards children. Miss Messick was punctual, organized, diligent and cooperative. She will make a terrific asset to any school. Barbara Moffatt 0 yn, pe. Lurbualy Frostburg State University Supervisor