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Lillie Geiger Week 6 reflection 4/23/2016

This week I got to sit in on a meeting that the first grade teachers had with their
assistant principal. The meeting was about their evaluations, and the things they needed to do
to properly be evaluated. The teachers are evaluated according to Charlotte Danielsons
framework for teaching. They have to rate themselves in each category and sub category as
needs improvement, proficient, or distinguished. The teachers need to provide evidence for
why they rated themselves the way they did. They then have a meeting with Jeff Fries, and
discuss their ratings. Because I got to be a part of this meeting, I thought it would be
appropriate to do a simplistic rating of myself and my growth through prosem according to the
Danielson Framework. While I do realize that as a lifelong learner I will always have room to
grow in each area, I thought it would be smart to begin reflecting on myself in this manner.

Domain 1 focuses heavily on planning, preparation, and knowledge about content being
taught. While I am still learning about all aspects of these things, I have found some methods of
planning that work for me. Using the KU lesson plan format has required me to design coherent
lessons that have proper assessments. I always make sure I let my students know the
expectations I have for them during lessons. This seems to fit in with the setting instructional
outcomes part of domain 1. I am aware that it is important to alter instructional outcomes for
diverse learners. I love taking note of some of the ways Lisa does this in her classrooms. Even
small tweaks to activities can make a world of difference for a diverse learner. Domain 1 is also
all about content knowledge. Until prosem, I never realized how challenging it could be to
break down first grade math material because I am teaching things that have become second
nature to me. For this reason, I am constantly asking Lisa content questions, especially in math.
Who knew that we could teach four or five different lessons on greater than and less than? I
understand that the content asset to domain one is as important in first grade as it would be in
fourth. As a teacher hope to document my resources that I use to widen my content knowledge
and expand the methods I use to break down the concepts.

Domain 2 is all about the classroom environment. I am very fortunate to have gotten to
work in a classroom environment that has a strong routine and procedure management
system. Also the behavioral management system is one that I hope to model. The clothespin
system is very effective, and I love how the parents are involved in it by signing the homework
sheet every night. The positivity in Lisas classroom is also something to note. There is a
fantastic learning culture that pushes students to be responsible for their own learning. In
return, students are much more prideful in their work because it is something that they
typically took ownership of. It would have been interesting to work with Lisa through the
beginning of the year to see what kinds of things she did with her students to teach them the
importance of independence. Ive focused heavily on making all of my interactions with
students meaningful and positive. I believe that modeling these kinds of interactions is a great
way to teach students how to act with one another. I recognize that until I have my own
Lillie Geiger Week 6 reflection 4/23/2016

classroom, I will not have control over many things in this domain. One think I would like to
work on in this domain through student teaching is encouraging higher level thinking with my
students to keep all of my students engaged. This is an element of learning that has to do with
the classroom culture of learning. It also ties the second domain to the third domain.

Domain 3 is all about instruction. There are so many different aspects of instruction that
it is hard to characterize them all. Communicating with students, using question and discussion
techniques, engaging students in learning, using assessment in instruction and demonstrating
flexibility and responsiveness are all things that I have worked on immensely over the past six
weeks. Each time I wrote a lesson play in would incorporate proper questioning. I realize how
important it is to ask why? or how did you get that answer? These are both questions that
engage students in learning and encourage them to dig a little deeper in their minds for an
answer that gives reasoning and proof to their original answer. Demonstrating flexibility and
responsiveness is something that I have grown to understand. Responsiveness is all about
taking advantage of teachable moments that werent in the lesson plan. Flexibility occurs when
things do not go as smoothly as you hoped when teaching and you realized you need to spend
more time that planned on a topic. These are things that Lisa has helped me to understand
better. She has been so encouraging to me, and has let me take the time out of her class
schedule to be flexible and responsive.

Domain 4 is all about professionalism. Prosem has been my first truly professional
experience where I got to be in a school environment day after day. Reflection on my teaching
has been a huge part of prosem. Our required daily and weekly reflections have allowed me to
look back at the days events and make decisions that will improve my teaching overall. Lisa has
shared with me a website called that is a great way to communicate with
families. It was also very helpful for me to see the way Lisa constructed her interactions with
parents. When she emailed parents it was highly professional. She used positive wording.
Emailing has been the best way for Lisa to communicate with parents because she has proof of
their communication if ever necessary. She never deletes emails. Advocating for students is a
huge part of professionalism. It is a great experience to work with people who always have the
students best interests in mind. I also have noticed how the professional community at
Hereford discusses things before making decisions. The administrators seem to have their doors
open to teachers who need advice or help when making important decisions. Discussing events
with colleagues can often be the best way to make decisions because you get to see other
peoples points of view. I hope to continue asking questions and having discussions with the
staff at Hereford this upcoming week in ways that will allow me to see the variety of ways that
the teachers exhibit their professional responsibilities.