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Male- black, some

brindle, wide blaze and

muzzle. White chin and
belly, knee high socks on
left feet. White paws on
right feet
Male- yellow, white blaze
with muzzle, left side
white toes, right rear
white toes front right
small white sock, black
ears, dot on back of neck
Male- black brindle,
white blaze going to
neck with ring on left
side, black dot on top of
head in blaze, tall white
socks, rear white toes,
rear dew claws
Female- black with light
brindle, white muzzle
with white blaze, black
dot in middle of blaze, 4
white paws, rear dew
Female- dark red-brown
brindle, white blaze
under chin

Female- black brindle,

white on tips of rear
toes, white blaze under
chin, NBT

Female- brindle, white

muzzle with blaze going
to shoulder blades, white
chest and chin, white
toes on all 4 feet, rear
dew claws
Female- Yellow, small
white blaze above nose,
black ears, white blaze
under chin, white tips on
toes of all 4 feet, rear
dew claws