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I am a visual learner because I prefer to use pictures and images to organize

information. I understand and remember things by sight. For example, when I meet
new people I tend to remember their faces but not their names. I can picture what I
am learning in my head, I often close my eyes to visualize or remember something;
in other words, I like to see what I am learning.

I am a right- brain dominant learner because I prefer to learn beginning with a

general information and then going on to details. Also sometimes I know what I
want to say, but I have trouble finding the words to express it. My opinions, views
and even facts may be subjective. As a consequence, when I am in a quiz I rely on
my feelings about something to decide if it is true or not.

2. I use 'Creating mental linkages' strategy when I learn new vocabulary. I usually
classify words into groups according to what the words have in common, for
instance, type of word ( nouns, verbs...) , topic ( weather, health...) , similarity
( warm, hot, tropical...) , opposition ( comfortable, uncomfortable...) etc...

I use 'Applying images and sounds' strategy when I make semantic maps in order to
increase my vocabulary and extend my knowledge by displaying in categories
words related to another one.

2.1 I observed a student named Crystal, she is an English student in first level at
Sede Centro. She used the 'Practising' strategy when she repeated seuveral times
the vocabulary words that the teacher wrote in the board.

She used 'Social' strategy when she asked questions for clarification or verification
related to the topic that the teacher introduced.