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The Eiffel Tower : La tour Eiffel [la tufl]

is an iron lattice tower located on theChamp
de Mars in Paris, France. It was named after
the engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, whose
company designed and built the tower.
Erected in 1889 as the entrance arch to
the 1889 World's Fair, it was initially
criticized by some of France's leading artists
and intellectuals for its design, but has
become both a global cultural icon of France
and one of the most recognisable structures in
the world.[1] The tower is the tallest structure
in Paris and the most-visited paid monument
in the world; 6.98 million people ascended it
in 2011.[2] The tower received its 250
millionth visitor in 2010.


The Trocadro, pronounced: [],

site of the Palais de Chaillot, [pa.l d], is an area of Paris, France, in
the 16th arrondissement, across
the Seine from the Eiffel Tower. The hill
of the Trocadro is the hill of Chaillot, a
former village. The place was named in
honour of the Battle of Trocadero, in
which the fortified Isla del Trocadero, in
southern Spain, was captured byFrench
forces led by the Duc d'Angoulme, son of
the future king, Charles X, on August 31,

Notre-Dame de Paris (IPA: [nt dam d

pai]; French for "Our Lady of Paris"), also
known as Notre-Dame Cathedral or
simply Notre-Dame, is a
historic Catholic cathedral on the eastern half
of the le de la Cit in the fourth
arrondissementof Paris, France.[2] The
cathedral is widely considered to be one of the
finest examples of French Gothic architecture,
and it is among the largest and most well-
known church buildings in the world.
The naturalism of its sculptures and stained
glass are in contrast with earlier Romanesque


The Louvre or the Louvre

Museum (French: Muse du
Louvre, pronounced: [myze dy
luv]) is one of the world's
largest museumsand a historic
monument in Paris, France. A
central landmark of the city, it is
located on the Right Bank of
the Seine in the 1st
arrondissement (district). Nearly
35,000 objects from prehistory to
the 21st century are exhibited over
an area of 60,600 square metres (652,300 square feet). The Louvre is the world's most
visited museum, and received more than 9.7 million visitors in 2012.

The Htel Ritz is a grand palatial

hotel in the heart of Paris, in the 1st
arrondissement. It overlooks the
octagonal border of the Place
Vendme at number 15. The hotel is
ranked highly among the most
prestigious and luxurious hotels in
the world and is a member of "The
Leading Hotels of the World". As of
2014 the Ritz is closed for a major
multi-million dollar renovation.


A terrine (French pronunciation:

[]) most commonly refers to a
French forcemeat loaf similar to
a pt, made with more coarsely
chopped ingredients.[1] Terrines are
usually served cold[1] or at room
temperature. Most terrines contain a
large amount of fat as well as pork,
although it is often not the main
ingredient: Many terrines are made
with typical French game meat,
like deer and boar(which are
generally not eaten any other way in

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