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Class : 6 Daisy

Date : 13th April 2017 (Thursday)

Time : 8.30 am 9.00 am

Ammount of Students : 25

Modul : Theme

Theme / Subtheme : Myself / My Family

Main Strand : Science and Technology

Focus : ST 3.0 Investigate the nature of life.

Content Standard : ST 3.1 Acquire basic knowledge about parts of body.

Learning Standard : ST 3.1.2 Identify the parts of the body (tongue, cheeks, chin,
forehead, eyebrow, lip, chest, abdomen, shoulder, elbow,
knee, thighs, calves, center, heels and nails.

Integrated Strand : BM 2.1.3 Chat by using simple sentences with the correct

Learning Outcomes : At the end of the lessons children can: -

i. Identifying the body: legs, eyes, teeth, nails and face


ii. Knowing the function parts of body properly.

iii. Conduct activities with appropriate training.

Existing Knowledge : Already know parts of body.

Teaching Materials : Kit-media lessons

Thinking Skills : Making the observation (observe the differences)

Values : Be positive and disciplined.

Multiple Intelligence : Linguistic and kinesthetic.

Time / Step Learning Teaching and Learning Notes
Content Activities

Induction Attract students to 1. The teacher goes into the Example question:
(3 Minutes) the topic of classroom while wearing
themed lessons gloves. 1. Can you guess
myself. why teacher
2. Teachers greet and ask how wearing gloves?
the children.
TS: Make prediction
3. Childrens ask some question
about what teachers do. MI: Verbal Linguistic

Step 1 Recognizing 1. Teacher shows a picture part

(10 Minutes) picture of body of body.
2. Teachers ask children to
recognise the image.

3. Students are asked to identify

each image shown by the

TK : Reasoning
MI: Verbal Linguistic

Step 2 Knowing the 1. Teacher asked the childrens Functions of body:

(10 Minutes) function of body what the functions of each
parts. parts of body.
Example question:
What the function of legs?

2. Childrens need to answer seeing

questions given by the teacher.

3. Childrens must respond every

question the teacher. chewing

TS : Comparison
MI : Kinesthetic
Step 3 Activities and 1. Teachers debate some TS : Make
(5 Minutes) media training kit. questions with children. assumptions.

2. Teacher asks one of the MI : Kinesthetic

childrens to the front of the

3. Children are required to

answer the exercises given by
the teacher.

4. Children must choose the

correct answer through the

Closing Sing a song: 1. Teachers ended class with sing Video

(2 Minutes) Gembira Tepuk a song.
2. The class ends with a greeting
and thanks.

Reflection : ________________________________________________________