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Gabriel Garcilazo presents a set of 34 drawings that are based on the

colonial-period codices to address the complexity of the problems associated
with the trafficking of drugs, arms and people in the continent. With an
ingenious and measured selection of visual elements, the artist establishes
key geographical points on these journeys to create abstractions of
superficial details that are combined with striking images of dead, migrants,
murder victims, the homeland betrayed, and Americans represented as
Spanish colonists


Hctor Zamora

In Memorandum Zamora merges the special characteristics of the building

with a mechanical activity, generally associated with the female gender, to
set out diverse lines of interpretation of a sociological and political character
related to the local and global context. Zamora critically refers to the
functioning of the governmental, bureaucratic and institutional systems of
power and points to the role of the secretary in the misogynist, capitalist

Extensive blue

Sofa Taboas

Large format installation composed of glass in various shades of blue that

occupy the main wall of the South Gallery reflecting the surrounding gallery.
The artist piece relies on her interest for several materials such as plastic,
construction elements, swimming pool tiles, leather, stone and paper, among
others; often intensifies the characteristics thereof to isolate, contrast or
build with them, installations and sculptural proposals.