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I Identification
_____________1. They are factors that affect the systems which are important and cause an
activity in the
body of the learner.
_____________2. The process of transmitting characteristics from one generation to the next.
_____________3. The innate ability to understand and effectively interrelate to ones
_____________4. It is the first element of the teaching and learning process and the focus of the
_____________5. It is the learner who belongs to the elementary level.
_____________6. The learner who attends an institution beyond elementary level.
_____________7. The process to cope with and respond in an emotionally appropriate way.
_____________8. It includes surroundings, conditions, or influences that affect a learner.
_____________9. It is where the child or learner gets his or her hereditary traits.
_____________10. It refers to the individual's or family's economic and social position in relation
to others,
based on income, education, and occupation
II True or False.
______________1. Intelligent children have better cognitive development.
______________2. Cognitive development affects all mental capacities.
______________3. The learner is the core of the teaching learning process.
______________4. Cognitive development is influenced by hereditary traits from the parents.
______________5. Maturation is totally coupled with aging and physical growth.
______________6. Environment includes anything that is not genetic.
______________7. The more opportunities the learner has, the better is the cognition thru the
______________8. Play is non-essential in developing cognition.
______________9. As the learner grows,he gets various stimuli from the environment which will
help him grow.
______________10. The childs association with other children does NOT influence his cognitive

III Describe the following learning styles. (3 points x 7 = 21 )

1. Visual - __________________________________________________________________________
2. Aural - __________________________________________________________________________
3. Verbal - __________________________________________________________________________
4. Physical - _________________________________________________________________________
5. Logical - ___________________________________________________________________________
6. Social - ___________________________________________________________________________
7. Solitary - __________________________________________________________________________

IV. Matching Type. Match the characteristics independent learners and stages of learning
styles to the choices in Column B. Write the capital letter of your choic eon the space provided.
( 10 items)
Column A Column B
Characteristics of Independent Learners
___1. Learners do not give up easily A. Curiosity
___2. Learners are responsible for the consequences of their actions B. Self-
___3. They probe and analyze the nature of things or situations C. Self-
___4. They understand the material thru application D.
___5. They are driven by their own personal achievement . Critical Thinking
___6. Learners look for additional lesson supplements F.
___7. They see their strengths and weaknesses G. Persistence
Stages of learning styles according to Kolb
___8. Development of a particular learning style thru socialization H.
___9. Expression of non-dominant learning style in work or personal life I.
___10. Developing of basic abilities and cognitive structures J.
V. ESSAY. Answer briefly but comprehensively. Write your answers at the back. ( 10 )
1. Differentiate surface learning from deep learning ? ( 5 points )
2. Why is it important for the teacher to have a comprehensive understanding of his/her
students learning styles? (5)
Components 4 3 2 1 Total
Content Very substantial, substantial, Limited Minimal
elaborative,complet comprehensive content point
Focus Main idea stands out Main is clear but Main idea Main idea is
elaborated needs clarity not seen
Organization, Sophisticated Functional,logical Confusing Inorganized
Grammar,Style precise presentation order and with minimal and with
correctness error grammar
Answer Key
I Identification
1. Biological
2. Heredity
3. Intelligence
4. Learner
5. Pupil
6. Student
7. Maturation
8. Environment
9. Family or genes
10.Socio economic status

II T or F
1. True
2. True
3. True
4. True
5. False
6. True
7. True
8. False
9. True

1. G
2. D
3. E
4. F
5. B
6. A
7. C
8. I
9. J