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Name: ____Sebastian Gerstner_____ Date: ___4/16/17___ Grade

Level: __5____

Unit Topic: ____American Revolution _____ Lesson Focus: _____Important



5 U3.2.2 Describe the importance of Valley Forge, Battle of Saratoga, and Battle of
Yorktown in the American Revolution.

Motivation/Accessing Prior Knowledge (The Hook):

Students are entering their next unit of the American Revolution. Students
know that the American colonists wanted to separate from their British roots but
were overshadowed when it comes to military experience and sheer force. The
students should be told that there were three pivotal battles that were important in
America succeeding in the American Revolution. These battles are what we will be
exploring today

Learning Activities/Assessments*

1. Students should be given a brief minilesson on the importance of the

American Revolution. Students can be made aware of the advantages and
disadvantages both sides of the war were dealing with.
2. Colonists: less military experience, smaller numbers, other alliances, the war
was on their own soil
3. British: more military experience, massive numbers, had to travel to get to
the battle, not their land
4. Students should be told that today they will be doing a webquest. Students
should be told to grab their ipads and have them ready at their tables.
Students should be broken up into 6 smaller groups.
5. The resource to use is as follows:
6. As a class, the introduction and instructions of the webquest should be gone
over. Students will be researching either the Battle of Valley Forge, the Battle
of Saratoga, or the Battle of Yorktown. They will need to take careful notes
and try and find the significance of the Battle to the overall American
7. Students will be creating a newspaper article detailing what it would have
been like to be there and the significant events of the battle. The students
will also designate a map maker and an illustrator to design a map and image
to go along with the article. This will help tailor to the different skills of the
students within their groups.
8. Students should work as a group to read the supplied articles and information
and take notes to gain an understanding of their specific battle. With 6
groups, 2 groups will work on the same battle.
9. Students should be told that we will be turning the articles, images, and map
in and creating a newspaper of all the articles that the students will be able
to publish and read. This will be a great way for the students to immerse into
the content and create something that is fun but also a tool to study.
10.It is important to remind the students that good articles include details but
also covers the basic 5 Ws. The Who, What, When, Where, and Why must be
present in their article for them to get a good score.


Students will work the rest of the class period on delineating tasks and
researching their battle. Students should be reminded that these are
important battles that changed the course of the American Revolution. The
goal of this project is to figure out why the battle was so monumental and
share it with the rest of the class (the American people). Students can also
tell their neighbor at the end of the lesson one new thing they learned about
their battle and what it taught them about the American Revolution.

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